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What happened to Mueller Community?*
posted by Rahm McDaniel on December 18th, 2011 9:13 AM
Dan and Sloneycho, after being pointed to that site multiple times by Catellus, I eventually caved and signed up because I was looking for a copy of the covenants.As you know, you have to be approved to get access to that site, and the lag was several weeks between requesting access and getting it. Doesn't exactly encourage use, does it?With respect to Facebook, I'm in the same boat as the OP- I'm part of the 45% or so of adult Americans who are not on Facebook. But I am on the Mueller Community forum and hopefully it will stay active.
Allegedly Bad Gasoline Purchased Locally
posted by sloneycho on September 11th, 2011 5:05 PM
That's unfortunate. Have you tried contacting corporate customer care?
Shell Service Station - Have a good experience? A poor one? Let us know! (questions, comments, service station locator) * Phone: 888-GO-SHELL (888-467-4355) * E-mail:
Allegedly Bad Gasoline Purchased Locally
posted by Alexa Manza on September 11th, 2011 4:47 PM
sloneycho Yes, that's the only number I found too and it's out of service. :|
LED lights for residential?
posted by baby zeke on September 9th, 2010 11:12 AM
These lights have been discussed on the streetlights thread... sloneycho has a test light installed outside his house... I believe..cheersEzra.
Pearce Middle School - Austin Partners in Education
posted by langhugh on August 29th, 2010 4:39 PM
Friends, After attending the talk last Wednesday by Kathrin Brewer, the executive director of Austin Partners in Education (APiE), I believe the next step in displaying Mueller's support for Pearce Middle School involves forming a Classroom Coaches team at Pearce. APiE was one of the first organizations with a formal program, requested by Dr. Carstarphen, to be implemented at Pearce. Classroom Coaches program described in the link below. You know the Mack Brown bus ads and TV commercials: APiE's Classroom Coaches program is designed for all professionals, as it is just an hour a week committment. The team approach involves 5-8 volunteers entering a classroom, spreading among small groups of 2-4 students, and working through a APiE-specialized curriculum for one hour a week. APiE has metrics from prior year's that reveal about a 5-10% improvement in TAKS for students who have gone through the Classroom Coaches program. While Pearce's program is an 8th grade algebra program, we were promised repeatedly that knowledge of 8th grade algebra was not a prerequisite for volunteering, and that watching the volunteers struggle with the material was just as valuable to the students learning as anything else. The classroom teachers will be present to assist the small groups work through the problems. For those that have been waiting for some structured way to help the kids at Pearce, this is definitely one such opportunity. This will bolster what is already a testament to the work Kim Wine and others have offered to improve learning conditions at the school. So far, sloneycho and I have made the commitment to Pearce's 8th grade Classroom Coaches program for the upcoming year. The program has three time slots on Tuesdays for the upcoming year 8:25, 11:55 and 1:05. We are focusing on the 1:05 as a way to just take a long lunch on Tuesdays Dusty
Transportation Issues
posted by Kevin McGillicuddy on July 9th, 2010 9:24 AM
Steve (sloneycho) - thanks for the link to the previous thread. Since I "joined" here after that discussion, I missed it previously.
Holy Protest!
posted by Dan Murphy on June 28th, 2010 1:27 PM
There's no reason you should apologize. You have nothing to be sorry for, certainly not for honestly expressing your beliefs. You did nothing wrong, and an apology is completely unnecessary =-)
Holy Protest!
posted by SHoffman on June 28th, 2010 1:25 PM
I didn't even mention the nun, Sloneycho, I don't even really know how she figures into all of this. I specifically named the jerks with the bombs and Mel Gibson. Didn't mention the nun. My comment about blasphemy was just to say I really didn't think people were being burned at the stake for it anymore (I think you were the one who tied those two together). I really didn't think your initial post was a call to those in the neighborhood to be vigilant of anything, it wasn't clear and was so closely followed by that other guy, Dan, that I really didn't pay much attention to it. Just sick of all the crap. And, no, I'm not grouping all these radicals into a Catholics not like me group, but into a Catholics outside of the norm group.I'm sorry you were spanked and that you were hurt by those in your church. I also understand that you must carry those scars with you. For anyone's emotional pain, I am sorry. I know that the pain of trying to live your life in the Catholic church with people who say your way of life or love is sinful must have been agonizing and I'm sure that by comparison my use of the word "alienating" regarding how I feel must be laughable. For that, I am sorry. I still feel that it was appropriate for me to be able to say openly that my feelings are hurt by this topic and that my personal view of these topics is that they are divisive. For the life of me, I could not see that this topic was brought up as a community awareness type post.
POA Management
posted by ianvarley on June 25th, 2010 4:01 PM
I think there are (at least) two separate issues here.1. Transparency - When things aren't working, people complain or make note to Jennifer Harvey about it. The problem is a) nobody knows who else has complained, so lots of people may be bothering her about the same stuff, which is a hassle for her, and b) she has less accountability (for example, she can say "I haven't gotten any complaints about this recently", and no one knows otherwise).There are solutions for this, though. Ideally, an "open issues" list on a website would really help this, particularly if it allowed voting on issue priority (so people can chime in and feel like they're being heard, and so the management company can tell when an issue is broad vs narrow). There are many commercial websites that do a good job of this, like It may also be something that Kevin could add to CitiCite ... ?2. Motivation - Several people have expressed things along the lines of, "Alliance doesn't really care when things are wrong". I can see where they're coming from. Jennifer Harvey is a good administrator, but these aren't *her* pools and streets and drinking fountains; and for that matter, she's only part time for Mueller anyway (per Betsy's comment above, which I was unaware of). So while she's following processes and getting things done in a reasonable way, it's not the kind of "go getter" speed that those of us experiencing the problems would have. As @sloneycho says, "If your sinks and bathtub and driveway broke, you would wait several months to fix them?". The fact is that the pool has been open for, what, 2 months now--we're halfway into summer--and the kids pool has been closed that *whole* time. The drinking fountains have been broken for, literally, months. Etc. There's "due process", and then there's "unreasonable delay", and regardless of intentions, these issues are starting to fall into the latter category. Some of the delays are totally out of her control--like, with the streets issue--but I think the often bureaucratic tone of her responses emphasizes her separateness from the community.What I think we need, in addition to her role, is someone to say, "I agree, and I'm upset too, and my job is to make it right." Greg gives that impression in meetings, which is why people are generally pretty fond of him. But he's obviously pretty busy and can't be the one who's hounding contractors, tracking pool gate issues, etc.So how do we get someone with some skin in the game to be a point of contact and advocate for the neighborhood? Is there an organization already who should be playing that role but isn't engaging on these questions?
Next Phase of Mueller
posted by GarrethWilcock on June 21st, 2010 10:52 AM
Spot on sloneycho.The last I heard at the PIAC is that there will be 49 of the Garden Homes (David Weekley). I stopped by to see Kristen the other day, and there are no floor-plans approved yet.Best guesses for the Garden Homes / Zero Lot Line Homes / Tweener Homes / Gap Homes (depending on who you talk to!) is that:market rate homes: 1200-1800sqftaffordable program homes: 1000-1200sqftNothing has been officially released as far as I knowGarreth
Family Dollar Store
posted by michael salata on March 9th, 2010 9:59 PM
Gentlemen - please allow me to elaborate on what was just posted. Tide, Nabisco, Jell-O brand, Johnson @ Johnson, Alpo, Welch’s, Proctor and gamble, Chicken of the Sea, Kotex, Pringles, Prego, Luvs, Snickers, Charmin, Kleenex……I am pretty sure are all American-made products made by Americans - some union, some not. In addition, all the milk, bread and eggs sold at Family Dollar come from local Texan dairies, bakeries and egg farms. The real reason why we can sell our items at low prices is due to large volume purchasing. Like Wal-Mart, we purchase each item by the semi-load. We then distribute those semi-loads among 7000 plus Family Dollars across the country and in-turn have the ability to offer “value” to our customers. Yes, it is true that at Family Dollar, anyone can purchase some items that are made overseas. But, if you look closer at what is actually sold to Americans at Wal-Mart, H.E.B, Randall’s, Sears, K-Mart, Macys, Dullards, Toys R Us, MANY items sold at these respected retail establishments are manufactured overseas by under-paid workers. This includes produce that is shipped in from South America, Mexico and New Zealand. This was obvious to my wife and I as we were shopping for some outfits at the mall. My wife is an ex-model who knows good quality clothing. All her “fashionable” clothes during her career were made in Italy and Moscow and Poland. We were totally blown away after looking at all the labels in Macys and Dillards. Made in Taiwan, Made in China, Made in Guatemala, Made in India, Made in Pakistan among others were all that we were finding. She quickly realized that material that she will wear on her body is just that - material. Why pay $100 for a skirt when she can purchase a similar skirt for $12.50?? That $87.50 that she just saved now goes to care for our two young children. Oh, and by the way, she still is a knock-out wearing that lower-priced skirt!! It doesn’t bother me a bit!!!! I work for an American Retail establishment that had in excess of 7 billion dollars in sales last year!!!! This money that Family Dollar earned was money that was paid for by Americans, which then paid the salaries of hard-working American workers, who in turn took that money and bought more goods for their families at many other retail stores. It’s the American circle of life. We are simply an alternative outlet which is located minutes away from your front door. Please, before judgment is passed - come in and see for yourself. If after your visit, you realize that we cannot save you money on the exact same items sold elsewhere - that’s O.K. This is still America. We are all free to shop where we want to shop.
Family Dollar Store
posted by C. Frimire on March 9th, 2010 4:44 PM
Sloneycho,If my sole purpose was to provoke, this might be true. But my sole purpose is to creatively express my opinion. Let me explain my last post, since it's obvious that you missed my point.First, I think getting really excited about shopping at the Dollar Store is weird. I think it's ok for me to say that.Second, I think I think it's important to remember that the reason prices are low at places like the Dollar Store is often because of a cheap overseas labour force that does not enjoy the same benefits and rights that workers in the United States and other developed countries enjoy. I think this is something that others should think about.Now, you may think I am just trying to stir things up here, but the reality is that I am posting a creative, tongue-in-cheek commentary on an existing thread in this forum. So, Sloney Cho (if that is your real name) the ball is in your court. You probably will want to ignore this post, because you're worried that you'll be "feeding the troll", but I'll make a deal with you. For the remainder of this thread, I will stay out of character and talk to you without the employment of irony about what I think.
Easter Egg Hunt
posted by SleeperService on March 4th, 2010 12:14 PM
I echo sloneycho... I'm sure a non christian would be welcome to attend :-) -- I might well count myself among them :-) -- but also I'm not certain that really the "neighbourhood" is actually sponsoring the event -- I think its just a bunch of neighbors getting together to have some fun :-)cheersEzra.
Traffic counter on Zach Scott
posted by doug on February 24th, 2010 3:44 PM
I'm no traffic engineer, but I do have quite a bit of experience in this area. The ped bridge over Airport that Sloneycho speaks of is underutilized and was VERY expensive to build. I think we have a better chance of getting an elementary school at Mueller than we do getting a ped bridge. Even if Airport were reduced to 2 lanes each direction with bike lanes, it would reduce the crossing distance. Reduce the speed limit to 25 while were at it (currently 45mph). Come to think of it, I believe that this is the only place where Airport is six lanes wide. It will be a tough sell to Public Works for them to do anything to facilitate crossing of school children over Airport. The way they determine need is to observe the crossing to see if anyone is crossing there. Currently, there are few, if any who walk or bike to Maplewood. Even with a safe crossing, distance may be a barrier for some as I'm guessing its about 1 - 1.5 mi.
New Cameron Road UT Shuttle stop?
posted by Jonas Miller on January 21st, 2010 11:59 AM
I currently ride the RR to UT on a daily basis. I ususally drive to the Hancock shopping center and catch the bus from there. On nice days, I would love to walk to the DCH bus stop. Even on rainy days, I'm looking forward to a closer park and ride!Jessica, I find that the RR bus is superior to the 20 (for me) because it's an easy transfer to the Forty Acres bus, which circles the campus. I take it all the way to Guadalupe. Sloneycho, the problem with bringing your bike along is that the bus' bike rack might be full. The first time I tried it with the 20, I couldn't get on the bus because the rack was full, so I just ended up riding all the way to UT. It was faster than waiting 30 minutes for the next bus!
Used Minivan Recommendations
posted by shellrose on January 15th, 2010 8:37 PM
Thanks Sloneycho - we purchased a already converted, used Toyota Sienna in the summer
Lights of Love...join the Mueller Flyers... $398, 7 flyers and counting
posted by queeneliz1 on November 29th, 2009 3:43 PM
Wow, I am so excited about our team! I just quickly chose a goal of 10 participants and $500 as a fundraising goal and we are already at 7 participants and $398! Thanks for your generosity Clint, Sloneycho, Zekes mom, Henning, and Amy B! @ Henning--would you mind sharing how one goes about joining the Mueller Flyers team if already individually registered? If you want to join us, or if you would just like to contribute to a wonderful cause right here in Mueller, the Ronald McDonald House, providing shelter and comfort for families while their children are being treated for serious illnesses, here is the link for the high-flying, running or walking, MUELLER FLYERS! Who has good ideas for our team outfit?? :) Maybe some airplane hats.. j/k. -Melanie 4116 Camacho
Lights of Love...Mueller team?
posted by queeneliz1 on November 25th, 2009 9:55 PM
I like Mueller Flyers, I'll set it up asap and let everyone know. Sloneycho, Team We're Already Home is cool too!
On-Street Parking Survey Released
posted by langhugh on November 17th, 2009 9:59 AM
Costs: Sort of... Revenues: Not Really. The costs of the program would include the time and materials. The materials cost should be minimal...initial mailings, permit tags and paperwork. The time should not be above and beyond the hours Alliance already spends at Mueller, but this should be confirmed by the POA Board of Directors prior to making a final decision. There will be no active enforcement of this rule, but should Alliance need to heavily-administrate the rule based on residential complaints, there may be an added cost. Revenues, as you might guess, are dependant on resident behavior. It is fair to be concerned about the unknowns of cost/revenue structure here as these are not easily projected. The survey is available to 2 household residents because that is the number of e-mail addresses that were collected per household at the time of contract signing. This would seem to balance the rights of the single-resident households and the rights of multi-resident households.
Barking Dogs, etc
posted by shellrose on November 12th, 2009 8:43 AM
Sloneycho - Your decoration idea got me thinking... Maybe we could get a group of dogs together to form a caroling group for the holidays. I've got a dog that is a pretty terrific singer
Barking Dogs, etc
posted by Zekesmom on November 12th, 2009 2:40 AM
[:cheese:] Sloneycho. Definitely needed some humor on this subject!
Test LED streetlamp to be installed
posted by SleeperService on October 19th, 2009 2:13 PM
hey sloneychoThis lamp will be very interesting to view... the color output etca few questions...1> when they change out to LED are the changing the fixture too?2> Do you have any comparative energy usage stats?thanksEzra.
Computer recovery needed
posted by dhs on October 1st, 2009 7:56 AM
Is this a notebook or regular drive?In either case, sloneycho's suggestion is a good idea.If that doesn't work, try moving the drive to another system - the drive might be failing because of power supply problems. There are cheap adapters that allow you to connect notebook drives in regular systems. Then boot into a Linux system. I'd try to mount the partitions on the drive first, rather than dd'ing the raw data.
Light Pollution meeting with NCC
posted by dhs on September 12th, 2009 9:05 AM
That's one of the reasons why I am proposing simply altering the glass globes to provide variable filtering - none on the street sides and more on the home sides. This would have no effect on the street brightness, minimal effect on the side walks and a more gradual effect on the houses/porches themselves than would physical shades. This will be more attractive, nearly as effective and much safer.While I think that turning off the light in front of sloneycho's house is a good short term, local solution, I don't think it works in general or in the long term, and I'd like to hear more ideas about approaches that might. While I was glad that the NCC met with one of us, I was greatly disappointed in the conclusion:* The NCC (Catellus?) will continue to work with Austin Energy on improving the light pollution problem. They mentioned:- researching a permanent shielding solution for the streetlamp in front of our home- researching a better night-sky shield for the next development phase- researching a better fixture choice for the phases beyond thatThis offers nothing for us. So who can we approach for a better solution? The NCC doesn't own this problem, and by their own words aren't concerned about Phase 1 and 2, the MC doesn't have the authority, and Catellus doesn't seem to care.
Light Pollution Report to NCC
posted by dhs on September 6th, 2009 10:15 PM
My 2 cents (that may not have been included in the report):The problem really isn't that the lights themselves are too bright, it's that they are too close - too close to the houses and too close together. In driving around Austin the last couple of months, I've taken more notice of light pole placement than I would have previously thought a reasonable person would do, and the light poles in Mueller are definitely far closer to the houses.This is partly a function of the shallow front yards and partly a function of the design of the Mueller poles which don't protrude over the street. The Mueller poles are also much closer together - in most comparable neighborhoods (Rosedale, Hyde Park, Cherrywood, etc), the light poles are mainly placed at intersections. By comparison, there are about 12 light poles on my block (Mattie Street between Antone and Tom Miller), and there are 4 light poles within 60 feet of my property, and a fifth one within 80 feet.I think there's an easy short term solution that should satisfy most residents. Replace the current globes with variably frosted globes, so that much (50%?) of the light on the home side of the light pole is filtered out. This would keep the streets as brightas they are, and I believe that the sidewalks would still be well illuminated as well.Installing physical shades on the poles as has been suggested would be more expensive and would force a sharp light-dark distinction that would be neither effective or becoming. And depending on the trees to shield the houses will not be effective for the lights that are the biggest problem - those directly in front of a house. A longer term solution will probably involve a different design for the lights themselves, and increased spacing between the lights, but this is neither fiscally or politically convenient for the existing homes. (It's easier to remove a nuisance than to move it.)Good luck, sloneycho, and thanks for making the effort.Doug
Call for Anecdotes: Streetlamp Stories
posted by dmick on August 29th, 2009 1:11 PM
sloneycho:It looks like there's no unanimity on the streetlight issue. I'd hate to see change to all streetlamps because of one resident's specific issue. Your problem should be addressed, but dissatisfaction with the lighting generally may not be the majority view, and I'm sure you'd agree that all present and future streetlights shouldn't be changed unless there's clear consensus.
Help With Mosaic Apts
posted by GarrethWilcock on August 11th, 2009 10:37 AM
Hey Bob,In terms of uncovering local food and services, I'm a big fan of Not all of the local stores are yet posted, but old favorites are!SloneyCho is right on the money with suggestions too!


Welcome to the neighborhood!Garreth
Skeptics in the Park?
posted by sloneycho on July 23rd, 2009 10:37 AM
I have got to get my hands on your dissertation! [:lol:]"Sloneycho" is the result of a horrific Easter Egg incident involving Barbra Striesand and friends from Baton Rouge. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
Skeptics in the Park?
posted by misselaine on July 23rd, 2009 10:02 AM
Like, oh my god! Sheesh, already, Mr. SloneyCho. What exactly is a "sloneycho" anyways? Anything to do with absinthe? I really didn't know where the street was, my laptop decided to not wake up (dyslexic MAC behaviour, you know, when it goes to sleep when it is open and wakes up when you close the lid? Restarting it when I got back worked like a charm). And really, I did not know the people I met! They commented on my willingness to walk around in the rain, and yes, I started talking skeptic-style. Turns out, one of them was reading one of my favourite authors, Christopher Hitchens, right out there on the porch. I swear it! And, I am off to Germany again next week.
posted by Rod on July 17th, 2009 1:57 PM
I'd like to know that one myself! Any entomologists here at Mueller? As to infestations...we had a minor one in our kitchen 2 days ago. By observing the ants for a few minutes prior to taking action, I could find 2 small entry points (tiny holes) where they were entering--they then run along particular paths that they establish prior to fanning out in an interesting way. So,2 small pieces of scotch tape seem to have solved the problem--blocking their ingress, to use a word recently featured prominently on the forum. Unfortunately, I did not know the trick of how to lure the ants already in the kitchen into some sort of container, and given that we have an infant...I felt like I had no choice, given my (perceived) limited time for taking action, but to take the "violent" route with about 30 ants. Pity. The longer we live here in Austin, it would be nice to have some non-violent approach, have all the ants run into a container, and just then put it outside. Suggestions heartily welcomed! But more directly to the above quoted comment from "Sloneycho"--I was repaid with 2 bites while dealing with the ~30 ants. So, they got some payback in the skirmish with me. -Rod
posted by misselaine on July 13th, 2009 10:29 PM
All over it, like a kipper. We can even speak some French for Sloneycho.Bis bald!
posted by sloneycho on July 13th, 2009 3:13 AM
Ha! You haven't met Bobrobert yet, huh? Probably the only one in Mueller willing to do Meals on Wheels while in Heels without a car. At least until the Assisted Living Center opens. Or a drag bar in the Town Center. But I digress.I'll pass your offer on to the Soliz clan. And I do mean clan. Grandparants abound.
posted by queeneliz1 on July 12th, 2009 10:01 PM
sloneycho- the Mueller Babysitting Coop has started a Mueller "meals on heels" program to deliver about 5 meals to families with new babies (i.e. walking meals to someone instead of driving). If you can you send me their contact info by PM I will be happy to coordinate. We are also happy to have new members or hear of other families in the neighborhood who have new babies! I will also contact smittyhoo... since your house is welcoming a new baby soon too! Melanie
Flooring - Antone
posted by Kevin Ludlow on June 16th, 2009 3:07 AM
As someone who really appreciates doing home improvements, and is fiscally 'cautious', the only thing I might suggest to people looking into getting hardwoods from the builders is to please at least call some local places first. ...just so that you know what the actual costs are.There is a place called Leon's up north that does really good work. Not an endorsement exactly, just an example.My recollection of some of these homes is that the nicest hardwood upgrades were running around $18,000?Just call and ask what it would cost to do the exact wood laminate with full installation and everything after the fact. My guess is it's less than 1/3 of the cost.I certainly don't want to get fiscally preachy, but the simple fact is that if you amortize a cost like that - you (a) wind up paying a fortune for the floor in the end, and (b) actually raise your monthly payment a pretty significant amount, and (c) - [an afterthought], why give the banks more money when you could keep it yourself?Unfortunately, to Sloneycho's suggestion, my recollection is also that the builders won't leave the floors bare. I don't think DW offers a stained concrete option and if the floor isn't 'installed', the house is not technically finished and I believe can't be insured. There were a number of similar discussions in the early pioneer phase.The best conclusions were to simply get a professional quote from a local place, have DW install the cheapest carpet option, and then have the local place do it before you move in (it usually takes them 1-2 days). You can recycle the carpet.I know it's a stupid process, but it's likely to save thousands of dollars in the end.
Flooring - Antone
posted by jillians on June 16th, 2009 2:48 AM
I went with continuous tile in my Soco (wood laminate in the bedrooms). You can go up several levels with tile before you hit the cost of wood flooring. I also wanted the kitchen cabinets to pop (light wood, dark tile). I'm also willing to let you take a look if you want to see it. If you have Weekley do the work, you do have a warranty on it & can carry it on your mortgage instead of your credit card. If you choose to do it yourself Sloneycho is right, have them prep the slab for wood and leave it bare.
No TV but would like to be able to watch movies...
posted by Rod on June 14th, 2009 8:46 PM
More seriously, though, sloneycho: You are I guess suggesting that people see what they want to see, and of course this is true of all of us to some degree. But I was actually curious about something else--whether subliminal messages could conceivably be deliberately flashed at a rate that the conscious mind would not register--as has been done many times for advertising purposes. But with other content then typical advertising and for other reasons. . Due to my inquiry on possible subliminal messaging being implemented (note the word "possible"!) through TV, I am obviously straying from the original topic. So--I'll cut it short here. I wanted to offer one more post because some might take my response as being on the wrong side of Jesus, when he is in fact a great hero to me.
Streetlamps and Sidewalks
posted by Ed on May 31st, 2009 11:16 AM
Ezra, good post, but I am not sure what the disagreement is. I think that there is a consensus emerging here. Overall we like a well lit neigborhood for saftey, and those lights should increase in needed areas, but lights should not trespass or be a nuisance inside houses (and maybe the enviornment based on the Nat Geo article). The fully shielded light system proposed by sloneycho seems like the most sensible solution to satisfy both the saftey crowd and the "light trespas" minority. Sloneycho also posted a great photo of an aesthically pleasing fully shielded light sytem. Can anyone make an argument against the fully shielded light system? It can look nice, lights up the streets and sidewalks, and directs light away from houses (and the enviornment for people who care about that). Arguments that "I just like the current system" don't count because clearly some people do not like the current system. If this is the consensus, then we should be discussing how and if this system can be incorporated in currently built areas, or only in later phases. I would like it changed for my house, but I also want to create the best situation for future neighbors. I hope to bring these concerns to the developers at the meeting on Tuesday. Finally, the "15% of people impacted" comment was based on the very un-scientific method of looking up and down my street and guesstimating what percent of houses had street lamps directly in front of a house window. After further research, I would like to change that number to 21.3% [:smile:]
Streetlamps and Sidewalks
posted by SleeperService on May 30th, 2009 11:04 PM
As I said before and as has been said by others I think we need to agree to disagree.To answer some questions posed to me..Yes I have a streetlight relatively close -- at a direct angle to the living room and obtuse to the master. There is a very small amount of light entry with the blinds closed - visible when everything else is turned off -- however the LED's from various electronic devices is brighter.Dark during pool entry -- I didn't actually say that -- I said the bollard lights blind me so I'm not unaware of murmer's point about glare or too much light ruining nightvision. The darkness I was referring too is actually further into the park ( see below ).What do other cities do -- Well I've lived in a big city for years and believe me when I tell you -- they don't do anything -- people generally speaking get used to the glow of streetlights -- its just that simple -- its like car noise -- a background thing.Light pollution/national geographic/flagstaff -- I have not been to flagstaff so can't comment on their lighting scheme.However I think the science on light pollution and biology is still very new and far from clear cut. The people who are posting about their circadian rhythms would do well to remember that they are probably just as effectively disrupting their bodies by typing that post reply on their brightly lit LCD monitor then they are being exposed to the sulpherous glow of our streetlights. There is indeed evidence that televisions/monitors and other close to daylight balanced light is quite disruptive to sleep. Hence the advice to not watch tv before going to bed. We may be diurnal but we do many things today that we were not evolved for, this is a 24 hour a day society.15% of people -- were on earth did that stat come from -- how on earth do you know that 15% of people are "impacted"???Slonycho -- Thanks for your personal appeal -- I have at least a million times more time for a medical based problem appeal then because you need better shutters -- indeed if it came to a vote I would happily support some kind of exemption on medical grounds if it were possible that eliminating the light from one streetlight would enable bob roberts to sit on your patio at night without sunglasses.The funny thing of course is I'm the complete reverse -- one could say I'm light insensitive... :-) I complain about our badly lit porch -- and something that murmer seems to miss -- if you can only see into those darkly lit areas with a streetlight -- then it simply doesn't matter if there's glare - because at least I have a chance to see rather then none.As I said above -- I suspect in general we will have to agree to disagree -- although like I said sloneycho ( or possibly others with actual medical complaints ( not circadian rythme based of course ) ) -- should be given there day.Ezra.
Streetlamps and Sidewalks
posted by wilson on May 29th, 2009 12:18 PM
sloneycho,The excerpt from the Land Development Code you cited comes from Subchapter E of the Zoning Code. In Section 1.2.3 of that same Subchapter, under 1. General Exemptions, it reads, "Development Built Pursuant to the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Redevelopment Plan."Instead, design standards for Mueller were accepted by the City under the Mueller Development Agreement, part of which contains design guidelines for streetlamps. The chapter addressing them can be reached at the link below. See pages 112-113.
Streetlamps and Sidewalks
posted by misselaine on May 29th, 2009 9:19 AM
I think sloneycho has a great idea there, and some impressive photoshop skills :) With the shade, there will be MORE lighting in on the street, less in your bedroom, less into the sky, thus creating less light pollution. It is nice to see stars!
LED Streetlamps
posted by Ed on May 14th, 2009 9:52 PM
Sloneycho,I also have a street lamp right in front of my house and it is 24 hour daytime. I would support your proposal to contact the association about this problem, which is what it is.
A question for Mueller's families...
posted by Elizabeth on May 7th, 2009 5:04 PM
Thank you to everyone for your opinions, and, all the helpful information...I really do appreciate it. : ) I certainly hope that I did not offend anyone by being frank because that was surely not my intent. I definitely feel that Mueller is a unique, and, also a truly refreshing type of environment! I totally, totally agree especially with smittyhoo especially - I would also rather live in a non-pretentious community that does not contribute to urban sprawl and I would like to introduce my child to culture and diversity at an early age...don't get much of it out here in the NW for sure. Did some more research on the Kensington and was glad to find that it does not have hourly rentals like the builder we met with had mentioned (thanks for that info sloneycho)...just FYI though - it does have weekly rental rates available...and yes, I was bothered by it's condition and close proximity to the house we considered on Tom Miller and I do feel that this concern, along with my other safety concerns of the area are valid, but, I don't think that they are going to stop us from moving to Mueller! Again, thanks so much to everyone for all of this information. : )
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