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MNA Holiday Party - Dec. 17
posted by Betsy on December 6th, 2011 8:37 PM
The MNA tradition is for the December meeting to be more of a holiday party than a meeting. This year is no exception! We hope you'll join us on Dec. 17th at 10:00 a.m. for our holiday gathering at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor conference room. It's a fun time and a great way to meet new neighbors and catch up with friends! What better way to capture the holiday spirit then in a photo booth! Thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Andrej & Rachel Simic, you'll be able to put on funny glasses, hats, feather boas & more and walk away with classic photos printed just for you by Wildcard Photo. We'll have some snacks and encourage everyone to bring a holiday treat to share. However, please come join us, even if you can't bring something! Betsy
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 10/6/2011
posted by Candice McKay on December 6th, 2011 4:50 AM
Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Minutes October 6, 2011 1. Confirmed quorum and called meeting to order at 7:02 – Betsy Hilton 2. INTRODUCTIONS – Ashley Fisher: Diane Gierisch: Betsy Hilton: Kevin McGillicuddy;Travis Michel; Dennis Mick: Jerry Perkins: Shellie Shores: Kathy Sokolic: Reem Zoun: Don Dozier. Not in attendance: Corky Hilliard & Candice McKay 3. Front Porch Flyer - Kathy & Elizabeth talked about presenting a photo exhibition (from the existing pool of photos) at Mueller Central, 2 weeks prior to MNA in the Spring. A silent auction would be held to purchase prints; money would go to Austin Children’s Shelter. Costs of prints ($200) and another $200 for matting. Will SC do a grant for the costs? Plan not fixed. Could be online auction in advance of event. There were several questions, including from Diane about the possibility of display being at Dell Hospital. Don gave other ideas and suggestions. There was general agreement to return to this item under 7B below. 4. Approval of Minutes - Motion to approve by Diane & second by Dennis. Motion passes unanimously. 5. Treasurer’s Report - Don Dozier: we have $3278 in our account; there are 204 members of the association. 6. Action Items - Betsy Hilton A. IBC bank on 51st St--Kathy, moves support for Windsor Pk position (Shellie second). Motion passed unanimously. Overall vision for 51st emphasized in discussion. B. Urban Rail maintenance facility--After discussion, the general idea is to inform the general membership about the advantages of locating the maintenance facility here and to see if there is a motion favoring the idea. 7. Committee Organization - Betsy Hilton A. Report on External Relations & ANC voting procedure. After the last general meeting, Jerry met with 3 other SC members --Kathy Sokolic,Travis Michel, & Corky Hillard, two former SC members--Grant Fisher & Kat Malcom--and 3 other interested Muellerites--James Nortey, Andrej & Rachel Simic. After explaining a little of the SC intent, Jerry proposed that Kathy become the chair of this group. There was unanimous support for Kathy as chair. At this stage Jerry turns over the SC commentary to Kathy who generalizes about committee type. Currently it is Ad hoc, but we probably are going to rec. it be a standing committee (but not recommending now). Kathy's recommendation is that the second ANC appointment be the past SC chair, which is Grant currently, and that past chair become the ANC rep on annual basis (the outgoing chair continues as a nonvoting SC member) There was a general consensus in support of this idea. The ANC discussion continued with a consideration of 3 resolutions to be voted on in the next general ANC meeting. Ashley moved that we abstain from voting on the geographic district representation consideration (second by Diane) Kevin moved support on 12th street resolution (Reem second) Ashley moved that we abstain from voting on (Travis second) the STR resolution. All three motions received unanimous approval. B. Funding committees and events. Discussion of events first. Discussion is about how to create fund for the year and rules for application. $125 cap in past (arbitrary number). Ashley: Motion--”that we budget 1000 for year & cap of 125 per request, submission 2 wks before SC meeting and approval of steering committee. “ Travis second. Don: no individual limit and no annual limit, simply ask for 2-week advance notice to SC; Ashley modifies her motion by saying that we could eliminate the request cap. Motion amended to eliminate request cap. Amended motion passed. C. What about Front Porch Flyer proposal? Come back next month with proposal. D. St. Martin's Day Activity Funding Request--Kathie reads the original Chris Stewart email describing the event. Shellie moves approval of $130; Kevin second. Approved unanimously. 8. Status of By-laws review - Don Dozier--in process of accommodating submitted comments. Revised copy before next meeting. 9. Block Captains and Neighbor Night Out - Dennis Mick --almost all BC positions filled. NNO favorably received. 10. Upcoming Meetings – Betsy Hilton a. General membership meeting Oct 15--looking for location for joint meeting of several associations b. Next Steering Committee meetings, Nov. 1 (Tues) 11. Additional Business/Open comments - utility boxes discussed (Kat’s mail). Jerry says ask for options from utility company; ask for meeting and explanation of what can be done. Dennis moves to request more information from city of Austin and alternatives, Kevin second. Motion approved. Betsy to request information and better understanding of what is possible. *Thanks to Jerry Perkins for taking notes during the meeting!*
MNA Holiday Party Invitation
posted by Kathleen Malcom on December 11th, 2010 10:26 AM
The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) cordially invites you to attend our MNA Holiday Party on Saturday, Dec 18th! We will meet at the nearby Ronald McDonald House on the 4th floor from 10:00 to 11:00AM This holiday event will be in lieu of our monthly MNA business meeting, so please come to meet and mingle! Mueller residents Andrej & Rachel Simic have donated their services from their photo booth company: to provide free photos to the party guests. Resident Sean Henry will be providing a coffee service from his café: Feel free to bring the kids for a photo, and a holiday treat if you would like to share something with the group. Hope to see everyone there on Saturday the 18th to start your day with some festive community activities. MNA Steering Committee: MNA Block Captains:
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