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Looking for someone to install backsplash
posted by robin jack on November 7th, 2019 7:29 AM
The world is full of businesses but do you know how important they are? You know there are very big ones like Apple, BP and Amazon and very small ones like your local shop or window-cleaner. Grandad explains how all these businesses contribute to our daily life as importantly as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Without businesses he believes we would still be living in caves or mud huts, we would spend all our time searching for food and water. There would be no schools, no doctors, no police, no government,no cars, no television, nearly nothing, This is one of a series of articles aimed by Grandad at grandchildren everywhere. Grandad has learned many things over his lifetime in business. These articles can give you a flying start in life. Kerry Park Seattle
Riley signs
posted by Andrew Clements on August 22nd, 2014 9:23 AM
Kerry:I have a couple of extra - I'm at 4528 Ruiz Street. I can leave one on my front porch for you.(Be careful not to put a sign in the city right-of-way - they aren't allowed there. Behind the sidewalk should be safe and on "your" property (the edge of the sidewalk closest to your residence is typically the property line).Andrew Clements
Riley signs
posted by kerry on August 19th, 2014 9:43 PM
My Chris Riley sign has gone missing from my front yard! Does anyone have any extras? Thanks! Kerry
Truck needed.
posted by Kathy Sokolic on April 1st, 2014 9:17 AM
I would also like to thank Dan. Out of all the truck owners in the hood, only he and my neighbor Kerry have ever offered to help haul something (we've needed help many times!!). VERY much appreciated with our small garages and lack of personal trucks! If any truck owners want to set up a truck share, I would be willing to pay for that!! Until then, cheers to Dan and Kerry! :)
Affordable ReFi Recommendation?
posted by vaden on July 19th, 2012 9:27 AM
Thank you very much Kerry!
Changes to Alliance/Time-Warner cable/internet deal?
posted by henningspruth on April 24th, 2012 10:02 AM
I'm still undecided ... based on kerry's report on page 9 of this thread, we can keep the internet only for $34 or so. I'm considering this in combination with a better HDTV antenna for my TiVo, the money saved may be better spent on Netflix ...
Chevy Volt
posted by Sarah on March 13th, 2012 3:51 PM
Thanks, Kerry. If I'm understanding this correctly, it preliminarily looks like if we have $0 tax liability at the end of the year (which is likely since we usually get a refund), I don't get any of the $7,500 benefit? I can't imagine that is the case. I look forward to the analysis of the precise rules, Brewster - thanks!On another note, does anyone in the neighborhood by chance have a cyber grey Volt I could just take a look at in person really quick? I have only seen this color in pictures.
Chevy Volt
posted by kerry on March 13th, 2012 10:39 AM
Hi Sarah,The IRS has listed the limit for the Volt at $7500: IRS Form 8936 has more details on how much of the credit you can capture based on the amount of tax you owe: It's important to note that "If you cannot use part of the personal portion of the credit because of the tax liability limit, the unused credit is lost. The unused personal portion of the credit cannot be carried back or forward to other tax years".Definitely worth looking into!Kerry
Trash Party Invite for Today!
posted by Kathleen Malcom on August 27th, 2011 10:14 AM
Your invited to come by the TRASH PARTY at 5:00PM today for some of Kerry Fisher's famous home made Sangria, while visiting with neighbor's prior to heading over to the Forklift Danceworks Trash Project. The event is sold out, however if you have tickets then meet us at 4440 Camacho and carpool.
Trash Party Invite!
posted by Kathleen Malcom on August 21st, 2011 6:26 PM
***Muellerites: Kerry Fisher and I would like to invite those who have tickets to attend the Trash Project on 8-27-11 to a pre TRASH PARTY! We will meet at Kat Malcom’s house at 4440 Camacho from 5:00PM to 6:30PM before we head over to the event. Everyone is welcome to join us for light appetizer’s and drinks. Those interested can car pool from there. The Trash Project is free, however it’s currently “sold out”, and more tickets may be released the week of the 22nd. The Trash Project; Saturday, August 27th. Presented by Forklift Danceworks Austin Studios tarmac; 1901 East 51st St, Doors at 6:30pm; One Green Step Event from 6:30-7:30pm. *** 7:30pm show
MNA General member meeting 18 June 2011 - minutes
posted by Betsy on June 18th, 2011 12:01 PM
18 June 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association MNA President, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting which was held at the Browning Hangar. About 30 members attended. – Kerry reported that our current balance is $3996.75. Anticipated EOY balance about $2800. We have 196 current members. : Nominations were solicited over the past two months for the 13 positions on the Steering Committee. Nominees who submitted in time to be included on the paper ballot include: ---- Don Dozier ---- Ashley Fisher ---- Diane Gierisch ---- Corky Hilliard ---- Betsy Hilton ---- Kevin McGillicuddy ---- Candice McKay ---- Travis Michel ---- Dennis Mick ---- Jerry Perkins ---- Shellie Shores ---- Kathy Sokolic ---- Reem Zoun Nominated at the meeting.... none. Write-in votes were also allowed. All 13 candidates were elected with 25 votes received. - Wayne Courreges, District Commissioner with the Armadillo District of Boy Scouts of America, presented information on scouting and sought feedback on the level of interest on creating a Cub Scout pack in Mueller. Mueller would be great location for a Cub Scout pack. Family oriented and the ability to walk to meetings. A great chance for boys to learn leadership and outdoor skills, and about the community. Cub Scouts go 1st - 5th grades. At 6th grades they cross into Boy Scouts. Varshna Narumanchi-Jackson also spoke. She lives in the J J Seabrook neighborhood and is also a boy scout representative. Varshna talked about her experience with two boys in scouting. Who would sponsor (charter) the pack? Could be a church, PTA, or MNA. There may be other options. Once a sponsor is identified, a charter is signed between the organization and BSA. The charter organization picks adult leaders for the pack. To get started, need at least 5 adult leaders and at least 5 scouts. The charter organization also has to have a liaison to BSA. Adults without kids (or young kids) are often very involved. These adults can make a difference in the lives of young boys. All adults take youth protection training. More information on scouting is available at Anyone interested in seeing a Cub Scout pack form at Mueller should talk to Grant Fisher or Joe Denton so the level of interest can be determined. - As most know, AISD proposes to construct a district performing arts center near the intersection of 51st & Berkman, within the Mueller development. The MNA sent a letter to the City Council expressing tentative support but with concerns. The PIAC advised the City Council that they were neutral with concerns. Austin City Council approved 7-0 to allow Catellus to sell the land to AISD. AISD is hosting a community meeting on this subject Tuesday, June 21st from 6:30-8 p.m. at Reagan High School. Grant encouraged participation and dialogue with AISD, and said they’ve been responsive on other issues in the past. (Ashley) - - PIAC meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month except July and Dec. - Affordable housing - new DW garden homes almost sold out for the affordable program. Standard Pacific affordable condos in Mueller homes are selling well. Four resales and 4 pending through the foundation. Working out well for sellers (cash in pocket). Buyers of resales can make up to 120% of MFI. - Mueller AE substation under construction at Morris Williams Golf Course. - Looking at bike lane design changes (ultimate) on Mueller Blvd. Possibly separated from traffic. Interim lanes needed... Ashley will bring up to City. - Section 6 buildout next (on North side of Simond, west of Berkman). 221 housing units - some standalone, some garden homes, and first live/work units. No builders announced yet. Very small pocket park and no additional pool. - Lawless block party tonight, including pie contest. Starts at 7:00 p.m. Everyone welcome. - July 4th activities - parade, pool party, Tom Miller block party (even though there are no fireworks). Watch for more info. - Urban Wildlife & Butterflies: Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - noon in the garden at Mueller Central, there will be a seminar on Urban Wildlife. The City of Austin has a neighborhood challenge program to encourage homeowners to establish urban wildlife habitats. Several homes in Mueller have already been certified, including at least one ROW home. Most houses are pretty easy to certify with minor modification. There will also be a presentation by the Butterfly Forum on setting up a butterfly garden. - Pool committee update (Diane G) - --- 12-1 closing to switch pool from private to public use. If you’re in the pool at 12, you can keep swimming until the lifeguard asks you to leave so they can prepare for public opening. Once asked, please comply with their instructions so they can get their opening duties performed on schedule. --- at 7:00, the lifeguard should ask everyone to leave the gates. Card entry swipe should work again at 7:15 p.m. --- Card reader hasn’t been working between 7:15 and 7:30. Diane will let Jennifer Harvey know. Meeting adjourned about 10:45. Good attendance today!!
Just bought a house & looking for a refrigerator
posted by kerry on June 17th, 2011 10:25 AM
Welcome to Scales Street, Sameer! You should come on out to the Mueller Neighborhood Association meeting tomorrow morning at 10am and then meet your fellow alley neighbors at the Lawless block party at 7pm.Let us know if you need anything. Good luck with the fridge!Kerry
Home stays needed for CapTexTri
posted by kerry on May 4th, 2011 2:39 PM
CapTexTri needs home stays for professional triathletes in town for the race during Memorial Day weekend. Two years ago I had two New Zealanders stay with me for a week (they both won!) and I had a great time. This year I offered to help find other houses in Mueller so an entire team/group could stay near each other to simplify training, transportation, etc. If you're interested, read the info below and submit the attached form to them. Also let me know so I have an idea of how many people reply. If you can't host, we'll still need cheerleaders. It's fun to watch these pros fly by on the course! Thanks!! Kerry "The Capital of Texas Triathlon organizers are looking for folks who would be interested in opening up their homes to visiting professional triathletes. The home stay program is meant to help these athletes minimize their expenses as they travel to Austin to compete in the CapTexTri Race to the Toyota Cup event. The home stay hosts would be asked to provide an athlete with a place to stay, help with some transportation needs if required, and be a welcoming ambassador for the City of Austin. Visiting athletes will most likely only need two or three night’s accommodations over the Memorial Day weekend. Some may request a longer stay. Some may not want to leave. If interested, please contact Attached is the home stay host questionnaire that you can complete and return if you can help."
Steering Committee minutes - 3 May 2011
posted by Betsy on May 3rd, 2011 10:02 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for June 7. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2011 Grant opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. SC members present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kerry Fisher SC members absent: Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette, Shellie Shores, Mike McGovern We are doing well - $4353.62 current balance. Front Porch Flyer printing this week (about $500). It will include a column by Grant that mentions the new business membership category. a. Large meeting - May 21st. Lee Thomson lined up to speak on Mueller Foundation. There’s an event (arthritis walk) at the hangar so we’re looking at another place. Several options discussed - watch for details. Discussed possibility of having prizes again. b. Front Porch Flyer - going to printer this week. Delivery expected this weekend. c. Business Memberships - Frost Bank is our first. Business memberships are $25/year. Business members will be listed in the FPF. d. Elections - Grant and Kerry will run the elections (nomination committee) since they are not eligible to run for re-election. Nominations can be sent to (This address should be active in the next couple of days.) Include the name, short bio/statement of interest and street you live on. Please consider serving the community... it takes a little time to attend meetings but it’s a great way to get more involved! Elections are June 18. Nominations should be received by June 11 to be included on the printed ballot. Additional nominations will be received from the floor at the meeting. You must be present at the meeting to vote, and must be a current member of MNA. e. TCAD - Deadline to file a protest on your 2011 appraisal is May 31. Look at your statement - you might be able to file the protest electronically. f. AISD Performing Arts Center (1200 seats) - proposed location is Barbara Jordan & Mueller. This wasn’t in the original development plan and creates some potential concerns. Approval from City Council is required for Catellus to sell the property to a governmental entity other than the City of Austin. AISD will present the proposal to the PIAC on Tuesday, May 10th. Discussion about traffic impacts and increased pressure on Lake Park (already heavily used). Since the HOA pays for Lake Park maintenance, concerns expressed about the impact on our future HOA fees. In addition, this takes a large piece of land off the tax rolls, and those taxes support the overall cost of the Mueller development. If the deal goes through, it was discussed that Mueller needs to have significant input on the design, traffic impacts, park impacts, etc. Anticipated use of the facility is 300 days/year. Also discussed bringing preliminary concerns to the Mueller Let’s Talk meeting tomorrow night, May 4th. Discussed MNA expressing concerns regarding adherence to the design guidelines, addressing traffic impacts on the neighborhood, addressing problems that may result from so many additional people using other Mueller infrastructure (parks, trails, etc.). Plans include: - Agenda item for May 21 meeting - General membership vote on whether MNA should express concerns regarding traffic and other impacts (parks, etc.) related to the proposed PAC at Mueller, and express our desire to be part of the planning process. (No position for or against the PAC). Steering Committee recommends approval (motion - Kathy S, 2nd Dennis M - passed unanimously). - Special mailout to provide information to residents - Discussion topic for June 18 meeting Large meeting May 21 - discussed above. - Plant Fest was very successful - Mueller Gardens walking tour will be May 14, 10:00 a.m. - noon. Sidewalk strolls on 3 streets. - Central Texas gardener filming in Mueller in mid-May - Urban wildlife workshop June 25 - Friends of the Prairie recently marked johnson grass so Valley Crest knows where to herbicide. This started last year and the system seems to be working well. - The Landscape Committee is discussing modifying the mowing schedule for the prairie so it’s not all mowed at the same time. Meeting adjourned 8:25 pm.
MNA General Membership meeting minutes 16 April 2011
posted by Betsy on April 16th, 2011 12:19 PM
16 April 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association MNA President, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting which was held at the Browning Hangar. Grant introduced Kathy Sokolic, who is leading our meeting today. About 52 members attended. - Kathy announced that there would be a drawing for prizes (credit at trailer eateries) at the conclusion of the meeting. – Kerry reported that our current balance is $4488. We anticipate another round of MNA grants can be awarded in the Fall. : - Egg Scramble next Saturday, April 23 - Mueller garden walking tour - May 14, 10:00 a.m. until noon. Contact Janelle Dozier if you want to nominate a garden. Also, Central Texas Gardener will be here filming a show on Mueller on May 12. - Solar meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the SEDL building. Come to this meeting to learn about solar installations, rebates, group purchasing power and more! Kathy has verified that row homes are eligible for the Pecan Street Project supplemental rebates. - Block captains introduced themselves. Kathy encouraged new people to get involved with the community. Upcoming events include: - Scales/Mattie block party tonight at 5:30. Starts with bike/ped parade. - Camacho block party on May 15 - Ben Edgerton & Andrew Wiseheart, owners of Contigo Austin, spoke about their restaurant across Anchor Lane from Mueller. Ben is the general manager and Andrew is the executive chef. They are working to create community, facilitated through good food, drinks, and hospitality. Training started last night. Grand opening is May 7. The menu is described as fresh, quality bar food. They’ll have a small plates section on the menu. Andrew is also interested in charcuterie (cured meats) and they’ll have a few sausages on the menu. They’ll also have a couple of salads and several vegetarian items. They get their chicken and beef from 2 farms in Fredericksburg. They’ll have 12 beers on tap with some of them being local beers. They’ll have a limited, but well-executed cocktail list. About 75% of their seating is outside. About 1/2 is covered and most is in shade due to site orientation. They are working to get a bike rack installed. Hours will be 4pm - midnight M-F, noon - 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, and noon - midnight on Sunday. Address is 2027 Anchor Lane. See for more information. Ben’s family owns/operates Contigo Ranch in South Texas. He’s bringing some of that to Austin. (Ashley Fisher) - - Dell hospital update regarding expansion. Expansion was planned from the beginning but is needed sooner than anticipated. Will expand from 178 to 250 beds. Break ground December and finish July 2013. - Mueller Foundation - have bought back 3 houses that resold. Focus is affordability and education. See minutes from last month for more discussion of the education focus. - Simmons Vedder working on new apt. complex next to Mosaic. - Subdivision of property at corner of Berkman & Antone for the Pecan Street Project demonstration house and about 7 others (shop houses & garden homes) - Wildflower Terrace already has 190 people on their interest list. They are part of Catellus Open House today from 12-3 p.m. - - MNA will be accepting nominations for Steering Committee members in May, and elections will be held in June. Please consider serving the community in this way. Several current members and officers are not eligible to run as they’ve reached their three year term limit. - Front Porch Flyer photo contest - A slice of life at Mueller... start developing a photo history of life here at Mueller. Send photos to by April 25th. Some prizes will be awarded. - Lawless neighbors are hosting open houses to meet council members (up for re-election) Chris Riley (April 18) and Randi Shade (April 25). Gathering at 7:00 p.m. both nights at 4120 Lawless St. Meeting adjourned about 10:45. Great attendance today!!
MNA SC minutes 5 April 2011
posted by schnauzerhouse2 on April 15th, 2011 11:40 AM
Steering Committee Meeting minutes 5 April 2011 Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for May 3rd. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes—April 5, 2011 I. Introductions-Kathy Sokolic opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. The following SC members were present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Shellie Shores, and Kerry Fisher. Mary Piette, Betsy Hilton and Mike McGovern were absent. II. Treasurer’s report: Kerry Fisher, treasurer announced a balance of $4553.62 in the MNA checking account. MNA membership is currently 186 members including three new members from the Greenway Lofts. Kerry announced that Frost Bank could not allow a waiver of the $5/month fee for viewing checks. Drew announced that collections from advertisers from the Front Porch Flyer totaled approximately $2500. Also, the Frost Bank was likely to become the MNA’s first business membership. III. Existing Business: Block Captains Kathy Sokolic recommended using Block captains to distribute information about the Pecan Street Project by email to residents on their block. Kat pointed out that listings of residents varied greatly among streets/block captains and that some block captains would find passing on information to residents as burdensome while others would not. Some block captains are already passing on information from multiple purposes from personal to neighborhood business. Kat Malcolm indicated that the responsibilities of block captains were already established and later submitted the following: “The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) Block Captains facilitate networking and communication throughout the Mueller Community. Each Captain represents their street in local matters to the MNA Steering Committee. The goal is for the Captains to be a channel of communication that flows upward and downward on issues that concern the best interest/benefit of Mueller. Block Captains will also help facilitate neighborhood events for their street such as the annual Neighborhood Night Out in October and an Alley/Street party in June, as well as any impromptu events. This is a volunteer position that enhances the quality of Mueller life.” Members discussed the possibility of using MNA funds to formally recognize block captains, or perhaps to provide identification (such as a decoration) that could be placed in front of the block captain’s home; others suggested that block captains could be recognized at each monthly meeting. Finally Drew recommended using Convio or some other email contact manager to automate emailings. Kat pointed out the need to clarify the parameters of the relationship between the MNA and the Pecan Street Project. Diane Gierisch presented a motion that we further discuss the role of block captains at the next MNA Steering Committee meeting. The motion passed. Pecan Street Project: Kathy Sokolic announced that the Pecan street project would provide an extra $ .75 rebate for both south and west facing panels (up to 6kw); she also indicated that Pecan Street energy audits would be temporarily delayed. Front Porch Flyer (FPF): Drew indicated that all profits from FPF go directly to MNA; he suggested that perhaps some of this cash could be funneled back to the FPF, perhaps as awards for best photo or article submissions. Kathy Sokolic suggested having a photo issue of the FPF where the best photos of the previous year could be included; Shellie Shores suggested that a calendar using the prize-winning photos would be appropriate. Don suggested that Janelle would likely agree to write a short piece for the FPF on the outcome of the Plant Fest 2011 and volunteered that he would provide photos of the event. For MNA General Membership meeting, April 16: Members proposed a raffle for free coffee/food from the trailers could be used to encourage member attendance. Diane suggested an additional drawing for first-time MNA meeting attendees. Open comments: Kathy Sokolic suggested that new residents in the Garden Homes might receive special invitations to the next MNA meeting. Drew suggested that block captains or others might volunteer to sponsor/work with new residents in establishing the tradition of having block parties in newly built areas. Don Dozier volunteered to input email addresses of MNA members to create an email database.
MNA Steering Committee minutes 1 Mar 2011
posted by Betsy on March 1st, 2011 9:02 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for April 5th. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – March 1, 2011 I. Introductions - Grant opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. All SC members were present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Shellie Shores, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher. II. Treasurer’s Report: We are doing well - $4358.62 current balance. Up from last month. About half of this will be used for Front Porch Flyer printing this year. Deposited more dues lately and FPF ad proceeds. Now have 175 current members in MNA. Frost has a feature now for $5/month where you can view the images of all checks deposited. We will ask to see if we can get it free, but this would make Treasurer’s job easier. SC approved asking them for it free, and approving the expenditure if we can’t get it for free. (Drew motion, Mary Piette 2nd - passed with one vote against.) III. Existing Business: a. Candidate Forum (March 22) - Windsor Park organizing with surrounding neighborhoods. City Council elections in May. Potential topics we’d want discussed were suggested: transportation and bike/ped, single member districts, recycling contractor (and smaller bins as an option). b. MNA Grants - 3 applications were received: Stitch-n-Bitch ($125), Boomers($30), and Friends of the Prairie($125). A total of $500 was available. All were approved. Discussion about desire to see more grant applications that support community events. Also discussed ways to share information about the history of the community with new residents, along with community covenants. POA needs to start up Mueller 101 again since we’re have some new residents in the Greenway Lofts, Garden homes and Mueller homes. More discussion next month. c. Resident Activities committee update (Kat) - For 2011 budget: ----Plant Fest ($100), - April 9 ----Polar Bear plunge - April 1st 5:00 a.m when pool opens ($50) ----July 4th pool party ($500) ----Halloween ($500) ----Networking events ($200/event for quarterly events) ----Tower lighting ($1500) ----Egg Scramble ($350) - April 23rd? (unsure if it will be Sat or Sunday) ----Music Festival - June maybe 6-10 pm ($1200) - lots of planning and volunteers needed!! d. Commander’s forum (last meeting) - highlights on Car breakins rampant in Cherrywood. Mark your belongings to help with retrieval. APD will be launching a website called CopLogic - report thefts with Serial #s for your belongings and get a police report for insurance purposes. e. Pecan Street Project (Kathy S) - PSP is planning an event for first group of participants. Tentative date is April 16. If interested in Resident’s Council, email Suzanne at f. Business Memberships - Frost Bank sent unsolicited check for $10, presumably for membership. Bylaws allow business memberships but we’ve never established the annual dues for businesses. Per the ByLaws, business members have no voting rights. SC (Drew motion, Kathy 2nd ) - we will start accepting business memberships per bylaws. Passed unanimously Business membership fees: - $10 or $25 were discussed. Diane motion for $10 annual dues, Betsy 2nd. VOTE: 6 for, 5 against, 2 abstain. Drew motion: Increase dues to $25, Kat 2nd - Discussion: Would like to distinguish business memberships from resident memberships. We do have future needs that could be funded from additional revenue. VOTE: 9 for and 4 against. Motion carries. Business membership dues will be $25. No boundaries were established so all businesses are eligible. IV. Upcoming Meetings First meeting at the HANGAR on March 19 :-) Trailer eateries will be advised to expect a crowd - Informational session with Mary Arnette from CLASP (neighborhood watch and more) V. Additional Business a. Bugs/Critters update - about 19 attended at the hangar b. Plant fest - will be April 9 at the Hangar, from 10am - 2 pm. Janelle & Mary P co-organizers. Clifton School (antique roses, etc) and Maplewood Elem (veggies/herbs) will be selling plants. Kids activities. Hope to have music. Book sales. Master gardeners will have plant clinic so you can bring your sick plants. Neighboring communities invited. Boy Scouts will be selling hot dogs. c. FPF coming in April - looking for articles and information on events. d. MNA SC elections will be in June. Be thinking about nominations for May. Grant will chair through the June general meeting. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.
MNA General Membership meeting notes 19 Feb 2011
posted by Betsy on February 19th, 2011 11:43 AM
19 Feb 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association The meeting was held at the Ronald McDonald House and led by Vice-Chair, Dennis Mick. – Our balance is $3608.62 and Kerry is about to make another large deposit of $742. Lots of new memberships from the Big Push! We have 175 current members. Applications will be received through Feb. 28 for MNA Grants to support community activities. Maximum grant amount is $125. Applications will be evaluated at the March 1 meeting of the steering committee. - Dennis mentioned upcoming events that are posted on is forming a Resident’s Council. Looking for more residents to help share information with the community. If interested, email Ian Dietrich is no longer with PSP and they’re looking for a new project manager. Apologies for communication problems regarding the gas meter replacements. Suggestion to incorporate PSP info into the new resident seminars conducted by Catellus. Also talk about getting info to realtors who represent those buying into Mueller. - Kat Malcom - Friday, Feb. 25 meeting at trailer eateries from 12-1pm. This is a committee of the POA and more volunteers are needed. They work to allocate a budget from the POA, and ensure that activities represent a good cross section of the community. (resident & Ronald McDonald House Chief Development Officer) Thanks to Ann for hosting the meeting. RMH started in 1974 in Philadelphia, by a player for the Eagles. McDonald’s was a sponsor of the Eagles so they reached out to them for assistance with helping families who have children in the hospital. Junior Leagues have been instrumental in spreading. Each RMH is an independent organization. All fundraising is local. Families who live more than 25 miles from the hospital are served by the RMH. This RMH is a 30-bedroom house and the 1st platinum LEED building. They average 23-26 families per night. Volunteer groups bring in lunch and dinner EVERY day! The average family stays here 8 nights. Families are asked to contribute $10/night if they can to help defray their cost. Social workers make referrals to the RMH. This Spring, they’ll open a family room inside Dell Children’s Hospital. It’s like a little house inside the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. The new room will have 2 bedrooms, laundry facility, etc. RMH provides support services in these family rooms. There’s no mileage requirement for receipt of these services. After the meeting, Ann took about 10 of us on a tour of their public areas and a vacant room. Very nice! - Pool opens April 1 at 5:00 a.m. New maintenance company this year. A few picnic tables and benches will be added inside the fence but still, no food allowed. New umbrellas will be installed while plans continue for a canopy in the future. They’re also trying to reduce the transition times between public and private hours. Be sure not to let people in the gate for our own liability protection. Otherwise, we risk losing our special public/private status. (Report from Diane Geirisch) - March 19 guest speaker will be Mary Arnett. Mary will discuss neighborhood security and neighborhood watch. Meeting adjourned about 10:52 a.m.
MNA Steering Committee minutes 1 Feb 2011
posted by Betsy on February 2nd, 2011 3:51 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for March 1st. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – Feb 1, 2011 The meeting was called to order at 7:05. Steering Committee Attendees: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette, Don Dozier, Keith Romel & Shellie Shores. SC members absent: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher Guests: Dusty Harshman Diane Gierisch volunteered to take notes due to Betsy's absence. Dennis welcomed our new steering committee members, Keith Romel and Shellie Shores. The committee has received 2 grant requests so far. The deadline for grant requests is Feb. 28. The steering committee will review and vote on the grants at our next meeting, Tuesday, March 1.The maximum grant will be $125 and there will be a total of $500 available. Discussion of the Front Porch Flyer followed. Dusty provided a review of the business model and advertising revenue. The staff is looking for a resident with layout skills to relieve current staff. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dusty. Kathy Sokolic gave a report on the Pecan Street Project. The project has reached its benchmark numbers and data is being collected. They still need more volunteer houses, however, so if you're interested, contact Kathy. The demonstration house is in the design phase. Don gave a report from the Landscapes committee. The tree pruning seminar was held last week and was very well-attended. Joe Denton is preparing an illustrated guide to tree pruning based on photos taken by Betsy. This guide will be posted on our blog when complete. The next workshop is on 'Weeds' and will be held on Saturday, Feb. 26 from 10-noon. The location will be announced at a later date. The Residents Activity Committee has not met yet in 2011 but hope to very soon. Discussion followed about what kinds of new activities we'd like to see. A consensus agreed that they'd like to see more music in Lake Park. Kat will discuss this with the full committee when they meet. A discussion of the next large meeting followed. It will be on Saturday, Feb. 19. Location and agenda will be announced when available. Dusty Harshman provided information on the AISD proposed school boundary change for Maplewood and Campbell Elementary Schools and it's affect on the Mueller neighborhood. Representatives from both schools are meeting to develop a recommendation of their own and Dusty will keep us informed on this issue. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.
MNA Steering Committee Minutes 4 Jan 2011
posted by Betsy on January 5th, 2011 8:49 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for February 1st. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 4 Jan 2011 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Mike McGovern, Kat Malcom, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette & Don Dozier SC members absent: None! Guests: Janelle Dozier Agenda: I.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is about $1800 and we have 129 current members. II.Existing Business a. Neighborhood delegate - POA meeting tomorrow to discuss process of electing neighborhood delegates. It would be good if some steering committee members could serve on the committee that will determine the election process. b. TPG - Catellus being sold to TPG, which may be a better deal for Mueller. All communication so far has indicated that Catellus staff on the Mueller project will remain the same. c. MNA Grants - Discussion about whether to award grants again this Spring. Agreement to do so but deadline should be firm (i.e. no extensions). Announcement will be made at January general meeting and . Be thinking about application ideas now! The maximum grant will be $125 and there will be a total of $500 available. The SC also discussed that the MNA will need to discuss whether we want to be an organization that spends down our balance every year, or whether we want to build up a balance over time for some larger efforts. IV.Upcoming Meetings – Speaker suggestions for the Jan. 15th general meeting included our new APD rep, Greg Weaver. We plan to ask Austin Children’s Shelter if a representative can come talk to us in February, along with Rick K from Windsor Park neighborhood. V.Other business – a. Two replacement steering committee members need to be elected at the January general meeting. They’ll serve unexpired terms through June. Grant will post information on b. Greenway Lofts - 27 of 36 are sold and 20 are now occupied. c. Continued discussion about whether we can set up a PayPal account for membership dues and Front Porch Flyer advertisements. d. Janelle Dozier summarized the Landscape Committee’s plans regarding Plant Fest. Rather than have one large event, the committee is planning one event each month, except in August and December. This will give us a full year of hands-on workshops including: tree pruning, weeds/pests, nature photography, secret gardens tour, plant sale & kids activities, tiny urban wildlife, vertical landscaping, fall vegetable gardening, native plants in home landscapes, and earthworms & soil amendments. e. Front Porch Flyer volunteers meet Sunday at 2:00 to plan the next issue. Anyone interested in helping with this effort, please contact Drew, Elizabeth or Dusty. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
MNA Steering Committee minutes 7 Dec 2010
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for January 4th. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 7 Dec 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Mike McGovern, Kat Malcom, Kerry Fisher & Don Dozier SC members absent: Diane Gierisch, Michael Adams, Drew Harris, & Jim Nieto Agenda: I.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is about $1500 with lots of dues collected as a result of the recent door-to-door ‘big push’. II.Existing Business a. Food sign-up - Sheet was circulated to sign up to bring snacks to the December general membership meeting/party, which will be held at the Ronald McDonald House on Dec. 18th at 10:00 a.m., in the 4th floor conference room. All are welcome to attend! More details are on b. T-shirts - We discussed the idea of printing tee shirts at a low cost that could be offered to residents as a package deal with MNA membership, at some additional cost (likely about $10). Discussed having a contest to come up with the design. c. New Members - Lots of new members as a result of the ‘big push’. Numbers are being tallied. d. APD East Command - Kat Malcom received last minute notice of a meeting last week but was able to attend. It was held at the Springdale command center near Airport Blvd. Our rep, Antwain Tarver, covers Central East bounded by MLK/IH 35/51st/and either Manor or Springdale. The biggest problem in the Central East area is 12th & Chicon. Mueller has fewer problems than other parts of East Austin. Kat hopes to get advance notice of future meetings so maybe we can have a few more people attend. She reported that folks from other neighborhoods brought food to share with those in attendance. e. Prom - Johnston East Side Technical School is looking for sponsors to help put together a senior prom for their students. IV.Upcoming Meetings – The December 18th General Meeting will be a Holiday Party as mentioned above. Everyone is invited to come mingle with your neighbors. V.Other business – Don Dozier mentioned that there is evidence of motorized vehicle use in the prairie along Tom Miller. Meeting adjourned about 8:00
20 Nov 2010 General Membership Meeting minutes
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The meeting was held at the Ronald McDonald House, where meetings will be held for the next few months. Grant opened the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves. – Our balance is $1555 and we still have to pay for the upcoming Front Porch Flyer and the Stitch-n-B*tch grant. - One grant application was received and that request was awarded in the amount of $125 (maximum allowable). The Stitch-n-B*tch group will knit hats for babies at Dell Children’s Hospital, and bears for children in Africa. Remaining grant resources were put toward the ‘big push’ to be discussed later. – This edition will be delivered with other materials as part of the ‘big push’. Delivery is expected Thanksgiving week. – Garreth Wilcock updated us on this smart grid project in Mueller. The goal the first year will be to collect baseline usage data. 116 applications have been received and installations of measuring equipment are being installed. Over the life of the project, PSP wants to have 1000 homes involved. If you are interested in participating, email - Betsy Hilton gave an overview of the parking rule change as described in the last POA newsletter. The change resulted after several years of discussion, neighborhood meetings and resident surveys. The POA Board adopted a change to the rules to allow residents to park on the street for 72 hours at a time, the same limit set for visitors in the original covenants. The original limit for residents was 30 minutes. As noted in the newsletter, residents are reminded to park legally. Some vehicles have been ticketed by APD. - The steering committee is undertaking an effort to knock on every residents door to deliver the FPF, a card with handy websites and contact information, information on the PSP, and answer any questions about the community. We would also like to make sure all residents are aware of the MNA and how it differs from the POA, and try to get more residents involved. Many of the most active residents are Phase 1 pioneers and we’re hoping to get some more recent residents involved in our activities. At this time, only about 20% of the homes are members of MNA. Dues are due now for 2011 - only $10/year! - The Dec. 18th MNA meeting will be brief, followed by a volunteer-led holiday party. Events will be held at the Ronald McDonald House - 4th floor conference room. 1. MNA will donate $100 to Ronald McDonald House as our thanks for using their facilities in the winter. Approved by all present with Ann Jerome abstaining. Motion was by Ashley Fisher with a 2nd by Mike Jones. 2. Holiday lights contest for those on the Lights of Love route. See Ann Jerome’s post on for more info. 3. POA Budget meeting - Kerry Fisher attended this meeting and reported the following items were discussed: -- POA is going to increase the hours for our private security --They’ve repainted the security vehicles to black and white (more visible) --They are increasing Jennifer Harvey’s hours at Mueller --We can all save the POA money by requesting our statements online. However, if you don’t view the online statement within some time period (1-2 weeks?), they’ll mail it to you. --The lights in the roundabout tree are costly to maintain. Squirrels appear to be chewing on the wires and each repair runs about $1000. However, to take them down and put them back up each year is $20,000. 4. PIAC Update - At the last meeting, they discussed the tower restoration and the situation with the nesting owls, the Greenway Lofts (about 50% sold and move-ins by end of year). They don’t meet in December. At the January meeting, they’ll get an update on the affordable housing program. 5. A suggestion was made that we see if we can get Mueller T-shirts at low cost from Catellus, and bundle them with membership dues for a modest increase over dues-only memberships. It’s good advertising for the community. Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
MNA Steering Committee meeting notes 2 Nov 2010
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7th MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 Nov 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kathy Sokolic, Diane Gierisch, Mike McGovern, Mary Piette, Kerry Fisher & Don Dozier SC members absent: Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Michael Adams, Drew Harris, & Jim Nieto Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions - we all new each other and were happy to have a quorum. II.Treasurer’s Report – Kerry reported via e-mail that our balance is $1660.34. We're starting to get a few membership renewals for 2011. Upcoming expenses include the Front Porch Flyer, ANC dues and a few other minor expenses if approved by this group. Our projected balance at the end of the year would be about $1100. A report on membership by street was reviewed. Camacho and Lawless have the most members. We discussed a little tax scare we had this month. Grant was notified of inquiries by the Comptroller and the Secretary of State about delinquent tax filings and possible penalties. He quickly went to both offices and straightened things out, filing necessary papers on the spot. We are registered as a for-profit corporation, which means we have to file franchise tax reports. We won't have to pay any franchise tax but we do have to file the reports. This registration is thought to provide some protection for steering committee members but we will inquire further as to whether this is the appropriate status for a neighborhood association. III.Existing Business a. MNA Grants - No additional grants were received by the Nov. 1 deadline. We unanimously approved funding the Stitch n' Bitch request for $125 to fund materials to knit stuffed bears for children in Africa and small caps for premature babies at Dell Children's Hospital. b. Front Porch Flyer - Grant will work up a small insert regarding membership dues and renewals for the FPF. c. Pecan Street Project (PSP) update – Informal gathering at Elixer tomorrow morning from 8-9am. Kick-off meeting next week, Nov. 10 at 6:00 pm at Asbury Methodist Church. d. Prop 1 - MNA did vote to support and so advised the Get Austin Moving group but they didn't appear to have published our support anywhere. IV.Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be Nov. 20 at the Ronald McDonald House. We'll meet there for the next several months. V.Other business – We discussed ways to get more people informed of major events and initiatives at Mueller. We want to reprint some of the yellow cards and have steering committee members go door-to-door, especially in the newer parts of the neighborhood, to talk with residents about MNA membership, the Pecan Street Project,, etc. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $375 to print 'marketing' materials to be handed out during this door-to-door educational campaign. We want to make sure that all residents are aware of the issues and the opportunities for engagement in their neighborhood. Kerry reported that she attended the meeting of the Catellus budget committee and they have again included $2500 in their budget to support resident activities throughout the year. Meeting adjourned about 8:00.
General Membership meeting notes - 16 Oct 2010
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16 Oct 2010 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park. Future meetings may be at the hangar or at Ronald McDonald House, depending on the weather. Check for more information. Vice-pres, Dennis Mick, ran the meeting. – Kerry Fisher reported that our balance is $1659. We haven't distributed grant money and only one application was received. The general membership voted unanimously to extend the application deadline. Motion made by Ashley Fisher and seconded by Corky Hilliard. The new deadline is by unanimous passage of a motion by Ashley and second by Mike McGovern. – Our guest speaker was Griffin Davis from, the PAC formed to promote passage of this $90million transportation bond package on the November ballot. The project will provide mobility improvements for a variety of modes – cars (53%), bikes, sidewalks and trails. It includes the completion of the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake on the South side of the lake. It's a relatively small bond package that will not result in an tax increase. Included projects are well distributed throughout the City and include several of interest to Mueller – roundabout fix, improvements at IH 35 & 51st St, bike lanes on Manor Road, and preliminary studies for improvements to Airport Blvd. A map of the projects is available on their website. (Detail project listing is available at Those opposed to the proposition generally want either a higher percentage of the funds to go for road improvements, or the improvements split into modal packages so the public can pick and choose what modes to support. After Griffin left, the MNA voted unanimously to endorse the passage of Proposition One, on a motion by Betsy Hilton seconded by Rose Wages. – They've only received about 85 signed contracts. If you want to participate, they need your signed contract. Please turn them in. They are a little behind schedule for installing the monitoring equipment. There may be a happy hour on Wednesday – watch for info. – Kat Malcom reported on several recent events: - Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) – The event was very successful and those present liked the format better this year. Kat heard about 17 different block parties that were planned. Next year Mueller will be the focal point for the City with respect to East Austin and some events will be held at the hangar. - Boomer group (for baby boomers) held a successful progressive dinner - Mueller Gay and Lesbian Resident Potluck planned for Oct. 23. About 35 people have signed up so far. - Another 'networking' happy hour is planned for Nov. 18 – watch for details. - Some folks talking about planning Thanksgiving gatherings for neighbors without families in town. – Ashley Fisher reported on the last PIAC meeting. PIAC will be sending a letter to the City approving the process used by Austin Energy in development of the substation near Mueller. They discussed Proposition One but do not take a position on such items. They discussed the pricing structure for the David Weekley garden homes to be sold at market rate. The MNA membership expressed some concern that these homes were not filling the income gap in the way we had hoped. Corky Hilliard advised that the hangar is now open during Elixer's hours so you can sit at picnic tables under the hangar and visit with friends and neighbors. It appears it will also be possible to reserve it for small parties, etc. Watch for more details from Catellus. Corky encouraged everyone to make use of it. – Joe Denton asked for feedback about previous Plant Fest activities. Members liked the ability to purchase plants and support local schools, etc. The Boy Scouts selling mulch was also well-liked. Corky suggested it would be great to have photos of some of the nice yards with the plants in the photos labeled. The tours of private gardens were also popular. Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
Steering Committee meeting minutes 6 Oct 2010
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for Nov. 2 but check online for the current schedule since that is election day. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 6 October 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Dennis Mick, Betsy Hilton, Kathy Sokolic, Diane Gierisch, & Don Dozier SC members absent: Kat Malcom, Mary Piette, Michael Adams, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, & Jim Nieto Guests: Ashley Fisher Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions. We didn't have enough steering committee members present to have a quorum so no official actions were taken. II.Treasurer’s Report – Kerry reported via e-mail that our balance is $1659.34. III.Existing Business a.Pecan Street Project (PSP) update – Kathy said the Green Energy Venture Summit was very interesting. PSP announced that they selected the Austin firm Incenergy LLC for the first deployment of advanced smart grid systems at Mueller and collection of the baseline data. PSP is still collecting contracts from those interested in being included in the baseline group. b.Hangar use – We hoped to be using it by now for MNA meetings but no final agreement has been reached by Catellus. c.MNA Grants – We plan to extend the deadline with a vote at the general meeting (since we don't have a quorum) because only one application was received. The new deadline will probably be Nov. 1. d.Neighborhood Night Out – Very successful event at the park and throughout the neighborhood. e.Meeting Attendance – This is our second steering committee meeting without a quorum. Grant will visit with those who are often absent to try to improve attendance. IV.Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be Oct. 16, probably at Wooten Park. Potential speaker to discuss Proposition 1, a $90million bond package with many projects of interest to Mueller residents. V.Other business – Diane asked whether we should start a conversation with the Windsor Park NA about their neighborhood plan for the other side of 51st Street, so we have a better idea of the vision. It was agreed that would be a good idea. Grant will initiate. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
MNA General Meeting Minutes for Sept. 18, 2010
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MNA meetings are held at 10:00 AM on the 3rd Saturdays of month, usually in Wooten Park. We are working on getting the hanger for meetings. Dennis Mick opened the meeting. Kerry Fisher provided an MNA budget report. Neighborhood Night Out on October 5: Kat Malcom spoke about plans for the National Neighborhood Night Out on Tuesday, October 5. Catellus will be sponsoring events (and providing ice cream) in Ella Wooten park from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. Then from 7:00PM to 9:00PM the individual blocks will have their own potluck style Meet & Greet. Boomer’s Progressive Dinner on October 9: Kat Malcom also spoke about the Mueller Boomer’s “progressive dinner” that will be held on Saturday, October at four different houses. Front Porch Flyer Newsletter: Drew Harris made a call for submissions of articles and photos to the newsletter, as well as a call for volunteers to help put the newsletter together. Mueller Education Action Team: Rob Clinchard spoke about the MEAT group’s current focus. Rob spoke about the option of having a “flex” middle school that could offer grades between 3-8th grade, depending on the need. Rob also mention that they were seeking to learn from the Stapleton Development in Denver, which now has 3 schools. Guest Speaker Jim Walker’s Question & Answer: Jim Walker, who has been involved with the Mueller development for 15 years and has served as the former chair of the RMMA PIAC, was the guest speaker. He spoke briefly about lessons learned from the first few years of Mueller’s development (mainly that “persistence is required”), and then opened to questions from attending MNA members. Highlights included:
  • Nothing was currently limiting development east of Berkman other than Catellus’ phasing plans
  • Broader use of the hanger and a grocery store in the Market District is still “imminent”
  • A discussion of pedestrian traffic crossing Airport Blvd.
  • A discussion of making sure that people moving to Mueller know about the basic principles behind Mueller
  • A discussion of structured parking vs. the current surface parking in the current employment center around Dell Children’s hospital
  • Austin Film Studios is now more or less a permanent neighbor, and they are still trying to figure out how to incorporate a walled-off film studio into a pedestrian friendly Mueller development
  • There are still no further details regarding the district-wide school performing arts center that might be located.
  • The meeting ended at approximately 11:00 am.
    Sept. 7 MNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
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    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for Oct. 5 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 7 Sept 2010Steering Committee Attendees: Dennis Mick, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Diane Gierisch, Don Dozier, & Mary PietteSC members absent: Kathy Sokolic, Michael Adams, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, & Jim NietoGuests: Carole Mick, Larry PlutkoAgenda:I.Welcome & Introductions. We didn't have enough steering committee members present to have a quorum so no official actions were taken.II.Treasurer’s Report – Kerry reported in advance that our balance is $1669.34. The upcoming Front Porch Flyer had been printed and updated software purchased. We discussed possible methods of encouraging more households to join the MNA. PayPal might make it easier for some folks, as might envelope inserts in a Front Porch Flyer edition.III.Existing Business a.Sidewalk endorsement – Discussion about the need for sidewalk to serve a desired Capital Metro bus stop (route 350) on Airport at Zach Scott. Members present would like to know more about Cap Metro's long term plans related to Mueller. The issue was discussed but no action was taken since a quorum was not present. b.Transportation Report – Betsy serves on Catellus' transportation committee. Items discussed here were: - Speeds on Zach Scott and Antone. Possible solutions discussed include: * options to slow traffic on Zach Scott, including a 4-way stop sign at Camacho (pedestrian entrance to Lake Park) * mini traffic circles to slow traffic on Zach Scott and Antone * raised crosswalk on Antone at Ella Wooten Park - Sight distance at regional retail center driveways - One-way vs. two-way alley operations c.Neighbor Night Out (NNO) – Tuesday Oct. 5th. Large gathering at Ella Wooten Park from 6-7pm, followed by block parties starting at 7:00. In 2011, Mueller is the planned hub for NNO activities in East Austin. Fire, EMS, and even a helicopter are planned for a gathering at the hangar next year. d.Grant Applications – only one had been received by Dennis and Sept 7 was the deadline. The one application was being split into 2 separate applications because it was over the $100 limit. No decisions were made regarding how to proceed. e.Welcome Committee– Discussed at a previous meeting to help educate those moving in on Mueller POA requirements, etc. No action was taken but let us know if you could help with such an effort. Perhaps a card with summary information could be printed and distributed by the block captains.IV. Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be Sept. 18 at Wooten Park. Potential speakers/topics discussed included Jim Walker to discuss lessons learned from Phases 1 and 2, and/or an update from the Mueller Education Action Team (MEAT). Ideas for future meetings included a meeting possibly focused on transportation issues, maybe in October.The meeting adjourned about 8:45 p.m.
    MNA General meeting minutes - 10July2010
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    The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park, where meetings will be held throughout the summer months. – We have $2300+ and are in good shape. We'll likely be able to fund another round of MNA grants this Fall so be thinking about potential requests. Check with Kerry to pay your dues if you're not current. Dues are only $10/year. - Rebecca Campbell, the Executive Director of the Austin Film Society (AFS), gave attendees some background information on how the AFS was formed. Their website is Neighbors who attended the recent party hosted by AFS, with sponsorship from Catellus, had a great time! AFS was purely a volunteer effort for the first 10 years of their existence (abt 1985-95). Then they became a professional organization with non-profit status. Through their Texas Filmmakers Production Fund, they've awarded about $1 million in cumulative grants. They also sponsor artistic programs, showing carefully chosen films – free to members and $6 to others. Membership is only $30/year. They also have an internship program for college students and graduates. Austin Studios has about 20 acres and was the site for a lot of filming in the late 1990's. They had a 10 year lease but through a 2006 bond election for the arts, they received more City support and now have a long-term lease until 2042. As part of the agreement, they'll get use of additional National Guard property when it's vacated in 2012. They need volunteer help with planning and fundraising for that growth opportunity. Troublemaker Studios is a separate entity on neighboring property. – Grant had Steering Committee members introduce themselves, and their position as officers, if applicable. Officers are: Chairman – Grant Fisher Vice-Chair – Dennis Mick Treasurer – Kerry Fisher Secretary – Betsy Hilton You can email the entire steering committee at Meetings will move to the 3rd Saturday of the month, with steering committee meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Steering committee meetings are open to the public and Grant will post all meeting dates/locations on – Everyone had a great time and everyone thought the events were great. There was a suggestion that perhaps we could coordinate with Delwood more closely to build on their long tradition and get some of the same elected officials to address both neighborhoods. There was general agreement, but a caution not to make the elected officials the focus of the events. - Kathy Sokolic and Garreth Wilcock represent Mueller residents on the PSP Executive Committee. A kick-off meeting was held June 30. PSP is a non-profit research agency. Most people at the meeting were familiar with PSP – if you want more info, go to their website at Users are signing up to be in Group A, providing baseline usage data for the project. Contact if you want to sign up. You can email Kathy or Garreth with questions. There will also be a demonstration house at Mueller – not sure of the location. – Corky and Michael serve on the City's Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) for the Mueller project. Corky talked about their efforts to speed up street repairs and the frustration everyone has experienced. PIAC passed a resolution in June asking the City and Catellus to work together to develop a policy for public use of the hangar. – Garreth Wilcock moved that the MNA write a letter to Catellus about the promised coffee trailer to be set up at the hangar. Dan McAtee seconded the motion. After discussion and further revision, the motion to write a letter to the City and Catellus expressing support for public use of the hangar, and the location of food trailers at that site, was passed unanimously. – Dan described his recent meetings with City staff and Catellus about the ongoing 'warranty' repair issues, and how these can be prevented in future phases through contract improvements, more inspection, etc. He's also talking with them about improving communications with the residents. If you have suggestions along these lines, let Dan know. – Lots of discussion on the blog lately. Catellus' committee includes representatives from adjacent neighborhoods, so Betsy will feed the discussions to this committee and the City for further consideration.. Meeting adjourned about 11:00 a.m.
    Steering Committee meeting minutes - 29 June 2010
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    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 3, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 29 June 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, Diane Gierisch, Don Dozier, Dennis Mick, Jim Nieto, Mary Piette SC members absent: Kathy Sokolic, Michael Adams Guests: John Guest Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2383.73. Kerry provided membership data by street. We have no members on Sahm and only one on Hermalinda and Cal Rodgers. We have 104 households that are members. III.Existing Business a. MNA officer elections. Current officers gave a summary of the responsibilities of their positions. Kat Malcom was not running for an officer position so she served as parliamentarian for officer elections. The following were elected as officers for the 2010-2011 year: Secretary – Betsy Hilton (unopposed) Treasurer – Kerry Fisher (unopposed) Vice-Chair – Dennis Mick (unopposed after Drew withdrew) Chair – Grant Fisher (unopposed) b. Beautification/Alliance (John Guest) – We're going into our 3rd summer in parts of the development and seeing some evidence of wear and tear. We've seen concerns about how the community is being supported in general by the POA and Alliance (water fountains, pool, road repair, lack of yard maintenance, broken sidewalks, signs bent and falling down, etc.). Committees appointed by Alliance/POA/Catellus are accountable to them. Maybe we need a MNA committee(s) accountable to residents to discuss these sorts of issues. If maintenance deteriorates over time, property values will slide and catching up will be difficult. After much discussion, Mary Piette will chair a Coordination Committee for the MNA. They will collect a list of major issues needing resolution and seek to work through those issues by coordinating with Catellus. c. Traffic Signal at Zach Scott – Jim asked about the status. Betsy has it on her list to ask about at the Transportation Committee meeting on June 30. Also discussed the failure of some drivers to yield to pedestrians crossing ZS on the hike/bike trail. d. Fourth of July events – Resident Activities committee with Catellus is planning the activities, thanks to an $800 budget from Catellus. Volunteers are needed in several areas (tent set up/break down, music play list, videographer, etc.) – please see and volunteer! Everyone is invited to a block party on Tom Miller and viewing the downtown fireworks in the evening. e. Pecan Street Project – Kathy Sokolic and Garreth Wilcock serve as Mueller representatives on the Pecan Street Project's Executive Committee. A kick-off meeting is scheduled for June 30 at Asbury Methodist Church at 6:00 p.m. IV. Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be July 10. Potential speakers/topics discussed included the lifeguard company, City street dept, Update on Bartholomew, Austin Film Society, Troublemaker Studio, Police district rep, overview of New Urbanism principles. Grant will make some calls to see what he can arrange. V. Open comments: The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
    General Membership meeting minutes: 12 June 2010
    posted by Betsy on June 12th, 2010 12:05 PM
    The meeting was held at the picnic tables outside the pool at Ella Wooten park, where meetings will be held throughout the summer months. – We have $2300+ and are in good shape. We'll likely be able to fund another round of MNA grants this Fall so be thinking about potential requests. Check with Kerry to pay your dues if you're not current. Dues are only $10/year. – Catellus proposes changes to two areas of Mueller. These had been proposed to go to Planning Commission together but Catellus recently split them into two actions. Part of the large lot on Hermalinda will be subdivided into about 48 zero lot line homes. That went to Planning Commission last week. Catellus proposes to take two Mueller Home lots on Mattie (facing Lake Park) and re-subdivide as four custom home lots. That action has not been heard by the Planning Commission yet. – Ann Jerome gave an overview of the election process and allowed the 12 nominees to introduce themselves. There are 13 positions. Michael Adams was nominated at the meeting. Ballots were distributed and 35 ballots were received. Results will be posted on - Ian Dietrich was introduced as the project manager for the Demonstration Project in Mueller. PSP is a consortium focused on bring renewable energy innovation to Austin. They propose to implement smart grid systems in homes for energy conservation and management. They will bring in 1000 volunteers from Mueller, with the first 100 (Group A) as early adopters. A mechanical meter will be installed in Group A homes to validate the smart meter readings and to measure baseline energy consumption for use in future comparisons. Group A participants will have first shot at later suites of products from PSP. Contact Ian at to sign up. – Various groups at Mueller took the opportunity to explain their group interests to those at the meetings. Those who spoke were: - Bicycle (Michael) – Sunday coffee shop rides, monthly kids ride on Mueller trails, training and teaming for various charity rides. - Yard Sale, Block Captains, Baby Boomers (Kat) – Yard sale was successful. Block captains help collect and distribute information. Email them at Boomer Baby Social Club – sign up at - Book Club (Melanie) – Melanie has list of books they're reading in the coming months. They meet 4th Tuesday of the month. - Mueller St*tch and B*tch (Ashley) – knitting and other sewing crafts. Meet the third Thursday of the month. - Supper Clubs (Dusty) – Groups of 4 families rotate each year. Call for those interested will be in Nov/Dec for the upcoming year. - Mueller Education Action Team (MEAT) (Meghan) – Reminder to vote in School Board runoff today. Organized around supporting East Austin schools and discussion around the future Mueller school. - Friends of the Prairie (Janelle) – Educational and social events in support of the prairie. June 21 will start monthly weed education and marking events. Christina Martin will present an overview of how the prairie came to exist, how it's maintained and threats to the prairie on June 26 from 10-12, location tbd. Watch for info. - Landscape (Joe) – Committee of residents working with POA and Catellus. A few more residents would be welcomed. Visit to Austin Tree Farm set for June 19 from 10-12. Information on Austin Wildlife Habitat Challenge posted online. - Babysitting Coop (Felicia) – Trade babysitting services and exchange information on play dates, etc. Contact Felicia if interested... more are welcome but the group uses a private web group to exchange schedules, etc. - Fourth of July events (Felicia) – organized by Resident Activities committee sponsored by Catellus. Delwood parade will end at Lake Park to join ours. Ours will start about 9:00 (or so) and come down Simond, then Mattie and circle the pool twice. Costumes encouraged! There will be games and Catellus giveaways at the pool. Felicia will post volunteer needs on In the evening, there will be a potluck block party on Tom Miller, between Antone and Sahm, with music, etc. We'll be able to view the fireworks at Lady Bird Lake from there. - Front Porch Flyer (Drew) – Please submit articles and/or photos for inclusion. Everyone gets the Flyer but not everyone is on, so this is a great way to promote groups to the entire neighborhood. Meeting adjourned about 10:50 a.m.
    MNA Meeting Today!
    posted by annjerome on June 12th, 2010 11:17 AM
    Thanks to everyone in attendance at today's meeting - our new MNA Steering Committee was elected unanimously and here they are for 2010-2011: Michael Adams Donald Dozier Kathleen Malcolm Grant Fisher Michael McGovern Kerry Fisher Dennis Mick ne Giersch Jim Nieto Drew Harris Mary Piette Betsy Hilton Kathy Sokolic We appreciate all of their time, energy and enthusiasm to help our neighborhood thrive!!
    MNA Steering Committee Election June 12th - Nominations Welcome!
    posted by annjerome on June 4th, 2010 3:33 PM
    At the June 12th MNA Neighborhood Meeting, we will be holding elections for the 13 member MNA Steering Committee. Nominations are open to all MNA Members who are current on their annual dues (please contact Kerry Fisher"> if you have any questions about this.) If you would like to nominate yourself or one of your neighbors please send a message to Ann Jerome at Involvement on the Steering Committee is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors, the issues facing all of us in our neighborhood, help plan community activities, and future plans for the Mueller Community. The full list of nominees to date will be posted tomorrow and will be updated throughout the week. Thank you!!
    MNA Steering Committee minutes - 1 June 2010
    posted by Betsy on June 1st, 2010 8:49 PM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on June 29, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 June 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, Bobby Gierisch, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Timothy Brummett and Rob Clinchard Guests: Ashley Fisher, Chris Stewart Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2341.23 after paying for the recent edition of the Front Porch Flyer. We haven't yet purchased the layout software for the publication. III.Existing Business a. Mueller re-subdivision. In addition to changing the use of a part of the block on Hermalinda, Catellus plans to convert 2 lots for Mueller homes (6 units per lot) on Mattie, between Camacho and Simond, to 4 lots for custom homes. Concerns were discussed about the process used by Catellus to bring the Mattie change to the Planning Commission, as this change in use was apparently never brought to PIAC for discussion. The public hearing with the Planning Commission is set for June 8, at the same time as PIAC's next meeting. The steering committee voted to send a letter to the planning commission stating our objection to PIAC being left out of the process, and requesting a postponement on this item until the proper coordination process can be followed. We have many unanswered questions that deserve open discussion and debate. Motion was made by Kim Wine, seconded by Mike McGovern and passed unanimously. Grant will draft the letter. b. MNA elections will be held at the June 12 general membership meeting. Nominations are still needed for the 13 slots. If you're interested in serving, please email Ann Jerome at c. Pecan Street Project – We still haven't heard who the Pecan Street board selected to serve on the Executive Committee. Grant is waiting for a return call from Brewster McCracken. d. Yard Sale was a great success. Areas for improvement included having it at a cooler time of year, and traffic flow for those setting up their booths. In light of the rainout the first weekend, it was scheduled that some time certain the day prior be established when a final decision will be made on whether to postpone the event. The booths organized by the Lawless block seemed to work well... perhaps next year more blocks will go in together on a booth. IV. Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be June 12. We discussed having coffee & doughnuts as a treat for those who attend. V. Open comments: a. No one has heard of a decision by AISD on where to locate the new performing arts center. b. Meeting on the design of the Austin Energy Substation has been scheduled for June 5 from 10:00 a.m. - noon. This station will be visible from future phases of Mueller, and by traffic on Manor Road. Residents are encouraged to attend. Details are posted under Events on The meeting adjourned about 8:05 p.m.
    April 27 Steering Committee meeting minutes
    posted by Betsy on May 12th, 2010 8:07 PM
    Sorry I'm so late in getting these notes out! Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on June 1, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 27 April 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Rob Clinchard, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Dusty Harshman, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Bobby Gierisch SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac Guests: Ashley Fisher Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2662.58 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer, along with paying the renewal on our PO Box. We're also looking into purchase of needed layout software for the Front Porch Flyer. III.Existing Business a.Anthropos Arts – Non-profit led by a friend of a Mueller resident. They work with low-income middle and high school band students to provide music lessons and mentors. The . Volunteers to help move equipment would be much appreciated. See for more information. b.Community Garage Sale is May 15, 8 a.m. - noon, in the Simond median. c.MNA Elections – Elections for the Steering Committee will be held at the June 12 general meeting. An announcement will be made at the May meeting, and posted on It will also be announced in the next Front Porch Flyer. d.Schools – An ice cream social for Pearce staff will be Thursday to show the staff how much they are appreciated. e.Boomer chili cookoff - trophies were purchased with a small grant from MNA. f.Block Captain Survey – General consensus for each street/block having their parties as they wish, without any coordination on the dates. IV. Upcoming Meetings – Ideas were discussed for topics to cover at the May 8 general meeting. V. Open comments: a.Meeting to get input on use of the Hangar will be Thursday, April 29. b.The recent filming activity in the neighborhood was discussed, and how to better inform residents in advance. Generally, it was thought that Catellus should be notified, and then send an e-mail through their resident database. Copying would allow us to post the information on c.Plant Fest follow-up – About $110 was raised through voluntary donations, and another $110 was raised by reselling tree stakes. The Fest was successful, with twice as many exhibitors as last year. Several ideas for improvement were also discussed, based on the level of interest at all the offerings this year (tours, etc.) d.Information about an education survey is posted on Everyone interested in education is encouraged to participate, whether or not you have school-age children. The meeting adjourned about 7:45 p.m.
    March 30, 2010 Steering Committee Meeting minutes
    posted by Betsy on April 1st, 2010 9:07 PM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on April 27, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 30 March 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Rob Clinchard, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, Ann Jerome and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Dusty Harshman, Bobby Gierisch, Kat Malcom, Timothy Brummett Guests: Ashley Fisher Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2552.58 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer. All MNA grant checks have been cashed. Kerry has tried to set up a PayPal account but the only options seem to be 'business' or 501(c)(3) and neither applies to the MNA. Kerry is going to talk to the Allendale association since they seem to have a PayPal account. III.Existing Business a.Pecan Street Project – Applications to represent Mueller residents on the PSP Executive Team have been screened and the top three applications have been forwarded to the PSP for consideration. Fourteen applications were received. The three finalists forwarded to PSP are Dusty Harshman, Garreth Wilcock and Kathy Sokolic. PSP will conduct interviews and make the final selection. b.Austin Energy Substation – The Austin City Council approved the location on the Morris Williams Golf Course at their meeting on March 24th. c.Egg hunt – Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt at the wedge is looking like fun. There will be a jumpy house and other fun for the little ones. Look online at for more information. d.Garage Sale May 15th– Slots are filling up so contact Kat Malcom if you're interested before they are all gone. e.Plant Fest April 10th – 11am-2pm followed by walking tours. Check online for more info. Volunteers needed to help set up shade covers starting at 9:00 a.m. f.Development update near old Tower – May posted online of the proposed subdivision of Block 59. The developer plans to build about 49 zero lot line homes in the block bounded by Antone, Hermalinda, Berkman and Tom Miller. About 50% of these will be in the affordable program. g.Catellus has a meeting scheduled for April 6 to get input from the community on the Market District. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on April10 will be at the picnic tables next to the community pool (probably on the Pinckney side). Our speaker will be artist Hunter Cross, who will describe a project he's working on for art to be located near the fire station and new EMS building. V. Open comments: a.A small group from the schools task force will meet with Greg Weaver from Catellus, Jim Walker from the RMMA PIAC, and Dee Desjardin to talk about the options for a school at Mueller, in the hopes of all getting on the same page. The meeting adjourned about 7:45 p.m.
    2010 MNA Membership Drive & Renewal Time!
    posted by kerry on March 17th, 2010 6:02 PM
    Hi Todd,Great to hear that you want to join! There are a few different ways you can pay the $10 annual dues:- come to a monthly MNA meeting (second Saturday of the month at 10am)- mail it to the MNA, P.O. Box 49123, Austin, TX 78765- PM me to drop it off at my house(I'm hoping to get PayPal up and running soon.) Thanks!KerryTreasurer of the MNA
    Chemical free meat products
    posted by kerry on March 12th, 2010 4:26 PM
    Could I tack my small order on to someone else's? I only want about 10 pounds of specific cuts of meat and sausages.Thanks!Kerry
    Steering Committee Minutes - 2 Feb 2010
    posted by Betsy on March 3rd, 2010 6:05 AM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on March 30, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 March 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Dusty Harshman, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine, Bobby Gierisch, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Rob Clinchard, Kat Malcom, Ann Jerome, Timothy Brummett Guests: Ashley Fisher, Todd Calvert (new resident!) Agenda: I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2677.54 and we are in good shape to cover remaining publications of the Front Porch Flyer this year. We have 89 members, with no current members from McCloskey or Sahm Streets. Kerry is going to set up a PayPal account so it will soon be possible to pay dues online. Even though PayPal takes a small percentage as a fee, we'll still hold the dues at $10. III.Existing Business a.MNA Grant Results – The Steering Committee approved funding for the following events: 1.Plant Fest ($25) 2.Stitch n Bitch project for Ronald McDonald House ($100) 3.Babysitting for meeting with Dr. Carstarphen ($40) 4.Halloween ($100) 5.Fourth of July ($100) 6.Easter Egg hunt ($50) 7.Baby Boomer ($30) b.Pecan Street Project Update - Applications are being received through March 14 to be considered for a position on the Pecan Street Project Executive Committee. The four officers of the MNA will select three candidates for forward to the Pecan Street Project Board for consideration. The Board will select one member to serve. c.Mueller substation – Austin Energy (AE) is trying to find a suitable location for a new substation to support Mueller and to some extent, surrounding areas. All locations considered so far elicit opposition from neighborhood groups. The RMMA PIAC has said the substation should be sited at Mueller, but the ultimate decision is up to the City. We're hoping to have more discussion on this topic at our general membership meeting on March 13. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on March13 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. Possible agenda items include the AE substation and schools. V. Open comments: a.Plant Fest on April 10 – Should be bigger than last year. A planning meeting will be held after the Plant Propagation workshop this Saturday. b.Schools committee will be meeting with MarK Williams, President of the AISD School Board, on March 3 at Meghan's house on the Wedge. The meeting adjourned about 8:00 p.m.
    Steering Committee Minutes - 2 Feb 2010
    posted by Betsy on February 7th, 2010 2:36 PM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on March 2, 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 2 February 2010 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine and Bobby Gierisch SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac Guests: Corky Hilliard, Don & Janelle Dozier I.Welcome & Introductions II.Treasurer’s Report – Balance is $2402.61 including $1020 deposited so far from Front Porch Flyer (FPF) ads. Some of these funds are earmarked for future publications of the FPF. III.Existing Business a.Resident Activities Committee of Catellus met recently and discussed the budget for the upcoming year. Kat Malcom reported that while the budget has been reduced from last year, the following items are included: 1.Plant Fest 2.Garage Sale – May 15 3.Pool Party – Saturday, July 3 4.Neighborhood Night Out – Oct. 5. This year we'll have community/kids event at the park at 6:00pm, followed by block parties starting at 7:00. 5.Halloween on the Wedge – Sunday, Oct. 31 6.Networking Events – several throughout the year 7.Adult swim nights at the pool 8.Music at Lake Park 9.Tower Lighting – Wednesday, Dec. 1 b.Schools (Kim Wine) – The team met to follow-up on the recent visit by Dr. Carstarphen. No school was promised in the near future but Dr. Carstarphen is open to ideas. The idea of having graduate students work with Mueller residents as part of a practicum was discussed as a way to help us develop goals for the Mueller school. The next AISD bond election may be in May 2011. The boundary discussion will happen sooner. c.MNA sponsorship grants (G. Fisher) – Nine applications have been received to date. The deadline is Feb. 13th. The fiscal agent for each applicant must be an MNA member (only $10/year!) The steering committee unanimously adopted the following motions to guide our evaluation process: 1.Applications can be amended until the Feb. 13 deadline 2.The steering committee can modify award amounts to deviate from what was requested, as needed 3.All applications received by the deadline will be considered. IV. Upcoming Meetings - General meeting on Feb. 13 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. Our area constable, Bruce Elphant, has been invited to speak about the census. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
    Post Office
    posted by kerry on January 29th, 2010 10:39 AM
    About once a week, I either receive a neighbor's mail or a neighbor delivers mail to me. It's a pain to have to do this and seems to be getting worse.When I moved in there was quite a bit of mail already in my box- all of it incorrectly delivered with postmarks going back months. I gave it to the mailman to put in the correct boxes, but he didn't seem to care. Let me know if I can help, Terri.Thanks,Kerry
    MNA General Meeting - 12 Dec 2009 minutes
    posted by Betsy on December 13th, 2009 7:29 PM
    MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 12 Dec 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald McDonald House MNA chair, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Treasurer Kerry Fisher stated that our balance is $1073. We’re in the midst of a membership drive. Only $10/year helps support your community! PM Kerry Fisher to join. MNA will give $500/year to grassroots community efforts… nominations will be due in January and again in the summer. Watch ( for more information. Kim Wine thanked everyone who helped with the fantastic appreciation lunch for Pearce teachers. AISD superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen, will be the guest of honor at a neighborhood potluck on Jan. 7th. The event will be from 5:30-7:30 at 2021 Antone Street. See the Events section of and plan to attend. It’s a potluck so bring a dish and Dusty is organizing the 2010 supper clubs… see mc. com for more information and pm Dusty to sign up. It’s a great way to meet more neighbors and enjoy delicious meals! The Front Porch Flyer editors are hosting a holiday spirit contest. Post nominations to This is a great mechanism for encouraging block activity. Get with your neighbors and talk about an idea for the block. If you don’t pull it together for this year, start thinking about next year! The January MNA meeting will be a chance to provide input into the City of Austin’s Comprehensive Plan. We’ll host their Imagine Austin ‘meeting in a box’ and our input will be provided to the City. See for more information. We’re also planning to have Brewster McCracken come visit with us about the Pecan Street Project. A resident inquired about the status of getting a traffic light at Airport and Zach Scott. Many thought it would have been installed by now. Grant will check with the City. It was mentioned that because the Tom Miller intersection is so close to the Airport intersection, a light may cause traffic to back up on Zach Scott, blocking the Tom Miller intersection. Someone suggested a bus stop for the #350 bus be located on both sides of Airport at Zach Scott. Ann Jerome thanked everyone for their help with the Lights of Love fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. They had 915 participants and raised $123.000. The Mueller Flyers were the #3 team in fundraising. Way to go! Holiday snacks were plentiful after the meeting and neighbors had a chance to get to know each other. Betsy
    Steering Committee meeting minutes - Dec. 1, 2009
    posted by Betsy on December 7th, 2009 6:38 PM
    Sorry it's taken me so long to post these! Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on Dec. 29, 2009 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 December 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher, Kim Wine and Cliff Spinac SC members absent: Bobby Gierisch and Timothy Brummett Guests: Greg Buford and Jimmy Flanigan Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Treasurer’s Report – Discussed the possibility of creating a business membership category for MNA. Perhaps about $50/yr and they would get recognition (not an ad) in the Front Porch Flyer. III. Existing Business a. Ronald McDonald House Walk – Events held Friday night at the hangar with the run throughout the neighborhood. Held in conjunction with the lighting of NOEL on the tower. As of the meeting, they had raised $109,000 with this effort and had 570 people registered for the run/walk. b. Schools - Pearce Teacher Appreciation Lunch on Dec. 4th. Committee working to get meeting with Dr. Carstarphen and also to walk through neighborhood schools. The two may be combined. The committee is working to compile the results of their survey. c. MNA Sponsored Social Events - $500 has been budgeted to contribute toward community events in 2010. Two ‘calls for events’ are envisioned… one in January and another likely mid-year. Watch for more information to submit your proposal. You’ll have to be a member of the MNA to apply. The Steering Committee will make the final decision on selection. d. Holiday spirit – The Front Porch Flyer volunteer staff will select a block to win their holiday lighting award. Get those lights up this week! The winner will be announced at the general meeting on Saturday, Dec. 12th. e. Pecan Street Project – Dusty attended the press conference held at Mueller. They did receive the $10.4 million in stimulus grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s too early to tell what this means to Mueller residents so watch for more information. We plan to invite Brewster McCracken to a MNA general meeting soon. You may also want to look at their website, . IV. Upcoming Meetings a. General meeting on Dec. 12 will be at the Ronald McDonald House, 4th floor. We’ll have a holiday ‘party’ afterwards so bring a treat and plan to linger after the meeting and get to know more of your neighbors. V. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Imagine Austin – The City of Austin has been hosting meetings to get input on the comprehensive plan for the City. There’s a possibility we can hold one of their ‘meetings in a box’ at Mueller and have our input considered in the planning process. More information is at . Watch for information about a meeting at Mueller. b. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to pay our dues to the Austin Neighborhoods Council in the amount of $35 for the coming year. c. The steering committee approved (unanimously except for Ann Jerome’s abstention) a donation of $50 to the Ronald McDonald house as a way of thanking them for hosting some of our meetings. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
    MNA HolidayMeeting & Membership Renewal This Sat!
    posted by Kathleen Malcom on December 6th, 2009 3:50 PM
    Muellerites; The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) will be hosting a Holiday Social time before and after the scheduled MNA meeting on 12-12-09. The meeting will begin at 10:00AM on the 4th floor of the Ronald McDonald House. We will have a table set up in the foyer of the 4th floor with Holiday treats to enjoy while mingling with your neighbors and enjoying the view. Donations of Holidays treats & goodies for sharing would be appreciated. 2010 MNA Membership registrations are now due. Treasurer Kerry Fisher will be collecting the dues at Saturday's meeting. If you would like to join the MNA or renew your membership for 2010 you may bring your $10.00 per house (not person) dues to the MNA meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may also submit your dues to Dan McAtee at 4448 Camacho (by Berkman) and he will submit for you. MNA dues are used to support Mueller Community activities!
    posted by kerry on November 18th, 2009 11:02 AM
    Can anyone recommend a good allergist near here? Thanks! Kerry
    MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2009
    posted by Betsy on November 17th, 2009 7:18 PM
    MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald McDonald House MNA chair, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting by reminding folks that they can email the entire MNA steering committee by using the address. Kat Malcolm thanked block captains for their volunteer efforts and reminded everyone that if you joined MNA in 2008, it’s time to renew for 2010. Treasurer Kerry Fisher stated that our balance is $1169.61. We now have a PO Box for the MNA, so the address can remain constant. The address is: Mueller Neighborhood Association P.O. Box 49123 Austin, TX 78765-9123 The steering committee is working to formalize the process for requesting MNA sponsorship of grass-roots community events. There will be a call for events in January so the money can be budgeted out for the year. MNA anticipates spending about $500 in 2010 on such events. MNA is also exploring the possibility of business memberships and will be getting some revenue from the ads on ( Corky Hilliard gave some background on the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) and it’s role as an advisor to the Austin City Council. See for more information. Corky is heading up a subcommittee to look at options to open up the hangar for more usage. They’re gathering community input so send ideas to Grant and he can forward them to Corky. Ideas mentioned at the meeting included Plant Fest, MNA meetings, local school graduations, and Farmers Market. The hangar is owned by the City so if opened up for more use, it won’t just be for Mueller residents. James Dwyer, also a PIAC member, mentioned that traffic counters will be installed in December to compare actual traffic counts to the predicted volumes calculated in the models prior to development. Ann Jerome talked about the Ronald McDonald Lights of Love 5k at the Hangar on Dec. 4th. The 5k run/walk will be through the community so there will be some short traffic disruptions. Cards have been mailed to those on the route and others that may be impacted. The Tower lighting will be the same night and be broadcast live at the Hangar. They have lots of kids activities planned, including environmentally sound ‘snow’. Ann encouraged those on the route to get your holiday lights up if possible. Kim Wine gave some background on our community activity regarding getting an elementary sited at Mueller and working to improve existing schools. They are continuing in these efforts and reaching out to new AISD superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen. Megan Troung discussed a letter (attached) they recently sent to Dr. Carstarphen outlining three key issues. Catellus recently conducted a survey but our schools committee has their own survey. Please fill it out (attached) and send it to Kim Wine (berlywine at Current projections are for there to be 800 school-age children in Mueller by 2013, and that doesn’t include those living at Austin Children’s Shelter or the Mosaic apartments. Beverly Barrett had a sign-up sheet for those interested in becoming active with the Schools Committee. They are planning to visit Pearce, Kealing, Blanton and Ridgetop in the coming months. The family resource center at Pearce is not up and running yet but kick-off is planned for Dec. 2nd. Jim Walker provided some good background information on the development of Mueller, including: o Mueller Neighborhoods Coalition focused early on keeping the old airport closed and shaping the principles they wanted to guide the new development. o PIAC is visiting surrounding neighborhoods to get input on how they are being impacted by Mueller, both good and bad. o Hangar and control tower were originally going to be torn down but were preserved through community efforts. City views the hangar as a public resource. o Getting various Austin utilities to plan further in advance is difficult. The current discussion regarding a substation for Austin Energy is evidence of that. There was a site for it included in the Mueller plan. The City went looking for a site they liked better and proposed to put it off-Mueller, which created a backlash since it’s largely needed to support the Mueller development. This item is on the City Council agenda for Thursday. o School boundaries. It takes AISD 2-3 years to design and build a school, once it’s selected. Maplewood is almost at capacity. Blanton has available capacity. Any discussion of boundaries will be a big issue. o Traffic Impact Analysis – as mentioned, counters will be placed to see how actual traffic volumes are aligning with the plan so any needed corrective measures can be discussed. o Affordable housing – 2 tax credit projects are currently proposed. o Wildflower Terrace (for seniors) received its forward tax credit commitment. It will be across Berkman near the tower and have about 200 units. o A family development is proposed near the school o Mueller Foundation oversees spending of the foundation funds (received from home sales, etc.) in support of the 6 goals for Mueller. Their first priority is managing the 2nd lien on the affordable units to ensure affordable housing is available at Mueller in perpetuity. o Neighborhood planning teams were started in the mid-1990s. City doesn’t see why Mueller needs one since so much planning has been done and residents are so active. However, we miss some notifications because we do not have a contact team. o PIAC meetings are open to the public and held on the 2nd Tuesday each month except for December and July. Bobby mentioned that the prairie isn’t in very good shape and that more communication is needed between the POA and their contractor, the Wildflower center, and the Landscape committee to ensure proper maintenance before it’s too late. AISD performing arts center – Anticipate that three possible sites will be announced early next year. Mueller will probably be one of these. PIAC will work to make sure any proposal for Mueller would be consistent with the development goals here.
    2010 MNA Membership Drive & Renewal Time!
    posted by Kathleen Malcom on November 11th, 2009 11:03 AM
    The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) Steering Committee has launched the MNA membership renewal drive for 2010. The price for membership is $10.00 per household (not person). Everyone that joined in 2008 was grandfathered into 2009. Those members will now need to renew their membership and dues for 2010. Members who joined in 2009, will renew in 2011 and then annually after that. The $10.00 fee provides the MNA with a budget that enables us to fund Community Events, pay for printing, purchase a MNA post office box, and generally meet basic business operating expenses. Mueller residents will have the opportunity to renew their memberships at the MNA meeting on Sat. Nov 14th at 10:00AM in Ella Wooten Park, and again at the Dec 12th MNA meeting at 10:00AM on the 4th floor of the Ronald McDonald House. MNA Treasurer, Kerry Fisher will collect the funds & provide a receipt.
    Minutes: November 03, Steering Committee Meeting
    posted by GP on November 3rd, 2009 10:14 PM
    Sorry, my notes aren't as great as Betsy's usual notes! -Grant ---------------------------------------- MNA Steering Committee – November Meeting (4124 Lawless Street) Call to order- 7:07pm Attendees: Grant, Mike, Kat, Ann, Michelle Graham (Ronald McDonald House), Rob, Cliff, Kerry, Kim, Dusty, Drew II.Existing Business A. Ronald McDonald House (7:10 to 7:24) Michelle and Ann speak about logistics of Lights of Love walk. Ann asked Michelle to come regarding any questions or street closures, etc. Michelle has handouts. Issues from last time: traffic and barricades. RmcD has police officers to control traffic and help people with events (residents). Intent is to have less of an impact on neighborhood. People have received letters regarding this. Postcard going out to all residents about the event and tower lighting. Has notification signs about event. Tower lighting: the public will arrive via Aldrich. All activities will be at the hangar. Jumbo-tron will show the lighting as well (near the hangar). It will snow at the lighting (it will snow from 6 to 8pm). Last year 500 people ran. Registration is higher this year than last year. Kids run is only on Aldrich and Simond (only about 15 minutes). Parking is clearly marked (at Mosaic and Seton). Q: Is there a fee for Lake Park? A: We aren't using LP. B. Online discussions (7:24 to 7:32) Discussions about how the MNA fits into the online discussions. The MNA does not take a stance on the HOA issues present. We will provide a forum for the discussion but will not make recommendations, etc. Although we can serve as an advocate, because the neighborhood is divided, we cannot take a position and advocate. If there was one opinion, we could speak/recommend a stance. C. Budget (7:32 to 8:13) Balance $1174.61 87 Members – 56 members joined in 2008 – 31 joined in 2009. No members on Sahm and Hermalinda. Kerry has deposited the dues received in the past few months (from memberships). The 56 people who joined in 2008 will need to re-up to maintain their memberships in the MNA. Kerry will send excel spreadsheet to Kat. We need to become self sufficient besides the Front Porch Flyer. Although the neighborhood is family oriented, we might need to include non-family activities (adult activities). It was suggested that we have a recruitment event (e.g. – have a meeting be more of a party). Maybe we should lower the amount to bring in. Have applications? Maybe budget 4 events a year (2 children's, 2 adult) that we can fund. Potential events: plant fest; 4th of July event; neighborhood night out; Halloween; 1 additional children's event? Maybe we should start taking applications on January 1st. Maybe we should award more weight to the past successful events. We might get some great new ideas though! The membership committee will create the application and bring the screening criteria to the next meeting. The application will be open from January 1st to January 31st. We have a PO Box 49123, Austin, TX 78765 at the speedway post office. Drew has the other PO Box key. The state and federal forms will not allow PO Boxes to be used. Kerry will ask Cherrywood to see what they do for the forms. We spoke about moving to Frost Bank. Kerry wanted to take a vote to move our account from Wachovia to Frost Bank. Motion (Kerry) : We will move all MNA accounts from Wachovia to Frost Bank. Seconded by Kat. Votes: Yes(9) No(0) Abstain(0) Kerry will share the account information with the SC to view (but not edit) account balances, etc. If we want to pursue the business memberships, we should talk about it. If the FPF has a “roster” for the business memberships. The businesses would “join” the MNA at a higher rate and would be able to say that they are members. They would also be mentioned in the FPF. Maybe the FPF can spotlight new residents and businesses in the future. The business membership might require a receipt that is more robust than the typical receipt. D. Schools (8:13 to 8:27) In the last month the schools committee went door to door to gather more robust data for projections by Catellus (Dee). Claudia is drafting a letter to AISD outlying the concerns for the need of a school. What the schools committee has heard is that AISD is closer to determining which “unnamed” school is going to be named in the previous bond package. The schools committee had a table at the Halloween committee. Catellus only had 110 responses to their online questionnaire. The MNA schools committee went door-to-door to try to garner more responses. AISD has a monthly meeting – perhaps it would be beneficial to attend “en mass” to a meeting. Schools are critical to the neighborhood as a whole. If there are ways we can communicate this, we should try to capture this focus. III.Upcoming Meetings A. November B. December IV.Additional Business ANC has distributed a traffic survey which will be distributed to the SC. We should actively promote Mueller's activity in the Comp plan. Drew has put together an article for the FPF about the Massage business going into Mosiac. It took her 7 months to get the lease finalized. Kat – plant fest tentative date – Saturday April 10th. Same day as the MNA meeting. Meeting ended at 8:37
    MNA Steering Committee meeting minutes 29 Sept 2009
    posted by Betsy on October 2nd, 2009 12:15 PM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on Nov. 3, 2009 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 29 September 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher, Timothy Brummett and Kim Wine SC members absent: Cliff Spinac Guests: Elizabeth Butman, Jennifer Harvey Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Treasurer’s Financial Report – Bank balance is $1044.61 with one newsletter still to be published out of these funds. III. Minutes – Minutes of the Sept. 1, 2009 steering committee meeting were approved without changes. Grant had been advised that some numbers in the Sept. 12 general meeting minutes were incorrect. He’ll forward those changes to Betsy and the minutes were approved. [Later communication revealed that the minutes correctly reflect what was stated at the meeting so they will not be changed after all. If incorrect figures were reported to membership regarding the PIAC update, corrections can be brought forward in a future meeting.] IV. Existing Business a. Membership Committee Report – Ann Jerome i. Mueller Night Out – In conjunction with National Neighbor Night Out (, held October 6 in Austin. Block captains will organize block events from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. From 7:00PM to 8:00PM, Catellus will serve ice cream & popsicles in Ella Wooten park. ii. The Block Captain meet & greet hosted by Ann Jerome and Kat Malcolm was a big success. Fourteen people attended. They discussed the scope of block captain activities and brainstormed some best practices. iii. Welcome Postcard – 200 cards have been printed and distributed. More will be available at Mueller Night Out. b. Budget i. Mission discussion tabled because we ran out of time. We briefly discussed having an separate meeting for this purpose. ii. Treasurer discussion also tabled iii. Front Porch Flyer (FPF). The FPF will grow by 4 pages, which will allow us to sell more advertising, and provide more information. There was discussion regarding if, and how much, advertising space should be withheld from annual sales for new businesses that come in during the year. Estimated net revenue to the MNA from the FPF in 2010 is about $700. V. POA update – Jennifer Harvey attended and fielded general questions from the SC. a. Pool – Pool will close to residents at the end of October. Trouble with the lighting (inside and outside the pool itself) will be fixed after the pool closes. It appears to be an electrical issue and would require closing the pool for about a week to troubleshoot. b. Dead trees – Catellus is planning to replace the dead trees at Ella Wooten Park. c. Exposed irrigation lines will deteriorate due to sun exposure. The POA will address when mulching is done in the Spring but concern was expressed that the damage to the lines will have already been done. d. Discussion about whether road repairs on Hargis had been completed. There’s still a low spot in the street. e. POA has a variance for watering. This only applies to public areas maintained by the POA, not individual residences. POA will water turf on Fridays and tree bubblers will run Tuesday and Wednesday nights. f. Discussion about the possible remediation in the Southwest Greenway near Berkman to deal with the Johnson Grass problem. Jennifer had not heard of any plans. g. The process for gaining approval for walks/runs in Mueller was discussed and more notification for residents was requested. The POA is getting lots of requests to use Lake Park for events and are working with the City on these. Guidelines may be needed in the future as the park wasn’t intended to be a major event area for the City. It was recommended that the PIAC be notified of the issues so they can help us coordinate with the City to develop guidelines. h. Major events involving food, alcohol or large numbers of people require City as well as POA approval. i. Restrooms at Lake Park are now locked at night to deter vandalism. Sinks will be repaired soon. j. One member passed along a request for more poop/scoop bags in the parks, or restocking more often. The potential for residents supplying plastic grocery bags for this purpose, to lower the cost to the POA were discussed. VI. Upcoming Meetings The October 10th general meeting of the MNA will be at 10:00 a.m at the picnic tables on Pinckney Street next to the pool. Greg Weaver, VP with Catellus, will attend and provide an update on the implementation of the master plan. VII. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Several PIAC subcommittees will start meeting this month. One on use of the hangar, and the other on neighborhood contact teams. Watch for more information from these groups b. Parking – The POA Parking Advisory Group will host a town hall style meeting on October 21 at Asbury United Methodist Church to get input on their proposed changes in parking rules. After community input is obtained and considered, the group will make their recommendations to Catellus. The meeting will be in the evening but the time hasn’t been determined. Watch for more information online. c. The PIAC is meeting with surrounding neighborhoods to get feedback on how the Mueller development is affecting the neighbors. SC members thought it would be good if a few of us could also attend to strengthen relationships with our neighbors. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.
    Steering Committee Meeting minutes - Sept 1, 2009
    posted by ret1ree00 on September 2nd, 2009 8:53 PM
    Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting will be held on September 29, 2009 at 4124 Lawless. The start time is to be announced – probably 6:30 p.m. rather than the normal 7:00. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 1 September 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac and Kim Wine SC members absent: Timothy Brummett, Kerry Fisher Guests: Roger Seibert, Kevin Ludlow, Jerry Perkins, Dennis Mick, Hon Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) MNA lost our representative on the ANC. ANC participation is a good way to develop alliances and they have good programming at meetings. Jerry Perkins volunteered to represent the MNA on the ANC and was elected with a unanimous vote. It was noted that since the MNA has bylaws preventing us from taking a stand on political issues, etc., our representative can not vote on some ANC motions. III. Minutes – Minutes of the July 28, 2009 steering committee meeting and the August 8, 2009 general meeting were approved without changes. IV. Existing Business a. Membership Committee Report – Ann Jerome i. Mueller Night Out – In conjunction with National Neighbor Night Out (, held October 6 in Austin instead of the August date used in the rest of the country, block captains will be working to organize block events from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. From 7:00PM to 8:00PM, Catellus will serve ice cream in Ella Wooten park. Plan now to attend! ii. Kat Malcolm has been working to get volunteer block captains lined up for the areas without a volunteer, and is planning a ‘meet and greet’ for block captains to share best practices. The membership committee as a whole will continue to promote this effort. Refer to Kat’s messages on mc. com to volunteer. iii. Welcome Postcard – The committee is planning to develop a postcard that could be distributed to people as they move in. The card would contain key phone numbers, websites and other information of interest to new residents. It would also be distributed to current residents when it’s first available to be sure that people not on the website get the information. The steering committee unanimously approved a motion to fund up to $150 in expenses to print these cards. b. Security issues - The steering committee discussed the role of the MNA in ongoing security issues. Neighborhood watch signs were discussed with mixed feelings about how effective these might be. The MNA plans to continue to invite our representatives of the Austin Police Department to general meetings to discuss security issues. Hopefully, concerned residents will also attend the meeting on Sept. 2 at Asbury Methodist Church, sponsored by Catellus. IV. New Business Front Porch Flyer – This community newsletter is published by a group of hard-working volunteers (listed in the Flyer) and through ad sales, is able to contribute to the overall budget of the MNA. Two current steering committee members are actively involved with the development of the Flyer. The Flyer currently limits ad space to 25% of the publication, but they are considering recommending increasing the Flyer from 8 to 12 pages with an allowance for 33% ad space. This would allow space for more advertisers (there is currently a waiting list) and bring more revenue to the MNA. There was some discussion about a budget for the newsletter which resulted in a motion later in the meeting. IV. Upcoming Meetings Frost Bank has offered to host the Sept. 12 general meeting of MNA. The steering committee voted to accept their offer. The MNA meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. Frost Bank is planning some type of community event afterward, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Check for more information as plans develop. V. Additional Business/Open Comments a. Kevin Ludlow spoke with the steering committee about the addition of advertising on the right side of He charges advertisers for space and wanted to see whether steering committee members were concerned that he was competing with ad space in the Flyer or otherwise thought he owed some revenue to the MNA. There was agreement that the two aren’t really in competition, in fact there might be away to sell a package deal with ad space on both mediums. Kevin noted that has on the order of 20,000 unique visitors per month! All agreed to keep the dialogue open on this topic as both the Flyer and continue to mature. b. Budgeting – The MNA budget runs on a calendar year. A motion passed unanimously that the steering committee should develop a MNA budget for 2010 and that as part of that budget process, the editorial board of the Front Porch Flyer should submit a business plan and budget for 2010. All want to be sure that sufficient ad revenue from the Flyer is reserved throughout the budget year to publish the newsletter each quarter. There was also discussion that it would be easier for event organizers to be paid a set amount by the MNA in advance of an event, rather than bring receipts for reimbursement after the event. Many folks in the past year had authorization for reimbursement prior to an event, but never had time/energy to submit the receipts. Budgeting will be discussed in more detail at the next steering committee meeting. The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m. Minutes by Betsy
    MNA general membership meeting minutes - Aug. 8, 2009
    posted by ret1ree00 on August 9th, 2009 8:21 PM
    MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes – 8 August 2009, 10:00 a.m. at Mosaic Apartment Clubhouse MNA Chair, Grant Fisher, welcomed the crowd to the meeting. A short time will be spent on MNA business and the rest of the time will be focused on discussion regarding schools serving East Austin. Grant thanked Mueller resident, Robby Jones for bringing his Pilot House coffee for refreshments today. – Kerry Fisher reminded everyone that dues is only $10/year and goes toward printing the newsletter, Front Porch Flyer, and hosting other community events. – Former Austin council member, Brewster McCracken, updated the community on the Pecan Street Project. They are working on a grant application for Federal stimulus dollars to fund a pilot project focused on clean energy and energy savings. Participants in the pilot project could have meters with software control that provides residents with more control over their energy usage. The project is a partnership with UT, the City of Austin, the Environmental Defense Fund, Austin Energy and the Austin Chamber of Commerce. They’ll be looking for sites to participate in the pilot project. Mueller is an ideal residential community for participation. Individual homeowner participation would be strictly voluntary. Other potential sites would include schools and commercial buildings. The Dell Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House already have many of these technologies in place. Ashley Fisher made a motion for MNA to support participation as a pilot project site. The motion was seconded by Rebecca Leonard and passed unanimously. – Kim Wine welcomed everyone to this discussion on schools. She introduced Jim Walker who will serve as our moderator. Jim provided a short overview of the Mueller master plan, the inclusion of an elementary school in that plan, and the challenges AISD is facing. They have 100 schools with 80,000+ children vying for their attention. The focus of today’s meeting is Pearce Middle School and to some extent, Reagan high school. Mark Williams, president of the AISD Board of Trustees, represents District 5 that serves the part of Mueller tracking to Maplewood/Kealing/McCallum (roughly Mueller Phases 1 & 2). Mr. Williams reviewed the demographics of AISD, where the growth is occurring, and the difficulty finding land for new schools in some of these quickly growing suburbs. He stated that the Pearce repurposing plan was approved with some conditions, including state oversight. At this late date, meeting some of the requirements is very challenging – new principal, new science teachers, and 50% new students. School starts soon and most teachers are already under contract with other schools. AISD is marketing Pearce and working hard to find a great principal, recognizing the importance of good leadership. Mr. Williams discussed briefly the effects of kids transferring out of their neighborhood schools. Some of the most engaged parents are then not available to help improve the neighborhood school, and the schools picking up these kids are more overcrowded. In addition, the schools they transfer to may not have the same sort of support systems in place (Title I status, etc.) that they were used to at the neighborhood school. Trustee Cheryl Bradley, who represents District 1 that serves the part of Mueller tracking to Blanton/Pearce/Reagan (roughly future Mueller phases), spoke next. Ms. Bradley expressed her anger about how the State Commissioner of Education, Robert Scott, has treated Superintendent Carstarphen. She believes he has held this community and our children hostage by the decision to close Pearce, and the timing of his notification of the closure. She stated that he had the flexibility to keep Pearce open, and recognize the good progress that had been made, but he chose not to do so. Ms. Bradley encouraged neighbors to be actively engaged and ask for what we want/need. Don’t just settle for what AISD and the state give us. There was some discussion about what would bring parents back to the idea of sending their children to the neighborhood schools. Neighbors must get involved. AISD is working to recruit a great principal and provide teacher incentives to get teachers to move to Pearce. The community needs to support teachers and mentors and build them up. Sandy Fivecoat expressed how impressed she’s been with the programs at Maplewood Elementary. Allen Weeks, president of the St. John Community School Alliance, talked about their neighborhood experience with similar issues at Webb Middle School two years ago. Mr. Weeks was a teacher for 15 years in Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. He’s not a believer in ‘magic thinking’ – that if you close a school and bring it back it will automatically be better. He believes in a step by step process to improve the schools, and we must stay the course. Leadership turnover is a major problem nationally. When principals change, a lot of instability is introduced into the school. Communities must build up their school leadership – encourage and support them. Working together in a collaborative effort, 30 partners have created a Family Resource Center at Webb MS. It serves as a portal for volunteering. Next year, Reagan, Pearce and Webb will all have resource centers. Volunteers are needed. The St. John Community School Alliance meets monthly to coordinate efforts among sponsors, write grants, etc. Betty Johnson and Charlotte Dotson from the Pearce PTA spoke briefly. The PTA is planning a Community Night Out from 6-8:00 p.m. on August 15th. Volunteers are needed right away to help pull the event together. Please contact Kim Wine ( ASAP if you are able to help. It was noted that increased community involvement at Reagan resulted in an 8-week sports camp this summer that was very successful. o Volunteer – mentoring, tutoring, organizing o Meet with principals & teachers and ask how we can take burdens off of them There was discussion of school boundaries, which Jim Walker noted weren’t that important if all schools are successful. That’s our goal. Catherine Brewer, with Austin Partners in Education ( ) spoke of their mission to connect community volunteers with leaders. The Seedling Foundation program for mentoring children of incarcerated parents was discussed. Mentors meet with students on campus during lunch. Big Brothers Big Sisters was another good program that is actively engaged with the schools. Jim Walker worked to recap the meeting. Kim Wine agreed to coordinate efforts with the Pearce Family Resource Center. Dee Desjardin committed the communication resources of Catellus to reach the Mueller community. She also volunteered to coordinate mentoring programs. Sandy Fivecoat and Claudia Kramer Santamaria agreed to take the lead on broader district issues. Jim suggested that progress on these efforts be reported back to the MNA at monthly meetings. The meeting adjourned shortly after noon.
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