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another upcoming Clifton event
posted by kim wine on March 7th, 2014 9:48 PM
that is correct, Mrs Aaron. the Clifton Yard Sale will be on April 25. I hope our neighbors will donate lots of childrens' items. you look really familiar, btw.
MUELLER INFORMAL POLL #1 - Interactive Public Art for Town Center/Aldrich St
posted by MuellerFan on November 13th, 2012 1:05 PM
Great responses everyone, and thanks Mrs Aaron for providing a link to a pinterest page for our continuing conversations about public art in Mueller. This question has been posted for 2 weeks, so I am going to wrap this up tomorrow by copying and sending replies on to Catellus.Let's start a new question tomorrow, what ideas do you have for Town Center/Aldrich St that we could discuss for the next 2 weeks?- Joy
We need people to attend!!! very important that we make our voices heard
posted by doug on September 22nd, 2010 8:47 AM
Mrs Aaron, I know for Elementary, Muellerite kids are zoned to Maplewood, what middle and high schools are we zoned to?
Next Phase of Mueller - Affordability and Utopia
posted by ccosart on July 21st, 2010 4:05 PM
Which is why middle income families would like the opportunity to move there as well.
Next Phase of Mueller - Affordability and Utopia
posted by roberts_bj on July 21st, 2010 4:02 PM
I totally agree with Mrs. Aaron. We are totally, absolutely happy here too. Todd and I are always saying to each other that moving to Mueller was one of the best decisions we've ever made.
River Rock
posted by icemonkeyharvest on May 20th, 2010 11:28 PM
Mrs Aaron has finished her project, and I still have two wheelbarrows full of river rock left. The best part, aside from the price (free), is that it is already in two wheelbarrows! Just come on by and wheel away some stone, but please return the wheelbarrows. I'll be home most of the day Friday and through out the weekend. If I'm not, you can help yourself. They are located in the alley behind the house on the corner of McCloskey and Scales under a brown tarp. They are heavy so eat your spinach. Also beware that the black wheelbarrow is old and it's legs are on the verge of failure, so be kind or you may find your stone in a really bad spot.Enjoy.
Help McCallum Fine Arts Academy By Buying Cool Stuff!
posted by Jenji Henson on May 8th, 2010 9:38 AM
Hi Mrs. Aaron, I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner--for some reason, this reply didn't come into my email box like they usually do. I just happened to see it when scanning the daily digest. I can attach pictures, or I could give you the address where it is located and you could go look at it. Unfortunately, I don't have it with me in Mueller. It's at the home of the person who was in charge of the event--she lives near 2222 and Mopac. The pictures don't really do it justice, FYI. It's gorgeous!
Mueller Substation
posted by Daniel Sallier on March 23rd, 2010 9:18 AM
I never thought "greedy idiots" Mrs. Aaron. Nor do I think anyone wants to intentionally harm anyone else. However by pushing the sub-station on the golf course this will destroy Mo-Willy.To believe anyone is going to want to play a course because it has a nicer clubhouse is just silly. To think people will not want to play around the EMF's is pretty much inline with human innate fears of power lines, energy sub-stations, etc...The negativity got started by reading the lie which stated a unanimous vote in favor of this by our neighborhood. I thought that was intentionally being misleading. However, apparently, you are all being mislead by DeWayne Lofton. I've addressed that with Grant. The rest is fodder; diatribes back and forth. Admittedly it is clogging up the place.
*%#^& Egg Hunt
posted by C. Frimire on March 8th, 2010 11:14 AM
How's this, Mrs. Aaron?
*%#^& Egg Hunt
posted by C. Frimire on March 8th, 2010 10:17 AM
Mrs. Aaron,I have only intended to demonstrate my perspective on this extraordinary thread.Contrarian viewpoints are often described as rude (as well as a whole slew of other adjectives which mostly address the perspective's format, but not its content). Regardless...sometimes you have to crack a few Easter eggs to make the souffle.Charles
Maplewood meeting Thursday- New Principal input
posted by vcdb on March 6th, 2010 10:28 AM
Thank you Mrs. Aaron for posting this important information.Each one of us play an important role in creating the Interview Profile that will be used during the interview process.It's imperative that you attend the next meetings (March 11 @ 5:30 and March 23 @ 6:00) to participate in the dialogue and to vote on who will be the Parent Representative from Maplewood. If you cannot attend the meetings, please submit your vision, priorities, character qualities, etc. that you wish to see in a new principal. You may submit via e-mail to : AND You may also give your comments to Ms. Monica at the office and she will make sure to place them in Mrs. Kirk's in-box.Maplewood Elementary School is a very special place in our community and we value your input.If you have any questions, you may reach me via e-mail at or at 740-4416.Thank youVeronica Castro de Barrera, CAC Co-Chair
Disappointing parking ticket - too close to hydrant...
posted by Dan Murphy on February 1st, 2010 1:28 PM
I think the how in this case isn't really relevant. What I am more concerned with is the future. This person, for whatever reason parked in the wrong place. Whether they are a resident or not, it was unclear where they could park.Parking too close to hydrants is a potential health issue for residents, and is a financial risk for residents and visitors.If we can make it clear where people can park, we will minimize the health risk, minimize the financial risk, and minimize the confusion to visitors to our neighborhood.The last thing anyone wants is for our visiting friends or family... or visiting members of the community at large to have bad experiences while in our community. I think that painting the curbs would really benefit all of us and while I understand it could be an expense for the HOA.. it really exist to help and maintain our community. It is the appropriate agent for the job.As businesses or maybe a school opens and parking could become more of an issue, I think it is a good time to start thinking about the growth of the community and set a nice precedent so that it's not just a bigger problem down the road.We don't want visitors creating health hazards. We don't want our neighbors being fined. We don't want our neighborhood to get a bad rap for parking. All of these are reasons that this is a potential issue, regardless of the situation that brought it to light. That's just my opinion.
Disappointing parking ticket - too close to hydrant...
posted by roberts_bj on February 1st, 2010 1:19 PM
Disagreeing is perfectly fine. It's the tone of the forum that gets me. The original post was sarcastic. The next to follow was lecturing. Mrs. Aaron reminded everyone to be nice. It gets blame-y (if only you parked in your garage!), to accusing (do you not understand how important fire hydrants are?). Solutions seem far and few across many of the threads.The idea of painting the curbs is nice but it will cost and the HOA already set the message that expenses are outstripping revenue. So it sounds like the solution needs a solution.There seems to some speculation about the who and why the car was reported in the first place. I am sure a simple public information request could shed some light on the subject. Anyone game or would it take the fun and anonymity out of the forums?Belinda
metal roof
posted by lilyrose on January 25th, 2010 12:35 PM
basically, I second what Mrs Aaron said.a few other things - in addition to reflecting the sun for better energy efficiency and reduced heat island effect, some metal roofs can accommodate solar panels without penetrations/cutting into the roof - the panels can be attached to the metal seams. for rainwater harvesting, the water running off a metal roof would be cleaner. and of course as was already pointed out, the metal roof should last a lot longer, although I understand some hail damage is still possible if the hail is big enough. lilyrose :)
New urbanist community gone wrong
posted by GarrethWilcock on January 15th, 2010 3:09 PM
I'm with Ross and Mrs Aaron. Right now we have a fifth of the residents and two thirds of the parks (don't quote me on the exact numbers) If nothing else develops I'm very happy here with the family.
2009 Mueller Holiday Spirit Block Contest
posted by mbe19 on December 24th, 2009 8:26 AM
I agree with Mrs. Aaron. GC 1 looks amazing, especially when you take into account we did not get our act together until two days ago!! But next year, we have a secret weapon- planning ahead of time!
Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 18
posted by aaron on December 11th, 2009 4:44 PM
Juneau..... Alaska.... Back in the day, Russia had a problem with its . It had just finished a war with Britain and realized that it couldn’t properly defend the territory from the British wanderings from Canada. In an effort to get something for the land and to irate the British, Russia sold Alaska to the Americans for only 1.9 cents an acre in 1867. Of course, this of a purchase contains a huge what if for our American history. If Alaska had never been sold, the cold war would have been vastly different as instead of a Cuban , you would have had a Juneau missile crisis, a different territory would have been selected to balance Hawaii into the union in 1959 (like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or Ontario), and a communist hard liner named would be able to look out her backyard and wave to her friendly neighbors. Now my Mueller home was a bit more than 1.9 cents an acre. In fact, the whole entire Mueller could have been had for 13 dollars and fifty cents in 1867 dollars (711 acres at 1.9 cents), still making look like a steal, but definitely cheap. Since I’ve been here almost two years and in this economy, I wonder if my Mueller home is still a good deal as what I thought I got. Perusing some sample homes for sale, I see 60 year old homes going for about , which is about what I paid for my brand new home. It’s nice to know that I’m still retaining my value in this downturn economy. However, even if I won a lot of money, I would still stay in my house, because I still like it. However, my house is still not anywhere close to being paid off. While my on Grande cable on ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS, and a few times on the Lifetime channel is getting rave reviews and a critical success, my emails have not been ringing off the hook. I’ve only booked one party appearance so far and have had no offers to be an official spokesperson or give any motivational speeches. It is still early in my marketing campaign and I think even if we don’t get more commercials on TV, my connections at Ice Monkey Productions are keen on doing a few more spots to help make my campaign viral. Please feel free to forward my commercial to anyone famous and help me use up my fifteen minutes. Here’s this month’s house update: Outstanding balance $278,974.80 Google ads to date: $32.60 Peepdot sales to date: $0 Mustache Sweater Man Appearances :$20 T-shirt Sales : $0 (you can still get yours today!) Super funny ebay auctions: $14 I only need $278,908.20 to go!!!! I’m wondering if I should make one of those thermometers to show my progress. I bet that will help raise more money. I was initially talked out of doing my outdoor winter movie event called Pigs in a blanket where we serve pigs in blankets while wearing blankets and watching Babe (a pig movie) because Mrs. Aaron wanted to use that idea to lure people to the schools meeting where none other than local school leader celebrity, the Austin school superintendent (not just an intendent, but a super one!) will be joining us to talk about Mueller’s effect on over populating the local schools in our area. You know us Muellerians, we like to breed!!! I was thinking that I would instead show some cool kids stuff or maybe a football game later on, so that I could have my Pigs in a blanket movie extravaganza on December 19 at dusk, which is conveniently, two days before the years shortest day, thus allowing the young ones to enjoy a movie outside before its close to bedtime. So that makes two events anyone from Mueller with kids (or interested in Mueller, kids or Mueller with kids) must attend. Dec 19 – Movie, Jan 7 – School thing. So to wrap this session’s blog post up, Mueller, while not as cheap as Alaska was, is still a good value, not only for the home prices, but the atmosphere as well. I end with my usual visual tom foolery of an for Mueller. Surprisingly, I have not been asked to stop by the developer, so they must be working. Actually, one last thing I just thought of. Do you think they named Juneau, Juneau because if you have had a few barley sodas and you say/slur Juneau, Alaska it sounds a lot like Didyouknow? I’llaska!!!
On-Street Parking Survey Released
posted by John Guest on November 19th, 2009 4:47 PM
Excellent question, Mrs. Aaron! While I might appear to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about Smart Cars, I actually only know about their exterior dimensions from their webpage. In doing some additional research, I believe you can actually fit two car seats into a Smart Car. The only problem is that one of the children has to drive the car. I would suggest that you make that the child with the longest legs. Think about how quiet the house will be when you send the kids out for grocery shopping. And when they get older you could buy each one their own and still have room to lease two spaces in your garage. Parenthetically, I would much rather buy one of Aaron's garage junk organizing kits than one of those dots. We're toying with the idea of contracting with Aaron for his Mustache Sweater Man entertainment special for our company Christmas party. Unfortunately, there are only three of us in the company and since we really don't like each other at all, I'm thinking MSM might not go over as well as the exorbitant Christmas bonus checks and the varietal cheese platter. Maybe next year in happier times.
Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 17
posted by aaron on November 17th, 2009 4:44 PM
At least it wasn’t something embarrassing. A while back ago, everyone’s favorite Mueller protagonist was invited to a charity fund raiser to help raise money for something for the genetic carriers’ daycare. I forgot what the something was, as they were serving the most tasty there and I initially thought that drinking the barley sodas would help out the fundraising, so I did my civic duty to drink several as I wanted the charity event to be a success. The event was both a live and . When we got to the event, Mrs. Aaron gave me a lengthy pep talk about not bidding on the main silent auction item. Of course in a sign of jest, I ran over and put the minimum bid on the item in question. After a couple of hours, my minimum bid was winning and would have won had a lady who came to the event only to bid on said item not alerted the auction moderator that not enough time was given before the bids were collected. A few minutes were “officially” added. Initially, I was rather glad she over bid me as, one, it raised more money for whatever the daycare was wanting, and two, Mrs. Aaron would have been mad at me. However, after talking to her and catching her in several lies, it became apparent she was not there help the charity and was only after her own greed of getting this item on the cheap. I promptly raised the price of the item to raise more money and then declared my final bid was as high as I was going to go and walked away. After a few minutes of stewing and drinking more delicious sudsy libations, I decided to snipe in and swipe the bid of the item at the last second. I was the winner of 100 ads of commercial time on . However, I didn’t have anything I needed a TV ad for. Luckily, I was looking for a new shenanigan for my new recurring theme of trying to buy my house. Ladies and Gentlemen of the interweb, I give you Mustache Sweater Man!!!! Your discount celebrity appearance solution!!! Thanks to the generous help of Ice Monkey Productions and a few of my neighbors, my commercial, which was shot on a secret Mueller location, will be running on channels on the Grande cable. I’ve picked as my channels ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS and a couple of spots to be on Lifetime (for the ladies). Feel free to make this viral as this will only help out my cause. As an added bonus, if any of you need to advertise, I’ve tied the commercial to my previous idea of the internet coordinate website, so if you were to buy a few dots on , many Austinites whom will visit this site because of the commercial will see your ads too. Feel free to buy as many as you can. Again, I want to buy my house outright. House Update: Outstanding balance $279,354.05 Google ads to date: $28.41 Peepdot sales to date: $0 Mustache Sweater Man Appearances :$0 T-shirt Sales : $0 (you can still get yours today!) Super funny ebay auctions: $14 I only need $279,311.64 to go!!!! I think I’m definitely taking the tortoise approach here. Now is the part of the blog post where I talk about a few Mueller things. People are still coming in droves to Mueller and transforming from person to Muelleripoian. In fact a couple of builders are rounding out their phase 2 inventories and are awaiting the next phase. The few lots in phase 1 that were model home castoffs (those lots needed to buffer model homes from regular homes) are under construction. I forgot what construction noise was like, but I realize that this will be the last time I ever hear it. I am continually surprised at how quiet dense urban living is. Other than the occasional barking dog and the cries of a tag game gone wrong, it is . I got an idea the other week during daylight savings when I noticed that the night comes oh so quick. I figure it would be a great time to do a kid movie since the movie could start before six and over by 8, well before it’s too late for youngins to stay up. However, with the weather turning colder we would need a blanket party, so I am proposing a Mueller kid movie night entitled “Mueller Winter Night Pigs in a Blanket Extravaganza!” I’ll post a date in December (with a couple of rain/snow backup dates) where we can watch Babe and eat . Since it will be chilly, you all will need to bring blankets. Get it? A pig movie, eating pork products in food blankets while wearing a blanket. Sometimes it’s too easy. I’ll post the time (the Garden Court 1 will be the place) in the events page. Halloween was a complete blast. Genetic carrier #1 was Obi-wan Kenobi and genetic carrier #2 was a tired Yoda. My costume was roller dude complete with quad shoe roller skates. I didn’t fall once despite the couple of beers I had at the Mueller Halloween carnival (thanks wedge!) and the beers I had at Dad friendly houses. It did get tricky pulling the Millennium Wagon with the two Jedis and 30 pounds of candy over the braile street sidewalk inclines. Last time I posted, I mentioned the announcement of the 1st annual Mueller Meatloff!!! (Meatloaf + Cookoff). We had nine official entries (or entrees!) and a few more sides and non-judgmental meatloafs. I made 15 pounds too many mash potatoes, but ended winning third place for my meatloaf entry. That’s top third for you mathies out there. Not too shabby as I never use recipes. In fact, my secret ingredient was beets. So all you guests out there ate healthy beets in your meatloaf and liked it. Special congrats to Torrie with her Moroccan style loaf which took top honors and Megan with her homestyle BBQ loaf that took second. Even though they got trophies, I think everyone that showed up were considered winners. I always find it weird that all my is cooked in exactly 30 second increments of time. Or that recipes always call for exact measurements of ingredients. The instructions always say to use exactly 2 minutes for that hot pocket, no more, no less. When I use 2 minutes 4 seconds am I really cheating my taste buds out of a mastication masterpiece experience? Do I really need exactly a half a cup of flour? These kinds of things perplex me. I figure a recipe is probably very good when using recommended amounts, but to get it really awesome, you can cook by look and smell and make it better. The beets were added to my meatloaf because I had a can of beets sitting in my pantry that I was wanting to get rid of. Third place, you eaters!!!! I figure Mueller is kind of like a dish made based on a recipe but not completely followed. Sure we have rules and regulations and covenants and issues, but it’s the other things that send it over the top. People are just different here. Where else can you make two posts on a message board about a meatloaf cookoff and get 11 huge loaves to show up, and even more people to attend to eat it. Even better, I only plan a few events a year. Many other Muellericans are stepping up and doing very cool things too where I just get to be an attendee and not have to do anything. Keep it up guys. I’m digging the food and ambiance. Lastly, I continue with my guerrilla themed underground . I hope you like it. And don’t forget to hire for your next event, holiday rates are very reasonable. It would be stupid to be over charged by a Paris Hilton type celebrity.
Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
posted by Ashley on November 3rd, 2009 9:12 AM
I agree with Mrs. Aaron. There is no need for any additional regulations -the city ordinance should suffice. I appreciate all the thought that went into the proposal, but my fear is that it is complicated to implement. The streets are public property, while I think people should be 'neighborly' and considerate in their parking, we should also remember that people do not own the street in front of their house, it is public. We should have the same rules as any other Central Austin neighborhood, which is the City of Austin ordinance.
Rejected prospective homeowner asks why??
posted by hectoranddebbie on October 19th, 2009 7:36 AM
Me, too. No offense intended or taken (I put a smiley face at the end of my comment so all would know I am just kidding around.) While we don't have any burnt orange (sorry - nothing against UT, but I just don't like the color!) we do have a tie-dyed "Keep Austin Weird" I am pretty fond of. Of course, we do holidays, too. I will contact Jennifer about Mrs. Aaron's suggestion for Greg Weaver. I think everyone deserves a chance, and if this dog is a certified therapy dog, there needs to be an exception made.
space shuttle/space station flyover tues 8:13pm
posted by Matthew on September 8th, 2009 8:11 PM
I heard it was cloudy at Mueller, but I happened to be north of Georgetown and I just saw them fly over. Awesome! Those things really were moving. Thanks Mrs Aaron for the tip!
Web pick of the week, Publisher's Weekly--Update: 3 Million listeners on Coast to Coast a few days ago
posted by fargo on June 14th, 2009 10:13 PM
Political views aside (though I definitely err on the side of science rather than conspiracy theory), I agree with lasp4448 that this is no place for a spouting of socio-political musings. Start your own group and spout away. I'm all for free speech, but this seems to have crossed the line into the category of "spam." And, I'm w/ Mrs Aaron, no need to be so rude. Especially if one is dishing it out in such quantities. One must be able to take it as well.
Keys Found at Garden Court Wed. evening
posted by gregg on February 19th, 2009 9:58 AM
The keys were recovered to their owner last night, thanks to avid reader/poster Mrs. Aaron.
Aaron moved to Mueller pt 10
posted by aaron on December 16th, 2008 3:51 PM
So it’s only been a few months since my last post. I figure it’s time for another one. I have a lot of catching up to do. We’ve had Halloween, an election, Thanksgiving, and my latest two “happenings”. Let’s start with Halloween. As most of my loyal readers know, I was extremely excited to see Mueller during Halloween. I wasn’t able to make my carrot costume, so I used my old duck costume (I own rather then rent Halloween costumes). I did learn how to sew and made an astronaut costume (complete with ) for genetic carrier #1 and a penguin costume for genetic carrier #2. I had heard from a new neighbor who moved from French Place that they would go through 8 bags of candy on Halloween, so I stocked the house with 10 bags in anticipation of a rather busy evening. I also armed the GC’s with pillow cases (and one for myself) because a small plastic pumpkin wasn’t going to hold the loot I anticipated on getting. See, Mueller, if you don’t know by now, in accordance to the New Urbanism theory has its houses a mere 7 feet from each other. Even with a two year old in tow, were able to hit an extreme number of houses. GC #2’s timer went off around the third block and we headed home, but in that space we nearly filled a pillow case with our candy combined. I was even given a special “Daddy’s only candy” that was about 12 ounces and fit my beer coozie (because it was beer). There were a lot of non-Muellerians who showed up and were impressed. I expect the word to get out next year. We did not have any candy left from the 10 bags. Crazy. Oh, and it that when the porch lights are off and it is past 9 pm, that we are not going to give out any more candy despite how many times you ring the door bell. In November, I brought out the movie screen on two occasions. First up, was the election night results impromptu party. Even though I voted for Obama, I had to root on McCain because Mueller was leaning heavily to Obama and I felt bad for McCain because no one was rooting for him. By the way, if you haven’t heard by now. I would say we had about 75 people just walk up with some sort of beverage and food. Good fun was had by all and it was hilarious to flip between FOX News and MSNBC when the election was called for Obama. I also showed the college football beat down that happened on Thanksgiving, although the crowd was extremely smaller. I guess everyone was either at the game or with family so I won’t be showing the game next year outside. And now for my two “Happenings”. The first big news is that I started Grad School. I am officially a husky at , trying to get my MBA degree. It’s all online so I don’t have to travel to Boston for my classes. I haven’t been in college in over 15 years and for some reason my grades are way higher than the last time I went. Maybe my balding pate has something to do with it. I should finish in a couple of years, just right when Obama has the country headed in the right direction for me to get a raise. My first class is an HR class. I’m learning a lot about dysfunctional conflict and other organizational matters. Secondly, yesterday, I won a spot in the for a chance at a million dollars, of all things, playing fantasy football. Mrs. Aaron is steaming because she wants to be angry at me for spending money on fantasy football and me having to go to Vegas this weekend, but can’t because I could bring home a lot of money. I am sitting in 9th place right now and need a minor miracle to win this thing, but stranger things have happened, maybe like getting the second pick in some sort of housing lottery for a really nice garden court Muskin house. I was told that the organizers of the contest are trying to get me local sports radio interviews or something, but heck, I’m getting a free trip to Vegas and I have the chance to bring a little loot home (if I stay away from the craps table). Can you imagine the amount of Mueller High Lifes I could buy with a government regulated million dollars? Maybe I could rent the Hanger (which is totally useless without a $300 permit) for a super cool International Aaron day party. Lastly, some Mueller notes from the past couple of months. A lot of people are still slowing down and ogling the garden court. I think it’s still the best house you can buy in Mueller. Surprisingly, there are garden court houses left for sale in phase two. I would have thought that those would have been snatched up by now. I guess the housing market has hit Austin too. The will be in Mueller next spring and the million dollar houses in front of lake pond are spectacular. I think I saw a guy looking to buy one though. It will be real exciting when they are all done and a parade comes through. I’m going to sell lemonade with the genetic carriers and pass on my new business education knowledge. I still keep meeting new Muelleropians and it never gets old. Even in this downturn market, Mueller is growing at a very rapid pace. It’s at the point where I don’t even recognize half the people now. Halloween is so going to rock next year, and by the time the genetic carriers are 10ish, we are going to have excess amount of candy. Again, sorry about the massive delay between posts, but school and fantasy football always come before blogging and after kids.
Day Laborers - PIAC Would like your input
posted by Kevin Ludlow on October 30th, 2008 10:45 AM
Okay. So that's a fair position. I'm not sure I agree entirely, but it's a position I can work with nonetheless.So on that topic then, how would you suggest one go about not tolerating the situation? I mean, I hope you'd agree that you can't just kick people out of a space because you don't like them. You might argue the space is private, but a) I'm not sure it entirely is and b) there is definitely public space around as well.Something else to consider: Even if you could kick people out, what about the public perception of Mueller? Mueller is being toted as a diverse community supporting all socioeconomic classes of life (via affordable packages, etc) and above all else is supposed to be urban - not like a closed off Texas suburban neighborhood.So even if it were legal, would it be fair to pass an ordinance banning people from looking for work in an area that's being partially funded by public tax dollars?I think that's a pretty reasonable approach to the matter. I'm not sure how financially practical it is, but I'll run with it. =]
Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 9
posted by aaron on October 17th, 2008 4:15 PM
I’m . No, I’m not growing a third eye or a way to taste toxins safely, but in a way, my life is evolving. I used to commute an hour and a half each way, vote only in the presidential election and eat fast food daily, now I’m 10 pounds lighter, I actually understand both sides of upcoming propositions and can still use my liver to detox adult beverages. Yep, that’s right; I’m 95% the man I used to be when I moved to Mueller last March. I can officially blame moving for doing this to me. I’m sure there are out there that think an intelligent being thought I was too pudgy and that it would be beneficial to the Muelleropians that I become a tad lighter and have less gravitational pull towards my fellow residents. However, I think with the new pool over the summer and amount of outdoor activities that are available to me, I have dropped some unnecessary weight via motion. Fortunately for me, and since I have a few more pounds to go before Mrs. Aaron finds me irresistibly attractive, there are more outdoor events for me to bike to. is putting on some movies at the pond (which is a total rip-off from the Garden Court movies) and some nature events, plus there is going to be a community sponsored Halloween fest coming up. I’m really looking forward to the bouncy house. I am really getting excited with Halloween fast approaching. One of my happy thoughts when I was trying to get a Mueller home from the lottery process was Halloween at Mueller. In past years, in my old suburbia neighborhoods, Halloween was somewhat disappointing. The candy selections were poor (too many candy corns instead of ), the houses were too far away from each other, and the neighborhood kids were almost non-existent. At Mueller with the regular houses just 7 feet apart and the row houses, well, in rows, I’m making sure genetic carrier #1 and #2 are taking pillow cases rather than those little plastic purses (yea!, Alliteration!) for the proper parent tax on candy that would make blush. I’m not sure how much candy to get though. I’m pretty certain that our new neighborhood will be the target of many children overloaded van drop-offs from nearby east Austin areas. Some new Muellerians who are moving from nearby French Place have stated that they’ve needed over 12 bags of candy. That’s an obscene (or should I say obese) amount of candy for kids. I’m thinking of spiking the candy influx with carrots or oatmeal packs. Maybe I’ll play favorites. If I recognize the kid, Twix bar!, if the kid is unknown and rude then, candy corn. If the kid is a vampire, then a wooden spike to heart! Well, that might be a little mean to a kid even though he/she is a vampire, maybe a face rub of chopped garlic then. Vampires scare me. Some more good news on the Aaron is the Mueller mascot front. The very wise and noble editors of have decided to take photos of our house and our family along with a few others. I am certain that to sell more magazines, using our family on the cover is the correct choice. I was told that our edition will come out in mid-2009. It will give us something to look forward to next year when the summer heat is starting to bear down on us again. I was surprised to find out that our houses could be considered cottages, but the editor told us that they consider houses under 3000 sq. ft to be liberally added to the cottage listing. Eh, whatever gets me in a magazine, I’m okay with. What I’m also fully okay with is having the coming this weekend to Austin. I know this isn’t about Mueller, but anytime you have robot geeks with cool ideas and senses of humor, then you’ve got me hooked. For those not in the know, Maker Faire is like if a robot scientist and an artist had a love baby. That love baby would be Maker Faire. Adults get in for $25 and kids get in for $10 and that’s where you are going to find me this Saturday early evening. I’m definitively going to check out the Tron table. Lastly, I want to touch on Prop 2. Personally, I am going to vote against Prop 2. Not because it may affect Mueller’s infrastructure funding, but that this Prop is nothing more than a way for lawyers to make money. Mueller is going to get their money eventually even though Prop 2 is poorly written. What will happen is that lawyers will be needed to pursue this money. What may be immediate will take a couple of years. And while I think it is dumb to give money to fancy pants chains in the Domain, I am pretty certain that they are not going to sit idly by and watch promised money go the way of the local business vote. I’m also pretty sure they will pursue (emphasis on sue) this money as well. I just wished our neighborhood association would have voted to abstain from picking a side. Well next time I should have a Halloween recap. If you see a 190 pound carrot with a penguin and an astronaut in tow, please stop and say “Hello”.
Re: 10K Crazy Indeed ...
posted by aaron on September 30th, 2008 4:43 PM
Mrs Aaron forgot to mention the huge yard that I don't have to mow, but only share with my fellow GC'ers. Speaking of which, anyone up for a movie in the court this saturday?
Re: cityCore Release Nearing
posted by gregg on August 5th, 2008 8:51 AM
To borrow from , perhaps we should call it ?
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 7:59 PM
I could just as easily tell you folks to stop posting to austinbloggers if you can't accept constructive feedback on Mueller. Why should it be a one-way street?From a rational perspective, you obviously can't ask somebody to simply give actual advice on how to fix something which you firmly believe isn't broken in any meaningful way. So, the first step for somebody who DOES think it's broken is to explain exactly how and why it's broken. Which I've done, in non-emotional detail, and been mercilessly and personally attacked for it. You want details on how to fix it? First, you have to agree that it's a problem, or show that it isn't; but nobody's agreed OR refuted - you've been too busy attacking.But you want some actual advice? Here's some: Start calling city council members and ask what proof there is that the Town Center will ever be built (say, if the current economic difficulties further impact the homebuilders/master planners). Demand that the decisions to build only a trivial amount of VMU closer to the single-family homes be reversed now that gas is 4 bucks a gallon. There's two simple ones for you, without even going into my wheelhouse (Cap Metro).
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 7:49 PM
"I'm sorry, but you deserved it" isn't an apology. I wouldn't accept that from my kid, and I bet you wouldn't from yours.Even if I HAD said "your house is ugly", and I didn't, it's still not a personal attack; just like how it's not a personal attack when Aaron makes light of $300/square-foot homes in my neighborhood, for instance. You can call my neighborhood ugly if you want - it's not a personal attack. You can call my house obnoxious; you can insult my landscaping. Go right ahead. Still not personal attacks.And no, calling your homes "tract homes" is not an insult - it's a factual statement grounded in reality, backed up by a definition I provided you. .Personal attacks are directed at a person. There's a big difference. I have never, not even once, attacked any of you personally - not even at times when part of me felt some may have deserved it. The only thing I've asked is that you be realistic about what Mueller is, especially what it is right now, so people aren't misinformed about what new urbanism is - because this is something that I view as so critically important to our future that it can't risk any negative PR.
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 5:42 PM
[quote=mrs aaron]I personally liked this comment:What you're talking about there is the difference between "how often would I walk from our condo in Clarksville to the stuff around Whole Foods at 6th/Lamar" (a mile or so) and "how often did I walk to the Fresh Plus on West Lynn" (a block; but could have been a few blocks and still been good enough). Basically, a novelty walk - a once in a while deal where the walk is as much the point as the destination is - can be a mile or more long. Frequent errands? Nope; and no, people in countries not built around the automobile most definitely do NOT regularly walk that far to get to all those things. Unless you mean people in non-first-world countries.(We are 3/4 of a mile away from three major grocery stores at our house now - and that's really too far to walk for groceries, by the way; this is a case where I overestimated how long that walk could be and still be feasible on a frequent basis. We do it once in a very long while, but 99.99% of the time we drive - and this is from a guy who didn't drive to the grocery store for 7 years at one point and very much wanted to continue walking on those trips. Likewise for an impulse trip to a restaurant - we don't do it anywhere near as much as I had thought or hoped we would despite being closer to Guadalupe than many of those houses will be to your Town Center, if it ever gets built).
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 5:37 PM
If I had ever said "your house is ugly", and I have not, it would still pale in comparison next to:And, of course, the implication that I'm a liar - still not retracted by anyone here (nor was Aaron's claim that those were my words on the statesman forum). Nice show, folks. Sensitive!
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 10:47 AM
I've already told you I was involved at the very beginning in my role on a city commission with Mueller (transportation-focused at the time). But people underestimate how much benefit (or how much damage) is done by the conversations of the folks on the street about this kind of thing. People get one incorrect first image of "new urbanism" and they're lost, forever.As for personal, again, don't invite comment and then get pissed when people comment in ways you don't like. You guys may think I sound like a know-it-all (and I do know a lot about this stuff, by the way), but it's nothing compared to the crap you've been dishing out at me, personally, in ways I never, ever, ever did to you. At some point you'll realize this, and I hope you'll be adult enough to apologize.
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 6.
posted by M1EK on July 22nd, 2008 9:58 AM
[quote=mrs aaron]I believe I made this clear before, but apparently I was too subtle.When you guys invite people to check you out as a new urbanist community (which is what Aaron's basically doing by posting to, isn't it?), and all you have are a bunch of tract homes around a very nice new park, and a big suburban strip mall, . This is something I because I think the only way we're going to survive as a sustainable society is to go urban, quick, and in a big way. If people's first experience with "urban" is what Mueller looks like now, many of them are going to say "oh, that's it? never mind".I hope you're all very proud of the personal attacks in this forum. Note none of them came from me. Perhaps many of you ought to rethink your assumptions.
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 5.
posted by aaron on July 9th, 2008 4:04 PM
I'm serious about precious few things. Buffets, sports, madcap hilarity, etc. I'm pretty much Mrs. Aaron's dream husband. As for the big debate, I think people like M1EK are excellent bystanders for our developing community. Voices that may be extreme are only going to galvanize us to work together and give a collective "by golly (or insert your own explictive), we're going to make this work". I've always said M1EK has good points more than not, he just seems to be more direct in his wording than say a politician might be. I feel however, that this is one of those times he's more on the not side. The I-35 corridor is a magnet for big box retailers. (as evidenced by how many addresses Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc, have on I-35). As someone mentioned before, the town center and smaller shops would need more residents moved in before getting a viable foothold, which I would agree would be a good thing. The apartments are coming, the Mueller houses are being prepared, the Row houses are being moved in, and the live to work places are supposed to be in Phase two (I beleive, I could be wrong).
Re: The Gap Redux
posted by Murmur on July 3rd, 2008 12:51 PM
Are we really going to get into this? A row home owner could just as easily ask why a yard home owner wants to stare at a fence immediately outside their windows all the time.Weekley's Row homes are cheaper per square foot than the Yard Homes, often by quite a bit. A Mansfield yard home costs $165/sf. A Waterloo row home with more square footage costs $146/sf.You get the same standard features, the same small back yard, and more square footage for your money. The walls are divided by two layers of insulation and a very thick fiberglass barrier (which, incidentally, is different from the one used on the affordable row home). For some people this is a great package. Your mileage may vary.
Re: Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 4.
posted by mrs aaron on June 4th, 2008 2:28 PM
back to the original post* and dahmus' dance in the end zone...the POA has a task force with 2 Mueller residents and Rick K, a Mueller Commission member. the POA held a very well attended and vocal feedback session about the rules/covenents a while back. the Mueller Neighborhood Association is electing a steering commitee this month. we have had two block parties and this board is an active dialogue of our hopes and concerns. ...hardly a gloom and doom situation. we as pioneers are working hard to make this neighborhood what was envisioned by those who worked hard to plan it. it may not turn out exactly as planned, but i gotta say, it will never suck!mrs aaron (kim)*my dear husband writes these blogs to be funny
Re: Parking revisited
posted by icemonkeyharvest on June 2nd, 2008 9:00 AM
I like your idea of re-addressing the GC with Littlefield St. address.
Re: Part of the spore?
posted by jill on May 29th, 2008 10:59 AM
A lot! I wish it would rotate.
Re: Yard Mowing
posted by MaryOnCamacho on April 14th, 2008 6:34 PM
I'm gonna be a fly in the ointment here and ask if anyone would be interested in getting together to pay someone to mow all Garden Court yards at once vs. taking advantage of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron's kind offer of the mower. I chose a Garden Court home with high hopes of never mowing a yard ever again (even a teeny tiny one like those we have). I could get someone on my own to do just mine of course, but it seems like it would be a good deal to pool our resources if anyone else is interested. What say you all?
Re: Yard Mowing
posted by Duck_Garcia on April 9th, 2008 3:45 PM
mrs aaron, is your reel mower still available for use?
Robby (and Stacy) in the GC
posted by robby on March 29th, 2008 3:55 PM
Hi all,We just closed on Friday and are moving in over the next week. Our house is conveniently right next door to Aaron and Mrs. Aaron. I've probably met a few of you, but I look forward to meeting you again, and remembering your names this time!Stacy will be joining me in the GC after we get hitched in July. She and I are very excited about our first new house together.Later,Robby
Re: next?
posted by Shane on March 15th, 2008 12:09 PM
You know you've got OCHD bad when....Kim (mrsaaron) and I were complaining that we couldn't figure out a way to hook up a web cam on our houses to monitor the progress during those lags between the 2 or 3 daily visits. We ended up staggering our schedules and emailing each other with updates, so pathetic. At least now we're only a week or so away from discussing our neuroses from our front porches...YAY move in dates!!
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 19
posted by aaron on March 7th, 2008 2:15 PM
I completely have writers block. Its been three weeks since my last post. Ive been trying to come up with the first rate writings that you all have come to expect, but alas, none have met my mental muster ( I havent come up with a good analogy between my Mueller experience and the four stages of ; Stoner Bud in high school, Nerd in college, Navy for pre-medical school and then after faking his death, ER doctor). Therefore, I think I should just post on whats going on with the house and in the garden court. Lets start with whats happened to the house since three weeks ago. We got a very nice wooden front door with a nice big window to view out of (or in) and a little shelf. I dont think we can put things on the shelf since the front door will be in motion, but Im sure there will be a spider or wasp that would think it would make a nice home one day. The toilets have been installed and broken in since the water now works in the house. In fact, they turned on the power so I can now visit the house at night without having to use my cell phone as a flashlight. The sinks and shower nozzles are installed as well. Aaronland is now finished out, but the light that I want to use in there is so old that it doesnt meet code since it doesnt have a ground wire, so Ill have to install it myself. No problem there. I now have my first house project. The gutters were installed and they work. I dont know how Im going to get the leaves out in 20 years when my tree grows tall enough. Maybe by then, someone will invent a gutter roomba or something. I also saw the touch sensitive thermostat, that Im told will be programmable via the internet, which will be fantastic when Im at work so I can pop the heat on when Mrs. Aaron is at home during the summer school break. <Computer Geeks Only>Actually, I think I might be able to program a routine that will hit a weather web service and then automatically set the thermostat based on parameters that I set. </Computer Geeks Only> really, the only things missing right now are the cork floor upstairs, the landscaping and the punch list. They havent done the flooring since they are waiting for the painters to come back and touch up all the places that some worker put a ladder through or where the night time elves left cobbler marks. The first Muskin home sells next week and then every four or five days another one will sell. Well be the fourth one sold. Were still scheduled to close the morning of the 21st. I have no idea when the Saldana side starts to move in, but Im sure they are very close as well. In my rush to get out of the small rental house, Ive scheduled my movers for the afternoon of the 21st. I fully plan on sleeping in my new house that night. I figure, Ive waited over 2 years to get into my house and have spent most of my savings, that by golly, Im going to sleep in till 7am that morning and then make some pancakes and eat them in my robe on the front porch. I hope my plan works out. Neighbors, please shield your eyes. Since the actual garden court is starting to take shape, I think Ill share my thought on initial likes and dislikes. Im largely unimpressed with the work so far. I think the garden court designer had a wonderful template to work with, but has screwed it up so far. Let me start out with that I had seen the original plans of the garden court which were a crushed granite composite trail in an oval that ran about 5 feet from each houses entrance with an entrance to each end of the garden court to the main sidewalk. The switch to concrete sidewalks really didnt faze me too much as it will be nice to have sidewalk chalk drawings, the ability to ride bikes, and remote control car races even though the composite trail looks a lot better, but they laid out the sidewalk deep in the center of the garden court in a meandering way. The end result is that the garden court has largely been cut in half by this intersecting sidewalk. Add in the metal grates for the drains instead of using French drains and the openness that we signed up for now isnt so open. I really hope my first fears about the side stone walls are nullified at some point, but the side stone walls look like they are about a foot high. Im still trying to find out whos in charge of the project, but Catellus says the builder and the builder says Catellus. Another thing about the garden court is the address assignments. My next door neighbor has a completely different street even though we are three feet apart and neither of us has the street that dead ends into the garden court (Littlefield, which would be perfect for a small garden court area)In two weeks time, Ill be moved in. We grabbed some recycled moving boxes the other day and will spend next week packing plates and what not. Im sure the bubble wrap will be a big hit with the offspring and I need to remember to not pack the fish, but I think it should go pretty smooth. Then Ill be an official Muellerican, or a Muellerite, or even maybe a Muelleropiliousian. Well, not my best blog work, but they all cant be great. Next time, I break my writers block and come up with some beyond fantastic.
Re: Friday Mueller Meal
posted by bgierisch15 on February 28th, 2008 9:36 PM
Has anybody noticed that langhugh and mrs aaron both have 99 posts. Can this really be a coincidence?Bobby G.
posted by icemonkeyharvest on February 21st, 2008 2:21 PM
Yes, but I keep mine under the bed in a shoe box.
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 17
posted by aaron on February 5th, 2008 2:30 PM
My brothers girlfriends best friends husband has box tickets and my brother got them to see the Manchester United game verse Manchester City this weekend. He invited me along, so I played the trip of a lifetime card with Mrs. Aaron and she agreed that I should go represent Mueller at this game in England. I promise not to tangle in any hooliganism. I once had box seats at a minor league hockey game in Iowa, so Im guessing Ill have a blast with one at one of Englands . My English to American dictionary must be in storage somewhere so I hope I can get around over there. I just got to remember that if someone says that I have to catch the lift to the loo, they are not hitting on me. For the next week, I will not set foot on the Mueller grounds, which will be a first for me since we picked out our lot back in June. A whole week without neurotically checking out the progress of my house and Mueller might leave me with the shakes, but I guess a bout with cold turkey will overall be good for my general health. Its creepy how much Im going over to the new pad. The good news is Im seeing my future Muskin garden court neighbors there almost as much as myself, so Ill have a support group of over-obsessives to hang out with. Im also certain that Ill get updates about the house from the better half, who Im also certain will not forget how I get to go to England and she gets to stay at home with the prodigy. Im certain that when I move there in a few months, that Ill get absolutely nothing done, since Ill be hanging out and talking to everyone. I think the garden court is going to be an epicenter of social activity and that puts my red barn house right in the middle. They were supposed to start clearing the garden court for landscaping two weeks ago, but that has fallen by the wayside. Im told that the sidewalks will start this week and those four ugly dumpsters will finally be removed so the other builders will have to find somewhere else to dump their trash. It will be nice to have the garden court somewhat gardeny instead of dumpy. I went over by the new pool and it seems not only do they have a wooden roof on the cabanas, but the pool actually has a basin now. Looks like the baby pool starts off at three inches and then rapidly get to a few feet. The main pool maxes out at 8 and a half feet, so Im gathering that there will be no high dive. It also seems like the main pool jumps from 4 feet to 8 very fast. The cabanas look nice and are easy on the eyes. The pool is so close that I probably wont dry off in August walking back to my house. And to think, Ill never have to clean the pool even though its so close. Yea, POA! This past week on the house saw our air conditioner unit arrive. Im glad that our house will have a/c because summer times get hot here in central Texas. They started doing our tiles and counter tops. There was a mix-up for the bar above the kitchen sink area. We wanted more enviroglass, but the builder was thinking wood for some reason. Were going to get it switched out because the enviroglass counter tops look fantastic. The backsplash tiles at first looked odd to me, but they have grown on me. We got some bluey-greeny-grayey glass icey looking tiles that are mixed around for a backsplash. The upstairs bathroom counters started getting tiled as well as the showers. They forgot to put in a soap shelf in the master bath, but they are going to fix it. Unfortunately, the double shower has been removed since it would have required a door and we were not going to buy a door, but bummer he didnt hear about my shower curtain idea. Small things like light switches and plugs showed up. The light switches are a little bit higher than we wanted but we didnt think about it until we saw genetic carrier number 1 strain to turn them on and off. It sounds like the week Im missing will have a virtual algal bloom of activity. Our appliances will be installed. (We found out that our stove has attachments that we can get like an on top griddle and a food dehydrator.) The is supposedly coming so that they can put in the toilets this week as well. The toilets will have two buttons, there will be a number 1 button that has less water flow than the number 2 button, which is good for the environment since Ill be using less water to flush during porch beer drinking sessions. Im also told that the lighting and ceiling fans will show up. They should also finish up the tiles and add sinks and faucets. It sounds like we wont have much left to do on the house other than the cork floor and the touch-ups. It also sounds like Ill be completely surprised when I return next week and see all the changes. I think it would be almost like discovering a late starring John Cusak and Tim Robbins in their prime that was really funny and hasnt been exposed every day on extended cable. Im still hoping that our close date will be around March 15th. The first Muskin house will close on the 10th so I think we are in the ballpark. As of this writing that gets us around 39-40 days until our dream of moving to Mueller ceases to exist and becomes a reality. I heard that the Saldana side of the garden court is going to be held up until they all can move at once at the end of March/beginning of April. I think Saldana wants to make it a big deal, but Im afraid that having six houses move at once will be a parking/moving nightmare. For those not in the know, were renting just down the street from Mueller. Last week, I took the bus to my office because the van had a wheel issue (broken bolt). What normally is a fifteen minute ride down airport rd. to Burleson rd, turned into an hour and a half because I had to go downtown first to make my connection. Ill have to explore a different route and maybe take my bike to shave off at least an hour. Still nice to know I can take the bus if emergencies prop up. Next time, Ill re-discover my house. I hope I recognize it.
posted by aaron on January 28th, 2008 4:17 PM
Due to my overall sickness, mrs. aaron will not be at Clementine tonight.
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 16
posted by aaron on January 25th, 2008 3:07 PM
I carry around a 190 average on the lanes. So imagine my disdain when I was required to attend a school board meeting instead of my one night a week to go bowling because some school board members in their infinite wisdom decided to remove the future Mueller elementary from the future bond. If the school was on the bond it would be completed around 2012, just as the last available space of the last portable is taken in the surrounding neighbor hood elementary schools. However, fortunately for us, the board members think it is a great idea to throw 70 million dollars into computers for students. Lets see, do I want a school to tame a neighborhood with an expected 10,000 future residents or do I want 70 million dollars of computers that will go obsolete one day. Its not like all these students need a computer to handle a CAD program or a need to save huge music files. My present company has a program that gives schools its computers when they hit four years old. Im not against having upgraded technology for the children. What I am against is throwing money at a problem. There are roughly students in AISD. This breaks down to $853 per student out of the 70 million. I could buy every student a brand new laptop computer around $450, thus saving nearly $400 per student or about 33 million dollars give or take a few hundred thousand dollars. For 33 million, Im willing to bet that I could build the Mueller elementary as well as the PAC that the district needs. Sounds like some school board members are going to get invited to some tech companys retreat. I really need to get a lobby gig. I would have talked at the board meeting, but I was hot around the collar because of my lack of bowling. No telling if my four letter tirade would of made a difference. One of the board members read a catalog during the whole meeting completely ambivalent to all the folks who had to find babysitters and skip dinner. Besides, Mrs. Aaron is heading the Mueller school bond email/letter campaign and is doing a fantastic job leading the charge. She even made before I did. I also want to bring up the PAC (performing arts center). After attending the school board meeting and seeing the pictures of McCallum (home to the liberal arts magnet school), I was embarrassed at the condition these students have to work and study in. A late and generous proposal by Dick Ratheberger put out the seed of buying land for the PAC in Mueller in the Ratheberger village. Unfortunately, the Statesman probably put an intern on the story and set up Jim Walker to look like a local stooge trying to block the offer. I know Mr. Ratheberger is probably thinking how hard it is to give away free money, but looking further into the option one would realize that Ratheberger Village is not set up to handle the car load of a 220 day a year 1200 seat facility. Add in the fact that besides the donation, the city still has to come up with another 20 million. I think maybe, just maybe, that McCallum deserves the PAC a lot more than the Mueller development. I also applaud Catellus on handling the situation. The day the story broke in the Stateman, Catellus sent out an email reassuring us that no fly by night plans would come to fruition until it went through a process aligned within Mueller guidelines. I know Catellus is a corporate entity out to make money, but I dont feel bad about nesting under its wing. Our house is coming along despite the cold and the wet. The garden court still hasnt been started due to the weather, but our forms for the driveway are up and awaiting cement. Our house also got painted on the inside. Its funny, because Mrs. Aaron decided to paint the inside white because it would cost $300 per color after the initial color or two and she wants to do many colors, so this summer during her school break, she paint over the white. I could hardly tell that the walls were painted because every shade of white looks the same to me, but thats probably why I have a 3% say in decorations. The tile and the countertops are going to be coming this week. Im really excited to see this, because I think the tile we are getting is going to look awesome. I was excited to see an email last week from my builder telling me to start looking into locking a rate because we were within 60 days of moving in. Unfortunately, I've only made 9 sales on so I started contacting lenders and ended up using the guy who pre-qualified me. I talked to him last Friday before I went to for the extended weekend and he said he was getting a rate of 5.75 with no origination fee on a 30 year. On Tuesday, he called me while I was at the airport with the news that the fed did a surprise three quarter drop which knocked the rate to 5.5% with no origination fee. I told him over the phone that I would call the next day to see what was going on and then probably lock. By the time I called him, the rates stayed the same, but the origination fee went from 0 to .5. During the phone call the origination fee increased another quarter so I locked on the spot. I got a 5.5% with .75 origination fee. The next day the rate increased to 5.675%. Im expecting it to go up the next couple of weeks to a month so I think I got darn near close to the valley. Well, the countdown begins. Im going to set March 15th as my close date and then mentally move my countdown when the real close date gets set. Im soooooooo ready to move into my new abode. Next time, I promise to dive into the 10 verses 7 thing I was going to do this time, but got sidetracked by this school thingy. I hope I dont get left behind.
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