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Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by maham khan on April 11th, 2020 11:08 PM
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Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Chance Troy on April 10th, 2020 6:47 AM
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Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by William Maynard on April 2nd, 2020 3:38 AM
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Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by William Maynard on March 25th, 2020 3:28 AM
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posted by Carmrew gtfsd on November 21st, 2019 8:42 AM
Windsor Park Vet Clinic is a bit far away from Mueller, just near to Berkman. Dr. Rita Geigel just got the practice. I will have for them. He and his colleague, Dr. Pasternak, did a great job with Barkley's year-long work and dedication. Secondary excellent. Laura and Ursula, the front desk staff, have stayed with the workout, which gives good advancement. Dr. Geigel has upgraded to digital X-ray, new blood machine, and new anesthesia and EKG equipment
posted by Carmrew gtfsd on November 21st, 2019 8:42 AM
Windsor Park Vet Clinic is a bit far away from Mueller, just near to Berkman. Dr. Rita Geigel just got the practice. I will have for them. He and his colleague, Dr. Pasternak, did a great job with Barkley's year-long work and dedication. Secondary excellent. Laura and Ursula, the front desk staff, have stayed with the workout, which gives good advancement. Dr. Geigel has upgraded to digital X-ray, new blood machine, and new anesthesia and EKG equipment
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Carol P. on August 27th, 2015 6:25 AM
Silent policeman have been installed on several streets in Windsor Park.cp
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Carol P. on August 27th, 2015 6:25 AM
Silent policeman have been installed on several streets in Windsor Park.cp
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Carol P. on August 27th, 2015 6:25 AM
Silent policeman have been installed on several streets in Windsor Park.cp
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Carol P. on August 27th, 2015 6:24 AM
Silent policeman have been installed on several streets in Windsor Park.cp
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Carol P. on August 27th, 2015 6:24 AM
Silent policeman have been installed on several streets in Windsor Park.cp
Transportation Committee Meeting notes 26 Aug 2015
posted by Betsy on August 26th, 2015 6:06 PM
Transportation Committee Meeting notes26 Aug 2015- Section 7c finished and builders underway- Working on infrastructure for phase one of Section 9 (bordered by Zach Scott, Berkman, Simond, Vaughan) Includes Berkman widening to from Zach Scott to Simond. (open early 2016)- Start phase 2 of Section 9 in next few months - that will finish out Berkman (open late 2016)- Town Center infrastructure - Aldrich to 51st, Philomena to Mueller, Robert Browning to Mueller, widen Mueller from roundabout to Philomena (finish Spring 2016)- John Gaines pool slowed due to Spring rains. Community garden should be available for Fall planting.- SE greenway (dogbone) not accepted from contractor yet. Contractor will have to replace dead vegetation prior to final acceptance. (Amika Bose - new City engineer covering our area) [She discussed items suggested for the meeting agenda and what she’s received via 311 requests]- Berkman speeding - Berkman not finished to create friction. Will monitor speeding - planning to collect data again this Fall. City engineers view 35 mph in a 30 mph zone as acceptable from a transportation engineering perspective. I conveyed that the community doesn’t find 35mph acceptable. Discussed that speed limit in Windsor Park is 35 and whether lowering that to 30 might set more consistent driver expectations. Girard mentioned that Pedestrian Advisory Council is recommending that raised crosswalks be provided to encourage lower speeds at intersections. Discussion about possibility of temporary speed humps to resolve issue until final road section is in place.- Zach Scott & Berkman - City will likely replace Yield signs with Stop signs- Berkman sight lines - 311 concerns at McCurdy from WFT residents. May look at parking modifications to improve sight distance. Talked about visibility in general and how best to keep people from parking too close to corners - bike corrals, striping out No Parking areas, possibility of physical obstructions, etc. Catellus will prioritize corrective action on Berkman with the City. Visibility needed both for traffic turning onto Berkman, and for traffic on Berkman to see cyclists when initiating a turn from Berkman. Discussed a larger problem throughout Mueller that the physical design of the curb, and the signage/markings, don’t send a consistent message to drivers about where parking is prohibited. In some cases, parking spaces are marked too close to the corner, in violation of state law. Amika will look into that. It was noted that this is true elsewhere in the City as well.- Requests to mark crosswalks on Berkman up toward the HEB (Garcia and Philomena, I think) - City seems inclined to do that.- Painting curb red at fire hydrants - maintenance issue for City in general so they are very reluctant. Only tend to paint in critical areas, like near the park.- Mueller/Aldrich roundabout - At this time, City wants to monitor roundabout operations because crash history doesn’t rise to a priority level for the City. Discussions about whether it was included in the 2012 bond package. Jill Fagan at the City will do some research. City wants to wait to see IF traffic volumes increase. Pointed out that with Town Center going in, traffic WILL greatly increase, which will make reconstruction more difficult. - Lancaster bike lanes - Amika discussed with Nathan Wilkes (City bike program engineer). Needs further study by Catellus. Amika will take back to Nathan that there is strong community interest in bike lane there.- Driveway access to Speedy Stop at 51st/Berkman - City willing to discuss, but they’ve had their driveway access for a very long time. - Home Depot - Left outs onto 51st are problematic.- Karen Lorenzini is the new project manager- TxDOT now working more closely with City of Austin- Adding 3rd lane to upper level - have now finished working concept- Now working on specific corridor projects including 51st St roundabout at southbound I-35 frontage road is partially funded by the City. Environmental clearance nearly complete here and design will start. Remaining funding for roundabout not identified yet. Will finish design package early next year to have on shelf when funds available.- Now starting on more detailed design schematics for the overall project. We’re in the middle section from Riverside to US 183. $500M project. - Plans still include entrance and exits from south Airport Blvd to the upper deck to/from downtown. Need to work out details with Delwood 2 as it will impact their access. Lots of detail to work out re: bike/ped concerns. Delwood 2 working in conjunction with Mateo’s neighborhood group.- Philomena connection still under consideration - haven’t fully evaluated traffic impacts. Might worsen turbulence on northbound frontage road turning into Barbara Jordan. No decision made.I had to leave the meeting early (well, it was running over).
E 51st St bike lanes?
posted by danx111 on July 5th, 2015 3:55 PM
East 51st Street from Manor Road to HW 183, as indicated in Figure 1, is tentatively scheduled for routine street maintenance (road resurfacing and restriping) within the next three months. By coordinating with this maintenance, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) has the opportunity to modify the East 51st Street striping with little to no effect on project cost and duration. ATD is assessing restriping options that could improve safety and mobility for all road users. Basically, the city is looking to turn those four lanes into two lanes, with a turn lane in the middle, and bike lanes on both sides of the road And here’s the most important part: There’s a public forum to get input about the, now proposed, changes. So we need to show up and let them know we want this. In order to ensure the most appropriate allocation of East 51st Street space, ATD is seeking feedback from local residents and other users of this East 51st Street prior to determining final plans. You can obtain additional information about this mobility project and provide feedback at an open house on Thursday July 16th , from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Windsor Park Library, 5833 Westminster Drive, Austin, TX 78723. Feedback based on local experience frequently results in improvements to initial project proposals. If necessary, modifications to this proposal can be made after input received at the open house.
Free bags of crafts
posted by Theresa Holland on June 15th, 2015 10:20 AM
I will take the crafts for kids at the library, Windsor park branch. Thanks
Blanton Elementary School Dual Language information sessions
posted by Lydia Domaruk on January 12th, 2015 8:41 AM
Are you interested in having your child become bi-­‐literate and bi-cultural (Spanish-­English) while also receiving an excellent education in a wonderful public school community in the Austin Independent School District (AISD)? Then you may want to check out Blanton Elementary School - Home of the mighty Bobcats. Blanton is an AISD Dual Language Campus with a tuition supported prekindergarten program. Blanton will hold an information session for prospective parents on January 12, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. Principal Alma Valdez and other school staff will provide information about the school, the Dual Language Program (DLP), and the tuition supported prekindergarten program. Also, parents of current students in Blanton's DLP will be in attendance for a short Q & A session to share their experiences and field questions. Additionally, there will be a tour of the school grounds, including two Dual Language classrooms. Refreshments will be served at the January 12th session. Come join us and find out more about AISD's hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Windsor Park neighborhood just north of the Mueller Development! Additional (more informal) school tours for interested parents will be offered on: Jan. 21 at 9:00 am Jan. 26 at 9:00 am Feb. 13 at 9:00 am Feb. 20 at 9:00 am Important 2015 AISD Deadlines: Transfer application deadline: January 30th, Dual Language Program application deadline: February 27th, There are many ways to contact us for additional information: Blanton’s address and phone number: 5408 Westminster Drive, Austin, TX 78723-3454 and (512) 414-2026. Blanton’s Principal: Ms. Alma Valdez Blanton’s PTA President: Ms. Alicia Maxwell To find out more about what has been going on at Blanton this year, visit our: Facebook page: Website:
Update on 51st St. Vision plan
posted by Betsy on December 17th, 2014 7:39 PM
I attended a meeting at Catellus yesterday where they provided an update on progress toward the 51st St. vision developed a few years back. I'm including Windsor Park on this post, although WP had a couple of residents at the meeting and I hope they'll add to my notes below. Also, I had to leave a bit early so hopefully they'll fill in the gaps for me!The meeting was attended by representatives from UT Systems and UT Austin, Our Ladys Maronite Church, AISD PAC manager (Mark), Rick K, Cherrywood (Girard), Pam Hefner (City redev services - Mueller PM), CoA Transportation Dept (Dipti), Jim Adams, Janette Swensen (Windsor Park), Christine (City), Jill Fagan (City), Scott Smiley (Atkins - under contract with City to prepare preliminary engineering report), Jim Robertson (head of City’s urban design), Stafford Gunning - Windsor Park transportation committee chair), and Catellus (Dee D & Carl P)Update on where vision plan is heading…. They’ll also have separate meetings with key property owners along 51st (UT, churches, etc.)Jill Fagan is point person at City. Vision Plan highlights (Jim Adams):— Address the ‘seam’ between WP and Mueller— Started with council approval May 2012 (initiate effort)— Work group meetings Sept 2011 - April 2012. Approved in bond package Nov 2012 ($3.5M)— Looked at Manor Rd to I-35 but focus is west of Berkman— Original plan reserved 60’ of ROW on Mueller side for potential future rail— Vision is to create a ‘complete street’ (multimodal) on 51st and good access to cross between Windsor Park and Mueller— Urban character west of Berkman, more parkway feel east of Berkman (across from Barthomelew Park)— Remove urban reserve for rail between Berkman and Lancaster (no longer needed according to responsible agencies)— Focus on lowering speeds on 51st, support local businesses with on-street parking, improve pedestrian crossings— 60’ max building height on Mueller side as step-down to face Windsor Park.— West of Lancaster - maintain frontage road and trail that exist now. Introduce median on 51st.Preliminary Engineering report highlights (Scott Smiley):— Cameron to Lancaster - —— Adding protected bike lane (cycle track) on north side, —— change wide sidewalk on south side to shared sidewalk/bike path for 1-way bike travel eastbound —— 10.5’ lanes (tight for Cap Metro but they’re okay with it). —— TxDOT project at I-35 interchange is getting rid of westbound dedicated right turn lane from 51st onto Cameron to better accommodate bike lane.— Lancaster to Berkman - —— Adding 70 parking spaces (need to add accessible parking)—— Bulbouts at corners—— Eastbound bike path (asphalt) raised but separate from sidewalk—— Design at intersections needs careful attention—— Some rain gardens incorporated—— May need pedestrian crossing between intersections—— Some intersections (51st at Mueller) will be similar to Nick Falbo’s ‘protected intersections’I had to leave early but heard today that the project will significantly overrun the $3.5 million contained in the bond package. Utility adjustments will cost more than anticipated. Other sources of funding are being sought. First phase of renovation might be between Mueller and Berkman.
Runs for Saturday, August 30th
posted by henningspruth on August 28th, 2014 3:16 PM
These are the suggested final runs for the last Saturday in August:The first route (6mi, 6am departure) is for coffee lovers: 2nd route (4mi, 7:05am departure) goes through the Windsor Park neighborhood: meet at the corner of Zack Scott and Tom Miller.Henning
Berkman Drive Public Forum Aug 14
posted by Rick Krivoniak on August 26th, 2014 10:49 AM
One of my Windsor Park neighbors asked the same question, so I wrote the following:Catellus hosted the August 14th meeting regarding Berkman and opened it to the general community. Representatives from the City of Austin's Transportation Department and Economic Development Department, Catellus, McCann Adams Studio - Mueller's master planner, HDR - Catellus' local traffic engineers, and GHD's Mark Lenters - a national traffic/roundabout consultant, shared information on Berkman Drive’s interim and final design, the road construction timeline, and current traffic data.This meeting was in response to concerns from the Mueller Transportation Committee (a Catellus-convened group of representatives from Mueller and surrounding neighborhoods, including two from Windsor Park, of which I am one), and from residents living on or near Berkman within Mueller. A June meeting for Mueller's residents only primarily yielded concerns about speeding and lack of visibility around some of the parallel parking.Berkman opened through Mueller in May of 2013. Last October, with schools and the HEB open for a few months, the City did traffic counts and recorded speeds in several locations along and near Berkman showing that 85th-percentile (a State standard) southbound traffic within Mueller was traveling around 44MPH, well above the posted 30MPH. (Don't hold me to the exact data figures - I'll share the Powerpoint presentation when it's available online. I do recall that for Berkman near Broadmoor/Greenbrook Parkway, 85th% was around 37, just 2MPH above the posted 35. Still too fast!). South of Manor Rd., E.M. Franklin was actually worse.HDR and Mark Lenters continue to insist that once Berkman is completed to its final design of a wide "transit median" with single traffic lanes, parallel parking and cycle tracks on each side, the "friction" will naturally slow traffic. A comparison was made to the completed portion of Simond Avenue, off of Berkman within Mueller, with a wide median and narrow traffic and parallel parking lanes. The traffic lane on Berkman will be 12 inches wider. Berkman is slated to be fully built-out by the end of 2015. It was noted that construction along the blocks from McCurdy Street to Philomena Street over the next 16± months would create its own traffic calming.With all adjacent property now platted, no changes are anticipated for Berkman's ultimate design. Currently, the 4-way stop at Barbara Jordan Blvd. and Berkman is the only planned traffic control between 51st and Manor. Roundabout consultant Mark Lenters showed two roundabout sketches that could be built within the existing Berkman right-of-way, but they force cycle-track bicyclists onto the sidewalks or into traffic lanes, and are not being considered for the build-out.As for visibility when turning onto Berkman from the many Mueller streets with adjacent parallel parking, the City of Austin is reviewing those intersections on a case-by-case basis and may removed some parking for better visibility. It was also found that the parking spaces were striped too narrow, so they will be re-striped very soon.I personally asked about stop signs on Berkman at Zach Scott, which will ultimately be a straight-shot street from Airport Blvd. though Mueller to Manor Rd. Initially, only traffic on Zach Scott will be stopped, but it's possible that will be a a 4-way stop intersection later on. State laws prohibit using stop signs and traffic signals for traffic mitigation, and require certain triggers to be met for virtually all traffic controls.On another note, traffic signals should be in place on E. 51st at Mueller Blvd. by the end of September.I hope this helped.Rick Krivoniak
need a daily dog-walker for (at least) 2 weeks in Windsor Park
posted by Karen Hood on June 23rd, 2014 8:14 AM
Hi Kelly, I am a dog walker living in Mueller. I own my own dog walking business and I can be reached at 512-820-7108. I can even start today!Thank you,Karen
need a daily dog-walker for (at least) 2 weeks in Windsor Park
posted by Kelly McDonough on June 22nd, 2014 7:08 PM
I fell and fractured my foot today so need some (hopefully) temporary help walking my sweet dachshund / hound pup in Windsor Park. She does not do very well with other dogs, so it would be best to be a solo walk. Please pm me if you can recommend someone. Thanks!
Windsor Park Neighbor Running for State Rep (Yard Signs Available)
posted by Kevin Ludlow on June 6th, 2014 3:20 AM
Hi all. Many of you probably know that I've been running this website for the past several years. It's had its ups and downs, but all in all I feel it's done a pretty good job of keeping people connected in the neighborhood. I've been working on a new version of it for some time and still hope to release it very soon, but I have had some recent project get in the way. Namely, I am currently a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives and wanted to reach out to the community through my own software. Many of you also know that I am a neighbor to Mueller, live just north of 51st Street and also served on the Mueller Commission between 2008 and 2009. I'd be happy to share my platform with anyone via email, phone, or in person; my campaign website ( is pretty thorough. I would love to get your support and am interested in seeing if anyone in the community is interested in displaying a yard sign. We've got tons of them and I would love your support! Many thanks to the dozen Mueller neighbors who have already put them up; I greatly appreciate all that you do! Thanks very much. Kevin
Provide your input on I-35 changes that impact Mueller
posted by Mateo Barnstone on May 29th, 2014 10:26 PM
As Betsy stated, the original TxDOT proposal eliminated the exit and entrance ramps to Airport Blvd. from/to the upper deck. As the plan also eliminates all the exit and entrance ramps from the lower deck this would have left us with no direct connection to Airport Blvd. from or to the main lanes of I-35. Traffic would be forced to exit south of the upper/lower deck split and make way along the frontage roads or through the neighborhoods to get to Airport and Mueller.TxDOT heard from the MNA and others about this issue (and others) - and have proposed three alternative ways that Airport Blvd. and Mueller might connect to I-35.1. A bypass of Airport Blvd. off of the upper deck. Under this proposal there would be no direct access to Airport Blvd. from the main lanes of I-35 under this proposal for northbound traffic. Northbound traffic would enter Mueller via Barbara Jordan. 2. An exit from the upper deck of I-35 similar to the existing exit. This option would not allow any traffic to go northbound onto Airport and there would be no exit connecting the main lanes of I-35 to Barbara Jordan or 51st Street. Traffic trying to get to Windsor Park would likely end up making their way through Mueller via Aldrich/Mueller Blvd.3. An exit ramp off of the lower deck that connects to the frontage road south of 38th 1/2 Street between Edgewood and Concordia. This option in some ways offers the best options - it restores a lower deck exit to 38th 1/2 Street and allows traffic access to both Airport Blvd. and Barbara Jordan/51st Street. However, it involves having to push out the frontage road into a number of businesses along the frontage road and bring that traffic a bit closer to Cherrywood Residents on Robinson. As this option will impact Cherrywood the most directly, their residents are looking closely as to whether they favor or disfavor this exit.As for the entrance ramp, from Airport Blvd, TxDOT seems to think this is problematic for traffic. They haven't committed to keeping it, but it hasn't been definitively decided to remove it either.These proposals can be found at this link below under the heading "Airport Ramping Options"'s important that TxDOT hear from you all about these issues. If the connections to Airport Blvd are important, please do attend one of the sessions and be sure to voice your opinion on it.
Teacher Appreciation time
posted by kim wine on May 6th, 2014 7:49 PM
Join me and some friendly Windsor Park residents tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 pm at the Windsor Park library. We will be putting together teacher appreciation baskets for our area schools. Bring Hershey's Kisses and Cuties if you'd like. I have the baskets.
Bike Skills Training Course May 9 - 10
posted by doug on May 4th, 2014 9:08 AM
For National Bicycling Month, I am teaching the on-bike section of the City Cycling Bike Skills Course on Sat. May 10. Fri, May 9 is the classroom section, a prerequisite for the on-bike section. Saturday's class will include practicing handling skills in a nearby parking lot in Windsor Park and a ride to practice on-street riding in WP and Mueller. Austin Cycling Association is offering the course at a special price of $50. More details and registration here under "City Cycle/TS101" If you are planning on riding to work for the first time, or you are an experienced cyclist, you will get a lot out of this course.
Teacher Appreciation time
posted by mrs aaron on April 22nd, 2014 1:55 PM
We are working with Windsor Park's education committee to give Teacher Appreciation baskets to our area schools. We are going to give each school baskets of chocolate and oranges. The schools served by Mueller are Blanton, Pearce, Reagan, Maplewood, Kealing and McCallum. If you have a large basket you are willing to part with, I would happily collect it from you. I will accept donations of chocolate as well. I will hold off on the oranges until closer to the date of the event. If anyone would like to come meet the WP folks, they are having a meeting on May 7, when we will put these together. Contact me for more info.
What do you think of Blanton?
posted by Andrea Houston on April 9th, 2014 11:14 AM
Thanks everyone.Rick, yes, feel free to share on the Windsor Park list, though I'm not sure how to check that one--would you forward any responses? Do you have a child that goes to Blanton? What do you think?Brandon, I'm shocked you got a letter! I'm sorry you got wait listed. Hopefully they will create a third K class. I don't know why they don't do dual language for the entire school, which I've been told is how Ridgetop does it. I'm still waiting for my letter. And my fear is that AISD or the school will change their minds and then my daughter won't be in the DL program, after I've turned down the private schools. Do you think you'll still send your daughter to Blanton anyway?Lydia, that's great to hear. If we decide on Blanton, we'd definitely love a meet up first. My daughter is worried she won't know anyone at school. And we'd love a meet up anyway--it sounds like there's several K-aged girls in our part of the neighborhood.Andrea, do you think you'll send your daughter or are you also debating private schools?Thanks!Andrea
What do you think of Blanton?
posted by Rick Krivoniak on April 8th, 2014 7:51 AM
May I share your question on the Windsor Park list? Many more Blanton attendees live in the WP neighborhood. Full disclosure: I believe Blanton principal John Baker is on out list.
Transportation Committee meeting notes 26 Feb 2014
posted by Betsy on February 26th, 2014 4:35 PM
Transportation Committee Meeting notes26 February 2014 (Jill)2012 Mobility bond project - money allocated and public/private partnership1st step - preliminary engineering report (how does plan fit with existing utilities, etc., construction cost estimates). Atkins has been hired to do this work over the next 6 months. Looking at I-35 to Berkman. There will be opportunities for public engagement... nothing specific yet. (Rick K - Windsor Park)Berkman intersection function - WB traffic on 51st is so heavy after road diet that the left turn from EB 51st onto Berkman has a hard time finding a gap for a permissive left turn.Pedestrian signal crossing 51st at Vaughn & Bartholomew Pool - Windsor Park would like active when pool opens. City developing criteria for pedestrian hybrid beacons. City recommended calling 311 which will trigger the start of the study process. (Catellus/City)-- Route recently published as recommended to City Council (maps, etc. online). More definition on northern route (Airport or I-35) is expected this Spring, along with mode (urban rail vs BRT) and funding options.-- More public outreach likely-- Route west of I-35 increases the need for good biking/walking connections across I-35. How is this planning being coordinated with Mobility35 and City’s support for that? Parties commenting on either project may want to note. If Mobility35 makes access to the northern route more difficult, that will negatively impact ridership. (Dee) - TxDOT’s long-range plan through Austin under development-- Cherrywood NA getting engaged quickly-- Mueller NA engaged-- TxDOT will present at RMMA PIAC March 11 meeting at Carver Library-- HDR hasn’t looked at the impacts to Mueller TIA yet. They’re waiting for TxDOT to evaluate prior comments and make possible adjustments. The risk of TxDOT getting too set on a design before the impacts to Mueller are known was debated. (Carl)-- Berkman full section from 51st to Philomena within 30 days-- Section 7 (southern part behind Wildflower Terrace) is under construction along with the 1st phase of the last detention pond. -- Catellus expects to finish southern lots by summer & turn over to builders-- Then Catellus will proceed northward up to Zach Scott, starting this summer. As part of that, they’ll complete the full section of Berkman from Manor to Zach Scott near the end of 2014.-- They’ll start on the next neighborhood park in Sept. with a goal of opening the 2nd pool in summer 2015-- Roundabout - Catellus is responding to final comments by City. City will construct but no information yet on their schedule.--Signal at Airport and Zach Scott:----- Flashing Yellow indication replaces old green ball to indicate the permissive turn phase (proceed with caution). Nationally, drivers often misinterpret the green ball and think they have the right of way when they don’t, so the standards have changed to use a flashing yellow turn arrow instead.----- When turning left into Mueller from southbound Airport, most drivers will travel past the crosswalk to see down Airport and determine if it’s safe to proceed. That will result in drivers getting caught in front of the crosswalk (or possibly on the crosswalk) when the light turns red. We discussed moving the crosswalk to the South side of intersection to avoid this conflict. I was told to call 311 so if anyone else thinks this would be an improvement, please also call them. It was pointed out that the City’s Complete Streets policy requires crosswalks on both sides of each street, not just one.-- Making the Mattie/McBee intersection a 4-way stop due to limited visibility for eastbound drivers on McBee to see southbound traffic on Mattie approach the intersection. Catellus says the problem is due to temporary grading that will be cut down when the NW corner is developed. The City said they would look into it but they seem reluctant to install a 4-way stop, even a temporary one. Call 311 to pursue.-- Sight distance at Zach Scott at Berkman - I mentioned this as well but we only had time for a brief discussion. It was pointed out that if we want wide-open sight distance at all intersections, you won’t have buildings near the corners and you would have to eliminate a lot of parking. Both are counter to our sort of development. It was also pointed out that the parked cars are a buffer, so stop prior to the crosswalk, if no pedestrians are coming, pull up to even with the parked cars and then look for traffic on Berkman. I’m just repeating what I heard so don’t shoot the messenger! If that doesn’t work, call 311.-- Berkman Dr. Traffic Study completed and will review with City and scope out options. Catellus says they will set up meeting with Berkman residents soon. Good turnout of residents will be important.-- Discussed whether the opening of the Thinkery necessitates the opening of the additional left turn lane from southbound Airport onto Aldrich. Over the holidays traffic backed up into the through lanes on Airport, but perhaps that was just due to the holidays. Catellus says they’ll monitor the intersection for backups. If you feel this is a problem, call 311. -- The City will be installing a new traffic signal on 51st at Mueller Blvd. in the next few weeks.
Experienced Full-Time Nanny - looking for an awesome family!
posted by jillian summar on February 18th, 2014 10:35 PM
Hello! My name is Jill Summar and I am currently seeking a full-time nanny position in central Austin. I am currently a full-time nanny for twin three-year-old boys and have been with them for over two years, but because of the increasingly bad traffic, my commute has more than doubled in the past two years and I need to find something closer to home (Mueller, Windsor Park, Cherrywood, etc.) I have a master of education as well as a bachelors in recreation, and am CPR/First Aid certified. I am compassionate and patient, as well as very active and I love to play, create, sing, be outside, practice yoga, run, bike, and read. I have over 13 years of experience in child-care, am pet-friendly, and have great references! If this sounds like a good match for you, please don't hesitate to call or email me. You can also check out my profile at I can be reached at, or 918-520-1078. Hope to hear from you soon! Jill Summar
Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Jim Raup on February 7th, 2014 10:30 AM
Austin Pet Hospital on the access road of IH35 on the western boundary of Mueller. (Dr.) T.J. Palvino lives in Mueller.
Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Rocky Johnson on February 6th, 2014 3:30 PM
thanks for the reply ... I'll be checking with them.Rocky
Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Janelle Dozier on February 6th, 2014 1:35 PM
Hi, Rocky:I don't have a price list for Windsor Park Vet. I'm sure they would be happy to give you prices if you could drop by their office. Before Barkley's cleaning they gave me a detailed price breakdown.Janelle
Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Rocky Johnson on February 4th, 2014 9:47 AM
If you wouldn't mind, I'm curious as to the costs. I have a mobile vet for yearly checkups for Piaf. Teeth cleaning is a necessity and that means a regular Vet Clinic. The last time I had this done, the charge was almost twice the amount of the checkup ... and the Clinic had been fax'd all her records. It seemed unreasonable.Rocky
Great experience with new owner of Windsor Park Vet Clinic
posted by Janelle Dozier on February 3rd, 2014 11:48 AM
Windsor Park Vet Clinic is only a mile away from Mueller, just off Berkman. Dr. Rita Geigel has recently bought the practice. She and her associate, Dr. Pasternak, did a great job with Barkley's annual physical and teeth cleaning. Excellent follow-up. Laura and Ursula, the front desk staff, have stayed with the practice, which gives nice continuity. Dr. Geigel has upgraded to digital X-ray, a new bloodwork machine, and new anesthesia monitoring and EKG equipment. It promises to be a neighborhood clinic with a warm and personal touch. Address: 1928 Gaston Place Drive. 512-928-1403. Janelle Dozier
Dual-Language, Public Montessori Is Here!
posted by Sara Cotner on January 30th, 2014 12:48 PM
Magnolia Montessori For All will be Austin's first public Montessori school. It will open in August 2014 with pre-K3 through 3rd grade and add a grade level every year through 8th grade. It will be located on 9 acres near 183 and Manor Road. Come learn more about the vision for this authentic, dual-language, high-performing school! -Wednesday, 2/5 from 12pm-1pm at the Windsor Park Library -Saturday, 2/22 from 10am-4pm at the Davis White Northeast District Park (stop by any time during this family-friendly event!) You can fill out an application here: Or contact Founder & Principal Sara Cotner at Applications will be accepted until February 28th at 5pm, and the lottery will be held Monday, March 3rd. Have a great week! Sara (512) 522-2429
Learn More about Public Montessori!
posted by Sara Cotner on January 12th, 2014 10:00 PM
Magnolia Montessori For All will be Austin's first public Montessori school. It will open in August 2014 with pre-K3 through 3rd grade and add a grade level every year through 8th grade. It will be located on 9 acres near 183 and Manor Road. Come learn more about the vision for this authentic, dual-language, high-performing school! Monday, 1/20 from 11am-2pm at the MLK Festival at Huston-Tillotson Monday, 1/27 from 7:30pm-8:30pm at the University Hills Library Wednesday, 2/5 from 12pm-1pm at the Windsor Park Library (feel free to bring your lunch!) You can fill out an application here: Or contact Founder & Principal Sara Cotner at Have a great week! Sara (512) 522-2429
Sharing With Santa - this Saturday
posted by Hellojustice on December 2nd, 2013 12:55 PM
Trinity Child Development Center presents our Annual "Sharing with Santa", a holiday alternative that emphasizes the "giving and doing" spirit of Christmas. We invite our neighbors to come with their families to a child-oriented event with lots of fun activities. There is free admission, brunch, and entertainment. The Trinity CDC children sing some of their favorite songs at 10:15 and Santa’s grand entrance is at 10:30 a.m. Children (and adults) may bring a new or “like new” unwrapped toy for APD’s Blue Santa. Austin Firefighters will be outside with their fire truck for conversations and viewing from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Activities that have a minimal cost include an "Elf Room" where only children under 18 shop for gifts for family members and then have fun wrapping them; games; craft-making; fishing booth, face painting, and a Silent Auction. Children can enjoy the playground and courtyard. We have many wonderful donors that help to raise money for our 49 year old non-profit center, so come enjoy this special day with us! Saturday, December 7, 2013 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Trinity Child Development Center 5801 Westminster Drive (next door to Windsor Park Branch Library
Two loose German Shepards in Mueller back 40
posted by Karen_Zab on November 21st, 2013 6:39 PM
Thought I'd let the dog lovers out there know these two german shepards have been reunited with their owners! Apparently they were first seen out and about in Windsor Park on Nov 12th so they had been loose for about a week before someone was able to corral them in a backyard thirsty and hungry. Turns out they were micro-chipped and are back home!
Great old pictures of Austin
posted by Karen_Zab on October 15th, 2013 10:07 AM
Great pictures of Austin from the past that some posted on the Windsor Park listserv. Sorry don't know how to create it as a hyperlink.
Tree Care Workshop
posted by ret1ree00 on October 14th, 2013 10:08 AM
Fall and Winter is the ideal time to prune and trim your trees. The Mueller POA Landscape Committee is offering a tree care workshop to cover general tree care (feeding, watering, mulching) and proper pruning techniques. Related tree care handouts and brochures will be provided. When: November 2, 2013 (10:00-11:30am) Where: 4233 Threadgill The workshop is being lead by arborist Tim Brosnan, ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist and owner of Brosnan Outdoor Craft, LLC. Tim did the landscape design and installation for Contigo. He got his start in landscaping and carpentry, but has found a real passion working in and around trees, He specializes in climbing and pruning, but is happy to help with whatever tree needs you may have. Tim, his wife, and three girls live across 51st street in Windsor Park. Hope to see you there. Joe
Babysitter for 6mo Needed Today and Tomorrow
posted by Kevin Ludlow on October 11th, 2013 2:26 PM
I know this is last minute, but I'm in need of a baby sitter today from about 4pm - midnight. The house is located just north of Mueller in Windsor Park. It would be for a 6 month old happy little girl. We'd need the same thing tomorrow too, but we'll definitely take what we can get :) We're also happy to be very generous with the short notice! Call me at 512-773-3968
Theater Arts Preschool program
posted by ristexas on October 1st, 2013 1:52 PM
(forwarded from an East Austin mom): I want to make sure all of you know about a wonderful part-time preschool available in central east Austin, just north of Mueller in Windsor Park. It is the Theater Arts Preschool program at Joyce Willett School of Dance, located on Berkman. I actually found out about this hidden gem on a neighborhood list serve two years ago and my four year old has been attending (and loving it) since. The preschool is for ages 2-5 and is open 9:30-1:00 Monday through Thursday (with an aftercare option until 2:00 also). It includes an hour long dance class of ballet, tap, and tumbling; while also teaching introductory theater technique. They do regular performances in the classroom for their plays and then they have two big recitals for the dance every year. The school not only offers the enriching artistic and creative opportunities, they also teach some academics. I feel confident that my child will be prepared for Kindergarten next year. The teacher, Ms. Mara, truly has a special gift with children. She is so amazing with the children and they adore her! Your child/ren can try it out one day for free and the school is also offering a discount for new kiddos who start in October because they have slots available right now. Please see the attached flyer for more details and email me at if you have any questions. Alison McGauley Contact info for the school: 5811 Berkman Rd. (512) 926-1199">
Indecent Exposure Incident on 9/10/13
posted by Ashley on September 23rd, 2013 8:29 AM
Please call 911 anytime you see this car driving around. I know that he has been active in Windsor Park as well.
Furniture for Reagan HS Special Ed
posted by Rick Krivoniak on August 20th, 2013 6:05 PM
I'm re-posting this for a Windsor Park neighbor - Rick Krivoniak Good Morning Neighbors! I will be teaching this year at Reagan HIgh School in a Special Education Life Skills class for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. Since most of my students are in my room for the majority of the day, there are times when they need to get out of their seats (or wheelchairs) and be able to relax for reading times, social/rec activities, and occasionally just to chill out. Anyway, when I checked out my "new" classroom last week I discovered that the previous teacher had taken just about all of the comfortable living room furniture and I was left with two ratty old chairs. If anyone has gently used sofas, chairs, coffee tables, area rugs, etc. they would like to donate to our neighborhood school it would be greatly appreciated! Its OK if its not in mint condition and has a few tears or stains, just something comfortable and clean. Thanks, Tom Ball 825-1375
Mueller Needs YOU to Speak Up (or Show Up) - 10-1 Redistricting Public Hearing
posted by ping2guo3 on August 14th, 2013 3:59 PM
Um. . . Mueller is not the east Austin you knew? Well, it can’t be geography, so it must be something else. Maybe the availability of new houses on an otherwise barren, noisy airfield? Or, the 1 out of 4 units that house people at 80 percent or less of MFI without looking like subsidized housing? Or, providing nice rental units for those above 55 at affordable rates? Or the increased shopping and employment opportunities, including an HEB, in a previously identified food desert? If not any of these things, then maybe does it have something to do with the types of people who live at Mueller? Perhaps it is people like Dennis MIck who one-handedly fixed handicapped accessibility to the voting precinct in Windsor Park or the dozens of other like him who assist their east side neighbors on a routine basis? Or, maybe it is the emergent leadership of young women like Kathy Sokolic or young Africa Americans like James Nortey and Kevin Foster? This old airport patch of land is probably not the east side you knew. There are a lot of new streets and buildings and many new people. Some old timers may not like the change and or perhaps think of it as too "different" to be considered as a part of east Austin. They may well be correct. I will leave that for others to decide.As for the gerrymandering part, everyone needs to examine the committee charge and come to understand what that term is and what it is not. Jerry Perkins, Lawless St, Mueller neighborhood
Interested in supporting area schools?
posted by mrs aaron on August 3rd, 2013 1:39 PM
We have had school committees off and on here in Mueller, but the recent bond failing to fund a new school kinda knocked the wind out of us. However, I would like to have a group that would just focus on actions that support existing schools in the area. I am making connections with Windsor Park's schools committee for the supplies drive and teacher appreciation events. I have more ideas, but I need help. If you are interested, let me know.
School support activities!
posted by mrs aaron on July 30th, 2013 10:15 AM
I have gotten a few donations, but we could use so much more! Even if you just donated an HEB gift card, that would help. I am meeting with Windsor Park residents at the Windsor Park Library this Saturday at 10 am to coordinate the donation drive and the teacher appreciation plans, and anyone is welcome to join me.
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 7/20/2013
posted by Cynthia on July 21st, 2013 5:47 PM
MNA General Meeting July 20, 2013 Wildflower Terrace MNA Steering Committee Members present: Kathy Sokolic, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, David Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, Dennis Mick, Corky Hilliard, James Nortey, Ani Colt, Kat Malcom, Cynthia Cammack MNA Steering Committee Members absent: Belinda Roberts, Grant Fisher 1. Introductions: Kathy Sokolic welcomed attendees 2. Treasurer's Report: Sandy Parks a. the MNA bank balance this morning, prior to the latest bank run, was a little less than $6300. b. Three big expenditures coming up: two Front Porch Flyer editions, Halloween carnival. c. 74 new and renewed members since June 10th; 337 existing members. 3. Presentation to Frost Bank: Kathy Sokolic Kathy thanked Frost for attending and contributing to neighborhood events and being so supportive of neighborhood, and presented a plaque in commemoration of the five year anniversary of the MNA savings account at Frost. Dena Holliday, VP, and Ken Gates, Sr VP at Frost represented Frost Bank. 4. Keep Austin Affordable: Frank Fernandez, Executive Director at Green Doors a. Gave brief overview of Keep Austin Affordable as a gathering of people concerned about high cost of housing in Austin. (Lives in Mueller.) Some points from presentation: • Austin needs 38,000 units for the 1 in 6 renters making below $25,000 that cannot afford Austin. They are either homeless, living in substandard conditions, doubled or quadrupled families in apartments, or paying too much and cutting other basics such as prescriptions or food. • Because of low unemployment, rental rates keep going up and Austin has gone from one of most affordable cities in Texas to one of most expensive. • Group's main focus: to get housing bonds back on ballot, hoping for November. $55 million bond was passed in 2006, but all those funds are spent or committed. Helped create over 3500 affordable homes of all kinds of housing. • Group advocates for another bond that size and members are out working to provide explanation to voters to about what bonds are for. b. Questions and Answers Q: What is tax implication of bond? A: Would not require tax increase; there is existing capacity within ad valorum tax rate Q: How does money go toward affordable housing and maintaining it? A: Every year city takes portion and creates an RFP for outside group to apply for funds. For example, if a group is developing an $8 million housing project, it could get a portion from these bond funds. To do so, group has to obligations to affordability, such as keeping units affordable for 99 years. Q: What are the demographics of the homeless population? A: In recent year, about 12,000 total, of which about 2000 were hildren, 10% veterans, 40% or so mothers and children. 80% are situationally homeless due to circumstances such as a lost job, medical situation, or domestic violence; they tend to get back into housing within 6 months or so. 20% are chronically homeless due to behavioral health or other issues; need services as well as housing. Q: What types of housing can the bond funds go to? A: City Council makes policy decisions. in last bond, 75% went to rental housing mostly to people making $25,000 or less. Smaller percentages went to repairs and affordable home ownership programs. Q: How many units can be generated with this amount? A: The last bond generated about 3500 - hoping for similar number this time. Noted that these kinds of programs are good for the local economy, creating jobs. Q: Where do other funds come from? A: Variety of sources, such as low income housing programs, banks, foundations, individuals. Audience comment: It's also important to emphasize programs and opportunities for behavioral health and other health issues that contribute to the homeless problem. New aid funds will provide some assistance. Q: Is money being spent on something else now that this would take the place of? A: Funds were not earmarked for something else and then shifted. Q: What is the elevator speech for people who insist homeless choose to be homeless? A: I struggle with this, too. Ask if they have ever been homeless. If they had been living in those conditions, might not say that. Many homeless people who do say so are mentally ill and might not be expressing that preference if well. Q: What does Green Doors do? A: We provide safe, affordable, quality housing as well as a food pantry, help with household setup. Also provide education on poverty and homelessness, for example, on veterans' issues. Veterans often end up homeless due to severe PTSD or traumatic brain injury. Q: If veterans are a core group, does specific amount of bond money go to veterans' initiatives? A: Bond funds do not have proportions specified for veterans. Green Doors and other programs do initiatives for veterans. c. Showed forms available for finding out more about Green Doors, volunteering, or donating. d. Kathy reinforced Mueller Redevelopment Vision and Goals. Noted that we will in August be bringing up to MNA members for a vote on whether or not we want MNA to formally support the bond. 5. 10-1 City Council: Steven Aleman, attorney and mediator, past chair of ANC, lives in nearby Chestnut neighborhood a. Highlights from presentation: In November 2012, the city had vote on charter amendments that resulted in a plan to divide city into ten sectors with one representative of each. In November 2014, voters will elect first council members on this plan. Independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission was a part of this proposition and has been put in place. This group is now planning drawing up of districts. First hearing in about a month in August. ANC interested in influencing commission to respect neighborhood lines, however can only influence them via writing that can be made public; cannot invite commissioners to neighborhood meetings. This makes field hearings more significant because they will be the only meeting opportunities. Charter amendment prohibits commission from using certain approaches, such as considering where candidates live, or lumping precincts together. Priority criteria include: plan must be "constitutional" - one person, one vote - or equivalent in size by population, maintain contiguous areas and neighborhood integrity. Neighborhood integrity includes common interests such as language, and resisting drawing lines along convenient geographic boundaries that could bisect neighborhoods. Commission will hold hearings across town before they can release a plan. Must also release a preliminary plan and hold available for 14 day period for public comment. ANC is requesting this period be extended to one month and is encouraging others to make same request. Commission will revise map to reflect public input and then vote on it. Nine of 14 commissioners must approve. Because of the recent Supreme Court decision, there will be no federal review, and this commission's vote is final. b. Questions and Answers Q: What is deadline for districts to be drawn? A: Now that federal pre-clearance is not required, commission could take till early 2014 to make decision. 6. New martial arts school - Nexus Tae Kwan Do: Brad Perkins from Windsor Park a. Opening up a martial arts business near Staples. Emphasized that martial arts play an important role in preventing bullying, and he works on school seminars and presentations to demonstrate this. Hoping to open by November. Will be offering adult and kids' classes as well as yoga, on weekdays and weekends. Twenty years of experience. 7. CASA Superheroes Run for Saturday, September 21st, 2013: Jennifer Lester, CASA events coordinator a. Provided background on Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Advocates focus on needs of children in the court system. One way CASA supports this work is with the Superheroes run. Route this year goes through Mueller on roads. Registration is open and anticipating sellout by mid-September. Brings whole metropolitan area together against child abuse. Mueller will have a water stop to support along mile 2. Also need help with parking, guiding drivers into rows on dirt lot. b. Gave shout out to Frost Bank as a big supporter. 8. Announcements a. The next Social Hour is Wednesday, August 14th at the Mueller HEB, and children are welcome. The HOA will provide light appetizers (Kat) b. Music in the Park will be on Thursday, Sept 12th with Kent Mayhew performing at the amphitheater, 6:30 PM (Kat) c. RMMA PIAC (Rick Krivoniak, chair of the RMMA PIAC). Welcomed Corky Hilliard's reappointment to the PIAC. Announced the next meeting is August 13th at the Carver Library 9. Adjourned
School support activities!
posted by kim wine on July 16th, 2013 9:46 PM
I was in Target yesterday, and they already have school supplies out. That means it is time for us to start our school supply drive! This year we are working together with Windsor Park Neighborhood Association folks to collect school supplies and to do some teacher appreciation events for Blanton, Pearce, and Reagan. I know Mueller kids attend other schools, but this for the sake of working with the people in WP, getting to know them better. So, I will put a plastic tub on my porch at 4116 Scales for any donations. And please contact me if you are interested in the Teacher Appreciation events. The idea is to do those the week prior to school starting.
Desk for Sale - $45
posted by Hellojustice on July 9th, 2013 11:38 AM
I am selling a desk that I had custom made for my daughter. I will deliver to your door (sorry - not inside) if you live in Mueller or Windsor Park. Craig's List posting:
Zen Electronics - Custom Home Theater
A Mueller Resident Owned Business Providing Personalized, Cost Effective, Home Theater & Home Automation solutions in the Austin, TX Area. Click here to learn more.
PromiseLand Learning Center
MOMS!! Mother's Day Out Program starts Aug 15! Register by June 30. Near Mueller. Also offering full-time care, 6 weeks-5 years.
Elect Kevin Ludlow for State Rep!
Pro-LGBT Rights, Pro-Pot, Pro-Net Neutrality, Anti-TSA, Anti-NSA. Support Kevin Ludlow for the TX House of Representatives District 46
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