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Problems how to write a college paper
posted by Albina Muro on July 24th, 2021 4:38 AM
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog, I will keep visiting this blog very often.
Pottery Barn Seagrass Bar Stools For Sale
posted by kent woo on August 7th, 2020 8:11 PM
Manifestation Magic is the frequency that invites Creation and Money to play in resonance. manifestation magicIt is the frequency that invites your inner shadows to integrate with your divine light.It is the frequency that invites your feminine and masculine to honor each other so that together they create beauty. wilson">Manifestation Magic review
Become Usual To The Unknown Place Hyderabad
posted by Alexander Howe on October 26th, 2019 1:36 AM wilson-5/" rel="nofollow">Brady
Pottery Barn Dining Table & Chairs for Sale, Plus More
posted by Wilsraff on March 28th, 2015 11:37 AM
Hello, We are selling our father's furniture because he has moved to a smaller place. Here are the items: He has a very nice Pottery Barn table that seats up to 6-8 people with leaves, but also can be a smaller table without (45" diameter.) Attached is a picture. There are four new chairs to go with it, they look like new. $400 OBO. A sofabed. An ivory colored couch that opens up to a double size bed. Good condition. $200 OBO. Small round coffee table. Cute, matches the style of the dining table, great condition. $35 Armchair. Very comfortable armchair in terrific shape, colored a soft butter yellow. $150 We live in Mueller on McCloskey, and if you would like to look at any of these pieces you can just come by and we'll open up our garage. We are ready to sell! Thanks and give me a call or text, and swing by! My number is 512-567-5180. Thanks, Lila Wilson
Neighborhood Pet Sitting or Dog Walking
posted by Wilsraff on December 12th, 2013 10:02 AM
Hello,I should have included my email address, sorry about that. My email is"> We have three cats, three chickens, a fish and some finches. Really would only need a visit every other day. Thanks,Lila
Neighborhood Pet Sitting or Dog Walking
posted by Wilsraff on December 12th, 2013 10:01 AM
Hello, We live in Mueller and need someone to watch over our animals while we are away, would love to know if you are available! I can be reached at 512-567-5180. Thank you. Lila WilsonMcCloskey St.
Maplewood Spring Fling on Saturday
posted by langhugh on April 30th, 2013 4:40 PM
or check out this audio ad from our music teacher, Wilson Marks...
Found Credit Card
posted by Debra Davis on March 15th, 2013 8:03 AM
My cousin has your card....she walks in Mueller at the park. She will be contacting you. Her name is Jo Wilson. Debra
Mueller Streets: Death Row for Trees
posted by ret1ree00 on June 15th, 2012 1:01 PM
Wilson, Here is what RVi ( The Landscape Designers) gave us some time back for each street in our phase of Mueller.-bur oaks (Quercus macrocarpa) on Tom Miller,-cedar elms (Ulmus crassifolia) on Pinckney, also Mattie and Simond (but not along the Lake Park, bald cypress there on Simond)-Drake elms (a variety of lacebark or Chinese elm, Ulmus parvifolia 'Drake') for Emma Long-lacebark elms (standard U. parvifolia) on Zach Scott-chinquapin oak (Q. muhlenbergii) on McCloskey -live oaks (Q. virginiana) on Berkman-Mexican sycamore (Platanus mexicana) on Threadgill, Scales, Sahm, Hermalinda-Mexican white oak (Q. polymorpha) (aka Monterrey oaks as original trademark) on Camacho-Shumard oak (Q. shumardii) on Littlefield, Antone-Texas red oak (Q. texana) on Lawless, Gochman, Hargis, Cal RodgersJoe
Crime - from our APD District Representative, Antwain Tarver
posted by danx111 on May 30th, 2012 11:25 AM
With regard to agency crime statistics in the past weeks, our area has experienced a significant increase in property crime relating to residential and vehicle burglaries. Since my return to the office, I’ve reviewed several cases as well as community blog postings. First, many of you are doing a great job with sharing information with each other; particularly Mary Arnette (CLASP), Jack Darby (, Chris Wilson (Cherrywood Neighborhood Association), and many others. Effective communication is definitely a means to combat such problems and also assist our agency in preventing crime. Now “preventing crime” is mentioned on a daily basis for many of us. Police research has proven that preventive measures are always more effective than “reactive measures.” We certainly do not like hearing that our citizens have been victimized by criminals. So yes we need the help of our citizens in all aspects of crime fighting, but most importantly with the focus of citizen awareness and crime prevention. Austin is a wonderful place to live and with that said, our city is arguably the fastest growing city in the nation. Austin has so much to offer. On a sour note, an increase in population will also inevitably deliver an increase in crime. This is another reason for our agency to have your [the community’s] support in obtaining further resources (i.e. additional officers). Obviously, we simply can’t place an officer on every corner at every hour of the day. The primary function of Patrol Services is to respond to 9-1-1/3-1-1 calls for service. Our specialized units focus on designated tasks such as investigating felonious crimes as well as misdemeanor cases, and countless other objectives to insure the safety of our community. In addition, community outreach units engage in positive interaction with our citizens, youth, and conduct follow ups when the need arises. Many of the tasks previously mentioned are of the “reactive” nature while some lie more on the lines of “prevention.” Nevertheless, we want to work closely with our citizens on focusing more on crime prevention. I’ll refer to the fire triangle which is: fuel, heat, oxygen. If one element is removed then the fire will be extinguished. For instance, visualize what happens to a flame [fire triangle] when we place lid on one of those wonderful smelling candles we enjoy within our homes. The “oxygen” is removed from the equation which results in the fire triangle being disrupted…….and no more fire is present. The same concept applies to the crime triangle. We must remain diligent in focusing on crime prevention. Removing the “opportunity” for crime to occur will result in us improving the safety of our community. By no means is it suggested that victims are at fault. We work hard to enjoy the fruits of our labor and none of us deserve to be victims of a crime such as burglary. Yet our focus is NOT to be victims. Our agency will respond to burglary calls in an expeditious manner, but we still need assistance from the citizens that we serve and protect to help us with our focal point which is – prevent crime and stop our citizens from being victimized. Next, I’ll list some suggestions for all of us to consider in our collective crime prevention efforts. REPORTING · Call 9-1-1 immediately if you observe any criminal or suspicious activity · Remember that suspicious activity is anything that you feel doesn’t look right; if you’ve got a bad feeling then always call 9-1-1 · Report, report, report!!! If the incidents are not reported, do not expect our agency to be aware of what’s occurring in a particular part of the community. Continue to share information on blogs, but still call 9-1-1/3-1-1. · Don’t wait to call or feel like you’re bothering us [police]. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later and we love our jobs and all of its associated tasks. · Do not enter into homes if unauthorized entry is suspected! Entering into such a situation can place you and your family at risk of harm. This may also compromise the integrity of potential investigative actions. Allow us [APD] to clear your residence of suspects first. · Lastly, if you observe criminal or suspicious activity that you feel may be “related to burglary/theft activity” and aside from calling 9-1-1, you may call 3-1-1 and initiate a “Burglary Information” report. Burglary Information reports are routed to the Burglary Unit for review. RESIDENTIAL SECURITY · Keep blinds or drapes closed when away from home -Open blinds or shades allow criminals a clear line of sight into your home · Install a deadbolt lock. -Deadbolts are usually locked with a key from the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. -The cylinder should be pick resistant. -Lock your doors every time you leave the house, even if you’re leaving for just a few minutes during the day. -The most popular time for residential burglaries are weekday daylight hours. -In over 1/3 of burglaries, there is no forcible entry—someone forgot to lock the doors. · Install sold doors Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood and at least 1 ¾ inches thick. Frames must be made of equally strong material and each door must fit its frame securely. · Keep garage doors closed and locked Open doors and windows are commonly checked by burglars looking for an opportunity. · Secure sliding doors and windows. -Cut a broom-handle to the length of the bottom track so that the window or door will not slide open when forced. -Also, drill one hole through both casings and sliding window and insert a nail or pin. · Secure sash windows -To prevent wooden sash windows from being pried open, drill a downward sloping hole into the top of the bottom window through and into the bottom of the top window and insert a pin or nail. -To prevent aluminum sash windows from being broken into, purchase a track lock that blocks the window track. · Mark your property -Mark your valuables with an engraver. Marking your property serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars and it helps police in identifying and returning stolen property. -Make a property identification list. -Put warning stickers on doors and windows. · Purchase a burglar alarm -A home alarm system can be a very effective burglary deterrent and fit into many people’s needs. -Remember to test your alarm monthly. · Leave a light on -When leaving on trips, leave a light on in the bathroom. -In the bedroom, attach a lamp and radio to a 24-hour electric timer set to go on at dusk and off at your bedtime. · Use Proper exterior lighting -Place a light over every door. -Double coning lights on each corner of the house will also light up windows. · Work together with your neighbors -When you are going to be away, tell trusted neighbors and ask them to watch your property. DO NOT announce to entire world on a blog, Facebook, etc…..criminals seek out these outlets for information. -Have neighbors maintain your yard, pickup newspapers and mail packages delivered to your front door. VEHICLE SECURITY · Always exercise the “HIDE, LOCK, TAKE” concept: Hide your belongings; Lock your vehicle; and Take your keys. · DO NOT leave any items of value in plain view. · Park in well lighted areas or your garage during nighttime hours. · Windows should be in the closed [up] position. CITIZEN RESOURCES In summary, our agency appreciates our collective crime prevention efforts and will continue to address all concerns noted by our citizens. Several specialized units have directed attention to the burglary activity within our area. Arrests have been made by those units as well as by Patrol Services. Directed Patrols have also been directed in the affected area, specifically Cherrywood. Upcoming plans to address the activity include bike patrols, ATV patrols, and deployment of one of our mobile command centers. Momentarily, I will forward several attachments to each of you that outline APD Region 3 District Representative Unit community outreach efforts during the first quarter. As always, feel free to contact me if the need arises. Be safe. Officer Antwain T. Tarver #5202 Region 3 District Representatives Austin Police Department 512.974.4937
Pet Sitter Needed - Summer 2012
posted by Wilsraff on May 28th, 2012 12:00 PM
Hi, Does anyone know of a person in Mueller who would like to do some pet sitting this summer? I have seen a few posts about this but nothing within the last year. If you or someone you know is taking on some pet sitting this summer, please contact me at">, I am interested. Thank You, Lila W.
basketball found
posted by cindyajoy on July 16th, 2011 10:48 PM
Hello neighbors, One of my daughters found a Wilson basketball in the bushes near the basketball court @ Wooten. Feel free to PM me if you think it might be yours. Cindy
Austin Beerworks
posted by wilson on June 15th, 2011 7:53 AM
Mike, congratulations and good luck on your new venture! Know that I'll be vicariously living through you about opening up a craft brewery with friends! The branding and website is OUTSTANDING. Can't wait to taste the Fire Eagle!Wilson
Bike Lane on Berkman
posted by Ashley on May 26th, 2011 7:56 AM
Joan, Mueller Blvd is only half built. It will eventually be median divided, and have bike lanes. You can see details on the link above that Wilson posted.
posted by Grace on September 28th, 2010 9:25 AM
Dang! Free membership? That's awesome. Get a card if you even *think* you'll ever use it. If you sign up on-line, here's a tip that should save your sanity. At some point, I think when they ask for your credit card info, you have enter the name on the card. Well, mine says Grace L. Wilson, so that's what I put. And over and over I tried and it wouldn't take my registration. Finally, they figured out that their system didn't like the period "." after my middle initial. Keep that in mind if you have trouble registering.
Snakes on a Plane
posted by Rod on August 25th, 2010 6:44 PM
I can empathize, Doug. Our 15-month old got a few ant stings recently. I got to him in seconds and brushed them off...a few hours later he was avidly pointing at some tiny ants (not fire ants) on the sidewalk and gesticulating to me and pointing to the spot on his leg where a few bites from the fire ants were. So--a little boy learns to avoid being to close to their nests, and later I will be able to teach him that they serve the very valuable function of improving the soil, their social hierarchy, and other cool things about ant societies. Bees are, among other insects, critical for pollination. I guess I am raising the flag on that here, as with my earlier posts on ants and E.O. Wilson's study of them. Wilson is perhaps our most eminent entomologist, and has written eloquently about extinction, establishing eco-corridors, and many other things. I will always recall his comment that we can lose some species due to our lack of respect for nature, but we'd better never lose the ants.All this doesn't help you with inducing your new friends the yellow jackets to relocate somewhere else! These semi-wandering threads teach interesting things...such as 'jham's' post on mud dobbers. I wander, wander, a bit here. Best of luck with them. -Rod
Wanted: flower/garden pots
posted by Grace on June 13th, 2010 8:11 AM
If you have a bunch of extras piling up in your garage or back yard, I'd love to possibly take a few off your hands. I'm not looking for anything fancy - just need some containers in which I can do a little experimenting, and I know sometimes people just throw them away. I guess I'm looking for something medium-sized - like 1 to 3 gallons in volume? (I'm not sure exactly how they're sized...) I've got some extra home-made compost tea if you'd like something *totally awesome* in exchange ; ) All you need is a spray bottle (dollar store!), one part compost tea to 9 parts water, and you've got a great fertilizer/non-toxic pest control spray. Many thanks - Grace email:"> text: 619-227-8007
Help: Sprinkler heads not coming up
posted by kromel on May 7th, 2010 5:56 AM
Although your 1-year warranty is up with the Meritage, some of the trades will warranty for 2 years or more. I suggest you ask Meritage for the sprinkler contact information (I think it's Tara Nova out of Houston). It wouldn't hurt to ask, right? Otherwise, most sprinkler contractors charge about $75/hour. I recommend Wilson Irrigation.
Missing Tabby Cat
posted by Wilsraff on December 1st, 2009 1:08 PM
Hi All, Our cat went missing Sunday night around 10 PM, from 2009 McCloskey St. If you have seen him or know someone who found a cat, please let us know. He is a gray tabby, about 7 months old, in good health without a collar. He is normally indoors and just darted out Sunday night. He is extremely friendly. Please contact us at 512-288-0258 if you have any information - attached is a picture of him. Thank You, Lila Wilson
posted by Rod on July 17th, 2009 2:19 PM
Cool. It has been a long time since I heard E.O. Wilson's voice, and I'd not heard of RadioLab. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Why, they fund me also! Thanks, Mathew. --Rod
posted by Matthew on July 17th, 2009 7:32 AM
RadioLab Episode featuring story on E.O.Wilson, a.k.a. "Bugs".If you've never listened to RadioLab, you're really missing out. It's an amazing program that can be streamed or podcast, and should be.
posted by Rod on July 16th, 2009 4:41 PM
Just want to mention that there are some fairly straightforward products over at Home Depot for roughly 10 to 20 bucks. One might consider, e.g., having the professionals over for one visit, pleading poverty, and saying that "next time I need to do this myself", after first visiting Home Depot and talking with the sales staff. Then get more opinion(s) from the pest control folks. I don't like to put myself in the position of recommending one product over another because I am not an expert on pest control. But I think some of the Home Depot staff are pretty knowledgeable. Hint. Also, let us further educate ourselves about ants (i.e., in praise of ants):"E.O. Wilson: Ants and Ecosystems In this interview from Evolution: "Evolutionary Arms Race," E.O. Wilson describes the importance of biological forces -- the interaction of species -- in driving evolution. Known for his studies of leafcutter ants, Wilson characterizes the mutualistic symbiosis between ant and fungus as "one of the most successful experiments in the evolution of life." many others, one more web site and then a short story that my Mom related to me about a decade ago:"Harvard professor and double winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Edward O. Wilson has been called "the father of biodiversity." After a childhood fishing accident blinded him in his right eye, he concentrated on ants and small insects — "the little things who run the world" — which he could pick up and bring close to his good eye."My mom told me of a letter that a lady had written to Prof. Wilson, explaining that ants were invading her house, and were running along certain pathways in it, and thus: What should she do? Wilson replied:"Why, Madam, I suggest you study them." (It was either a letter, or she called in to something like a TV show that Wilson was on, and he answered in that way.)-Rod
FREE King size bed
posted by Grace on June 17th, 2009 5:46 PM
This weekend would be fine. Send me an e-mail ( and we can work out the details. I'm so glad someone wants it!
Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Results
posted by GP on June 14th, 2009 11:02 PM
I would like to announce the results of the 2009 MNA SC elections. The following individuals have been elected to serve on the 2009-2010 MNA SC: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Bobby Gierisch, Drew Harris, Dusty Harshman, Betsy Hilton, Ann Jerome, Kathleen Malcom, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac, and Kim Wine. I would like to thank Jerry Perkins for organizing and successfully running the MNA SC elections. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the parting members of the steering committee: John Guest, Elizabeth Butman, Karen Zabreznik, Jerry Perkins, Wilson Robertson and Rod Ruhoff. Thank you all very much for the time and insights you have provided the Steering Committee this past year. Thanks, Grant
LOST - black folding saddlebag for my bicycle
posted by Grace on June 14th, 2009 9:31 AM
If anyone comes across something like that sitting in the street or sidewalk, would you pick it up and give me a call/text/email? 619-227-8007 and">, or message me here. It's black fabric, kind of sturdy & rectangular. It folds flat and then expands for when you want to carry groceries, etc. It's got two little hooks on one side that attach to the thing-y on the back of my bike, also has a strap or two for carrying. I believe I also had a bike lock in it, and maybe a bungee cord. Thanks!!
Anyone work at AMD?
posted by Lorrie on June 1st, 2009 10:16 AM
Thanks so much, Wilson! I had a feeling traffic coming home would be bad unless I found an alternative route.
Free compost bin and folding garment rack
posted by Grace on May 31st, 2009 6:03 PM
Hey neighbors, I've got a large compost bin sitting in my back "yard" full of river rocks that's not being used. It's black plastic, the top twists off easily, and at the bottom there's a door that you can open to shovel out the compost when it's ready. It's just too big for us and our yard, and is gathering dust. It's not fancy, you'll have to stick a rake or shovel down through the top to turn the compost occasionally. But it'll save you from having to make your own out of chicken wire or whatever. Also comes with a handy pail that has a lid that you can keep in your kitchen to collect vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc., til you're ready to throw them into the pile. Also up for grabs is a folding garmet rack. I already have one that I use for hanging/drying laundry, and don't need another. Click on the photos link at the top of the page and look for "free compost bin and folding garment rack" if you'd like to take a look. If anyone wants this stuff, send me an e-mail to"> Conveniently located on Mattie street between Zach Scott and the pool. Or if you happen to want either of them desperately tonight (Sunday May 31st), you can text me: 619-227-8007 (Grace). That'd be okay, too. : )
Streetlamps and Sidewalks
posted by sloneycho on May 29th, 2009 12:28 PM
Thanks for the reference, wilson! The Mueller guidelines stateI think it is time to require.I just realized that I haven't really pleaded our personal case. We have solved the indoor light trespass issue with plantation shutters, as I mentioned before. However, we have no options to eliminate the light trespass on our front porch. One of BR's MS symptoms is photo sensitivity. In order to use the porch, he must wear sunglasses both day and night, or hide behind one of the porch columns. I'm sure that's not what the Mueller design standards had in mind.
NY Times article- Walking to school
posted by Mike on March 27th, 2009 10:37 AM
I think this is a great article that fits into what this neighborhood is trying to achieve. My daughter is about 5 years away from participating, but it would be great to set something like this up. The big difference between just having kids walk to school is that this system has them walk with adults (safety) and allows the kids to spend time with their friends on the way to school. Mike LECCO, Italy — Each morning, about 450 students travel along 17 school bus routes to 10 elementary schools in this lakeside city at the southern tip of Lake Como. There are zero school buses. In 2003, to confront the triple threats of childhood obesity, local traffic jams and — most important — a rise in global greenhouse gases abetted by car emissions, an environmental group here proposed a retro-radical concept: children should walk to school. They set up a piedibus (literally foot-bus in Italian) — a bus route with a driver but no vehicle. Each morning a mix of paid staff members and parental volunteers in fluorescent yellow vests lead lines of walking students along Lecco’s twisting streets to the schools’ gates, Pied Piper-style, stopping here and there as their flock expands. At the Carducci School, 100 children, or more than half of the students, now take walking buses. Many of them were previously driven in cars. Giulio Greppi, a 9-year-old with shaggy blond hair, said he had been driven about a third of a mile each way until he started taking the piedibus. “I get to see my friends and we feel special because we know it’s good for the environment,” he said. Although the routes are each generally less than a mile, the town’s piedibuses have so far eliminated more than 100,000 miles of car travel and, in principle, prevented thousands of tons of greenhouse gases from entering the air, Dario Pesenti, the town’s environment auditor, estimates. The number of children who are driven to school over all is rising in the United States and Europe, experts on both continents say, making up a sizable chunk of transportation’s contribution to greenhouse-gas emissions. The “school run” made up 18 percent of car trips by urban residents of Britain last year, a national survey showed. In 1969, 40 percent of students in the United States walked to school; in 2001, the most recent year data was collected, 13 percent did, according to the federal government’s National Household Travel Survey. Lecco’s walking bus was the first in Italy, but hundreds have cropped up elsewhere in Europe and, more recently, in North America to combat the trend. Towns in France, Britain and elsewhere in Italy have created such routes, although few are as extensive and long-lasting as Lecco’s. In the United States, Columbia, Mo.; Marin County, Calif.; and Boulder, Colo., introduced modest walking-bus programs last year as part of a national effort, Safe Routes To School, which gives states money to encourage students to walk or ride their bicycles. Although carbon dioxide emissions from industry are declining on both continents, those from transportation account for almost one-third of all greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States and 22 percent in European Union countries. Across the globe, but especially in Europe, where European Union countries have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas production by 2012 under the United Nations’ Kyoto protocol, there is great pressure to reduce car emissions. Last year the European Environmental Agency warned that car trips to school — along with food importing and low-cost air travel — were growing phenomena with serious implications for greenhouse gases. In the United States and in Europe, “multiple threads are warping traditional school travel and making it harder for kids to walk,” said Elizabeth Wilson, a transportation researcher at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Among those factors are a rise in car ownership; one-child families, often leery of sending students off to school on their own; cuts in school-bus service or charges for it as a result of school-budget cutbacks and fuel-price gyrations; and the decline of neighborhood schools and the rise of school choice, meaning that students often live farther from where they learn. Worse still, said Roger L. Mackett, professor at the Center for Transport Studies at University College in London, there is growing evidence that children whose parents drive a lot will become car-dependent adults. “You’re getting children into a lifelong habit,” he said. In Lecco, car use has proved a tenacious habit even though the piedibus has caught on. “Cars rule,” said Augosto Piazza, the founder of the city’s program, an elfin man with shining blue eyes, a bouncing gait and a yellow vest. As he “drove” along a bus route on a recent morning, store owners waved fondly to the familiar packs of jabbering children. Yet as they pulled up to Carducci School, dozens of private cars were parked helter-skelter for dropoffs in the small plaza outside as gaggles of mothers chatted on the sidewalk nearby. “I have two kids who go to different schools, plus their backpacks are so heavy,” said Manuela Corbetta, a mother in a black jacket and sunglasses, twirling her car keys as she explained why her children do not make the 15-minute trek. “Sometimes they have 10 notebooks, so walking really isn’t practical.” Some children are dropped off by parents on their way to work, and some others live outside the perimeter of the piedibus’s reach, although there are collection points at the edge of town for such children. But many live right along a piedibus route, Mr. Piazza noted. Yet other parents praised the bus, saying it had helped their children master street safety and had a ripple effect within the family. “When we go for shopping you think about walking — you don’t automatically use the car,” said Luciano Prandoni, a computer programmer who was volunteering on his daughter’s route. The city of Lecco contributes roughly $20,000 annually toward organizing and providing staff members for the piedibus. The students perform a public service of sorts: they are encouraged to hand out warnings to cars that park illegally and chastise dog owners who do not clean up. Naturally some children whine on rainy mornings. Participation drops 20 percent on such days, although it increases during snowfalls. On rainy days, “She says, ‘Mom, please take me,’ and sometimes I give in,” said Giovanna Luciano, who lives in the countryside and normally drops her daughter Giulia, 9, at a piedibus pickup point in a parking lot by a cemetery. To encourage use, children receive fare cards that are punched each day. The bus routes have distinctive names (the one through the graveyard is the mortobus), and compete for prizes like pizza parties for the students. Teachers have students write poems about the piedibus. In Britain, about half the local school systems now have some sort of incentives to encourage walking, although generally less formal ones than the piedibus, said Roger L. Mackett, a professor at the Center for Transport Studies at University College in London. “It’s quite a lot of effort to keep it going,” he said. “It’s always easier to put children in the back of the car. Once you’ve got your two or three cars, it takes effort not to use them.”
Splish Spash Gettin' Ready for Summer
posted by Siebrise on March 14th, 2009 2:31 PM
Well, I apparently did not hear or remember properly.For anyone who might not have received the message from Jennifer Harvey that Wilson referenced, here is the scoop from the same message about keys:"If you have closed on your home but do not have your pool key you can come by the onsite office and pick up your key. Please be sure to bring your photo ID with you. You can make an appointment to pick it up at the Mueller onsite office by emailing In the week prior to the pool opening we will also notify you of several times that you can come by after hours to get your pool key"
Re: Community supported agriculture; self-sufficiency/local farm
posted by Rod on October 19th, 2008 2:42 PM
Wilson, Dusty, Karen and Joe (Zabreznik) are also interested. Shall we start? Best, Rod
Mueller Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 8/27/08 - Draft
posted by wilson on September 7th, 2008 10:26 PM
Members of the MNA: The following minutes were recorded at our last Steering Committee Meeting on August 27, 2008. This is a preliminary draft which will be approved or altered at our next meeting. Attendees - Drew, Kim, Wilson, Kerry, Elizabeth, Dusty, Bobby Call to Order Financial Report Checks issued without address No Tax ID for business account $465 balance, approximately 40 members Initial expenditures were for organizational setup & flyers Texas non-profit filing complete, waiting for approval Newletter Committee Report and Discussion Previous, separate committee meeting with Dusty, Garreth, and Elizabeth Reprographic cost report, including competitive pricing No available 11x17 recycled cardstock for foldover format Little content so far, only three contributors Discussion of potential additional information Content to include regular columns and feature articles National Neighbor Night Out announcement to be in Newletter if issued prior to event (October 7 event date) Welcome Committee Report and Discussion Discussion of methods of welcoming neighborhoods, including distribution of a Welcome flyer/letter Door-to-door greeting vs. Organized event methods Discussion of the format and content of the Welcome flyer/letter Kerry volunteered to draft a Welcome flyer/letter Discussion of the block captains as it relates to this particular welcoming function Block Captains Discussion Bobby - Notification of a void of block captains in certain areas of the community Discussion of the formal role of block captains Role mentioned - Distribution of flyers, but not the newsletter Role mentioned - Welcoming National Neighbor Night Out Discussion of a centralized event vs. block-by-block localized events, eventually reconciled in localized block-by-block organically arranged to lead up to a centrally organized cook-off for the whole community. Progressive Dinner idea to tie in as a possibility Subcommittee formed - Dusty, Kim, & Kerry Discussion of the nature of the cook-off contest Next MNA Meeting - September 13 General discussion about meeting length - especially, level of strictness to agenda and a predetermined time limit General discussion about the Steering Committee's role in shaping the agenda while allowing proper input from the entire MNA in time to make a considerable impact on decision-making and creativity of particular issues. Setting the agenda Series of announcements, delegated to Steering Committee members who will be present Featured speaker: Kevin Ludlow to address issues relating to Potential future speak in Solid Waste Services to address the single-stream recycling service. To be booked as soon as possible General discussion about the best meeting time for future Steering Committee meetings General consensus to have the SC meeting date approximately 9-12 days before each general MNA meeting As the MNA meetings are currently set for the second Saturday of every month, this means that the SC meeting will be held on a weekday on either the first or last week of the month. The specific day of the week which works best for SC to be determined through email, which Kim will organize. Adjourned
Re: Austin Light Rail Thread (Was
posted by wilson on September 1st, 2008 4:08 PM
I apologize that this post is so late in coming, but I have had a very busy weekend.This past Friday, I received an email saying the following:The aforementioned PDF flyer then listed six meetings, two of which are intended to deal specifically with the UT/Mueller/Manor Rd. spur to the streetcar line. The meeting times, dates, and locations for those two meetings are listed below.Wednesday September 3, 9-11amRosewood Recreation Center1182 N Pleasant Valley Rd.Tuesday September 9, 6-8pmRosewood Recreation Center1182 N Pleasant Valley Rd.I am sorry, but I am not yet sure how to upload attachments, or I would have attached the PDF flyer. If anyone knows how to do this, reply with instructions, and I will gladly make sure it is available to all of you.wilson
Re: Greenway Lofts
posted by momof4 on August 2nd, 2008 4:53 AM
I personally think they look great! Maybe I'm one of those crazy people who fall for questionable ads, but had I no need for more space (lots of kids) I would think these would fit well. Look at how well the high rises sell downtown. These are way less expensive than those. We all bought here (most anyway) with the thought of all of these things -- town center, light rail/trolley, etc -- coming in the future and not here yet. These people would just be doing the same and they will be closer to the action of the heart of the community. I'm so glad that we are starting to offer different housing types now and I expect to see more in the future.Thanks for posting the link, Wilson!Felicia
Re: Town Center Town Hall
posted by wilson on August 1st, 2008 11:41 PM
Hello Everyone!!!I am posting here to make sure that this event is on everybody's calendar and at the front of everyone's mind because I believe it one of the most important meetings everyone--Mueller resident, Mueller neighbor, and general Austin citizen alike--can attend! This is hopefully the first in a series of meetings about the Town Center which will involve the community at varying degrees of participation.My inkling is that this first meeting will be primarily an input session (as opposed to a design charrette or the like). Dusty Harshman, Rick Krivoniak, Jim Walker, and I attended a meeting with Catellus, ROMA, Tate Austin, and some of their design consultants about a month and a half ago to discuss the process by which the design team engages the broader community with respect to this Town Center. The main things we emphasized to the developer and its team were , , and to community input.Jim Walker has been telling us all for a long time that we have as loud and important a voice as we give ourselves. This is a great opportunity to make that voice heard, so I strongly urge you all to attend, listen, and participate at this meeting on August 13th!Wilson Robertson
Re: Camacho Primo?
posted by wilson on August 1st, 2008 11:10 AM
Bobby,Sorry, but I can't sort through what's tongue-in-cheek and what's serious when sorting through the rhetoric in your post. Was this all playful banter or is there a serious side to it?Wilson
Re: construction work hours
posted by Murmur on July 30th, 2008 10:49 AM
Excellent news, Wilson! Thanks!Man, it looks like every subcontractor in Austin is out at Mueller today. The place is positively '. No wonder they have to start so early...Also, on an unrelated note, congrats to those affordable Row Home buyers whose units front the greenbelt on Mattie (I've taken to calling it "Mattie Park"). The view out your front windows will be a real asset for your home.
Summary: July MNA meeting, Saturday the 12th
posted by mrs aaron on July 13th, 2008 9:07 PM
1. Introduction of residents who have not attended previously2. Introduction of Steering Committee and Officers1. Grant Fisher- Chairman2. Drew Harris- Vice Chair3. Dusty Harshman- Treasurer4. Karen Zabreznik- Secretary (not in attendance)5. John Guest6. Jerry Perkins7. Elizabeth Butmann8. Kim Wine9. Kerry Fisher10. Wilson Robertson (not in attendance)11. Bobby Gierisch12. Rod Ruoff (not in attendance)13. Cliff Spinac (not in attendance)3. Officer Salsbury APD- Neighborhood Watch information? Break-ins and thefts have occurred in the neighborhood. Crime has skyrocketed in surrounding neighborhoods. With construction contractors around, it is difficult to tell who should be in the area. ? If you see something occurring, call 911. To report a crime you did not see, call 311. Contact Alliance for things like overgrown lawns, abandoned cars, etc.? Use your alarms, lock doors and gates, but most importantly, keep an eye open for suspicious activity. APD and Catellus patrol the area, but arent enough.? To form Neighborhood Watch, think small groups of 6-9 homes that have good visibility of each other. Exchange home and work phone #s, basic schedules and communicate about vacations or visitors. Look for information to be posted on Dues $10 dues may be paid to Dusty Harshman. Dues money finances the newsletter, events, and Those who pay dues will be able to vote at MNA meetings. The $10 dues paid now will last through the end of 2009. We anticipate that in the future, advertising in the newsletter may offset the amount of dues. A mock-up of a newsletter was available for an example. In the beginning it will be quarterly, but is anticipated to be a bimonthly in the future. is currently a volunteer effort, but with many new functions to come we need to make it worth the while of the webmaster. An example of an upcoming event is a Neighbors Night Out Barbeque Cook-Off, possibly in the Garden Court, on October 7. See for more information on the national event. 5. Neighborhood Block CaptainsConcern was expressed that the Steering Committee elections were held without enough prior publicity. Notice was given via and the Yahoo list serve. Block Captains are a no-tech way of keeping neighbors informed of what is going on. They should be letting you know about meetings. Some people dont know who their BC is. Bobby G created the map and signed up more volunteers. If you dont know your representative, ask Bobby or a neighbor. Other neighbors mentioned signage at the entrance of the neighborhood to advertise as well. is really the best way to get information, if you have access to a computer. Residents who have yet to move in can learn from the experience of those who already live here.6. CommitteesThere are several committees forming that need volunteers. Please sign up and be a part of the Events or Welcome Committees. Also, feel free to submit ideas, stories or photos for the Newsletter. Elizabeth B. and Drew H. and Dusty H. are the newsletter committee.7. The Steering Committee wants to know what the MNA can do for you. Ideas submitted at the meeting were: Find out about the replacement or repair of items damaged by construction or storms, such as street lights, street name signs, and curbs. Catellus will be contacted regarding these issues. To be a link between Catellus and the residents To create an online neighborhood directory To plan eventsWe are looking into alternative meeting locales.
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 5.
posted by M1EK on July 9th, 2008 1:47 PM
Different setbacks along the same side of the street. It's one of the ways to avoid the cookie-cutter look. Although I like the short setbacks you've got there. This is the least of the reasons that the single-family section feels suburban to me, though; the uniform look of the buildings has more to do with it, as do the strictly single-family use (where carriage homes exist, they aren't obvious second dwellings; no multi-family interspersed between; no duplexes).I think you can achieve an urban feel with only one type of single-family dwelling, but it pretty much needs to be rowhouses (not the Mueller Houses; more like traditional stuff you see in older cities on the East Coast).Those who don't get it should probably walk around Hyde Park some. Or better yet, Old West Austin (both sides of West Lynn). After all, I went and looked at your stuff, so I figure you owe me, right? ;+)
Re: Newbie with questions about Row House Resale values...
posted by Murmur on July 4th, 2008 7:26 AM
I agree with almost all of Wilson's analysis, but would add that commodities prices are the big unknown in the future. It's getting more expensive to build things because raw materials are costing more and the cost of transporting them is costing a more. Builders will not be happy about absorbing these costs and will pass them on to the end purchaser as soon as possible.A weak housing market makes that somewhat difficult right now, but that's bound to change in the future. Weekley has already raises the prices of some models for Phase II. Stay tuned.
Re: The Gap Redux
posted by mrs aaron on July 3rd, 2008 11:56 AM
i went through the rowhouses the other day and i just can't understand why they are basically the same size as the small yard homes. why would someone want to pay that much for sharing walls? i really think it would make sense to offer smaller sizes/prices. we were in a rental just blocks from here that was 1000 sq ft. it was doable with 2 kids. i know there are plenty of families living in smaller homes in the area. i hear the affordable row houses are smaller. why not offer the same floorplan with more upgrades? (wilson's idea) seems like a way to address this annoying gap. and i truely feel it is important that we do so.
Re: Roof Contractor Thread
posted by Mr.Me on June 24th, 2008 11:15 PM
Wilson Roofing has one of the finest reputations in town. They are usually a bit more expensive but they are very good.
Re: Is DW doing the row houses in Phase 2?
posted by wilson on June 17th, 2008 5:16 PM
I agree that the Mueller Houses are likely to come up for sale at the tail end of Phase 2. However, Catellus has been moving forward with their development even though the builders have not yet been announced publicly. I received an RFQ from the AIA Austin Chapter about a year ago about these Mueller Houses. What they wanted the architects to do was to team up with a builder, and together they would then act as a team throughout the development process. I spoke with an architect in town who was involved in this early process, but his architect/builder team was not selected. In one of the recent commission meetings, we asked again about the timeline for the Mueller Houses, and Matt Whelan said that the builders were selected but were not yet ready for public disclosure. Hopefully it will all be soon; I'm looking forward to seeing what they designs will be! . . . and I'm sure others will be interested in the $/sf information/ ;)Wilson
Steering Committee Nominees
posted by GP on June 11th, 2008 8:10 AM
For the thirteen steering committee seats on the MNA, we have thirteen nominees! That is great news! As such, at the next meeting (this weekend), we will have a simple paper ballot with all thirteen nominees. As a reference, the nominees are listed below with a (self-provided) description.Thanks,GrantElizabeth ButmanDuring the early stages of the Mueller redevelopment, while Catellus retains majority control of the Property Owners' Association, our Mueller Neighborhood Association is especially crucial to ensure that residents have a forum for discussion and the ability to make our voices heard. As an architectural historian on staff at the TexasHistorical Commission, I am excited by the opportunity to help shape the history of our new development, and I hope that you will consider me for a position on the Steering Committee.Grant FisherMy wife (Ashley) and I moved to Lawless Street about 3 months ago, and have both been active in the neighborhood association since the initial meetings at Genuine Joes. As an active participant in the MNA, I would enjoy serving on the steering committee, representing not only my current neighbors, but also neighbors who have yet to move in.Kerry FisherI'm a UT grad who's lived in Austin for nine years, and I work at UT. I'll be moving to Scales Street in September from my current house in Cherrywood and I'm very excited. I've enjoyed getting involved in the neighborhood by going to the RMMA PIAC meetings for the past year and now the neighborhood meetings, too.Bobby GierischI am a Mueller resident since December, and I have attended the 'neighborhood association' meetings since they were held at Genuine Joe's -- also most of the 'neighborhoods coalition' and Mueller Commission meetings downtown. I am eager to see Mueller develop into a real community, and I am particularly interested in doing all we can to make the POA leadership responsive to the needs and wishes of the resident community.John GuestI am a former health system CEO who now is an association CEO representing (i.e. lobbying for) major teaching hospitals in Texas. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 38 years and have two grown sons, two grandchildren, and a dog named "Jetta". I have served for many years on and for volunteer boards and would like to contribute to the Mueller neighborhood and my Mueller neighbors.Drew HarrisHello, I'm your friendly neighborly lawyer on Lawless Street. I made a career of resolving disputes and coming up with creative solutions to problems, and I hope to be able to use these skills as a member of the Steering Committee.Dusty HarshmanI look forward to ensuring that the Mueller neighborhood is equal to the sum of its parts. Our well-conceived design, our diverse and intelligent residents, our dedicated stakeholders, and our out-of-this-world amenities should equate to a landmark neighborhood. While I believe we'll become a landmark neighborhood, I also hope that there will come a time that Mueller will just be another place in Austin to hang out in all four seasons: Winter, Spri-Summer, Summer, and Fa-Summer. Did I mention how hot its been?Jerry PerkinsI have a lifetime of community service through teaching, research, administration and various other activities, including election to two terms on a POA board (representing 3500 property owners). I would honored to help on the steering committee or in any capacity in which the MNA membership thinks I would useful.Wilson RobertsonI am a husband and father of two small girls, and we will be moving into one of David Weekley's rowhouses as a part of the Affordable Housing Program before November this year. I am a designer and project manager for a local architecture firm and card-carrying New Urbanist. As a member of the MNA Steering Committee, I intend to be a voice for those within the Affordable Housing Program, a voice for those within medium-density dwelling units, and a voice to represent Mueller's role as a participant within the greater Austin area.Rod RuoffI would like to serve on the MNA and play the role of advocate for helping to educate Mueller about "green" issues. There are exciting developments in renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, and related topics, which Mueller could benefit from. A parallel interest is in self-sufficiency, such as related to community-supported agriculture. Cliff SpinacAs a 12 year resident of Austin, after living in New York and Florida, I have come to an understanding about home living in Austin. I would like to be proactive in helping guide the future of our neighborhood to become something we can all be proud of.Kim WineI am Kim Wine, garden court resident, teacher, mom of 2 young boys, wife of Aaron. I helped present Mueller's need for an elementary school to AISD, and plan to continue to keep them informed on the situation. I am admittedly not good at legal mumbo-jumbo, but I feel I have common sense and the ability to see the big picture. My main concerns are making Mueller an open, friendly, safe and family-oriented place to live.Karen ZabreznikAlthough not a Mueller homeowner yet our home is well on its way to being complete in September. I have participated in the Mueller Neighborhood Assn and other Mueller related meetings since the Pioneer process began and we all started signing contracts on homes at Mueller. I am interested in continuing to participate the evolution of our community into a unique and special place to live and our interaction as a community with the surrounding neighborhoods, the POA, city government and other groups with an interest in Mueller.
Re: Storm Repairs
posted by langhugh on May 21st, 2008 11:35 AM
Here is my financial-planning plug for the value of Angie's List ( I believe that we, as new homeowners, can benefit from this service regardless of the storm repairs in our future. Angie's List helps to solve the critical question in the home service business...the question "Can I trust this company with which I have no previous relationship?". Basically, service companies are rated by their customers (who pay for the privilege of submitting reports and viewing to the list), and the Austin chapter of Angie's List site has critical mass and the reviews are solid.You can access reviews for contractors/tradespeople in 100's of categories, including roofing, siding, windows, drywall, etc. Take Roofing for example, there are at least 30 roofing companies with a B rating and at least 2 reports/reviews, with a handful of companies with more than 10 reviews. The only drawback seems to be that highly-rated companies tend to become Angie's List 'darlings' and every member wants to use them, so it is harder for newer quality companies to break in to the cool-crowd. Still, I feel this is a more effective system than BBB, ServiceMagic/ServiceMaster, etc.If you are interested in joining Angie's List, you have monthly and annual options. Here is their FAQ: is a link to some possibly active coupons that can save you a bit on your membership: is an average review for a well-rated roofing company (sorry for the formatting, but this text is just for illustration""
Re: Community supported agriculture; self-sufficiency/local farm
posted by Rod on May 19th, 2008 3:29 PM
Thanks Wilson and Dusty for your posts on this topic. We look forward to meeting our neighbors once we move in and continuing to work towards CSA. -Rod
Re: Mueller Pool Advisory Committee
posted by stew_sc on May 6th, 2008 12:10 PM
I think the punch card is probably the best route. If you anticipate your use of the pool and a few guests, birthday parties, etc., you can pick up a punch card. If you use it up, you go back and get another one. If you use it less, well, you've helped the POA overestimate demand which provides some good statistics for next year's planning and helps the cash flow. Also, in terms of administration and initial cost to implement that system - very minimal and efficient.I also like Wilson's recommendation on the dedicated lap swimming timeslots. My hope is that the pool can be open very early to lap swimmers, i.e. 5AM-9AM, and can go without lifeguard or staff present. Generally, I would expect that lap swimmers do their thing quietly enough that their use of the pool would not disrupt the peace at the homes across the street.
Re: Congress vs. Longhorn vs. Volente
posted by wilson on May 4th, 2008 10:06 PM
Southie,Your post was very entertaining to read! :D My wife, Tanya, and I went back and forth and back and forth, arguing whether we should choose a Longhorn or a Volente (We have two small children, so a Congress was out of the question.). It is really nice to know that we aren't the only ones highly scrutinizing every detail of each floor plan! We finally chose a Volente, and will be the fifth unit north of Wooten Park on Mattie St. Looking forward to the color scheme post . . . :) Wilson
Re: Property Tax Relief for Affordable Pioneers
posted by Southie on May 4th, 2008 12:34 AM
I just signed a contract on an affordable row house and property taxes are a concern. I am still moving and will just fight like mad to stay. When I asked Mindy about property tax structure during signing she was real vague. However, it seems that eventually the Mueller Foundation can/must help us out, as Murmur threw out there. It seems logical that since the Foundation will essentially "own" a portion of our property based on the amount they put down, and that the foundation stands to profit from a resale (25% in addition to a repayment of the amount they put down), that the Foundation would/could/hopefully be responsible for paying a portion of our property tax based on the percentage they "own." The Foundations goal is to maintain affordability and this would be a way to reach that goal. It seems like a legal mind much sharper than my own could even argue that the Foundation would be responsible for paying the taxes on what they own. To clarify what I mean, and for simplicity sake, I'll use Wilson's first uncorrected hypothetical example. We buy for $139,000 and the initial appraisal value is $199,000. This means the Foundation "owns" $60,000 of our home. For all years after that then, the Foundation owes the property tax on $60,000 of our appraisal value plus the 25% (I know it is more like 21%) of the value above $199,000. I am not smart enough to figure out the math on the amount this would save us, but it allows us affordables to continue to live at Mueller for many years to come. I am not saying I heard this anywhere, it is just a proposal I would like to throw out there as a possibility. Does anyone know of anything that would prevent this? Does anyone know why the Foundation would not go along with this (again, it seems consistent with their stated goals). And to make that possibility a reality, who controls the Mueller Foundation and its decisions? Will it always be controlled by Catellus, or will control eventually be turned over to the residents? How can we make this a reality?
Re: Affordable Housing in Rental Units and Phase 2
posted by ccosart on April 18th, 2008 3:05 PM
Thanks, that's the impression I'm getting too. Maybe a Phase 2 announcement will happen this quarter, but I suspect Mueller Houses will be part of Phase 2.5... Chris
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