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another upcoming Clifton event
posted by kim wine on March 5th, 2014 8:54 PM
I know we have a neighborhood garage sale coming up, but if you aren't in the mood for haggling with early-birds, consider this: Clifton Career Development School’s Child Care program is having a yard sale. We would appreciate your donations of infant and children’s clothing, books and toys, in good condition. We will sell these items and use the profits to pay for a trip to the Thinkery, Austin’s new children’s museum. Donations will be collected by our students or at Clifton from Monday, March 17 until Friday, April 11, 2014. Our sale will be held at Clifton from 10am to noon, and 1pm to 3pm on Friday, April 18. Please come and support our program! Clifton Career Development School 1519 Coronado Hills Drive Austin, 78752 Kim Wine, Teacher 512-841-3376
what are the Residential Modification Guidelines?
posted by mrs aaron on January 8th, 2013 8:48 PM
All I can find is that we have to have the committee approve our plans, but it is very difficult to make plans without knowing what is forbidden. Does anyone know what the % of pervious cover must be maintained, and do wood decks count as pervious? Why is this information not available? Or is it and I just haven't found it? Thanks! Kim Wine
We need your help to send AISD a message!
posted by mrs aaron on September 24th, 2012 9:11 PM
Alrighty everyone! I have been slacking on my nagging job, but we really need those handwritten letters to the Trustees of the AISD School Board. I had hoped to turn them in tonight, but we don't have the quantity needed to make an impression. Please take 5 minutes to write your letter and another 5 minutes to drop it off at 4116 Scales, the red house in the Garden Court between Scales and Camacho and McCloskey and Zach Scott. The letter's salutation should be to the Trustees. See below for further guidance. If you know me, you know I will keep badgering you to do this. [:wink:]The Mueller neighborhood hopes to send a simple message to the Austin Independent School District. The message: “Mueller families proudly attend AISD schools in large numbers.” AISD seems confused. At a recent meeting regarding Austin’s next school-building bond, an AISD staffer suggested that Mueller’s students were all attending private school. This statement was generally regarded as fact, and several heads around the room nodded in agreement. There is a major misconception that our neighborhood is detached from our neighborhood public schools. This could not be further from the truth. The civic nature of our parents extends deeply into AISD schools, and we hope a letter-writing campaign restores this truth.Our hope is that you would hand-write a short letter telling your family’s story. After signing your letter, simply return it to Kim Wine’s porch at 4116 Scales (red house in the Garden Court near the corner of Littlefield and Camacho). We’ll take care of making copies and hand-delivering them to AISD’s central office and the Board of Trustees. Here are a few ideas that you may wish to include in your letter.• Please consider telling your personal story on why you are proud to send your children to an AISD school.• According to a recent poll of parents in Mueller, 78% of school-aged children are attending AISD public schools, 9% are attending charter schools, 9% are attending private schools, and 4% are homeschooling. AISD schools attended include Maplewood Elementary, Ridgetop Elementary, Lee Elementary Kealing Middle School, Fulmore Middle School, McCallum High School, and LASA. Future phases of our neighborhood will track to Blanton Elementary, Pearce Middle School, and Reagan High School.• Mueller parents participate heavily in AISD Campus Advisory Councils and hold several leadership positions in local Parent Teacher Associations. • Mueller parents have been deeply involved in volunteerism within AISD schools. This includes: o Serving as mentors and classroom coaches in many east Austin AISD schools with Austin Partners in Education, Communities in Schools, and the Seedling Foundationo Starting a food pantry at Maplewood Elementary o Tending to school gardens at Maplewood and Ridgetopo Writing grant applications that earned AISD significant statewide recognition.• Mueller neighbors rallied around Maplewood Elementary to earn $5,000 from Kleenex and $500 from Target in high-profile national Facebook contests. In both cases, Maplewood was the highest ranked school in Austin. Thanks again for telling your story,Kim Wine and Dusty Harshman
Meet your AISD Trustee, at the MEAT mtg..Tues. Sept. 4
posted by kim wine on August 23rd, 2012 5:59 PM
Neighborhood conversation with AISD Trustee Brister, regarding single-sex schools"sponsored by the Mueller Education Action Team, a subcommittee of the MNA"Date: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pmLocation: Ronald McDonald HouseEvent Type: This is a Community EventCommunity: Mueller CommunityHosted By: kim wineCity/Town: Austin, TX 78723Description: Come learn more about the single-sex schools proposed in Northeast Austin. Send your questions in advance to"> RSVP: click link This meeting will begin and end promptly, in respect for the families residing at the Ronald McDonald House.
Emergency Freezer Help
posted by langhugh on July 20th, 2011 10:35 AM
Thank you kim wine, Threadgill Gal, and roberts_bj for your help this morning, and thank everyone else for their generous offers. $400 of groceries saved. What a terrific neighborhood!
A few free kids items - new in packages
posted by kim wine on June 26th, 2011 5:06 PM
I would take an abacus and the robot, if you still have them.Kim Wine
Pearce Middle School - Austin Partners in Education
posted by langhugh on August 29th, 2010 4:39 PM
Friends, After attending the talk last Wednesday by Kathrin Brewer, the executive director of Austin Partners in Education (APiE), I believe the next step in displaying Mueller's support for Pearce Middle School involves forming a Classroom Coaches team at Pearce. APiE was one of the first organizations with a formal program, requested by Dr. Carstarphen, to be implemented at Pearce. Classroom Coaches program described in the link below. You know the Mack Brown bus ads and TV commercials: APiE's Classroom Coaches program is designed for all professionals, as it is just an hour a week committment. The team approach involves 5-8 volunteers entering a classroom, spreading among small groups of 2-4 students, and working through a APiE-specialized curriculum for one hour a week. APiE has metrics from prior year's that reveal about a 5-10% improvement in TAKS for students who have gone through the Classroom Coaches program. While Pearce's program is an 8th grade algebra program, we were promised repeatedly that knowledge of 8th grade algebra was not a prerequisite for volunteering, and that watching the volunteers struggle with the material was just as valuable to the students learning as anything else. The classroom teachers will be present to assist the small groups work through the problems. For those that have been waiting for some structured way to help the kids at Pearce, this is definitely one such opportunity. This will bolster what is already a testament to the work Kim Wine and others have offered to improve learning conditions at the school. So far, sloneycho and I have made the commitment to Pearce's 8th grade Classroom Coaches program for the upcoming year. The program has three time slots on Tuesdays for the upcoming year 8:25, 11:55 and 1:05. We are focusing on the 1:05 as a way to just take a long lunch on Tuesdays Dusty
Whole Family Chiropractic
posted by mrs aaron on June 15th, 2010 10:54 AM
Just wanted to give another endorsement for Dr. Paris. She has been friendly and professional. I have seen others in the past, but she found the root of my problems. Plus, I love the fact that her location is walkable. I see many Muellerites in the waiting room all the time!Kim Wine
MNA Steering Committee minutes - 1 June 2010
posted by Betsy on June 1st, 2010 8:49 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on June 29, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 June 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, Bobby Gierisch, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Timothy Brummett and Rob Clinchard Guests: Ashley Fisher, Chris Stewart Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2341.23 after paying for the recent edition of the Front Porch Flyer. We haven't yet purchased the layout software for the publication. III.Existing Business a. Mueller re-subdivision. In addition to changing the use of a part of the block on Hermalinda, Catellus plans to convert 2 lots for Mueller homes (6 units per lot) on Mattie, between Camacho and Simond, to 4 lots for custom homes. Concerns were discussed about the process used by Catellus to bring the Mattie change to the Planning Commission, as this change in use was apparently never brought to PIAC for discussion. The public hearing with the Planning Commission is set for June 8, at the same time as PIAC's next meeting. The steering committee voted to send a letter to the planning commission stating our objection to PIAC being left out of the process, and requesting a postponement on this item until the proper coordination process can be followed. We have many unanswered questions that deserve open discussion and debate. Motion was made by Kim Wine, seconded by Mike McGovern and passed unanimously. Grant will draft the letter. b. MNA elections will be held at the June 12 general membership meeting. Nominations are still needed for the 13 slots. If you're interested in serving, please email Ann Jerome at c. Pecan Street Project – We still haven't heard who the Pecan Street board selected to serve on the Executive Committee. Grant is waiting for a return call from Brewster McCracken. d. Yard Sale was a great success. Areas for improvement included having it at a cooler time of year, and traffic flow for those setting up their booths. In light of the rainout the first weekend, it was scheduled that some time certain the day prior be established when a final decision will be made on whether to postpone the event. The booths organized by the Lawless block seemed to work well... perhaps next year more blocks will go in together on a booth. IV. Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be June 12. We discussed having coffee & doughnuts as a treat for those who attend. V. Open comments: a. No one has heard of a decision by AISD on where to locate the new performing arts center. b. Meeting on the design of the Austin Energy Substation has been scheduled for June 5 from 10:00 a.m. - noon. This station will be visible from future phases of Mueller, and by traffic on Manor Road. Residents are encouraged to attend. Details are posted under Events on The meeting adjourned about 8:05 p.m.
April 27 Steering Committee meeting minutes
posted by Betsy on May 12th, 2010 8:07 PM
Sorry I'm so late in getting these notes out! Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on June 1, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 27 April 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Rob Clinchard, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Bobby Gierisch SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac Guests: Ashley Fisher Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2662.58 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer, along with paying the renewal on our PO Box. We're also looking into purchase of needed layout software for the Front Porch Flyer. III.Existing Business a.Anthropos Arts – Non-profit led by a friend of a Mueller resident. They work with low-income middle and high school band students to provide music lessons and mentors. The . Volunteers to help move equipment would be much appreciated. See for more information. b.Community Garage Sale is May 15, 8 a.m. - noon, in the Simond median. c.MNA Elections – Elections for the Steering Committee will be held at the June 12 general meeting. An announcement will be made at the May meeting, and posted on It will also be announced in the next Front Porch Flyer. d.Schools – An ice cream social for Pearce staff will be Thursday to show the staff how much they are appreciated. e.Boomer chili cookoff - trophies were purchased with a small grant from MNA. f.Block Captain Survey – General consensus for each street/block having their parties as they wish, without any coordination on the dates. IV. Upcoming Meetings – Ideas were discussed for topics to cover at the May 8 general meeting. V. Open comments: a.Meeting to get input on use of the Hangar will be Thursday, April 29. b.The recent filming activity in the neighborhood was discussed, and how to better inform residents in advance. Generally, it was thought that Catellus should be notified, and then send an e-mail through their resident database. Copying would allow us to post the information on c.Plant Fest follow-up – About $110 was raised through voluntary donations, and another $110 was raised by reselling tree stakes. The Fest was successful, with twice as many exhibitors as last year. Several ideas for improvement were also discussed, based on the level of interest at all the offerings this year (tours, etc.) d.Information about an education survey is posted on Everyone interested in education is encouraged to participate, whether or not you have school-age children. The meeting adjourned about 7:45 p.m.
Pearce Support
posted by mrs aaron on April 14th, 2010 2:37 PM
Time to start planning for either Thurs, May 6, or Fri, May 7 for our after-school (3:30) ice cream social for the Pearce Staff. We will need ice cream, toppings, spoons, scoops, bowls and napkins. And of course anything else you can think of to show our support to the Pearce staff. They will be coming off of the stressful TAKS testing and will need some love. Please post here if you are willing to help! Kim Wine
March 30, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting minutes
posted by Betsy on April 1st, 2010 9:07 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on April 27, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 30 March 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Rob Clinchard, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Dusty Harshman, Bobby Gierisch, Kat Malcom, Timothy Brummett Guests: Ashley Fisher Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2552.58 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer. All MNA grant checks have been cashed. Kerry has tried to set up a PayPal account but the only options seem to be 'business' or 501(c)(3) and neither applies to the MNA. Kerry is going to talk to the Allendale association since they seem to have a PayPal account. III.Existing Business a.Pecan Street Project – Applications to represent Mueller residents on the PSP Executive Team have been screened and the top three applications have been forwarded to the PSP for consideration. Fourteen applications were received. The three finalists forwarded to PSP are Dusty Harshman, Garreth Wilcock and Kathy Sokolic. PSP will conduct interviews and make the final selection. b.Austin Energy Substation – The Austin City Council approved the location on the Morris Williams Golf Course at their meeting on March 24th. c.Egg hunt – Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt at the wedge is looking like fun. There will be a jumpy house and other fun for the little ones. Look online at for more information. d.Garage Sale May 15th– Slots are filling up so contact Kat Malcom if you're interested before they are all gone. e.Plant Fest April 10th – 11am-2pm followed by walking tours. Check online for more info. Volunteers needed to help set up shade covers starting at 9:00 a.m. f.Development update near old Tower – May posted online of the proposed subdivision of Block 59. The developer plans to build about 49 zero lot line homes in the block bounded by Antone, Hermalinda, Berkman and Tom Miller. About 50% of these will be in the affordable program. g.Catellus has a meeting scheduled for April 6 to get input from the community on the Market District. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on April10 will be at the picnic tables next to the community pool (probably on the Pinckney side). Our speaker will be artist Hunter Cross, who will describe a project he's working on for art to be located near the fire station and new EMS building. V. Open comments: a.A small group from the schools task force will meet with Greg Weaver from Catellus, Jim Walker from the RMMA PIAC, and Dee Desjardin to talk about the options for a school at Mueller, in the hopes of all getting on the same page. The meeting adjourned about 7:45 p.m.
General membership meeting minutes: 13 March 2010
posted by Betsy on March 16th, 2010 8:13 PM
– Grants have been paid out. We are still accepting dues ($10/year) that will be used, in part, to fund future grants. Grants funded include the Boomer Chili Cookoff, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween event, Babysitting during the meeting with Dr. Carstarphen, Kids events during Plant Fest, Fourth of July events, and the Stitch and Bitch Blanket raising. on April 10 following the MNA meeting at Ella Wooten Park. About 75 people attended last year despite miserable weather. The event includes 15-20 exhibitors, speakers, prairie tours, plant clinic, kids activities and tours of private gardens. AISD's Clifton Career Development School will be selling plants to benefit their horticulture program. met with Mark Williams, AISD School Board President to strategize regarding a Mueller school. Brainstorming ideas such as a flex school were discussed. His message was that we need to be on the same page as Catellus and surrounding neighborhoods who are active with the issues regarding East Austin schools. That coordination will be stepped up moving forward. Also, the Maplewood principal has resigned due to health reasons and AISD is looking for a replacement. A parent group has been selected to provide input on the qualities they want to see in a principal. There will be a brainstorming opportunity on March 23 and we need Mueller parents involved! Watch ( for more information. -Looks like Catellus has a builder lined up to finance and build the first Mueller Homes. -About 42 yard homes will be built on the vacant land bounded by Antone, Berkman, Tom Miller and Hermalinda. These may be configured in garden court clusters. -Hangar Use – PIAC subcommittee chaired by Corky Hilliard will host a public meeting, probably in April, to discuss options for public use of the hangar. -April 13 meeting will focus on transportation issues such as the results from current traffic studies, the jughandle, etc. The roundabout was discussed with Betsy Hilton, new member of Catellus’ Transportation Committee, reporting that the City is planning to implement some striping and signing changes to improve roundabout operation. There was discussion about the tall grasses that block the view of pedestrians and therefore, pose a safety concern. A motion passed unanimously for MNA to send a letter to Catellus and the POA recommending the removal of visual barriers such as these, and suggesting a few other related improvements. Residents were reminded to call 311 to report all safety concerns. Multiple complaints on the same issue does increase the likelihood of it being addressed more quickly. -During the transportation discussion, Dan noted that in his experience as an EMT, most crashes result from driver distraction (cell phones, etc.) and speed. Betsy will try to work with Dan on a related article for the Front Porch Flyer. – This is our resident-driven community newsletter. We have more additional space this year for content. Please email articles and/or photos to Ashley gave a summary of the effort to date to select a site for a new Austin Energy (AE) substation that will serve Mueller and some surrounding development. Since the substation is largely necessitated by the development at Mueller, the PIAC has supported locating this infrastructure on the Mueller site. However, the Morris Williams Golf Course has proposed a site on their property in exchange for some funds from AE that could be used to refurbish their clubhouse, etc. Since this seems like a win-win for everyone involved, the PIAC has not opposed this potential site. Other sites previously considered and eliminated by AE include near the film studio, near the Central Texas Emergency Communication Center, and along 51st Street but off the Mueller property. City representatives have stated in a public forum that they don’t want the substation sited at Mueller because they won’t collect any tax revenue from the property for the substation. The Pecan Springs neighborhood has some concerns with the golf course location. Their representatives were unable to attend our meeting since their association meets at the same time. They were developing their official position on this issue. Austin City Council will consider this issue and the transfer of funds to the golf course at their March 25 meeting. Jerry reported that the East Austin Sector of the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) has discussed the substation issue. They don’t oppose the siting on the golf course but want to focus on the design process to ensure neighborhood input is considered. Adam Pyrek mentioned that it’s important we have continued involvement throughout the project development process or we can lose our chance to voice concerns at important stages. The MNA unanimously passed a motion by Kim Wine, seconded by Garreth Wilcock and amended by Ashley Fisher, to take the following stand on the substation issue: -Catellus will be hosting a discussion on the Market District (Berkman at 51st) on April 6th at 7:00 p.m. Watch for more information. -Community-wide yard sale on May 15 on Simond Ave. If you want to sell items, email to register for a spot (no charge). -Applications to serve as a resident member of the Pecan Street Project Executive Committee are due Sunday, March 14 -The Landscape Committee is arranging a tree trimming workshop on March 27 at 10:00 a.m. They’ll post the event to Meet at 4001 Mendez St. for the workshop. Meeting adjourned about 11:30 a.m.
Steering Committee Minutes - 2 Feb 2010
posted by Betsy on March 3rd, 2010 6:05 AM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on March 30, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 March 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Dusty Harshman, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Bobby Gierisch, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Rob Clinchard, Kat Malcom, Ann Jerome, Timothy Brummett Guests: Ashley Fisher, Todd Calvert (new resident!) Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2677.54 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer this year. We have 89 members, with no current members from McCloskey or Sahm Streets. Kerry is going to set up a PayPal account so it will soon be possible to pay dues online. Even though PayPal takes a small percentage as a fee, we'll still hold the dues at $10. III.Existing Business a.MNA Grant Results – The Steering Committee approved funding for the following events: 1.Plant Fest ($25) 2.Stitch n Bitch project for Ronald McDonald House ($100) 3.Babysitting for meeting with Dr. Carstarphen ($40) 4.Halloween ($100) 5.Fourth of July ($100) 6.Easter Egg hunt ($50) 7.Baby Boomer ($30) b.Pecan Street Project Update - Applications are being received through March 14 to be considered for a position on the Pecan Street Project Executive Committee. The four officers of the MNA will select three candidates for forward to the Pecan Street Project Board for consideration. The Board will select one member to serve. c.Mueller substation – Austin Energy (AE) is trying to find a suitable location for a new substation to support Mueller and to some extent, surrounding areas. All locations considered so far elicit opposition from neighborhood groups. The RMMA PIAC has said the substation should be sited at Mueller, but the ultimate decision is up to the City. We're hoping to have more discussion on this topic at our general membership meeting on March 13. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on March13 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. Possible agenda items include the AE substation and schools. V. Open comments: a.Plant Fest on April 10 – Should be bigger than last year. A planning meeting will be held after the Plant Propagation workshop this Saturday. b.Schools committee will be meeting with MarK Williams, President of the AISD School Board, on March 3 at Meghan's house on the Wedge. The meeting adjourned about 8:00 p.m.
Steering Committee Minutes - 2 Feb 2010
posted by Betsy on February 7th, 2010 2:36 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on March 2, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 February 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine and Bobby Gierisch SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac Guests: Corky Hilliard, Don & Janelle Dozier I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2402.61 including $1020 deposited so far from Front Porch Flyer (FPF) ads. Some of these funds are earmarked for future publications of the FPF. III.Existing Business a.Resident Activities Committee of Catellus met recently and discussed the budget for the upcoming year. Kat Malcom reported that while the budget has been reduced from last year, the following items are included: 1.Plant Fest 2.Garage Sale – May 15 3.Pool Party – Saturday, July 3 4.Neighborhood Night Out – Oct. 5. This year we'll have community/kids event at the park at 6:00pm, followed by block parties starting at 7:00. 5.Halloween on the Wedge – Sunday, Oct. 31 6.Networking Events – several throughout the year 7.Adult swim nights at the pool 8.Music at Lake Park 9.Tower Lighting – Wednesday, Dec. 1 b.Schools (Kim Wine) – The team met to follow-up on the recent visit by Dr. Carstarphen. No school was promised in the near future but Dr. Carstarphen is open to ideas. The idea of having graduate students work with Mueller residents as part of a practicum was discussed as a way to help us develop goals for the Mueller school. The next AISD bond election may be in May 2011. The boundary discussion will happen sooner. c.MNA sponsorship grants (G. Fisher) – Nine applications have been received to date. The deadline is Feb. 13th. The fiscal agent for each applicant must be an MNA member (only $10/year!) The steering committee unanimously adopted the following motions to guide our evaluation process: 1.Applications can be amended until the Feb. 13 deadline 2.The steering committee can modify award amounts to deviate from what was requested, as needed 3.All applications received by the deadline will be considered. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on Feb. 13 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. Our area constable, Bruce Elphant, has been invited to speak about the census. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
Babysitting Co-Op Meeting LOCATION CHANGE
posted by JennaMartin on February 1st, 2010 9:58 PM
It is now at Kim and Aaron Wine's house, the red one in Garden Court Phase 1, which means right off Scales, their official address is 4116 Scales. Aaron will have something for easy Superbowl transition. Open to all new, old and interested members. Come hang out with us, Sunday, February 7th, 3:00-5ish. We are nice and like kids.
Mueller Education Action Team Shout Out
posted by JennaMartin on January 8th, 2010 10:31 AM
I can't let 24 hours go by without shouting out the Mueller Education Action team for last night's meeting. In particular, thank you to Megan Troung who was an incredibly articulate and a well prepared representative for our community, Vanessa Santamaria-Dainton for compling all the data, Claudia Santamaria for fearlessly leading us, Kim Wine for encouraging us to take a deeper look into East Austin schools, Jenny Robson for offering her home and Meghan Ackely for originally offerring her home, Sany Fivecoat and Catherine Berry for babysitting and providing babysitters. For all of you who have walked to collect data, for the residents who all came to hear a very impressive Dr. Carstarphen speak-thank you too! Lots of hours of work went into this meeting. I really appreciate all of your efforts to help build an elementary school in Mueller as well as your commitment to east side schools. It is very impressive and inspiring. Also, how cool is it that a superintendent, with all the political pressures and crazy scheduling that accompany a very tough and new job, would come speak to us? Even though she didn't have all the answers, I am thankful for her coming to listen to us and hear our story. cheers- Jenna Martin
MNA General Meeting - 12 Dec 2009 minutes
posted by Betsy on December 13th, 2009 7:29 PM
MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 12 Dec 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald McDonald House MNA chair, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Treasurer Kerry Fisher stated that our balance is $1073. We’re in the midst of a membership drive. Only $10/year helps support your community! PM Kerry Fisher to join. MNA will give $500/year to grassroots community efforts… nominations will be due in January and again in the summer. Watch ( for more information. Kim Wine thanked everyone who helped with the fantastic appreciation lunch for Pearce teachers. AISD superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen, will be the guest of honor at a neighborhood potluck on Jan. 7th. The event will be from 5:30-7:30 at 2021 Antone Street. See the Events section of and plan to attend. It’s a potluck so bring a dish and Dusty is organizing the 2010 supper clubs… see mc. com for more information and pm Dusty to sign up. It’s a great way to meet more neighbors and enjoy delicious meals! The Front Porch Flyer editors are hosting a holiday spirit contest. Post nominations to This is a great mechanism for encouraging block activity. Get with your neighbors and talk about an idea for the block. If you don’t pull it together for this year, start thinking about next year! The January MNA meeting will be a chance to provide input into the City of Austin’s Comprehensive Plan. We’ll host their Imagine Austin ‘meeting in a box’ and our input will be provided to the City. See for more information. We’re also planning to have Brewster McCracken come visit with us about the Pecan Street Project. A resident inquired about the status of getting a traffic light at Airport and Zach Scott. Many thought it would have been installed by now. Grant will check with the City. It was mentioned that because the Tom Miller intersection is so close to the Airport intersection, a light may cause traffic to back up on Zach Scott, blocking the Tom Miller intersection. Someone suggested a bus stop for the #350 bus be located on both sides of Airport at Zach Scott. Ann Jerome thanked everyone for their help with the Lights of Love fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. They had 915 participants and raised $123.000. The Mueller Flyers were the #3 team in fundraising. Way to go! Holiday snacks were plentiful after the meeting and neighbors had a chance to get to know each other. Betsy
Steering Committee meeting minutes - Dec. 1, 2009
posted by Betsy on December 7th, 2009 6:38 PM
Sorry it's taken me so long to post these! Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on Dec. 29, 2009 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 December 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Bobby Gierisch and Timothy Brummett Guests: Greg Buford and Jimmy Flanigan Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Treasurer’s Report – Discussed the possibility of creating a business membership category for MNA. Perhaps about $50/yr and they would get recognition (not an ad) in the Front Porch Flyer. III. Existing Business a. Ronald McDonald House Walk – Events held Friday night at the hangar with the run throughout the neighborhood. Held in conjunction with the lighting of NOEL on the tower. As of the meeting, they had raised $109,000 with this effort and had 570 people registered for the run/walk. b. Schools - Pearce Teacher Appreciation Lunch on Dec. 4th. Committee working to get meeting with Dr. Carstarphen and also to walk through neighborhood schools. The two may be combined. The committee is working to compile the results of their survey. c. MNA Sponsored Social Events - $500 has been budgeted to contribute toward community events in 2010. Two ‘calls for events’ are envisioned… one in January and another likely mid-year. Watch for more information to submit your proposal. You’ll have to be a member of the MNA to apply. The Steering Committee will make the final decision on selection. d. Holiday spirit – The Front Porch Flyer volunteer staff will select a block to win their holiday lighting award. Get those lights up this week! The winner will be announced at the general meeting on Saturday, Dec. 12th. e. Pecan Street Project – Dusty attended the press conference held at Mueller. They did receive the $10.4 million in stimulus grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s too early to tell what this means to Mueller residents so watch for more information. We plan to invite Brewster McCracken to a MNA general meeting soon. You may also want to look at their website, . IV. Upcoming Meetings a. General meeting on Dec. 12 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. We’ll have a holiday ‘party’ afterwards so bring a treat and plan to linger after the meeting and get to know more of your neighbors. V. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Imagine Austin – The City of Austin has been hosting meetings to get input on the comprehensive plan for the City. There’s a possibility we can hold one of their ‘meetings in a box’ at Mueller and have our input considered in the planning process. More information is at . Watch for information about a meeting at Mueller. b. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to pay our dues to the Austin Neighborhoods Council in the amount of $35 for the coming year. c. The steering committee approved (unanimously except for Ann Jerome’s abstention) a donation of $50 to the Ronald McDonald house as a way of thanking them for hosting some of our meetings. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
Pearce lunch---THANK YOU!
posted by sandyfivecoat on December 5th, 2009 10:59 AM
I can only DITTO what Kim has said. This was a big leap of faith -- a simple plan, a few emails and Mueller community postings, a good cause -- and BOOM -- the Mueller Magic comes through. What a personal treat to show up at Pearce yesterday am to good friends, tons of great food, and grateful teachers. HOPEFULLY I don't forget anyone here -- but special thanks to ALL, including Lesley Keel, Barbara Guest (OK, WHO can make so many salads, cookies, and personalized notes -- only Barbara), Betsy Hilton, Jenny Robson (AH the Cake Masterpiece), Diane Gierisch, Karen Zabreznik, Hilary Herrin, Kim Wine, Ellen Hansen, Sylvia Haley, Darka Darla Holtzclaw, Jenna Martin, Felicia Adams, Bill Fivecoat, Spencer Fivecoat, Dusty Harshman. --- Hope I got everyone here! (My apologies if I left out anyone). And the special topping? Our friends from Catellus -- DEE is just EVERYWHERE, isn't she? -- who had lots of door prizes for smiling teachers. Let this be a lesson to us all -- There is nothing we cannot accomplish together when the Muller Community pulls together. Thanks to all for the gift of giving to teachers who give so much to kids every day.
MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2009
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MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald McDonald House MNA chair, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting by reminding folks that they can email the entire MNA steering committee by using the address. Kat Malcolm thanked block captains for their volunteer efforts and reminded everyone that if you joined MNA in 2008, it’s time to renew for 2010. Treasurer Kerry Fisher stated that our balance is $1169.61. We now have a PO Box for the MNA, so the address can remain constant. The address is: Mueller Neighborhood Association P.O. Box 49123 Austin, TX 78765-9123 The steering committee is working to formalize the process for requesting MNA sponsorship of grass-roots community events. There will be a call for events in January so the money can be budgeted out for the year. MNA anticipates spending about $500 in 2010 on such events. MNA is also exploring the possibility of business memberships and will be getting some revenue from the ads on ( Corky Hilliard gave some background on the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) and it’s role as an advisor to the Austin City Council. See for more information. Corky is heading up a subcommittee to look at options to open up the hangar for more usage. They’re gathering community input so send ideas to Grant and he can forward them to Corky. Ideas mentioned at the meeting included Plant Fest, MNA meetings, local school graduations, and Farmers Market. The hangar is owned by the City so if opened up for more use, it won’t just be for Mueller residents. James Dwyer, also a PIAC member, mentioned that traffic counters will be installed in December to compare actual traffic counts to the predicted volumes calculated in the models prior to development. Ann Jerome talked about the Ronald McDonald Lights of Love 5k at the Hangar on Dec. 4th. The 5k run/walk will be through the community so there will be some short traffic disruptions. Cards have been mailed to those on the route and others that may be impacted. The Tower lighting will be the same night and be broadcast live at the Hangar. They have lots of kids activities planned, including environmentally sound ‘snow’. Ann encouraged those on the route to get your holiday lights up if possible. Kim Wine gave some background on our community activity regarding getting an elementary sited at Mueller and working to improve existing schools. They are continuing in these efforts and reaching out to new AISD superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen. Megan Troung discussed a letter (attached) they recently sent to Dr. Carstarphen outlining three key issues. Catellus recently conducted a survey but our schools committee has their own survey. Please fill it out (attached) and send it to Kim Wine (berlywine at Current projections are for there to be 800 school-age children in Mueller by 2013, and that doesn’t include those living at Austin Children’s Shelter or the Mosaic apartments. Beverly Barrett had a sign-up sheet for those interested in becoming active with the Schools Committee. They are planning to visit Pearce, Kealing, Blanton and Ridgetop in the coming months. The family resource center at Pearce is not up and running yet but kick-off is planned for Dec. 2nd. Jim Walker provided some good background information on the development of Mueller, including: o Mueller Neighborhoods Coalition focused early on keeping the old airport closed and shaping the principles they wanted to guide the new development. o PIAC is visiting surrounding neighborhoods to get input on how they are being impacted by Mueller, both good and bad. o Hangar and control tower were originally going to be torn down but were preserved through community efforts. City views the hangar as a public resource. o Getting various Austin utilities to plan further in advance is difficult. The current discussion regarding a substation for Austin Energy is evidence of that. There was a site for it included in the Mueller plan. The City went looking for a site they liked better and proposed to put it off-Mueller, which created a backlash since it’s largely needed to support the Mueller development. This item is on the City Council agenda for Thursday. o School boundaries. It takes AISD 2-3 years to design and build a school, once it’s selected. Maplewood is almost at capacity. Blanton has available capacity. Any discussion of boundaries will be a big issue. o Traffic Impact Analysis – as mentioned, counters will be placed to see how actual traffic volumes are aligning with the plan so any needed corrective measures can be discussed. o Affordable housing – 2 tax credit projects are currently proposed. o Wildflower Terrace (for seniors) received its forward tax credit commitment. It will be across Berkman near the tower and have about 200 units. o A family development is proposed near the school o Mueller Foundation oversees spending of the foundation funds (received from home sales, etc.) in support of the 6 goals for Mueller. Their first priority is managing the 2nd lien on the affordable units to ensure affordable housing is available at Mueller in perpetuity. o Neighborhood planning teams were started in the mid-1990s. City doesn’t see why Mueller needs one since so much planning has been done and residents are so active. However, we miss some notifications because we do not have a contact team. o PIAC meetings are open to the public and held on the 2nd Tuesday each month except for December and July. Bobby mentioned that the prairie isn’t in very good shape and that more communication is needed between the POA and their contractor, the Wildflower center, and the Landscape committee to ensure proper maintenance before it’s too late. AISD performing arts center – Anticipate that three possible sites will be announced early next year. Mueller will probably be one of these. PIAC will work to make sure any proposal for Mueller would be consistent with the development goals here.
Pearce updates
posted by mrs aaron on October 15th, 2009 8:54 AM
I will start posting information on Pearce in this thread. Pearce Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. December 4th (Friday) 70 teachers Set up in room 101 11:00am-1:00pm Join the Mueller Schools Task Force group to help out! We will also be setting up an Adopt a Classroom or Teacher program soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pearce PTA meeting Tuesday, October 13 Summary (not in this order at the meeting): Q & A with Principal Trana Allen The Family Resource Center at Pearce is not active yet There is a great need for Mentors An Opportunity Center has been set up for students having difficulties that other efforts have not succeeded in improving Teaching staff is complete and consists of Highly Qualified teachers with 3 or more years of experience 2 Teaching Assistant positions open, Specialists and Consultants to be hired for Reading, Social Studies, Math and Science. Principal Allen explained that she is concerned with all TAKS subjects, because were it not for the TPM (Texas Projection Measure), Pearce would have not been acceptable in every area, not just Science. I asked Ms. Allen if the Mueller committee was welcome to do luncheons each semester and an Adopt a Teacher or Classroom type program that we discussed in an earlier Mueller Schools meeting. She said both were welcome. I have requested a staff list in order to start planning this. I also offered to videotape future meetings so that they could be translated and made available in the school office, library, local city library branches and perhaps shown on the AISD Time Warner channel, in order to increase parent participation. Less than 12 people attended this meeting. The officers for this year were elected, including the reelection of Charlotte Dotson and Betty Johnson. Mary Thomas Ed. D Title 1 Coordinator, Austin ISD Ms. Thomas spoke about Title 1 Funding Title 1 is based on a certain percentage of students in a school qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch. 68% of Austin ISD schools are Title 1 schools Money from Title 1 goes to the entire school to fund supplimental staff, professional development, supplimental supplies, scientifically based researched materials, educational field trips, consultants, and at least 1% must go to parental involvement activities. Campus Advisory Committee meetings are where decisions on how to spend this money are made. ---Kim Wine
MNA Steering Committee meeting minutes 29 Sept 2009
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on Nov. 3, 2009 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 29 September 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher, Timothy Brummett and Kim Wine SC members absent: Cliff Spinac Guests: Elizabeth Butman, Jennifer Harvey Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Treasurer’s Financial Report – Bank balance is $1044.61 with one newsletter still to be published out of these funds. III. Minutes – Minutes of the Sept. 1, 2009 steering committee meeting were approved without changes. Grant had been advised that some numbers in the Sept. 12 general meeting minutes were incorrect. He’ll forward those changes to Betsy and the minutes were approved. [Later communication revealed that the minutes correctly reflect what was stated at the meeting so they will not be changed after all. If incorrect figures were reported to membership regarding the PIAC update, corrections can be brought forward in a future meeting.] IV. Existing Business a. Membership Committee Report – Ann Jerome i. Mueller Night Out – In conjunction with National Neighbor Night Out (, held October 6 in Austin. Block captains will organize block events from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. From 7:00PM to 8:00PM, Catellus will serve ice cream & popsicles in Ella Wooten park. ii. The Block Captain meet & greet hosted by Ann Jerome and Kat Malcolm was a big success. Fourteen people attended. They discussed the scope of block captain activities and brainstormed some best practices. iii. Welcome Postcard – 200 cards have been printed and distributed. More will be available at Mueller Night Out. b. Budget i. Mission discussion tabled because we ran out of time. We briefly discussed having an separate meeting for this purpose. ii. Treasurer discussion also tabled iii. Front Porch Flyer (FPF). The FPF will grow by 4 pages, which will allow us to sell more advertising, and provide more information. There was discussion regarding if, and how much, advertising space should be withheld from annual sales for new businesses that come in during the year. Estimated net revenue to the MNA from the FPF in 2010 is about $700. V. POA update – Jennifer Harvey attended and fielded general questions from the SC. a. Pool – Pool will close to residents at the end of October. Trouble with the lighting (inside and outside the pool itself) will be fixed after the pool closes. It appears to be an electrical issue and would require closing the pool for about a week to troubleshoot. b. Dead trees – Catellus is planning to replace the dead trees at Ella Wooten Park. c. Exposed irrigation lines will deteriorate due to sun exposure. The POA will address when mulching is done in the Spring but concern was expressed that the damage to the lines will have already been done. d. Discussion about whether road repairs on Hargis had been completed. There’s still a low spot in the street. e. POA has a variance for watering. This only applies to public areas maintained by the POA, not individual residences. POA will water turf on Fridays and tree bubblers will run Tuesday and Wednesday nights. f. Discussion about the possible remediation in the Southwest Greenway near Berkman to deal with the Johnson Grass problem. Jennifer had not heard of any plans. g. The process for gaining approval for walks/runs in Mueller was discussed and more notification for residents was requested. The POA is getting lots of requests to use Lake Park for events and are working with the City on these. Guidelines may be needed in the future as the park wasn’t intended to be a major event area for the City. It was recommended that the PIAC be notified of the issues so they can help us coordinate with the City to develop guidelines. h. Major events involving food, alcohol or large numbers of people require City as well as POA approval. i. Restrooms at Lake Park are now locked at night to deter vandalism. Sinks will be repaired soon. j. One member passed along a request for more poop/scoop bags in the parks, or restocking more often. The potential for residents supplying plastic grocery bags for this purpose, to lower the cost to the POA were discussed. VI. Upcoming Meetings The October 10th general meeting of the MNA will be at 10:00 a.m at the picnic tables on Pinckney Street next to the pool. Greg Weaver, VP with Catellus, will attend and provide an update on the implementation of the master plan. VII. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Several PIAC subcommittees will start meeting this month. One on use of the hangar, and the other on neighborhood contact teams. Watch for more information from these groups b. Parking – The POA Parking Advisory Group will host a town hall style meeting on October 21 at Asbury United Methodist Church to get input on their proposed changes in parking rules. After community input is obtained and considered, the group will make their recommendations to Catellus. The meeting will be in the evening but the time hasn’t been determined. Watch for more information online. c. The PIAC is meeting with surrounding neighborhoods to get feedback on how the Mueller development is affecting the neighbors. SC members thought it would be good if a few of us could also attend to strengthen relationships with our neighbors. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
It is Myoo-lur - NOT!! Listen to it
posted by John Guest on September 17th, 2009 1:12 PM
At the Mueller Neighborhood Association meeting at Frost Bank on Saturday, about half the neighbors pronounced it "Miller" and the other half pronounced it "Myooler" (again evoking the visage of Crazy Guggenheim in the process). Even in the Wine family, Kim pronounces it "Miller" and Aaron, "Myooler". While I appreciate the prounciation of "Otto Mueller", I am now worried about how to pronounce "Otto". Is it "Ought-Oh" as I have been accustomed to? Or must I now adapt to the more correct "Oh-Toe". I am so confused. Dana, Welcome to the Neighborhood and thank you for reviving this important issue. [:surprise:]
Steering Committee Meeting minutes - Sept 1, 2009
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on September 29, 2009 at 4124 Lawless. The start time is to be announced – probably 6:30 p.m. rather than the normal 7:00. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 September 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac and Kim Wine SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Kerry Fisher Guests: Roger Seibert, Kevin Ludlow, Jerry Perkins, Dennis Mick, Hon Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) MNA lost our representative on the ANC. ANC participation is a good way to develop alliances and they have good programming at meetings. Jerry Perkins volunteered to represent the MNA on the ANC and was elected with a unanimous vote. It was noted that since the MNA has bylaws preventing us from taking a stand on political issues, etc., our representative can not vote on some ANC motions. III. Minutes – Minutes of the July 28, 2009 steering committee meeting and the August 8, 2009 general meeting were approved without changes. IV. Existing Business a. Membership Committee Report – Ann Jerome i. Mueller Night Out – In conjunction with National Neighbor Night Out (, held October 6 in Austin instead of the August date used in the rest of the country, block captains will be working to organize block events from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. From 7:00PM to 8:00PM, Catellus will serve ice cream in Ella Wooten park. Plan now to attend! ii. Kat Malcolm has been working to get volunteer block captains lined up for the areas without a volunteer, and is planning a ‘meet and greet’ for block captains to share best practices. The membership committee as a whole will continue to promote this effort. Refer to Kat’s messages on mc. com to volunteer. iii. Welcome Postcard – The committee is planning to develop a postcard that could be distributed to people as they move in. The card would contain key phone numbers, websites and other information of interest to new residents. It would also be distributed to current residents when it’s first available to be sure that people not on the website get the information. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to fund up to $150 in expenses to print these cards. b. Security issues - The steering committee discussed the role of the MNA in ongoing security issues. Neighborhood watch signs were discussed with mixed feelings about how effective these might be. The MNA plans to continue to invite our representatives of the Austin Police Department to general meetings to discuss security issues. Hopefully, concerned residents will also attend the meeting on Sept. 2 at Asbury Methodist Church, sponsored by Catellus. IV. New Business Front Porch Flyer – This community newsletter is published by a group of hard-working volunteers (listed in the Flyer) and through ad sales, is able to contribute to the overall budget of the MNA. Two current steering committee members are actively involved with the development of the Flyer. The Flyer currently limits ad space to 25% of the publication, but they are considering recommending increasing the Flyer from 8 to 12 pages with an allowance for 33% ad space. This would allow space for more advertisers (there is currently a waiting list) and bring more revenue to the MNA. There was some discussion about a budget for the newsletter which resulted in a motion later in the meeting. IV. Upcoming Meetings Frost Bank has offered to host the Sept. 12 general meeting of MNA. The steering committee voted to accept their offer. The MNA meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. Frost Bank is planning some type of community event afterward, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Check for more information as plans develop. V. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Kevin Ludlow spoke with the steering committee about the addition of advertising on the right side of He charges advertisers for space and wanted to see whether steering committee members were concerned that he was competing with ad space in the Flyer or otherwise thought he owed some revenue to the MNA. There was agreement that the two aren’t really in competition, in fact there might be away to sell a package deal with ad space on both mediums. Kevin noted that has on the order of 20,000 unique visitors per month! All agreed to keep the dialogue open on this topic as both the Flyer and continue to mature. b. Budgeting – The MNA budget runs on a calendar year. A motion passed unanimously that the steering committee should develop a MNA budget for 2010 and that as part of that budget process, the editorial board of the Front Porch Flyer should submit a business plan and budget for 2010. All want to be sure that sufficient ad revenue from the Flyer is reserved throughout the budget year to publish the newsletter each quarter. There was also discussion that it would be easier for event organizers to be paid a set amount by the MNA in advance of an event, rather than bring receipts for reimbursement after the event. Many folks in the past year had authorization for reimbursement prior to an event, but never had time/energy to submit the receipts. Budgeting will be discussed in more detail at the next steering committee meeting. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m. Minutes by Betsy
MNA general membership meeting minutes - Aug. 8, 2009
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Kim Wine and Sandy Fivecoat, please contact me re: Pearce M.S. Claudia Kramer, already sent you a P.M. Thanks.
MNA general membership meeting minutes - Aug. 8, 2009
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MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes – 8 August 2009, 10:00 a.m. at Mosaic Apartment Clubhouse MNA Chair, Grant Fisher, welcomed the crowd to the meeting. A short time will be spent on MNA business and the rest of the time will be focused on discussion regarding schools serving East Austin. Grant thanked Mueller resident, Robby Jones for bringing his Pilot House coffee for refreshments today. – Kerry Fisher reminded everyone that dues is only $10/year and goes toward printing the newsletter, Front Porch Flyer, and hosting other community events. – Former Austin council member, Brewster McCracken, updated the community on the Pecan Street Project. They are working on a grant application for Federal stimulus dollars to fund a pilot project focused on clean energy and energy savings. Participants in the pilot project could have meters with software control that provides residents with more control over their energy usage. The project is a partnership with UT, the City of Austin, the Environmental Defense Fund, Austin Energy and the Austin Chamber of Commerce. They’ll be looking for sites to participate in the pilot project. Mueller is an ideal residential community for participation. Individual homeowner participation would be strictly voluntary. Other potential sites would include schools and commercial buildings. The Dell Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House already have many of these technologies in place. Ashley Fisher made a motion for MNA to support participation as a pilot project site. The motion was seconded by Rebecca Leonard and passed unanimously. – Kim Wine welcomed everyone to this discussion on schools. She introduced Jim Walker who will serve as our moderator. Jim provided a short overview of the Mueller master plan, the inclusion of an elementary school in that plan, and the challenges AISD is facing. They have 100 schools with 80,000+ children vying for their attention. The focus of today’s meeting is Pearce Middle School and to some extent, Reagan high school. Mark Williams, president of the AISD Board of Trustees, represents District 5 that serves the part of Mueller tracking to Maplewood/Kealing/McCallum (roughly Mueller Phases 1 & 2). Mr. Williams reviewed the demographics of AISD, where the growth is occurring, and the difficulty finding land for new schools in some of these quickly growing suburbs. He stated that the Pearce repurposing plan was approved with some conditions, including state oversight. At this late date, meeting some of the requirements is very challenging – new principal, new science teachers, and 50% new students. School starts soon and most teachers are already under contract with other schools. AISD is marketing Pearce and working hard to find a great principal, recognizing the importance of good leadership. Mr. Williams discussed briefly the effects of kids transferring out of their neighborhood schools. Some of the most engaged parents are then not available to help improve the neighborhood school, and the schools picking up these kids are more overcrowded. In addition, the schools they transfer to may not have the same sort of support systems in place (Title I status, etc.) that they were used to at the neighborhood school. Trustee Cheryl Bradley, who represents District 1 that serves the part of Mueller tracking to Blanton/Pearce/Reagan (roughly future Mueller phases), spoke next. Ms. Bradley expressed her anger about how the State Commissioner of Education, Robert Scott, has treated Superintendent Carstarphen. She believes he has held this community and our children hostage by the decision to close Pearce, and the timing of his notification of the closure. She stated that he had the flexibility to keep Pearce open, and recognize the good progress that had been made, but he chose not to do so. Ms. Bradley encouraged neighbors to be actively engaged and ask for what we want/need. Don’t just settle for what AISD and the state give us. There was some discussion about what would bring parents back to the idea of sending their children to the neighborhood schools. Neighbors must get involved. AISD is working to recruit a great principal and provide teacher incentives to get teachers to move to Pearce. The community needs to support teachers and mentors and build them up. Sandy Fivecoat expressed how impressed she’s been with the programs at Maplewood Elementary. Allen Weeks, president of the St. John Community School Alliance, talked about their neighborhood experience with similar issues at Webb Middle School two years ago. Mr. Weeks was a teacher for 15 years in Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. He’s not a believer in ‘magic thinking’ – that if you close a school and bring it back it will automatically be better. He believes in a step by step process to improve the schools, and we must stay the course. Leadership turnover is a major problem nationally. When principals change, a lot of instability is introduced into the school. Communities must build up their school leadership – encourage and support them. Working together in a collaborative effort, 30 partners have created a Family Resource Center at Webb MS. It serves as a portal for volunteering. Next year, Reagan, Pearce and Webb will all have resource centers. Volunteers are needed. The St. John Community School Alliance meets monthly to coordinate efforts among sponsors, write grants, etc. Betty Johnson and Charlotte Dotson from the Pearce PTA spoke briefly. The PTA is planning a Community Night Out from 6-8:00 p.m. on August 15th. Volunteers are needed right away to help pull the event together. Please contact Kim Wine ( ASAP if you are able to help. It was noted that increased community involvement at Reagan resulted in an 8-week sports camp this summer that was very successful. o Volunteer – mentoring, tutoring, organizing o Meet with principals & teachers and ask how we can take burdens off of them There was discussion of school boundaries, which Jim Walker noted weren’t that important if all schools are successful. That’s our goal. Catherine Brewer, with Austin Partners in Education ( ) spoke of their mission to connect community volunteers with leaders. The Seedling Foundation program for mentoring children of incarcerated parents was discussed. Mentors meet with students on campus during lunch. Big Brothers Big Sisters was another good program that is actively engaged with the schools. Jim Walker worked to recap the meeting. Kim Wine agreed to coordinate efforts with the Pearce Family Resource Center. Dee Desjardin committed the communication resources of Catellus to reach the Mueller community. She also volunteered to coordinate mentoring programs. Sandy Fivecoat and Claudia Kramer Santamaria agreed to take the lead on broader district issues. Jim suggested that progress on these efforts be reported back to the MNA at monthly meetings. The meeting adjourned shortly after noon.
MNA Steering Committee meeting minutes - 28 July 2009
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Reminder that the MNA steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m on September 1, 2009 at 4124 Lawless. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 28 July 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Timothy Brummett, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac and Kim Wine SC members absent: Rob Clinchard Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Financial Report a. Dusty and Kerry are working through the transition of treasurer duties. A proposal was made to secure a PO Box so a consistent address for MNA could be established. This proposal passed unanimously later in the meeting. b. Membership participation was discussed. Several streets have no members of MNA. Dues is minimal ($10/year) and the MNA will have more clout if it represents a higher percentage of the community. This is an area that the membership committee will try to address. III. Minutes – June minutes of the steering committee meeting were approved without changes. IV. New Business a. Pool Hours - Jennifer Harvey was unable to attend but she provided Grant with an update on current discussion about the pool hours. See the attachment (at the end of this message) for her response. b. Solar installation approval - Jennifer Harvey provided Grant with an update on procedures for getting HOA approval for solar roof installations. See attachment. c. Schools – Kim Wine is working on the agenda and planning for the August MNA general meeting that will focus on the school issue. She’s invited several key speakers and has arranged for Jim Walker to moderate the discussion. The focus of the discussion is not just on the immediate issue regarding the closure of Pearce middle school (which will impact future phases of Mueller), but on what we can do to help improve schools in East Austin. The meeting will be in the Mosaic apartments. Kim also plans to create a school/education group on d. Welcome committee – Bobby Gierisch expressed his willingness to turn over the leadership of this committee and Ann Jerome agreed to step in. Kat Malcolm volunteered to be a central liaison for block captains if needed. e. Phase 3 development – There was discussion about the lag in starting Phase 3 infrastructure. Builders are nearly out of inventory. It’s thought that this will be a topic at the next PIAC meeting. f. Visioning process – more ideas (inform, organize, entertain, represent) were discussed but we were running out of time. Bobby suggested with have a facilitated exercise to discern the vision for MNA. IV. Upcoming Meetings a. MNA general meeting is at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 8th at the Mosaic apartments. The focus will be on schools/education and how we can get involved. V. Additional Business/Open Comments a. SC members unanimously approved the motion to secure a PO Box at $40/year. b. Tim Brummett is working on efforts to promote Mueller, including notifying the media about the July 30th meeting with Meridian Solar and the unveiling of the solar sunflowers along IH 35. c. Drew mentioned that the Front Porch Flyer should be out soon - perhaps at the Aug. 8th meeting. ATTACHMENT MNA Steering Committee minutes 28 July 2009 from Jennifer Harvey: 1. What is the possibility, if any, of keeping the pool open for a longer season for residents? (potentially on a "reduced schedule" MWF, etc.) What is the possibility of keeping it open year round for lap swimmers? There are many factors to consider regarding the cost to keep the pool open longer during the off-season. First, the pool is open during the off-season according to most pool schedules; we open two months earlier and stay open two months longer than any City of Austin pools and most HOA pools. Second, last October we had approximately two swimmers, please keep this in mind when considering the cost ratio per swimmer. The cost to clean the restrooms is approximately $1,000 per month during the off-season months we are currently open (i.e. September). While we do have some maintenance costs during the months that it is closed they are not close to the cost if people are swimming, it would be much more expensive to maintain the water quality at a “swimmable” level as well as the electricity costs to run the pumps much more often. The cost to heat a pool the size of Ella Wooten is several thousand dollars over the winter season and the heater itself will run about $20,000 according to the pool company. While this may be possible in the future, it is not currently in the budget. The pool committee has looked at options to allow a “Master Swimmer” program to swim year-round and pay for the costs to keep it open and heated however with the number of interested people we heard from it was not financially feasible, perhaps in the future this may change, we are certainly open to it but many residents do not want to pay increased dues to allow people to swim in the winter. The “reduced schedule” does not really decrease costs because we still have to clean the restrooms, run the pumps as often and keep a stable chemical level. The POA is certainly willing to look at options but this is not currently in the budget so there would have to be ways to pay for itself. 2. A large group of residents (15+) is currently looking to "group purchase" solar panels from a to-be-determined company. What can be done to expedite the POA/Modification Committee request for this large group of residents? Each owner would still have to apply separately. We are working on “pre-approval guidelines” for solar panels but they will not be finalized and approved for some time. Each owner would apply separately but they could apply at the same time and I would let the committee know the situation and they could all be approved as quickly as possible, however it would still take approximately 2 -3 weeks to review fully and could take up to 60 days. 6 out of 6 requests for solar panels at Mueller have been approved to date. None have been denied. All have been approved with only the condition that the panels do not rise above the roof ridges. I would not anticipate this group having any problem getting a quick approval if they note that they will follow this condition in the application and submit a roof plan with the application. Also, I spoke with Shanda from Texas Solar Power Company and we discussed the application process in detail yesterday.
my letter to Robert Scott, TEA Commissioner
posted by mrs aaron on July 22nd, 2009 4:13 PM
As a parent, a former Pearce teacher, and a resident of Austin's Mueller community, I am unhappy that the recent efforts and improvements at Pearce Middle School were not enough for you to grant a waiver for the school to remain open for the 2009-2010 school year. Recent legislation allows you to do so, yet you chose to disregard the momentum and now AISD must scramble in order to please you with a repurposing plan. I feel that there is some information that you are not aware of or considering. First, some education on what Mueller is (from the developer's website): The ambitious effort to redevelop Robert Mueller Municipal Airport into a mixed-use urban village in the heart of the city has helped Austin chart new directions. Mueller is envisioned as a sustainable community that is meeting extensive goals in housing and economic development. The award-winning Mueller master plan and the ambitious Master Development Agreement with Catellus Development Group and the City of Austin are the culmination of decades of community planning efforts from visionary neighbors and active citizens. The 711-acre Mueller site, vacated when Austin's airport relocated in 1999, is well on its way to becoming home to approximately 10,000 people, 10,000 permanent employees, 10,000 construction jobs, more than 1,100 affordable homes and approximately 140 acres of public open space. The award-winning master plan, designed according to New Urbanist principles, includes: Nearly 4,600 single-family, condo or apartment homes (at least 25 percent reserved for families who qualify for affordable housing) More than 140 acres of parks and perimeter greenways The reason I share this with you is that future Mueller residents are included in the Pearce boundries. As of yet, no homes are built in the area slated to go to Pearce. We are concerned that without a good Middle School and High School, families will not want to move to our neighborhood. Due to the size of our community and the amount of young families already here, we anticipate an elementary school being built in the next few years on land that the developer has graciously donated. This school would also feed into Pearce and Reagan. This population, in addition to the 59% of the population in Pearce's current boundary that transfer to other schools, deserve you consideration. Closing Pearce Middle School does not benefit anyone. Neighborhood schools build community. Neighborhood schools decrease the need for transportation- saving money and decreasing pollution. Neighborhood schools are a reflection of the community they serve. This community has been neglected. This community is changing. Closing Pearce simply moves students to other schools, some of which are struggling as well. I taught Art at Pearce from 2000 to 2002. It was my first teaching job and it was the most difficult and frustrating place to work. The administration was not supportive, constantly in transition, and dealing with issues well beyond the scope of what most schools have to deal with. Due to their own negative experiences with education, lack of communication, mistrust, or multiple jobs and language barriers, parents were not involved. Teachers like myself tried, but the behavior issues took up too much of the educational day. This spring, when I went to Pearce to attend the meetings about the Refinement and Realignment plan, I was happy to see that Pearce now had a PTA and the environment of the school was radically improved. No more kids wandering the halls. A positive atmosphere was evident. Granted, more needs to improve at the school before I would send my own children there. That is why I am involved today. Pearce students have shown improvement. Isn't learning, by definition, gaining knowlege you did not have before? Are students really to be expected to advance multiple grade levels in one year? Are all students to overcome difficulties at home, including stresses that some adults wouldn't be able to handle, and be magically transformed into great standardized test takers? The committee working on the RAR plan was comprised of AISD officials and Pearce and Reagan stakeholders with the intent that the plan been put into place regardless of the TAKS results. This plan should be given a chance and adjusted if needed. We should be allowed to work to make Pearce not only better for the current students, but to make it a school that anyone living in the attendance area would be willing to attend. Please allow AISD and the Pearce community to work to make Pearce Middle School and Reagan High School successful. Sincerely, Kim Wine
MNA General Membership meeting minutes - July 11, 2009
posted by ret1ree00 on July 11th, 2009 11:39 AM
MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes – 11 July 2009, 10:00 a.m. at Wooten Park MNA Chair, Grant Fisher, facilitated the meeting. Officer elections were held prior to this meeting and the following officers were elected: Chair: Grant Fisher Vice-Chair: Drew Harris Secretary: Betsy Hilton Treasurer: Kerry Fisher Steering Committee members introduced themselves and outgoing steering committee members were thanked for their service. Anyone wanting to contact the steering committee should e-mail Grant mentioned that Kevin Ludlow is working on several enhancements and fixes for the site. He may add several moderators to the site so if you think you’d be a good moderator and are interested, send Kevin a private message. Tim Brummett discussed MNA subcommittees and an effort to develop templates, or job descriptions, for each subcommittee to help provide direction for the groups. He recommended forming a new subcommittee to help promote Mueller. It might, for example, help various clubs advertise their activities within the community. The steering committee will discuss subcommittees (what exists, who chairs, etc.) at their next meeting. Elizabeth Brummett discussed the Front Porch Flyer. She is the editor and said they’re a little behind schedule with the summer edition due to vacations, etc. The editorial board is meeting today. More volunteers are needed to help suggest ideas and write articles. Email to volunteer or to suggest topics for the newsletter. Kathleen Malcom gave an update related to schools. There will be an in-depth discussion on schools at the next general meeting. Kim Wine has taken the lead on this issue and has planned a pre-meeting at Nomad this Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. prior to the AISD meeting at Pearce Middle School. Schools are a major issue for all residents since it impacts the ability to sell homes in the community. More volunteers are needed to help organize the community around this important issue. The school issue is also a good way for the Mueller community to work together with surrounding neighborhoods on a common issue. Look at the school discussions on and let Kim or Kathleen know if you’re willing to help. General discussion on the following items brought up by members: o Discussed moving next general meeting indoors due to the heat. Grant will see if we can meet at the Ronald McDonald House. o Need to get MNA meetings posted on the Events part of further in advance. Grant will take care of this, along with the steering committee meeting schedule. o Any update on road work planned at Mueller? No one had more information. o Any update on getting a signal at Airport & Zach Scott? No update. o A group of residents met with one solar provider last week to learn more about the technology, pricing and incentives. A presentation from a different vendor is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Contact Dusty Harshman if you want to be added to the e-mail discussion. Meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.
Steering Committee meeting minutes - June 30, 2009
posted by ret1ree00 on July 11th, 2009 11:38 AM
Reminder that the MNA steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 28th of July at 7pm, location TBD. The steering committee meets on the Tuesday that is about 1.5 weeks prior to the monthly MNA meeting, the latter being on the 2nd Saturday of the month. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes - 30 June 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kathleen Malcom, and Kim Wine SC members absent: Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac (It was later discovered that two of these new members were not receiving e-mails from the listserve and therefore were not notified of the meeting.) Other Attendees: Karen Zabreznik, Jennifer Harvey Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Financial Report a. Treasurer Dusty Harshman was unable to attend. Grant advised that dues are currently $10/year. Due to a recent change in the bylaws, members can now vote on the same day they pay their dues. Previously there was a 30 day waiting period. The chair, vice-chair and treasurer have signature authority for the MNA bank account. III. New Business a. Jennifer Harvey was present and answered questions, including the following: 1. She doesn’t think they’ll be able to open the pool from 12-1 on July 4th. She may be able to waive the admission fee that day so our Delwood neighbors will be able to swim for free. She is working on ordering a clock for the pool. The swim team instructors should not be propping the gate open with a rock anymore. She’s working on adding a sign with the pool hours near the gate. 2. The POA annual meeting will be in November. 3. Park maintenance costs paid by the POA were discussed, along with POA dues. 4. Possibility of getting Neighborhood Watch signs was discussed. POA is not likely to fund these. They run about $200 per sign. 5. Jennifer reminded the SC that there are several POA work groups. Several need more volunteers. Groups include parking advisory, landscape, pool advisory, technology and resident activities. b. Vision of the SC – discussion about what the MNA vision should be. Grant will summarize ideas to be discussed in more detail in future meetings. c. Schools – Kim Wine updated the SC on the leadership changes at AISD and the need to redouble efforts to make the Mueller case to the new superintendent early in her tenure. In addition, Mueller residents need to work with AISD to improve the middle and high schools that our children will attend. d. POA/Homeowners – Refer to prior discussion with Jennifer. e. Officer Elections – Officer elections will be conducted by e-mail after the steering committee meeting. IV. Upcoming Meetings a. During the prior discussion on education and schools, Kim suggested a focused MNA meeting on these issues where hopefully we could have the new superintendent come listen to our concerns.
Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Results
posted by GP on June 14th, 2009 11:02 PM
I would like to announce the results of the 2009 MNA SC elections. The following individuals have been elected to serve on the 2009-2010 MNA SC: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Bobby Gierisch, Drew Harris, Dusty Harshman, Betsy Hilton, Ann Jerome, Kathleen Malcom, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac, and Kim Wine. I would like to thank Jerry Perkins for organizing and successfully running the MNA SC elections. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the parting members of the steering committee: John Guest, Elizabeth Butman, Karen Zabreznik, Jerry Perkins, Wilson Robertson and Rod Ruhoff. Thank you all very much for the time and insights you have provided the Steering Committee this past year. Thanks, Grant
Notes from January Mueller Neighborhood Assn meeting
posted by Karen_Zab on January 27th, 2009 11:11 AM
Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes - January 10, 2009 DRAFT only until approved by Steering committee After introductions . . . I. Motion made and unanimously approved to write letter of support for Ronald McDonald House annual Run/walk event (motion by Gareth?) II. Grant Fisher reported on Steering Committee discussions of: A. side yard issues B. traffic signal at Zack Scott & Airport C. Block captains: interested people should go to and/or talk to Bobby G. III. Dusty Harshman on Newsletter: ad space sold out, more articles than space, reference to New residents to the neighborhood will get copy of the previous edition as well as the new one. IV. Brandi Clark presented for Austin Car Share: Explained procedures (reservations, etc.), existing locations, environmental pluses, fees, provided hand outs, took head count of interested people (8 or 9 in the room). Generally high interest in possibility of a Car Share location at Mueller. For details on Carshare, see They would need 30 to 40 committed members to place a car in the neighborhood V. Kim Wine on Events Committee: Purpose explained, call for members, reference to Members will help plan upcoming Gardening event and yearly Neighborhood Night out event as well as others. Currently have 12 members. Kim Wine will act as liaiason to the MNA and steering committee. VI. Dusty Harshman on neighborhood business recruiting post cards: Catellus will not share costs for the printing of the post cards. Start with 2000 card run, distribute 3 or 4 cards per household with newsletter. Much discussion, including alternatives to placement in newsletter (examples: provide access to interested neighbors through Internet or supply @ Mueller Central; put out through block captains). There was a wide ranging discussion of the idea of a post card. VII. Other Business: A. Dan McAtee & Laura Spoor spoke of their volunteerism with the APD Cops patrol in walking the neighborhood, how others can be involved, and recommended inviting the Chief to speak at a future meeting. B. Jim Walker spoke of MNA interest in a potential future development, a 200 unit, tax credit housing for seniors (55+) at a site in the vicinity of the tower. As geographically relevant our opinion/involvement will be sought.
MNA Steering Committee Minutes
posted by Karen_Zab on August 8th, 2008 7:27 AM
Reminder that the MNA steering committee is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 27th of August at 7pm, location TBD.MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes 8/6/2006Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Dusty Harshman, Karen Zabreznik, Drew Harris, Kim Wine, John Guest, Jerry Perkins, Elizabeth ButmanOther Attendees: Garreth WilcockAgenda:I. Welcome & IntroductionsII. Moniesa. Accounts created Dusty set up a new business account at Wachovia for the MNA and has ordered business checks. Right now the address on the business and checks will be Dustys personal address.b. Amount Collected Dusty has collected $150 from families for MNA membership at $10 per family. He also deposited some pre-paid advertising $$ from his own business to round up the initial deposit to $200. c. Current Budget account currently has a balance of $220. $25 was spent to register the MNA.d. Other - Drew, Grants and Dustys names on file for signature on checks. MNA has an ATM card as well.III. Steering Committee Meeting times: Currently it is always the preceding Wednesday to a monthly MNA meeting. Sometimes this falls on the 2nd Tuesday, sometimes the 1st as in this month. Suggestion to send an Outlook invite for those who use Outlook so monthly reminders will pop up. Agreed we should communicate times/dates of steering committee meetings via the calendar on when it launches to all MNA meetings since they are open to all. IV. Town Hall Meetinga. MNA Involvement/Participation Garreth Wilcock had sent note out suggesting the MNA distribute flyers encouraging neighborhood participation in the upcoming Town Center Town Hall meeting. b. Flyers Motion made and seconded (didnt get names) to create and distribute a flyer publicizing the upcoming Town Hall meeting and also to publicize the MNA meeting coming up this Saturday. Kim Wine agreed to drive the effort.V. RMMA PIAC Will have 5 15 minutes to address the board in the monthly meeting. RMMA is looking at their master plan again. Would behoove us to address the lack of community meeting space at Mueller in this forum. Discussed putting a vote to the MNA membership on what should be communicated to the RMMA PIAC.VI. Committeesa. Welcome Committee It is difficult for the core welcome committee to know when new folks move into Mueller. Do we make block captains responsible for welcoming new folks on the block? Need to identify new folks on new blocks when people start moving in Bobby G. is handling this task right now.b. Newletter No meeting has taken place yet. First need to figure out budget, 2nd need content. Will ask at the next MNA meeting for folks who would be interested in contributing content to a quarterly newsletter. Garreth has experience with publishing a neighborhood newsletter so he has been added to the newsletter committee.c. Block Captains We need to keep them involved more than we have to date. Perhaps invite them to our steering committee meetings or a separate meeting. Plan is to have a quick block captain meeting after this Saturdays MNA meeting.VII. Agenda for MNA Meeting on Saturday:i. Newsletterii. Report on Transportation meeting with Roma (Grant attending)iii. Discussion on upcoming Town Center meetingiv. Follow up to Neighborhood Watch discussionv. Block Captain after meetingVIII. Additional Business/Open commentsa. Try having the next steering committee meeting two week from now. Have the meeting 15 days after the commission meeting, so 4th Wed of each month allow more time to take action on items that come up from the various meetings.b. Pool can we keep it open longer?c. Kind of hard to hear at last meeting need to project voice more and repeat back questions from the attendees.Notes missing from last of the discussion because I had to step out of the meeting.
Re: Girls' Night- August
posted by mrs aaron on August 5th, 2008 7:19 PM
oh yeah!! we've been waiting since sex and the city for a girls' night, and it is this thursday. if you have signed up for a pedi or other service at embellish, please make sure you come at the time posted on the schedule attached. your spot has been reserved and you must pay even if you don't show up! if your time slot doesn't work, we can probably switch it with someone, so let me know asap.if you didn't sign up but would like to join us at Sago for dinner, please do! (unless you are a man)our spa services are scheduled in shifts at 6,7 and 8pm, so there will be no set time for dinner. i plan on being out until 10pm. [attachment=0:3fgy9xac]20080807_Kim_Wine.pdf[/attachment:3fgy9xac]next time we'll do something cheaper, but hey, we all deserve it!!
Summary: July MNA meeting, Saturday the 12th
posted by mrs aaron on July 13th, 2008 9:07 PM
1. Introduction of residents who have not attended previously2. Introduction of Steering Committee and Officers1. Grant Fisher- Chairman2. Drew Harris- Vice Chair3. Dusty Harshman- Treasurer4. Karen Zabreznik- Secretary (not in attendance)5. John Guest6. Jerry Perkins7. Elizabeth Butmann8. Kim Wine9. Kerry Fisher10. Wilson Robertson (not in attendance)11. Bobby Gierisch12. Rod Ruoff (not in attendance)13. Cliff Spinac (not in attendance)3. Officer Salsbury APD- Neighborhood Watch information? Break-ins and thefts have occurred in the neighborhood. Crime has skyrocketed in surrounding neighborhoods. With construction contractors around, it is difficult to tell who should be in the area. ? If you see something occurring, call 911. To report a crime you did not see, call 311. Contact Alliance for things like overgrown lawns, abandoned cars, etc.? Use your alarms, lock doors and gates, but most importantly, keep an eye open for suspicious activity. APD and Catellus patrol the area, but arent enough.? To form Neighborhood Watch, think small groups of 6-9 homes that have good visibility of each other. Exchange home and work phone #s, basic schedules and communicate about vacations or visitors. Look for information to be posted on Dues $10 dues may be paid to Dusty Harshman. Dues money finances the newsletter, events, and Those who pay dues will be able to vote at MNA meetings. The $10 dues paid now will last through the end of 2009. We anticipate that in the future, advertising in the newsletter may offset the amount of dues. A mock-up of a newsletter was available for an example. In the beginning it will be quarterly, but is anticipated to be a bimonthly in the future. is currently a volunteer effort, but with many new functions to come we need to make it worth the while of the webmaster. An example of an upcoming event is a Neighbors Night Out Barbeque Cook-Off, possibly in the Garden Court, on October 7. See for more information on the national event. 5. Neighborhood Block CaptainsConcern was expressed that the Steering Committee elections were held without enough prior publicity. Notice was given via and the Yahoo list serve. Block Captains are a no-tech way of keeping neighbors informed of what is going on. They should be letting you know about meetings. Some people dont know who their BC is. Bobby G created the map and signed up more volunteers. If you dont know your representative, ask Bobby or a neighbor. Other neighbors mentioned signage at the entrance of the neighborhood to advertise as well. is really the best way to get information, if you have access to a computer. Residents who have yet to move in can learn from the experience of those who already live here.6. CommitteesThere are several committees forming that need volunteers. Please sign up and be a part of the Events or Welcome Committees. Also, feel free to submit ideas, stories or photos for the Newsletter. Elizabeth B. and Drew H. and Dusty H. are the newsletter committee.7. The Steering Committee wants to know what the MNA can do for you. Ideas submitted at the meeting were: Find out about the replacement or repair of items damaged by construction or storms, such as street lights, street name signs, and curbs. Catellus will be contacted regarding these issues. To be a link between Catellus and the residents To create an online neighborhood directory To plan eventsWe are looking into alternative meeting locales.
Steering Committee Nominees
posted by GP on June 11th, 2008 8:10 AM
For the thirteen steering committee seats on the MNA, we have thirteen nominees! That is great news! As such, at the next meeting (this weekend), we will have a simple paper ballot with all thirteen nominees. As a reference, the nominees are listed below with a (self-provided) description.Thanks,GrantElizabeth ButmanDuring the early stages of the Mueller redevelopment, while Catellus retains majority control of the Property Owners' Association, our Mueller Neighborhood Association is especially crucial to ensure that residents have a forum for discussion and the ability to make our voices heard. As an architectural historian on staff at the TexasHistorical Commission, I am excited by the opportunity to help shape the history of our new development, and I hope that you will consider me for a position on the Steering Committee.Grant FisherMy wife (Ashley) and I moved to Lawless Street about 3 months ago, and have both been active in the neighborhood association since the initial meetings at Genuine Joes. As an active participant in the MNA, I would enjoy serving on the steering committee, representing not only my current neighbors, but also neighbors who have yet to move in.Kerry FisherI'm a UT grad who's lived in Austin for nine years, and I work at UT. I'll be moving to Scales Street in September from my current house in Cherrywood and I'm very excited. I've enjoyed getting involved in the neighborhood by going to the RMMA PIAC meetings for the past year and now the neighborhood meetings, too.Bobby GierischI am a Mueller resident since December, and I have attended the 'neighborhood association' meetings since they were held at Genuine Joe's -- also most of the 'neighborhoods coalition' and Mueller Commission meetings downtown. I am eager to see Mueller develop into a real community, and I am particularly interested in doing all we can to make the POA leadership responsive to the needs and wishes of the resident community.John GuestI am a former health system CEO who now is an association CEO representing (i.e. lobbying for) major teaching hospitals in Texas. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 38 years and have two grown sons, two grandchildren, and a dog named "Jetta". I have served for many years on and for volunteer boards and would like to contribute to the Mueller neighborhood and my Mueller neighbors.Drew HarrisHello, I'm your friendly neighborly lawyer on Lawless Street. I made a career of resolving disputes and coming up with creative solutions to problems, and I hope to be able to use these skills as a member of the Steering Committee.Dusty HarshmanI look forward to ensuring that the Mueller neighborhood is equal to the sum of its parts. Our well-conceived design, our diverse and intelligent residents, our dedicated stakeholders, and our out-of-this-world amenities should equate to a landmark neighborhood. While I believe we'll become a landmark neighborhood, I also hope that there will come a time that Mueller will just be another place in Austin to hang out in all four seasons: Winter, Spri-Summer, Summer, and Fa-Summer. Did I mention how hot its been?Jerry PerkinsI have a lifetime of community service through teaching, research, administration and various other activities, including election to two terms on a POA board (representing 3500 property owners). I would honored to help on the steering committee or in any capacity in which the MNA membership thinks I would useful.Wilson RobertsonI am a husband and father of two small girls, and we will be moving into one of David Weekley's rowhouses as a part of the Affordable Housing Program before November this year. I am a designer and project manager for a local architecture firm and card-carrying New Urbanist. As a member of the MNA Steering Committee, I intend to be a voice for those within the Affordable Housing Program, a voice for those within medium-density dwelling units, and a voice to represent Mueller's role as a participant within the greater Austin area.Rod RuoffI would like to serve on the MNA and play the role of advocate for helping to educate Mueller about "green" issues. There are exciting developments in renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, and related topics, which Mueller could benefit from. A parallel interest is in self-sufficiency, such as related to community-supported agriculture. Cliff SpinacAs a 12 year resident of Austin, after living in New York and Florida, I have come to an understanding about home living in Austin. I would like to be proactive in helping guide the future of our neighborhood to become something we can all be proud of.Kim WineI am Kim Wine, garden court resident, teacher, mom of 2 young boys, wife of Aaron. I helped present Mueller's need for an elementary school to AISD, and plan to continue to keep them informed on the situation. I am admittedly not good at legal mumbo-jumbo, but I feel I have common sense and the ability to see the big picture. My main concerns are making Mueller an open, friendly, safe and family-oriented place to live.Karen ZabreznikAlthough not a Mueller homeowner yet our home is well on its way to being complete in September. I have participated in the Mueller Neighborhood Assn and other Mueller related meetings since the Pioneer process began and we all started signing contracts on homes at Mueller. I am interested in continuing to participate the evolution of our community into a unique and special place to live and our interaction as a community with the surrounding neighborhoods, the POA, city government and other groups with an interest in Mueller.
GC issues
posted by mrs aaron on May 22nd, 2008 3:19 PM
here's my correspondence with catellus re: some GC issues---Kim We are following up on the drainage with the contractors and the addressing with the City as that is their domain. We will let you know what we find out.Thanks-DeeFrom: Kimberly Wine []Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 6:16 PMTo: contactus@catellus.comCc: Desjardin, DeanneSubject: 2 garden court issuesthere is a major puddle on the sidewalk on the east end of the garden court every time it rains or the sprinklers run. i'm sure this will cause the sidewalk to not last long we need some sort of signage to help EMS and the delivery people find our houses. one neighbor had what turned out to be a non-emergency, and the fire truck couldn't find her house. this could be a lifesaving sign. thanks!kim wine
Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 2.
posted by aaron on May 5th, 2008 12:27 PM
Theyve accepted me as one of their own now.Im sure said this at some point, but I couldnt find a verified relevant quote like this. For the past month, I have been living amongst the Mueller pioneers of phase 1. Ive been observing my subjects and their environment with the same aplomb that my contemporary did. Well, not actually, because I go to work during the day and I dont write anything down as far as notes and my subjects arent chimps and I usually make stuff up for the sake of being funny, but nonetheless, I have been observing my subjects (me included). That being said, here are some quick thoughts of the past month of living. -Ive noticed that the construction of the other houses start precisely at 7am, every day. I do mean every day, including holidays. Sundays, not all of the new houses are in play. I also notice that very loud trucks delivering supplies are allowed to deliver before 7, so that at 7 the hammering can begin. The last strip of houses (those that perpendict to the Garden Court) will begin construction in a few weeks with them being done near September, so we only have a few more months of this stuff. The construction does not stop until darn near sunset. This furthers my theory that the more physically harder the job, the less you get paid, taken with the sports professional postulate. This somehow plays into the amount of litter I see floating in the wind gusts. Im sure if I worked my butt off, while being paid low to build a house for someone who sits at a desk all day while they push buttons and eats donuts, that I too, would throw my ice cream wrapper on the ground in hopes that it would blow away. Along with paper plates, chicken bones, soda bottles, insulation, etc. -The parks and trails are nice. Very nice. The pocket park opened up even though the water in the pool is not ready. The swings are a bit low, but then when you are carrying near two Roman Cs for weight, you shouldnt be on a kiddie swing. The trails are almost connecting. The south greenway retention pond was put together extremely well. Instead of the standard water fountain to circulate the water, they put in a pump/waterfall system. Ive heard a rumor that the playscape at Lake Pond is open, so Ill be trespassing on the northern trail to get there soon. For those not there, the northern trail which connects all the phase 1 houses to the Lake Pond and Mueller Central is still under construction, but is mostly done and has been that way for four months. The real gem right now on the trails is the brand new giant spider art. I have internal debates with myself about art. Ive come to the conclusion that when I have internal debates with myself, I usually lose. I like to think of myself as the line of art. If I can make it, its not art. - art, on the ground - not art. However, the giant spider while cool in a horror , at first sounded like a really bad idea. Now it has way surprised me. They put this 30 foot metal sculpture right on the trail so you have to run/bike under it. They also surrounded it by trees so that it doesnt dominate the skyline. If your really expensive house had a southern trail view, you would really have to search to see the giant spider. I have come away with this impressed and consider it art. Im opening up my mind to the future coming giant spore and the solar panel sunflowers. -Its really hard to get stuff done around the house. You run outside for a minute to check on the kids playing in the garden court, when all of the sudden, you run into someone and talk for a few minutes. And then a beer opens up and you have to drink it and then all of the sudden a few more people show up and full discussions about the POA bloom. Finally it dawns on you that its night time and you have to put the kids to bed. Blast those inviting porches and open spaces! Ill never get my socks from the laundry folded and put away. -The landscaping in the GC is hit or miss. The trees that they put in are nice. The oak in front of my house is in full green pageantry. The irrigation system is a complete joke. Each house had to have a separate unit put in for the five feet of private yard. What you have is a GC sprinkler head an inch away from a home sprinkler head. Plus they put the controls in very odd and middle places. The drainage between houses is non-existent. The sidewalk is nice and the grass is ant-less. I get to play barefoot outside all the time now. Its perfect for a croquet game. The gates are not well put together, but the stone wall and iron bars are tastefully done. When they mowed the GC the other day for the first time, they left about a one foot swath of grass uncut in front of each house as this was deemed, personal yard. A quick swoop of the weed wacker took care of this, but I would think it was harder to figure out the property line rather than just cut the extra grass. -Even though every house has at least one big dog in it (so it seems), there is absolutely no random dog poo nuggets. All the dog walkers are carrying blue dog poo picker upper and making swift use of them. Way to go my fellow social experimenters! Im sure there are a lot more observations, but when you dont take notes and/or are lazy, blog posts like this end about here. So far the living at Mueller is just like I imagined it would be. Groups are forming like day play groups and the Moms night out (related? hmmmmm). My genetic carriers are banding up with others to form little kiddie gangs that terrorize sidewalks with their chalk. Phase two will be opening up soon and from the looks from the wildly successful builder open house the other week, it looks like more will come join us. Yet, we still dont have an official moniker. I vote for Muelleriopians. Next time, Ill discuss my plans for a whole army of , I mean, art projects.
Aaron Moved to Mueller
posted by aaron on March 28th, 2008 3:29 PM
Aaron moved to Mueller. Its got a nice ring to it.I didnt work very hard last Thursday. My closing date had gotten moved up a day because the title company was closed on Good Friday. Since I wasnt working that hard, I just took off half the day and ate lunch at the rental. I went by the storage unit, where most of my stuff has been for the past nine months and loaded up my van with boxes. I grabbed a strawberry fruit smoothie and a Chronicle and sat in the van in the shade listening to March Madness while I waited for my 4pm close time. All the players eventually showed up, the builder, the banker and the real estate maker. Finally it was time to sign seventy billion papers and become fully in debt. I wonder why the title company just doesnt make a piece of paper that says by signing here, I agree to all the papers presented to me instead of the stacks of papers that required my signature. Unfortunately my usual signature of just Aaron wouldnt cut it so I had to use my full name. As I signed my last paper, billions of quarks and electrons zapped overhead from my bank account to my builders bank account. The red house in the garden court was now ours. I spent the next day moving. I made two trips to the storage facility to grab as much small stuff as I could so that the movers I hired by the hour wouldnt be bogged down grabbing large and sewing boxes. For the first time in my life, I actually had some hired help to do all the heavy large things. I chose based on positive responses from the board. They were better than advertised. They arrived on time, worked hard and didnt scratch or drop anything. They get Aarons first 5 A star rating for movers. Since my tummy at this point was upset at the of leftovers I had eaten the day before, I took the genetic carriers to Hoovers for some local home cooking since all my pots and pans were still in boxes. We were able to get all of our groceries into one small box. I slept pretty well that night. Its a bummer that when you buy a house that you dont get to try it out a night before you buy. I had a previous house that I didnt realize how close the master bedroom was to a very noisy and well travelled at night road. My Mueller house was surprisingly very quite. Im sure it will change when we get a few more neighbors, but overall, it was peaceful, like a butterflies dancing on a bowl of marshmallows. In fact there has been a few surprising things. Until the grass sod was put down (which happened last Wednesday), a lot of dirt was tracked into the house thus making the stained concrete floors extremely slippery. Slippery floors are a ton of fun because you can never remake the Risky Business Tom Cruise slide enough. However, when you almost blow out a knee rushing to the phone, the slippery floors are forever cursed. Another thing that was surprising was the amount of wind Mueller gets. Its been a pretty windy place the first week. I dont know if that was all of Austin for the week or the lack of mature trees to block some of it, but if I had luscious locks like old , Id surely cut it and comb it over like his . One of the great things that we done so far in the GC (garden court) is to hang out on the front porch and watch the genetic carriers play with toys, while talking to neighbors, both future and present. Just about everyone has turned down my offer of a cheap beer (I didnt realize how many beer snobs there are in the world), but this is exactly what I envisioned us at the GC doing just about every night. Its ! One of the things that Mueller offers is a deal with Time Warner. Looking into the deal, you get for $50, road runner and basic cable called Standard. I get road runner right now and looked into DSL, but the DSL folks I called at AT&T wanted to charge me to see if DSL is available in my area. I called out malarkey and swiftly hung up the phone. Since I was paying $35 a month for my road runner, the Standard cable would cost me $15 a month. I really dislike Time Warners customer service and try to stay away from them if I can, but I need high speed. If I calculated all the upgrades to my TV, I would be paying about or more what Im paying for my DirecTV. When I called DirecTV, to discuss my impending move, they threw in an extra DVR receiver, free three months of Showtime/Encore, and free service on my extra DVR receiver for a year. Add in the fact that I can still get my NFL football package for Aaronland and it was a no brainer. Even better, when the DirecTV installer came to set me up (for free!!), he put the dish up discretely on the back side of the house about half the way up so hardly anyone will see the dish. So I got high speed internet at TWC for $35 a month, two DVR TVs Total Choice setup with DirecTV for $50, and VOIP with Vonage for $20 (all including tax). The really nice thing that the builder did and I dont know if all the builders did this, was to put a communications box on the outside of the house near all the meters and A/C units. This com box conduits to a panel in the master bedroom closet that links all the jacks in the house. Therefore, my TV and Modem guys only had to connect to the outside com box for all my TV and CAT5 jacks to be hot. There was no fish tape wiring, no need to pull in the attic and most importantly, no reason to drill holes in walls. We are trying all the light switches and unpacking the boxes (many of which are labeled, toys. Grandparents!) Our paper blinds are up and we are slowing getting settled into the next 30 years. I wonder how much the genetic carriers will remember later on of their life before Mueller. They will see pictures, but Im almost certain theyll only remember Mueller. If you are in the area, please do stop by and say hi. Were home for good now. I like that. One payment down, 359 to go. Next time, Ill try to give away stuff that we paid to store for nine months and move, but now decide to get rid of.
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 20
posted by aaron on March 14th, 2008 3:57 PM
Its been nine months since we signed our house contract.Im reminded about another nine month wait that Ive had twice before. A while back before kids, something would have to be serious wrong for the misses to wake up anytime before 10 am on weekends, so I knew something was up one day when she was up before 6 am one day. Finally she couldnt wait any longer and woke me up officially at 7 am to tell me that she was pregnant. Thats great I said and then went back to sleep. I mean, it was 7 am, way too early for me on a weekend.So now Ill give you the official male-computer geek-Aaron quick version of a pregnancy and then compare this to our Mueller house building process. I know pregnancies are broken up in trimesters so I will break this up as well. Before the official 46-gene mixer, a pregnancy starts in what I call the trying-mester. During this time, you have something called fertility week, which I must say is quite fun because no matter how you smell or what youve said or done, you still get to Try. Then one day you find out there isnt going to be a fertility week for a long time. But everyone is extremely happy and glowing. However the glow soon becomes the predecessor to a period of morning glory of sickness. It gets so bad that you have to invent new dinners based on how sticky the food is so that some of it will actually make it past the stomach. Then the sickness goes away and the glow returns, but only more powerful. During this stretch, you are given books that you are supposed to read that have the extremely boring parts underlined and all the sciencey cool stuff taken out. You get your first sonogram and are forbidden to come up with your own names for the stages your post-zygote is going thru (the tube, peanut, , , and ). You go thru a lot of cocoa butter lotion and start to learn that carrying a 16 pound bowling might be a tad uncomfortable. In fact, you better learn that carrying a 16 pound bowling ball is uncomfortable. You start gearing up a separate room and have to make decisions on baby cribs and strollers, but you shouldnt be looking into babys first solar system mobile. You also learn that your baby has a sense of humor on the second sonogram when you get a full shot of his butt on first scene. (ooh, how cute, his first moon! Im so proud) The last month of the pregnancy is the slowest month on record in the history of man. Each minute drags in some sort of near speed of light pace gravity warp that would be proud of. Finally, four days from the date of when they are going to induce because everyone is telling you the new member of your clan will be late and five minutes after you fall asleep from busting your butt to make the house ready and after the four beers, your loved one will say, I think my water broke. After rushing to the hospital, finding an and getting a good nap in, its time to have the baby. You then get to hold the baby for the first time and see what he looks like and then think, My goodness, Ive never changed a diaper before.Our Mueller process was not too different. We had to try out in the lottery process, although if we didnt get in with our initial builder, we could have bought one of the other builders houses since they priced out many people and had left over stock, however, in the name of run-on sentences, we are very happy that we got in the garden court as those had only upper level lottery winners who were able to purchase them. It was fun to look at all the houses and pick which one we hoped to get. The July and August rain/flood was much like the morning sickness part as we knew we were starting, but yet we couldnt see anything other than the torrential rain that was delaying our process. Finally the slab boards show up and you get all glowing and excited. You still get books handed to you with underlined sections that are completely boring and have to sit thru designer stuff that really doesnt make much sense, but you have to feign interest in. You start to get an idea of what your house will look like with first the frame and then the walls. Things start to take shape and grow rapidly. You learn that the workers have a sense of humor when they leave filled bottles in your house instead of using the port-o-potty. Then most of the house is done, but that last month takes forever. I mean forever. Then you hope that all goes well on your closing date so you can move in without surprises. Speaking of surprises, I found out yesterday that the title company that my lender chose will be closed on Good Friday even though Good Friday is NOT a bank holiday and after I repeatedly asked if Good Friday was okay. I will know soon whether we will get to move up our closing date by a day or back three. If we lose a weekend it will be a nice kick in the crotch. I think Ill smuggle my stuff slowing over that weekend anyways. We had a walk through this morning and all seems well. I would like to hire an independent inspector although I think it might seem like a waste of money, but should something go amiss later on, Ill kick myself for not doing it. The only major thing we caught was that an outlet is either missing or tiled up in our kitchen desk area. The rest was minor cosmetics. The cork floor finally went in and I got to say Im not that impressed with it. It feels better than I thought it would and is supposed to have sound buffers, but what I thought would be one shade of brown has turned into a checkerboard of many shades of brown. Im sure it will grow on me. Thankfully, Im going to put in a full shag carpet in Aaronland. The garden court got trees and they are going to leave the center tree-free for games of toss. Someone asked me what kind of trees they were putting in there and I told them they were wood trees, some with leaves. Well, this time next week, Ill be a Muellerilian, sitting on my porch drinking and watching the kids play in the garden court. Please stop by and have a beer and introduce yourself. Its been almost three years since my first official inquiry to Catellus about Mueller. Im only 604,800 seconds away from that. 604799.604798Next time, Ill flip the title to the new and improved new name. It will be a cavalcade of stars and interesting dinner recipes as I try to eat whatever is left in the cupboard so I dont have to move that stuff. First up is my turkey chili, beet, BBQ sauce, cheese sandwich. I think you can make a out of anything!
posted by mrs aaron on February 22nd, 2008 4:54 PM
here's a letter i sent them wednesday night. so far i haven't been fired: As the bond process moves forward, I have been thinking about the big picture. I understand that the Mueller neighborhood was never promised a school, despite Catellus generously donating the land for it. Of course that generosity was self-serving as well, since a neighborhood elementary school makes the development more desirable to families with small children like mine. I did make the assumption that this school would be on this bond, after reading that it was in consideration for the unnamed schools on the 2004 bond package, and named on the preliminary CBAC proposal for 2008. I am reminded of that saying that when you assume Maybe you dont believe that this community will produce the numbers, and maybe the numbers wont exceed expectations when there is not an elementary school there to draw the young families in. But with 10,000 residents coming, there will be two elementary schools worth of kids. My concern now is what is going to happen in the East Central elementary schools. Looking at the AISD Elementary Schools by 2006-07 Percent of Permanent Capacity September 22, 2006 map, I can see that there are schools in the area that could hold more children. I know from researching that AISD feels that over 100 more children could attend Maplewood, and even more could attend Blanton. And Im sure that redrawing boundaries for Pecan Springs, Sims and Campbell have crossed your minds too. While I understand this theory, I still dont think it is enough capacity, and I dont think it will succeed. When parents find out that the assigned elementary is packed, they will look elsewhere for their childrens educational needs. Having the standard of capacity at 125% is irresponsible. In a business, it would be illegal. Having portables at all AISD schools is irresponsible. Last year I worked in one of the oldest portables in the district. It has been remodeled enough times to pay for a new classroom. You may be even be thinking Mueller kids will help bring up the average test scores for some of the schools, but that wont work. Parents will find the nearest school with the highest test scores, because they think that is the best indicator of quality. I have had that conversation with a few families, and actually convinced the parents to tour Maplewood and look past the numbers that they felt werent good enough. They liked what they saw and will send their kids to Maplewood. But some wont see past the unacceptable Acceptables. Thus the transfer dance or private schools. Perhaps it is easier for AISD if people do send their children to private or charter schools while paying taxes, but that is not right. I want to engage in the discussion of improving the schools in the area, so that existing residents will want to send there kids to the schools they can walk to, rather than driving them across town in dangerous Austin traffic. I have contacted the principal at Blanton, but they have no PTA. Maplewood parents are very involved, but have been blindsided by this situation. What can we do to help these schools avoid a Linder situation? As we see from the Johnston situation, once the bad school problem starts, it spirals downward quickly. Reagan isnt that far behind. How many students that should attend Reagan dont? I realize you cant cut off all transfers, due to No Child Left Behind, but this problem predates that anyway. And setting up academies and magnets only fills up the buildings. Schools like KIPP are expanding while a clump of 6 schools on the previously mentioned map are at less than 75% capacity. Why? How do we change that? I refuse to double pay for my childrens education. And I dont want to drive them across town. I am excited to walk my sons to attend Maplewood, even though the 14:1 ratio that helps make it great will be gone already. My younger son probably wont be able to attend there, due to overcrowding. I want my sons at the same school. So now I need to know, what is your plan? I need to know so that I can make my plan. Im a planner. That is part of why I was attracted to a development with 20 years of planning behind it. I understand that you are just working with the plans, or lack thereof, of your predecessors. And despite my tone, I really do appreciate your service to this community. I just want better, and I hope you do too. Sincerely, Kim Wine, parent, AISD teacher and future Mueller resident
Supporting the Mueller Elementary School
posted by langhugh on February 11th, 2008 1:23 AM
The near future of the Mueller Elementary School may be decided in the next two weeks. If you are so inclined, there is much you can do to support the restoration of Mueller ES to the upcoming 2008 AISD school bond proposal. Below are several steps you can take to support an elementary school at Mueller in the timeframe that the Mueller development dictates. 1. Sign the iPetition that Kim Wine and I will present to the AISD Board of Trustees. Please feel free to leave a short comment with your signature of support. It is linked here: ... index.html 2. Write a note or letter to the AISD Board of Trustees regarding the 2008 School Bond Proposal. E-mail the Board at Then print it and put it in an envelope and send it to AISD Board of Trustees, 2008 Bond Proposal, 1111 West 6th Street, Austin, TX 78703. 3. This is important. The Board of Trustees have re-opened the floor to public comment at their three work sessions in the next week. On February 11th, 12th, and 18th, the AISD Board of Trustees are accepting public comment regarding the 2008 bond proposal. Please consider attending one of these meetings and signing to speak in favor of the restoration of Mueller ES to the bond proposal. The Board is re-considering the bond's scope, and they are practically begging the Mueller community to show our numbers and support for the elementary school. While not an easy task, your presence at these meetings can make a substantial difference in Mueller's development. Board meetings are held at the Carruth Administration Complex (CAC) located at 1111 West 6th Street, Room B-100, Austin, Texas, 78703. Here are the meeting details: - February 11th at 6:00PM. There will be two opportunities for Citizen Communications regarding the bond proposal. Please arrive before 7:00PM to sign up to speak, although there will even be an opportunity to sign up until 9:00PM because of the way they are splitting the Communication sessions. Here is the agenda: ... F532AF.pdf - February 12th at 6:30PM. This meeting exclusively regards the 2008 Bond Proposal. There will be two hours of Public Hearing with opportunities to voice your opinion. Please arrive before 7:00PM to sign up to speak, Here is the agenda: ... 9F1DF2.pdf - February 18th at 6:00PM. This will be the last opportunity to speak on Mueller's behalf before the Board of Trustees sets the bond on February 25th. Please arrive before 7:00PM to sign up to speak. There is not yet a posted agenda. Looking a beer, Dusty Harshman
posted by mrs aaron on February 8th, 2008 4:32 PM
Here's some info you fellow 4116'ers might want to look at. I feel that the numbers for Mueller are flawed in this report prepared for the 2004 bond selection of the 2 unnamed schools, especially for Maplewood. It is true that 2 more elementary schools are needed than are on the Bond. I think the Board knows this and we need to show them we know it too. Kim Wine 4116 Scales
Jim Walker Post
posted by icemonkeyharvest on January 28th, 2008 2:20 PM
All, First off, over the past week or so, the combined efforts of many (special thanks to Kim Wine for riding point) have made an impression and impact both on the media and AISD view of Mueller, regarding both the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and the elementary. The AISD bond advisory commission has passed their final recs to the School Board (including no Mueller elementary and no recommendation up or down on the PAC), and the School Board has about another month before they must finalize what they want to put to voters on a May ballot. This spontaneous campaign of ours is not over until the School Board sets the final ballot. So it is important to keep up the letter/email campaign to the Statesman and Chronicle as well as to the School Board members themselves. The key points remain the same: - An elementary school has been planned for Mueller for 20 years. New families are moving into Mueller at a rate to support a new school by 2011 or so. This is an opportunity for AISD to participate in proactive planning and not passively wait for critical overcrowding to drive decisions. There may be excess capacity in elementaries around Mueller, but this seems largely a function of transfers out of the area, which speaks to the need for a new commitment by all of us to making all Mueller and NE Austin area elementaries into true neighborhood schools that are all successful and desirable - with or without a new Mueller school; such a process will be more productive with the predictability of a new school coming on line by 2011 or 2012 (which means it needs to be funded now). This is absolutely an equity issue, on a much larger level than just Mueller, but on which the singular event of Mueller might actually help achieve equity. If a new elementary is not put forth by the School Board, the Mueller and NE Austin community will need to convene around planning for new options. - Naming a PAC at Mueller is premature on several levels. First, a land offer was made by someone who doesn't actually own the land being offered. Second, the community planning process was bypassed. For either of these to be rectified, we need to be back at square one of the idea of a PAC at Mueller, which means NOT funding it now with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink that it will all get worked out ... In light of the many high school performing space renovations also being sought, the most prudent route for AISD might be to not fund anything related to a district wide PAC and appoint a task force (including Mueller folks to ensure Mueller stays in the mix) to really get into what a PAC needs and means to any neighborhood it would go - granted this has echoes of 2004, but jeez someone needs to break this cycle of manufactured urgency and old school deal making ... And I think we all understand that any facility on a bond ballot is stronger if the facility site is known and supported by the local community rather than vice versa .... And of course, there are many other things also happening at Mueller. Keep talking to your neighbors and friends, whether they live at Mueller or near Mueller, I can guarantee there is something going on of interest to anyone ... Lastly, on a personal note, thanks to everyone who is responding on the Statesman website and to me privately about your support and thoughts on the AISD bond issues and other Mueller stuff. Regardless of how the Statesman may pitch it in a spasm of partiality, I know I'm not the only one invested in Mueller's success, indeed, it times like these that should reassure all of us that no one voice, mine or anyone else's, is the sole conscious of Mueller, this collective purpose is Mueller's success. Let's begin to think how and where we want to focus our collective purpose after these AISD questions are resolved ... Jim
my letter to the Chronicle
posted by mrs aaron on January 21st, 2008 3:58 PM
The Austin School District's Citizens' Bond Advisory Committee is reviewing and discussing its recommendations for a proposed bond program in 2008. Current, future, and prospective Mueller residents (Pioneers) and members of the City appointed Mueller Commission have been working to get the elementary school named on the bond. Families with children are moving in and we want to be a part of a positive boundary discussion that benefits not just our new neighborhood, but the surrounding area as well. Too many parents in the area are sending their kids to private schools. We want to work to change that. We believe in public schools. An elementary school has always been in the Mueller master plan. It has been mentioned in past AISD bond program recommendations. Catellus has donated the land, which would save $2,574,880. Enrollment projections from the district suggest that neighboring campuses can accommodate the influx of Mueller students until the 2012-13 school year. A school put on the 2008 bond probably wouldnt be built until 2012. Not waiting until neighborhood schools are at 125% capacity makes sense. Planning for growth makes sense. There is a chance that the AISD Performing Arts Center (PAC) is going to be plunked down next to that needed elementary school. This was never presented as a possibility to the Mueller Commission or the Mueller Pioneers. The judgment on whether AISD needs a PAC is not the question. The effect on the Mueller master plan and its principles has not yet been discussed. Mr. Rathgebers generosity is appreciated; however Mueller is not the best place for the PAC. Participants from the entire district traveling to over 200 events a year are going to impact this community that is striving to be a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood. Whether AISD needs a PAC is not in question. We wish McCallum could be the location, as our kids will be students there eventually. AISD already owns land at 183 and Loyola. To say that 2 miles east of the Mueller location isnt central is just not acceptable when the Delco Center is nearby. The careful planning that the City has put into Mueller should be respected and continued. Kim Wine
Send me your statement of support for Mueller Elem.
posted by mrs aaron on January 14th, 2008 5:35 PM
If you can't make the forum, go ahead and email me your statement of support and i'll pass it on! Kim Wine">
Elementary- Bond Forum Talking Points and request for RSVPs
posted by mrs aaron on January 10th, 2008 8:49 PM
Two public forums will be held to discuss the CBAC's proposed recommendations for the scope of work to be included in the proposed 2008 Bond Program to the Board of Trustees:  , 3700 Convict Hill, 414-3276  , 7309 Lazy Creek Drive, 414-2543 Why should we attend both meetings? o Not all bond committee members may show up at both meetings; o Shows how important it is to us if we travel across town to attend both. I will attend both. 3 talking points Put the Mueller elementary school on the ballot. An elementary school part of the master plan for 20 years! It needs to happen. People are starting to live hear NOW its time to build the school. Needs to be a named project on the bond. The elementary school need is driven by the demographics of the area. Catellus is planning on attending and presenting the data they collected from the survey. District wide Performing Arts Center will be coming to Mueller? Just a rumor; Mueller commission has heard nothing about it there has been no process around it. We dont think the performing arts center has been vetted with the community yet; tradeoffs have not been discussed; impact to the community has not been assessed. Not for or against it per se but there is no plan for it so it cant happen unless the master development is plan is changed needs to be addressed with the Mueller Commission. Opportunity for proactive boundary conversation with surrounding neighborhoods we want the boundary discussion to be positive we have 4 years to discuss it. Please join us at these forums! Kim Wine kberlywine(at)
Dec 11th meeting
posted by mrs aaron on December 13th, 2007 3:51 PM
I was supposed to be taking notes at the meeting, but I lost the motivation about 30 minutes into it, as it was my third 2+ hour note-taking meeting in three days. The topic you refer to didn't make the discussion while I was there. I will attempt to recall the other points of the meeting in the next few days. Sorry that I dropped the ball! Kim Wine
as requested, Sunday Dec 9 MNA meeting summary
posted by mrs aaron on December 10th, 2007 9:44 PM
Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Dec. 9, 2007 This is a summary, not minutes. And I had to leave early. Started off with about 5 neighbors present, grew to maybe 20. MNA- Dusty Harshman- Catellus had already registered a group as the MNA with their own contacts. After discussion, Karen Zabreznik convinced them to withdraw and let us register our group. Thanks Karen! Dusty does not foresee a second set of dues for the MNA, well try to get funds from the POA. Rick Krivoniak said sometime next summer the Windsor Park NA will give up to our association some of the non-Mueller (non-City) land they currently claim (the water tower land, Troublemaker Studios). They grabbed those previously in order to be informed whenever zoning and other decisions were made. Online Survey and Open House results- Dusty 150 responses to Online Survey Highlights: 80% respondents were homeowners 10% on waiting list 6% on Pioneer list, but not buying right now 4% community stakeholders 60% of respondents have never lived with a HOA type structure before, overall a mixed-leaning to positive attitude toward this community association, high interest in community governance Top 10 key concerns in order: 1. parking and traffic (70 respondents) 2. landscaping/fencing (40) 3. modifications- freedom 4. pets (28) 5. amenities 6. enforcement 7. green additions 8. reverting to City of Austin ordinances 9. security 10. level of fees POA- Dusty and Rick provided information regarding the soon to be released Rules and Regulations and FAQ from Catellus. Currently in draft form. Basically represent the covanents, in laymans terms and with a few additions. Highlights (or maybe Lowlights?) Parking and Traffic o 30 minute on street for residents o 72 hours for guests Unless emergency or written permission enforceable? realistic? Landscaping, Fencing, and Modifications o Any exterior modification must go through review committee Catellus asks us to trust them that 80% of modifications will be approved Christmas lights? a chair on the porch? Pets o 3 pet limit (only 2 can be dogs) o no Pit Bulls, dangerous or exotic animals, must be customary, domesticated o no outdoor pets without a leash (cats) Water Tower report- Rick Bids opened about a week and a half ago. All bids were higher than expected. Steel frame (cool design) $15 million Concrete base design $6 million Both significantly more $ than standard design. Catellus has interest in better design. Rick will have to explain possible funding for the better designs. Sorry Rick. Elementary School at Mueller- Kim Wine Not much chance at getting one of two remaining new schools on the 2004 AISD Bond Package. Three other areas deemed needing more immediate relief. Currently Maplewood is at 346 with a capacity of 400, has 5 portables in use already. Phase 1 and 2 kids will attend Maplewood. We need to speak up at the two public hearings- January 10 and 15. Meeting times and locations TBA. Wendy Morgan (Maplewood parent) has been contacted regarding getting the Maplewood community involved also. Contact AISD with questions and concerns at: ... pt=contact Closing concerns Community Assessment fee- of 1% This fee funds the social goals of Mueller, mainly the Mueller Foundation for the Affordable Housing. Not the flat $150 fee to POA. Problem is some buyers paying it, some builders paying it, and some have no idea who is paying it. Meritage- they pay it D Weekly- buyer pays Others-??? Why is this not a standard across the board? Is this a charitable deduction? At this point I had to leave to go eat potato latkes. I hope I did a respectable job. Kim Wine
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Pro-LGBT Rights, Pro-Pot, Pro-Net Neutrality, Anti-TSA, Anti-NSA. Support Kevin Ludlow for the TX House of Representatives District 46
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