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Crime - from our APD District Representative, Antwain Tarver
posted by danx111 on May 30th, 2012 11:25 AM
With regard to agency crime statistics in the past weeks, our area has experienced a significant increase in property crime relating to residential and vehicle burglaries. Since my return to the office, I’ve reviewed several cases as well as community blog postings. First, many of you are doing a great job with sharing information with each other; particularly Mary Arnette (CLASP), Jack Darby (, Chris Wilson (Cherrywood Neighborhood Association), and many others. Effective communication is definitely a means to combat such problems and also assist our agency in preventing crime. Now “preventing crime” is mentioned on a daily basis for many of us. Police research has proven that preventive measures are always more effective than “reactive measures.” We certainly do not like hearing that our citizens have been victimized by criminals. So yes we need the help of our citizens in all aspects of crime fighting, but most importantly with the focus of citizen awareness and crime prevention. Austin is a wonderful place to live and with that said, our city is arguably the fastest growing city in the nation. Austin has so much to offer. On a sour note, an increase in population will also inevitably deliver an increase in crime. This is another reason for our agency to have your [the community’s] support in obtaining further resources (i.e. additional officers). Obviously, we simply can’t place an officer on every corner at every hour of the day. The primary function of Patrol Services is to respond to 9-1-1/3-1-1 calls for service. Our specialized units focus on designated tasks such as investigating felonious crimes as well as misdemeanor cases, and countless other objectives to insure the safety of our community. In addition, community outreach units engage in positive interaction with our citizens, youth, and conduct follow ups when the need arises. Many of the tasks previously mentioned are of the “reactive” nature while some lie more on the lines of “prevention.” Nevertheless, we want to work closely with our citizens on focusing more on crime prevention. I’ll refer to the fire triangle which is: fuel, heat, oxygen. If one element is removed then the fire will be extinguished. For instance, visualize what happens to a flame [fire triangle] when we place lid on one of those wonderful smelling candles we enjoy within our homes. The “oxygen” is removed from the equation which results in the fire triangle being disrupted…….and no more fire is present. The same concept applies to the crime triangle. We must remain diligent in focusing on crime prevention. Removing the “opportunity” for crime to occur will result in us improving the safety of our community. By no means is it suggested that victims are at fault. We work hard to enjoy the fruits of our labor and none of us deserve to be victims of a crime such as burglary. Yet our focus is NOT to be victims. Our agency will respond to burglary calls in an expeditious manner, but we still need assistance from the citizens that we serve and protect to help us with our focal point which is – prevent crime and stop our citizens from being victimized. Next, I’ll list some suggestions for all of us to consider in our collective crime prevention efforts. REPORTING · Call 9-1-1 immediately if you observe any criminal or suspicious activity · Remember that suspicious activity is anything that you feel doesn’t look right; if you’ve got a bad feeling then always call 9-1-1 · Report, report, report!!! If the incidents are not reported, do not expect our agency to be aware of what’s occurring in a particular part of the community. Continue to share information on blogs, but still call 9-1-1/3-1-1. · Don’t wait to call or feel like you’re bothering us [police]. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later and we love our jobs and all of its associated tasks. · Do not enter into homes if unauthorized entry is suspected! Entering into such a situation can place you and your family at risk of harm. This may also compromise the integrity of potential investigative actions. Allow us [APD] to clear your residence of suspects first. · Lastly, if you observe criminal or suspicious activity that you feel may be “related to burglary/theft activity” and aside from calling 9-1-1, you may call 3-1-1 and initiate a “Burglary Information” report. Burglary Information reports are routed to the Burglary Unit for review. RESIDENTIAL SECURITY · Keep blinds or drapes closed when away from home -Open blinds or shades allow criminals a clear line of sight into your home · Install a deadbolt lock. -Deadbolts are usually locked with a key from the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. -The cylinder should be pick resistant. -Lock your doors every time you leave the house, even if you’re leaving for just a few minutes during the day. -The most popular time for residential burglaries are weekday daylight hours. -In over 1/3 of burglaries, there is no forcible entry—someone forgot to lock the doors. · Install sold doors Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood and at least 1 ¾ inches thick. Frames must be made of equally strong material and each door must fit its frame securely. · Keep garage doors closed and locked Open doors and windows are commonly checked by burglars looking for an opportunity. · Secure sliding doors and windows. -Cut a broom-handle to the length of the bottom track so that the window or door will not slide open when forced. -Also, drill one hole through both casings and sliding window and insert a nail or pin. · Secure sash windows -To prevent wooden sash windows from being pried open, drill a downward sloping hole into the top of the bottom window through and into the bottom of the top window and insert a pin or nail. -To prevent aluminum sash windows from being broken into, purchase a track lock that blocks the window track. · Mark your property -Mark your valuables with an engraver. Marking your property serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars and it helps police in identifying and returning stolen property. -Make a property identification list. -Put warning stickers on doors and windows. · Purchase a burglar alarm -A home alarm system can be a very effective burglary deterrent and fit into many people’s needs. -Remember to test your alarm monthly. · Leave a light on -When leaving on trips, leave a light on in the bathroom. -In the bedroom, attach a lamp and radio to a 24-hour electric timer set to go on at dusk and off at your bedtime. · Use Proper exterior lighting -Place a light over every door. -Double coning lights on each corner of the house will also light up windows. · Work together with your neighbors -When you are going to be away, tell trusted neighbors and ask them to watch your property. DO NOT announce to entire world on a blog, Facebook, etc…..criminals seek out these outlets for information. -Have neighbors maintain your yard, pickup newspapers and mail packages delivered to your front door. VEHICLE SECURITY · Always exercise the “HIDE, LOCK, TAKE” concept: Hide your belongings; Lock your vehicle; and Take your keys. · DO NOT leave any items of value in plain view. · Park in well lighted areas or your garage during nighttime hours. · Windows should be in the closed [up] position. CITIZEN RESOURCES In summary, our agency appreciates our collective crime prevention efforts and will continue to address all concerns noted by our citizens. Several specialized units have directed attention to the burglary activity within our area. Arrests have been made by those units as well as by Patrol Services. Directed Patrols have also been directed in the affected area, specifically Cherrywood. Upcoming plans to address the activity include bike patrols, ATV patrols, and deployment of one of our mobile command centers. Momentarily, I will forward several attachments to each of you that outline APD Region 3 District Representative Unit community outreach efforts during the first quarter. As always, feel free to contact me if the need arises. Be safe. Officer Antwain T. Tarver #5202 Region 3 District Representatives Austin Police Department 512.974.4937
DIY Surveilance Cameras Round Table Discussion SAT MAY 19TH 3PM
posted by Mary Arnett on May 17th, 2012 9:26 PM
Next CLASP Meeting (Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership) DIY Surveillance Cameras When: Saturday, May 19th 2:00pm - 3:00pm networking and NW Sign assistance 3:00pm - 4:00pm MAIN EVENT: Roundtable Discussion on DO IT YOURSELF SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS Where: St. John's Methodist Church, 2140 Allandale Road, Austin, TX Park in adjacent parking lot or on street Follow the signs to the main entrance on Wynona Featuring Highland Hills Neighborhood Watch Camera Buffs, Detective Jeff Crawford, and a DROPCAM demonstration (see DROPCAM.COM) Highland Hills neighborhood watch coordinator, David Price, will share his experience with do it yourself surveillance cameras. The format of our meeting will be a roundtable discussion. Allandale Neighborhood Watch has also been busy with this same topic so come if you are in the market for a camera and would like some insights into assessing your needs, placement of cameras, selection and how to best collect the evidence you need if a burglar or other problem comes your way. Other devices will be discussed as well such as trip alarms and game cameras. If you have experience to lend on this topic, please come and share. Detective Jeff Crawford will also be there to give us the APD perspective on how to best collect and submit evidence - the do's and don'ts of your important video taping. There will also be a demonstration of the new DROPCAM video system......a simple, affordable turn key system for videotaping and storage. POSTED BY Mary Arnett Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Friends of North Shoal Creek NA CLASPATX.COM 803-1540 cell
Fallen Officer Jaime Padron Events
posted by Mary Arnett on April 10th, 2012 8:52 AM
Neighbors: Here is a link to the SPECIAL EDITION of the CLASP Newsletter that summarizes the information about events for Fallen Officer Jaime Padron. Feel free to copy this link to other listservs. There are various ways anyone can help and links to his guest book, charities that are collecting money, the funeral dates and times (to which the public is invited) and also the route of the funeral procession. Many have expressed a desire to show his family and our APD officers that we are grateful for his service to our community and respectful of the ultimate sacrifice that he made. Thank you for help CLASP spread the word Best Regards, Mary Arnett President Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Friends of North Shoal Creek
posted by Mary Arnett on March 4th, 2012 10:31 AM
NEIGHBORS Please take a look at the link below. There is a missing teen from EASTSIDE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL since a few days ago. If you have any information please call the APD Missing Persons Department. Their number is on this link: HTTP://WWW.TINYURL/MISSINGEASTSIDETEEN Thanks to everyone for being vigilant Mary Arnett Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership
Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Newsletter and Alert
posted by Mary Arnett on January 9th, 2012 2:23 PM
Mueller Neighbors, Here is a link to our latest ALERT with some timely information: CLASP is holding a meeting NEXT SATURDAY January 14th Windsor Park Library (very close to YOU!!) from 2-4pm Doors open at 1:30p for networking Close at 4:30 with more networking opportunities at the end. Here's a link to our newsletter alert If you were intrigued by the Statesman article last month about John Luther's patrols in Barton Hills, he will be presenting to the group. We also have a new matching grant program if your neighborhood would like to buy magnetic patrol signs. And Adrian Moore of the Council on At Risk Youth will be presenting information about his program of prevention in the AISD schools to increase our awareness and support. Most important of all . . . .come and meet other neighborhood leaders and volunteers who work on crime and safety issues in their own neighborhoods across the city. Best Regards, Mary Arnett President CLASP Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership 512-803-1540
Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Newsletter
posted by Mary Arnett on December 13th, 2011 10:15 PM
Hey Mueller Neighbors: Here's a link to our latest newsletter which highlights some Neighborhood Watch/ Patrol safety heroes. If you were interested in securing crime watch signs for free - read on. Saturday, January 14th, CLASP will host a meeting at the Windsor Park Library featuring John Luther from Barton Hills Patrols and Adrian Moore will speak about the Council on At Risk Youth. Enjoy! Best Regards, Mary Arnett Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Friends of North Shoal Creek
Photographer recommendations
posted by Alexa Manza on November 16th, 2011 9:46 PM
Mary Barnett!!http://www.marybarnett.com
No bus stop at Mueller for LASA bus 0617
posted by Mary Arnett on August 19th, 2011 9:57 AM
HeySaw your post about the bus stop. Please contact Kristi Stillwell at Safe Routes to School, if you have not done so already. She would be interested in this problem and might be able to help. Call 311 for her numberMary ArnettCitizen Led Austin Safety Partnership803-1540
The problem with taking your bike on the bus...
posted by Mary Arnett on August 2nd, 2011 12:19 PM
Grace,I have (in years gone by before I got to work from home) taken my bike on the bus inside. I know they used to allow this when the rack was full. Mary ArnettFriends of North Shoal Creek
CCTV Support - Stop Mueller Crime?
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:59 AM
Kevin,Would you get in touch w/ me about your idea here?Mary Arnett803-1540cell
CCTV Support - Stop Mueller Crime?
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:59 AM
Kevin,Would you get in touch w/ me about your idea here?Mary Arnett803-1540cell
CCTV Support - Stop Mueller Crime?
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:59 AM
Kevin,Would you get in touch w/ me about your idea here?Mary Arnett803-1540cell
CCTV Support - Stop Mueller Crime?
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:59 AM
Kevin,Would you get in touch w/ me about your idea here?Mary Arnett803-1540cell
CCTV Support - Stop Mueller Crime?
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:59 AM
Kevin,Would you get in touch w/ me about your idea here?Mary Arnett803-1540cell
Cameras for Security
posted by Mary Arnett on August 1st, 2011 12:57 AM
I've had two surveillance cameras, although older technology that was a pain to use - at my place over here in North Shoal Creek. I mainly used them for a local vandal who regularly came to torment me until they moved out. If anyone in Mueller wants to start a Neighborhood Patrol group, I would think that your neighborhood is a good candidate to make that work. John Luther of Barton Hills has a really great program over there. We can loan you some signs to get started. John has trained the Zilker Neighborhood, Allandale and Travis Heights neighborhood how to do it. You just need some volunteers to sign up for certain times. His neighborhood has enough retired people that they do it 24 hrs. In fact, they just interrupted a day time burglary the other day as the thieves were putting the goods in a car. Their BOR's are way down due to their visibility.Neighborhood Watch is good also - and I think you folks already have some watch groups going, if I am not mistaken.Let me know if anyone would be interested in heading up a patrol or watch group - we have various people who can come out and do the training along w/ APD.Mary ArnettCLASPCitizen Led Austin Safety Partnership803-1540 cell
Austin firefighters battle Oak Hill brush fire....
posted by Mary Arnett on April 18th, 2011 11:48 PM
Hey Folks@Just wanted to let you know what one other neighborhood is doing in response to the Oak Hill fires. The Barton Hills neighborhood watch group has some watch volunteers who have gone down there to plot the campsites they find with GPS coordinates and they are turning those over to APD to investigate. As you have probably heard by now, APD is getting the word out to homeless people about campfires etc. and the hazard that exists right now for fire.I don't know if you have any secluded areas around you that attrack homeless campsites, but if you know of some - you might want to think about reporting those to your DR if those sites could be a fire hazard to adjacent property.Mary ArnettCitizen Led Austin Safety Partnership512-803-1540CLASP President
19 March 2011 General Membership Meeting notes
posted by Betsy on March 19th, 2011 1:27 PM
19 March 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association The meeting was held at the Browning Hangar and led by Chair, Grant Fisher. - Grant introduced officers of the MNA steering committee (SC) and asked other SC members to raise their hands. We’ll need nominations for SC members in May, for elections in June. Several current SC members are reaching the end of their term limit (3 years) and won’t be eligible to serve next year. Be thinking about who to nominate. – Grant reported that our current balance is about $4300. - Mary Arnett spoke on behalf of C.L.A.S.P., which stands for Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership.  This organization brings together volunteers and neighborhood leaders who want to address crime prevention and safety at the neighborhood level.  Group of folks got together a year ago to work on crime issues in own neighborhoods. Jack Darby with Krimelabb helped them get together as a way to network with other neighborhoods. Every neighborhood is different - customize for what works for your neighborhood. Mary talked about the variety of Neighborhood Watch types, from the less formal (getting to know your neighbors) to the more formal (organized block captains, telephone trees, block meetings, etc.) For chronic problems, Mary recommended working with our APD District representative. Some neighborhoods have a community safety coordinator who coordinates regularly with APD. Some neighborhoods have hosted Safety Fairs at home improvement stores. Some have neighborhood watch signs they put on vehicles and perform patrols. Barton Hills is an example. CLASP can help with training and organization, networking. They work with APD. Mary talked about how good communication can really save lives - mobilize to find children or others who have wondered off, etc. - Rick K from Windsor Park - About 8 neighborhoods work together to put together a forum for City Council candidates in Places 1, 3 and 4. It is Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman (go to the back of the building for the forum). April 14: Deadline for registering to vote May 2-10: Early voting May 14: Election Day - All three grant applications were awarded as follows $125 Stitch n Bitch - Bears for kids in Africa & Haiti and premie caps for children at Dell & Seton $40 to Boomers for Chili Cookoff trophies $125 to the Friends of the Prairie for ongoing activities in support of the prairie. (Ashley Fisher) - - Energy Substation at Morris Williams golf course - start construction in July and online in November. The landscape plans are being closely reviewed. - Wildflower Terrace - Planning to occupy in November - Simmons Vedder breaking ground on another apartment complex next to Mosaic - A few buyers recently closed on garden homes (near Antone & Hermalinda) - Greenway Lofts - almost sold out. - Open House - April 2 and April 16 at Mueller Central - advertise next phase of housing. Time TBD - watch for more info. - AISD Performing Arts Center - no official word yet on whether it will be at Mueller. AISD has said they are moving forward on preferred site but haven’t said where that is. They’ve been asked to come speak to PIAC. Catellus can’t sell land to a governmental entity without approval from Austin City Council. - Children’s Museum - in fundraising mode and still on board. - Catellus spin-off from ProLogis is complete. - Kat March 24 - HH at Paco’s Tacos patio, 5-7pm. Some appetizers will be provided by the committee. It’s an age 21+ event. Purchase own drinks. April 29 - LGBT Progressive Dinner - listed on CitiCite under Events. April 1 - swimming pool opens April 2 - 10 a.m. Polar Bear plunge. Some tacos and coffee will be provided. - Garreth & Kathy - Resident’s Council has been formed and will help with communication, etc.   Council members were selected through an open call for volunteers.  Council members include: Dan McAtee Susan Beckman Grant Fisher Dusty Harshman Corky Hilliard Dennis Mick Scot Salmon Jason Sears Rajesh Sukamaran The Pecan Street Project will offer a supplemental rebate of $0.50/watt for solar PV installations at Mueller. The project’s demonstration house will be at Berkman and Antone. Not sure when construction will start. Subdivision of the lot has to go to City Council. - - Plant Fest April 9 at 10:00. Volunteers are needed to help with kids activities, etc.! Please contact Janelle Dozier to volunteer. - Mueller Homes - Mueller Builder Guidelines for noise control during construction. Call Dee Desjardin at Catellus if builders aren’t complying. - Welcome Spring around the Lake - 1:00 p.m. tomorrow at Lake Park. Great chance to gather as a community to welcome Spring to Mueller. - Lee Thomson - New Exec Director of the Mueller Foundation. Their priorities are affordable housing and community strengthening. One focus area is Grades 4-8 in schools that Mueller feeds into. - Austin Energy rate increase - Kathy Sokolic is on the public involvement committee for that. Residential rates will be discussed at next meeting on April 6. Submit questions at least a week in advance. Let Kathy know if you have questions, etc. More info at - Several residents are meeting with Lighthouse Solar tomorrow night (Sunday) at 5:30 p.m. at Betsy & Joe’s. Join us if you have questions regarding solar installation. Meeting adjourned and I forgot to notice the time!
MNA Steering Committee minutes 1 Mar 2011
posted by Betsy on March 1st, 2011 9:02 PM
Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for April 5th. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – March 1, 2011 I. Introductions - Grant opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. All SC members were present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Mary Piette, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Shellie Shores, Grant Fisher, Betsy Hilton, Mike McGovern, Kerry Fisher. II. Treasurer’s Report: We are doing well - $4358.62 current balance. Up from last month. About half of this will be used for Front Porch Flyer printing this year. Deposited more dues lately and FPF ad proceeds. Now have 175 current members in MNA. Frost has a feature now for $5/month where you can view the images of all checks deposited. We will ask to see if we can get it free, but this would make Treasurer’s job easier. SC approved asking them for it free, and approving the expenditure if we can’t get it for free. (Drew motion, Mary Piette 2nd - passed with one vote against.) III. Existing Business: a. Candidate Forum (March 22) - Windsor Park organizing with surrounding neighborhoods. City Council elections in May. Potential topics we’d want discussed were suggested: transportation and bike/ped, single member districts, recycling contractor (and smaller bins as an option). b. MNA Grants - 3 applications were received: Stitch-n-Bitch ($125), Boomers($30), and Friends of the Prairie($125). A total of $500 was available. All were approved. Discussion about desire to see more grant applications that support community events. Also discussed ways to share information about the history of the community with new residents, along with community covenants. POA needs to start up Mueller 101 again since we’re have some new residents in the Greenway Lofts, Garden homes and Mueller homes. More discussion next month. c. Resident Activities committee update (Kat) - For 2011 budget: ----Plant Fest ($100), - April 9 ----Polar Bear plunge - April 1st 5:00 a.m when pool opens ($50) ----July 4th pool party ($500) ----Halloween ($500) ----Networking events ($200/event for quarterly events) ----Tower lighting ($1500) ----Egg Scramble ($350) - April 23rd? (unsure if it will be Sat or Sunday) ----Music Festival - June maybe 6-10 pm ($1200) - lots of planning and volunteers needed!! d. Commander’s forum (last meeting) - highlights on Car breakins rampant in Cherrywood. Mark your belongings to help with retrieval. APD will be launching a website called CopLogic - report thefts with Serial #s for your belongings and get a police report for insurance purposes. e. Pecan Street Project (Kathy S) - PSP is planning an event for first group of participants. Tentative date is April 16. If interested in Resident’s Council, email Suzanne at f. Business Memberships - Frost Bank sent unsolicited check for $10, presumably for membership. Bylaws allow business memberships but we’ve never established the annual dues for businesses. Per the ByLaws, business members have no voting rights. SC (Drew motion, Kathy 2nd ) - we will start accepting business memberships per bylaws. Passed unanimously Business membership fees: - $10 or $25 were discussed. Diane motion for $10 annual dues, Betsy 2nd. VOTE: 6 for, 5 against, 2 abstain. Drew motion: Increase dues to $25, Kat 2nd - Discussion: Would like to distinguish business memberships from resident memberships. We do have future needs that could be funded from additional revenue. VOTE: 9 for and 4 against. Motion carries. Business membership dues will be $25. No boundaries were established so all businesses are eligible. IV. Upcoming Meetings First meeting at the HANGAR on March 19 :-) Trailer eateries will be advised to expect a crowd - Informational session with Mary Arnette from CLASP (neighborhood watch and more) V. Additional Business a. Bugs/Critters update - about 19 attended at the hangar b. Plant fest - will be April 9 at the Hangar, from 10am - 2 pm. Janelle & Mary P co-organizers. Clifton School (antique roses, etc) and Maplewood Elem (veggies/herbs) will be selling plants. Kids activities. Hope to have music. Book sales. Master gardeners will have plant clinic so you can bring your sick plants. Neighboring communities invited. Boy Scouts will be selling hot dogs. c. FPF coming in April - looking for articles and information on events. d. MNA SC elections will be in June. Be thinking about nominations for May. Grant will chair through the June general meeting. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.
MNA General Membership meeting notes 19 Feb 2011
posted by Betsy on February 19th, 2011 11:43 AM
19 Feb 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association The meeting was held at the Ronald McDonald House and led by Vice-Chair, Dennis Mick. – Our balance is $3608.62 and Kerry is about to make another large deposit of $742. Lots of new memberships from the Big Push! We have 175 current members. Applications will be received through Feb. 28 for MNA Grants to support community activities. Maximum grant amount is $125. Applications will be evaluated at the March 1 meeting of the steering committee. - Dennis mentioned upcoming events that are posted on is forming a Resident’s Council. Looking for more residents to help share information with the community. If interested, email Ian Dietrich is no longer with PSP and they’re looking for a new project manager. Apologies for communication problems regarding the gas meter replacements. Suggestion to incorporate PSP info into the new resident seminars conducted by Catellus. Also talk about getting info to realtors who represent those buying into Mueller. - Kat Malcom - Friday, Feb. 25 meeting at trailer eateries from 12-1pm. This is a committee of the POA and more volunteers are needed. They work to allocate a budget from the POA, and ensure that activities represent a good cross section of the community. (resident & Ronald McDonald House Chief Development Officer) Thanks to Ann for hosting the meeting. RMH started in 1974 in Philadelphia, by a player for the Eagles. McDonald’s was a sponsor of the Eagles so they reached out to them for assistance with helping families who have children in the hospital. Junior Leagues have been instrumental in spreading. Each RMH is an independent organization. All fundraising is local. Families who live more than 25 miles from the hospital are served by the RMH. This RMH is a 30-bedroom house and the 1st platinum LEED building. They average 23-26 families per night. Volunteer groups bring in lunch and dinner EVERY day! The average family stays here 8 nights. Families are asked to contribute $10/night if they can to help defray their cost. Social workers make referrals to the RMH. This Spring, they’ll open a family room inside Dell Children’s Hospital. It’s like a little house inside the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. The new room will have 2 bedrooms, laundry facility, etc. RMH provides support services in these family rooms. There’s no mileage requirement for receipt of these services. After the meeting, Ann took about 10 of us on a tour of their public areas and a vacant room. Very nice! - Pool opens April 1 at 5:00 a.m. New maintenance company this year. A few picnic tables and benches will be added inside the fence but still, no food allowed. New umbrellas will be installed while plans continue for a canopy in the future. They’re also trying to reduce the transition times between public and private hours. Be sure not to let people in the gate for our own liability protection. Otherwise, we risk losing our special public/private status. (Report from Diane Geirisch) - March 19 guest speaker will be Mary Arnett. Mary will discuss neighborhood security and neighborhood watch. Meeting adjourned about 10:52 a.m.
monday meeting Request more APD in DV!!!
posted by Tamara Trager on June 7th, 2010 9:46 AM
Note: Please read. Even if you cannot attend, you can write a brief letter in support. Remember- If you do not speak up- no one knows there is a problem!!! Friends and City Wide Neighborhood leaders and participants, I am writing you today because of your involvement with CLASP and because of your interest in crime prevention in our neighborhoods. I need some supportive presence at the upcoming Public Safety Commission Meeting this Monday. • This coming Monday, June 7th, from 4pm to 6pm at City Hall • Parking is free and plentiful in the parking garage of City Hall if you get your ticket stamped at this meeting. • If you wish to speak, come 45 minutes early to sign in. Citizen input is limited to three minutes. Practice your presentation so it meets that time restraint. • If you do not wish to speak, please come & support those that do. • If you cannot be there, please write the Public Safety Commission by email so that they can have visibility to the issues in your neighborhood. Copy the Council and City Manager. Here is a link to the last CLASP Alert which has all the email addresses and phone numbers. Why this is an important meeting? • We are at a juncture here where preliminary budgets are being prepared by APD. The Public Safety Commission needs to hear your voice. No one can speak for you – you must act yourself. They need to hear public comment on this issue of increased staffing for APD. • We have this opportunity to make our voices known about APD Staffing- they only meet once a month. The weeks are flying by and the final proposed budget will be on the Council members desks by late July. This is time critical. • This is an important time to let the Public Safety Commission know that you support an increase in APD Staffing to address several issues: What are the issues? • Over the last 18 months, there has been a definite increase in property crimes. The first 5 months of 2010 is showing no sign of this trending down. There are also concerns about a slow rise in violent crime. • There are extraordinary efforts being made by neighborhoods across the city to mitigate the effects of this crime. While Neighborhood Watch and Patrols are a good strategy, this cannot be our only approach to the problem. • Over the last several years, APD has been asked to do more with less. With the rise in crime and calls for service, this means they are operating close to the edge in efficiency. • The official staffing allotment for APD by Council is 2 officers per thousand. But the issue that erodes that staffing ratio is – they cannot fill a known vacancy such as a retirement until that officer has left the payroll. They are averaging 4 officers leaving per month. And other officers who are out on medical, military or other types of leave are still counted towards that ratio. • We learned at the last CLASP meeting that there may be a large number of retirements come January due to an incentive that goes into effect at that time. Filling those vacancies takes months for recruitment, hiring and training. • With other previous APD budget reductions, officers are being asked to perform administrative duties that used to be done by civilians. • In February, in a statement to the Statesman, Chief Acevedo felt that the draw down of officers had reached a level that prompted him to warn “ We have reached a critical vacancy level. Our No. 1 priority as an organization is to respond to 911 calls, and we will not allow a further reduction of patrol assets," Acevedo said. "It would be inappropriate." This situation is what led to promotions and transfers being frozen. District Reps and Detectives were pulled from their regular duties to fill in for patrols. • Although a COPS Grant application is in the works, we will not find out about that until late August. There must be a contingency plan in place as part of this year’s budget in case that grant is not approved. What does this cost our neighborhoods? • Peace of mind and our quality of life. There have been reports of burglar alarms going off and slow or no response from APD. Many pay their hard earned dollars for alarm systems but that service hinges on one thing: If the alarm goes off, the police are supposed to show up. Without that, it does not serve as a deterrent and it is money down the drain. • Too many people have had their lives disrupted for months as they deal with re-securing their homes, the feeling of being violated, the unknown factor of what else is missing, identity theft on top of property theft, dealing with insurance claims and possibly higher future premiums. Neighbors nearby become jittery and fearful. • The cost of volunteer time should not be minimized. There are some serious efforts underway to proactively address the problem in our own neighborhoods. And neighborhoods in other parts of town need help organizing similar efforts. We need stronger community policing efforts and support for these neighborhoods that are being left behind. • Some residents are starting to give up hope that crime will be reduced and move to other areas. The high cost of crime is a declining quality of life and ultimately, a degradation of our neighborhoods. Looking beyond our neighborhoods Dr. Michael Lauderdale is the Chair of the Public Safety Commission and a professor at UT. He has stated to his colleagues on the Commission that one of his great concerns is about the threats of violence and other related criminal activity that the drug cartels may be bringing to Austin. He recently relayed to me: “Much of my thinking of what we may face and I emphasize may is influenced by the several decades of research I have done in Mexico and the Southwest border. The last two decades have been a great calamity with regard to social safety and civic participation in Mexico . Conditions have accelerated in the last 5 years and I have begun to write of Mexico as a “failed state.” If that is correct, our problems in Austin are just beginning. I sent the note and link below to several colleagues. The BBC does a fine job of framing what is occurring 180 miles to our south. The British Broadcasting Company has a current program available on You Tube analyzing the War as of February of this year. It illustrates several important aspects and important to watch as it illustrates the war next door. It is graphic, chilling and depressing with Juarez being at the center of the series featuring a police cadet graduation there at its conclusion. How different what these cadets must face as compared to our last APD class this spring. This chaos was unthinkable two decades ago, maybe even a decade ago. Every city in Texas , every city in the Southwest must ask what is next and how does it affect us.” There are 7 files. This is the first: I am also giving you here the link to the January 4th Public Safety Commission meeting where Chief Acevedo lays out the challenges that he faces in the upcoming year. He was asked "Dollar for dollar where is the greatest impact achieved with scarce tax dollars"? Below is his answer: “My experience has been that a highly visible "in view" police department that is conducting police operations and taking enforcement action when they see a violation is the #1 driver to [bringing] down crime and deterring crime. It is a police presence, it is a uniformed presence, it is an "in view" presence..... so if I had to pick which was more effective, I can tell you, it is police officers. I don't care what the problem has been in my 24 yrs of law enforcement, whatever the issue has been, no matter what the neighborhood has been, what the criminal problem has been..... if you put additional police officers in patrol cars in an area taking enforcement action, whatever the bad outcome is goes down, .....we know that through our grant processes when we get grant funding for additional policing whether it's the STEP program or MCSP which is More Care Safety Program for crashes when you have safety corridors. If you increase the police presence, the police activity, no matter what the issue is, whether its shootings, whether it's traffic fatalities, the higher the police the visibility, the higher the police engagement, the lower the bad outcomes. When the police presence and engagement goes down after those [grant] dollars dry up....the bad outcomes start increasing.” I ask that you find a way to take the time to come. It is imperative that our voices be heard and that we give a visible showing of your support to this issue. If you are not able to sign up to speak, you may pick up a sign from me at the meeting. ….a small poster that you can hold up at an appropriate time that states “MORE COPS = LESS CRIME”. This is a message that will ring true with most of the Commission. It would be good for them to show community support for their actions. We need to provide that support to the Commission. I appreciate your activism in your own neighborhoods and your willingness to give of your time towards this end. We must think of the bigger picture of what is occurring in our city. Thank you in advance if you are able to lend a hand to this endeavor. Best Regards, Mary Arnett 3209 A Mossrock DR 803-1540 Attachment below: Statesman article from February 2010
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CLASP MEETING REMINDER FOR SATURDAY June 5TH 2-4PM COME EARLY for Meet and Greet Doors open at 1:30p Who is invited? Anyone connected with neighborhood safety issues across Austin. For Immediate Release Contact: MARY ARNETT Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership 512-803-1540 Please forward this to other neighborhoods, volunteers, block captains, safety coordinators Reminder Join Us at the Next CLASP Meet up Saturday, June 5th 2-4pm at CTECC Combined Transportation & Emergency Communications Center 5010 Old Manor Road click here for directions Join us on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at this special venue: CTECC, the Combined Transportation & Emergency Communications Center from 2 to 4pm to meet with Austin safety leaders and volunteers who are interested in preventing crime in their neighborhoods. Agenda Pre-Meeting Meet and Greet 1:30-2:00p Come early to introduce yourself and meet other CLASP participants, presenters and special guests. Later, get a peek at the 911 call center and the Emergency Operations Control Room on the 3rd floor of this facility. 2:00pm Meeting Begins Guest Speaker: Sgt. Rod Reyna of Precinct 2 Constables Office Organizing a Neighborhood Watch Sgt. Reyna is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Constable Precinct 2 with hands-on experience establishing Neighborhood Watch groups. He has recently offered a four part seminar in the Pflugerville area on Civic Action Building Blocks. He will talk about some Neighborhood Watch practical nuts and bolts, but also the bigger picture of how a neighborhood watch can be the building block for your community. Learn about the CTECC Center Roger Wines, CERT Volunteer, will give us an overview of this amazing facility. Our meeting is in the Emergency Operations Center room, with some impressive display technologies that help leverage the area's AV resources - especially its fixed-location cameras. We will be able to view the 911 call center from above. The CTECC Operations Center brings several state, county, and municipal government agencies together under one roof so they can share command-and-control resources in the area. This unification is intended to strengthen the Travis County area's emergency communications and traffic management. Networking Sessions before and after the presentations Have you been wanting to start up or revitalize a Neighborhood Watch? Meet Laura DiCarlo who has a successful block captain program in Allandale. She can give you tips, suggestions and resources.
APD Liason
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CLASP MEETING REMINDER SLIGHTLY REVISED AGENDA FOR APRIL 17TH 2-4PM For Immediate Release Contact: MARY ARNETT Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership 512-803-1540 Reminder Join Us at the Next CLASP Meetup Saturday, April 17th 2-4pm Spicewood Springs Branch Library 8637 Spicewood Springs Rd Join us on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 at the Spicewood Springs Branch Library from 2 to 4pm meeting with Austin safety leaders and volunteers who are interested in preventing crime in their neighborhoods. Agenda Introductions Guest Speaker: Asst Chief Sean Mannix of APD APD Staffing and the APD Budget Process Chief Mannix will address the current status of staffing at APD, the challenges and needs, and how different parts of Austin are being impacted such as newly annexed areas. Have you wondered how we compare with other cities? Do you know what our response times are and how APD prioritizes calls? Would you like to hear about how future staffing impacts the District Rep programs and other community policing efforts? And most importantly, how does APD's budgetary process develop into a proposal before the city council in early Fall? How does staffing forecasts play a part in this process? Followed by 25 minute Panel discussion Jack Darby (krimelabb), Madge Whistler (5th St. Community NA) and Darla Gay (planner with Travis County DA's office) Using data resources for crime prevention and awareness Exciting new Ideas for monitoring 'churning' offenders thru the legal system **Networking Session Meet Laura DiCarlo from Allandale John Luther from Barton Hills. Have you been wanting to start up a neighborhood watch? Have you seen what John has done with patrols in his neighborhood? Check out the KVUE video here. Come and meet them and others who are revitalizing their neighborhood watch and patrols. In attendance we will also have Peter Freeman from the APD Weed and Seed Program, Cary Roberts from the Greater Austin Crime Commission, Aman Badali from the COA Public Safety Commission and a few district reps from around Austin's various sectors. See You There! PLEASE RSVP to! CLICK HERE FOR LATEST CLASP NEWSLETTER CLASP is the Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership that networks safety leaders and volunteers across Austin to share best practices, to learn, meet and support each other in our efforts to make Austin neighborhoods the safest in the nation. Mary Arnett Laura DiCarlo Jack Darby Lori C-Renteria Mary Rudig mossrock3209@yahoo lhdicarlo@yahoo jdlink@yahoo. CLASP Steering Committee
Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership
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You are invited to attend a Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership meetup on Saturday, April, 17, 2010 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Spicewood Springs Branch Library (8637 Spicewood Springs Rd). MAP DETAILS This forum is designed to develop a network of citizens and neighborhood leaders from Austin neighborhoods who are interested in crime & safety issues. It is intended for sharing constructive ideas and not as a medium for complaining or advancing political agendas. This is being hosted by Laura DiCarlo, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for Allandale, Mary Arnett, Friends of North Shoal Creek and Jack Darby of Agenda Introductions (including attendees) Austin Police Department Assistant Chief Sean Mannix will speak on staffing and the budget Panel Discussion on crime data, recidivism and criminal justice Network (mingle) Reasons for attending hear presentations related to crime and safety share information and best practices meet people involved in crime and safety from a variety of neighborhoods find out how neighborhoods address their issues meet members of Austin Police Department
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