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Pool open?
posted by Hon on September 13th, 2009 6:14 AM
Hi cindyajoy, My wife and I were in the open around 4pm Saturday afternoon. When we tried to get in, we also experienced difficulties. But after trying a few more times and pulled the gate harder than normal, it finally open. I think the gate is shut very tight. BTW, welcome to the lap swimmer group. We are working to see if the swimming season can be extended. Keep tuned.
Off-season swimming
posted by Hon on August 24th, 2009 6:36 PM
There was an informal meeting on Saturday, 8/22/2009 (not on 9/22, sorry cindyajoy, there was a typo on the date.) So far, there is a total of more than 16 residents showing interest in off-season swimming. I am quite sure this number will increase as time go on. Below is a brief summary of what were discuessed FYI. Please feel free to post your comments and/or email me at 1.The issue of off-season swimming was discussed in length. All present agreed: •It is desirable to have the swimming season extended from seven months to nine months including the months of March and November. •To save cost, there is no need to open the rest rooms and the locker rooms during the extended months. •Would like to see a cost comparison between October (resident-only swim) and November (pool closed for the winter) of the 2008 season. The difference would be a good indicator of the additional cost necessary to maintain the water quality at a swimmable level for each extended month. •There are many viable ways to heat and/or maintain the water temperature at a swimmable level. Adam Pyrek (an architect in profession) will continue to run studies on different options. 2.Other pool issues including unexpected pool closure, pool closure notification, cost and duties of lifeguards, pool lighting, swim team and private lessons were discussed. The group feels that to improve the operations, safety, and security of the swimming pool, there is a need for better communication between pool management and pool users. 3.To get the voices of the pool users heard, Roger Siebert and Hon Chan plan to attend the next MNASC meeting, in September. Hon Chan has volunteered to serve on the Pool Advisory Committee, which will also meet in September. All other concerned residents are encouraged to attend these meetings if possible to show their support. Also, emailing concerns to Jennifer Harvey is the primary way to get our voice heard. 4.Continue to maintain email communication among members of this interest group. Will post communication on the Mueller Community Daily Digest when needed Hon
Off-season swimming
posted by Hon on August 18th, 2009 3:48 PM
Hi Cindyajoy, I am glad you asked. I should have posted the response from Jennifer about this subject sooner. But I felt frustrated when I found out how the Pool Advisary Committee is organized. In my opinion, there is no checks and balances in the system as it is now. It appears it would take more than an individual effort to even get a fair hearing on this subject. Below is the response from Jennifer: Begin quote Posted: 7/28/2009 10:37:37 AM There are many factors to consider regarding the cost to keep the pool open longer during the off-season. First, the pool is open during the off-season according to most pool schedules; we open two months earlier and stay open two months longer than any City of Austin pools and most HOA pools. Secondly, the cost would be high and is not included in the POA budget currently. Last October we had approximately two swimmers, please keep this in mind when considering the cost ratio per swimmer. The cost to clean the restrooms is substantial during the off-season. While we do have some pool maintenance costs during the months that it is closed they are low compared to the cost while it is open for swimming. It would be much more expensive to maintain the water quality at a “swimmable” level as well as the electricity costs to run the pumps much more often. Also, the cost to heat a pool the size of Ella Wooten would be substantial. The pool committee did look at options to allow a “Master Swimmer” program to swim year-round and pay for the costs to keep it open and heated however with the number of interested people we heard from it was not financially feasible, perhaps in the future this may change. The POA is open to considering it, but many residents do not want to pay increased dues to allow people to swim in the winter. The POA is always open to suggestions so please feel free to let us know your thoughts by calling Customer Service at 347-2888 Ended quote If there are residents still interested in pursuing this subject further or any other pool issues, I'll be glad to organize a brain storming session to discuss in the immediate future. Please send me an email to or to show your interest and support within this week. Hon
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