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posted by Digital Zone on March 29th, 2020 1:38 PM
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posted by dodger on December 11th, 2014 11:40 AM
I saw Lucy and Lucy, dressed as princesses, playing with a toy cloth picnic basket on Tuesday at Ella Wooten Park. I found it on a bench there on Wednesday afternoon (yesterday 12/10). If this is the same picnic basket that belongs to one of the Lucies or if it belongs to someone else in the neighborhood, send me a pm and I'll arrange to leave it on my porch for you to pick up. Marsha aka DODGER
Crime prevention in the Berdoll Farms/Meadows area
posted by Caraly Foreman on June 30th, 2010 9:28 AM
As a resident in the newer part of Austin;s Colony, I cannot agree more with John. The kids, and lack of either parental teaching, oversight, discipline, or care, for that matter, are out of control. Also, our developers advertise that there are parks and recreational facilities in the development and yet, at least from the Reytex/Pacesetter, and Chaperral locations, they are NOT at all walking, and barely biking distance, and they are minimal to serve, as John refers to, the number of homes here, and/or oversight needs. When I first moved here three years, ago, there were security patrols (a guy in a golf cart) everywhere and it seemed almost 'resort'-ish in our area. I have not seen any such developer(s) or HOA provided patrols whatsoever in the last two years. And ther HOA rules are pretty useless becuase when there is no HOA provided neighborhood patrol or oversight, there is no enforcement whatsoever of the HOA rules. We pay for HOA presence and enforcement of rules in our neighborhoods in AC that are ALREADY in place (in our HOA CCR rules) and without local law enforcement presence to enforce any of them (their response always is, 'well, we cannot enforce HOA rules, because our County ETJ law doesn;t have those same rules/laws' is ridiculous. I know we have some bad seeds as far as kids, but I blame, more (and this is not directed at those trying/good parents out there) the neglectful parents. My, and four other homes, in the Reytex Homes development in AC came 2-4 FEET from being completely burned to the ground two July's ago (and as you can see from the attached picture, you can see the significant property/land damage from it we incurred) from some ignorant kids/bad seeds (and their bad seed parents, of all people, standing aside them) setting off dangerous roman candles, etc in the adjacent vacant lots to our homes, in the year there was an all time drought. Only 1 parent and her son apologized & took accountability (all the other kids/parents who lived in the neighborhood ran into their homes and hid/never once stepped up, as a good citizen or parent). It took the fire truck (station only 2 blocks away) 20 min to get to our homes and by then, most of the damage was done and by thanks of some good neighbors using all of our area hoses (my water bill, alone, for that was over $300- again, no kids/parents accountable for that) and then the fire dept, most of the damage was done. These same kids repeatedly are found to spray paint, destroy builder property (eg tip over outhouses/breka fences, attempt to break into mailboxes, cars, and homes- even at 10-11 yrs old, etcl, as I have watched parents beside them doing nothing). I just think law enforcement here does not realize that these delinquints, as John mentioned, 'grow up', and clearly, in staying here, many of them breed/raise just as delinquint kids/adults. There needs not only to be more neighborhood watches and presence, as well as law enforcement presence and priority, but we also, as a whole, no matter what development, need to hold the builders/developers/HOA accountable to provide presence and enforce the already existing HOA rules. And I cannot agree more re the need not only for presence at the open neighborhood street and recreational areas, but more of them more spread out. For goodness sake, the builders/developers have plenty of vacant parcels that they could donate some ROW (and receive a better tax credit on it than taking a loss for not being able to sell it) to add some open space/facility for more options. Also, absolutely, a need for a youth curfew and, again, oversight/accountability/enforcement is needed at the HOA and local law enforcement levels. Re the post July 4 fire I experienced. The 2nd is of what they almost killed while I was at work when it happened (my deeply loved K9s) and came (the burn line) within 3 little feet of my home.The one kid and good parent that stepped forward had to go into an extensive fire marshall mandated program- part of the deal for me and other affected homeowners and the developer not pressing charges (for trespassing, negligence, arson, damages, etc, etc). I/they have NO tolerance for this, now, and I will not hesitate to press signifcant charges (incl jail time) to both parent and kids (whether they are 16-17 or under 10 years old), as in these last two years since that incident, those same kids/parents I let slide, have only gotten worse and ignoring (which basically amounts, in their eyes as rewarding) bad behavior is intolerable and will not be accepted. Can anyone, at least, provide insight as to why the HOAs/developers/builders no longer have those golf cart (or other) patrols anymore? The first pic is of that referenced to fire.
Friends of Wooldridge Square Kickoff Meeting Notes (8/3/09)
posted by Kevin Ludlow on August 13th, 2009 2:59 AM
Hello all,Here are the meeting notes. Stay tuned for announcements for further meetings. Our next steps are to follow-up withParks Staff on next steps that we can tackle.Thank you,CharlieCharlie McCabeExecutive DirectorAustin Parks Foundatione - cmccabe@austinparks.orgp - 512.477.1566, ext 2816 Congress Ave, Ste 1680Austin TX 78701Attendees: Charlie McCabe (APF), Julie Fitch (DAA), Michael McGill (APF, DANA), Marshall Jones (DANA), Margery Anderson (resident), Charles Peveto (resident), Marty Stump (PARD), Bunny Bennett (PARD), Belinda Powell (Travis Co.), Leslie Sticklan (Travis Co.), Mike Miller (History Center), Chris Riley (City Council member)Michael started the meeting and asked the attendees to introduce themselves.* Michael asked Charlie to give an update and background on the model that we are trying to base the Friends of Wooldridge Square on.* Charlie gave an overview of the meetings, work and challenges for the Republic Square Partners group and the Friends of Brush Square group. * Charlie also talked about proposals generated to date - further work to help a number of the trees through cabling, airspading and mulching, but this effort requires water/irrigation on site, Charlie also mentioned the proposed replacement tree planting plan from PARD Forestry. * Charlie also mentioned the APD has stepped up patrols in the area and the result has been reduced loitering, litter and left items. * Julie showed the ROMA design group's ideas for Wooldridge Square from the last Downtown Austin Plan Parks and Open Space meeting. A number of attendees weighed in on the pros and cons of the idea.* Julie mentioned that the ideas were there to stimulate discussion, not serve as an idea or final product.* Chris Riley talked about the volunteer efforts of giant chess as an effort for the past 6 years to pull people into the park. He also expressed interest in expanding hours, adding lighting in the pergola, etc.* Michael asked folks for their input on possible ways to improve the square.1) A number of the attendees talked about the square and it providing quiet, shade, peaceful green oasis. At least when we get rain. A number asked specifically about restoring the green space through irrigation, grass and tree cover. Chris Riley asked about the possibility of diverting rainfall from adjacent parking lots as one way to supplement watering.2) Several residents and County Staff talked about the challenge of the homeless and having mobile loaves and fishes continue to feed there and what can be done. County staff mentioned that there is no plan to bring back or restore additional social services there. A number of folks agreed that prior efforts to locate feeding where there are other social services (Caritas, ARCH, etc.) be a priority once again. Mike Miller mentioned that Wooldridge is a popular spot since homeless folks can use the library for internet communication and restroom facilities close by.3) Marshall mentioned that the challenge for reinvesting in the downtown squares is a chicken and egg issue. You want to get more activity into a square that will drive investment in improvements to the square and programming which brings people to the square. It's an endless cycle.4) Several residents mentioned that the Roma concept is not to their liking. They wish to see the square restored to its former glory and that the design in place has worked for over 100 years. They don't want to see the Pergola moved, terracing put in place or other proposed items. They instead want to see restoration of existing features and a consistent approach to tables (more) benches, lighting and trash cans be applied.5) Several mentioned that the park isn't ADA accessible, not are portions of the sidewalks. Charlie mentioned that portions of the sidewalks along 10 and 10th sts were rebuilt a few years ago, but the portion along Guadalupe and the ADA ramps were not touched. Marty mentioned that making the park ADA accessible would be a big project, given the challenges of the site and would require some extensive design and funds to implement.6) Folks liked the smaller events - lunchtime concerts, the old hartman symphony concerts in the park, giant chess, the art works and projects there. Several residents expressed the desire not to have the space as a big loud concert venue late into the night. Julie Fitch noted the curfew begins at 10 pm.7) Country Staff talked about the re-do / master planning effort for the county complex and the need for a child friendly space. It doesn't necessarily need to have a playscape, but a green friendly place that kids could use to deal with the factt hat family may be at the courthouse. Chris asked about the possibility of making the courthouse more accessible to the public - example of getting to the snack bar without going through security. Belinda and Leslie (Travis County) mentioned that this is a possible solution.8) Discussion of food vendors either at or near the park was discussed. In general, everyone liked the idea of at least a mobile/temporary location that would help draw folks to the park. Several folks mentioned that there is a lack of options near by and the county employs nearly 2000 people in the immediate area. Folks who like to go to a park go to the capitol grounds vs. wooldridge.9) Alcohol Ban at Wooldridge - Chris asked if there was a alcohol ban in Wooldridge, Charlie didn't think so, but he was wrong per city website: - This is surprising as neither Brush nor Republic have an alcohol ban. We may to consider a change for this.10) Several folks expressed interest in bring other resources to bear for improvements to Wooldridge - Heritage Society, Texas Historical Commission, Mike mentioned the possible historic district - four blocks - Bremond, History Ctr, Wooldridge and Courthouse. Mike also mentioned Leaf for Leaf reading program with the library and pard forestry for planting trees. Folks expressed interest in fundraising for trees and improvements as well as for volunteer opportunities. Meeting adjorned at about 7:10 pmOn Jul 29, 2009, at 1:12 PM, McGill Michael wrote:> PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE>>> All,> This is a reminder that we will be meeting up on Monday at 5:30pm. Because the Austin Parks Foundationconference room would be a little tight for the number of interested parties, we are changing location to the conferenceroom at the nearby DAA offices. Details below.>> When: Monday, August 3rd at 5:30pm.> Where: 8th Floor, Suite 818, DAA Offices/Conference Room at 211 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78701> Parking: DAA Garage at 211 E 7th Street (between Brazos and San Jacinto) or Plan your trip using CapMetro's TripPlanner:> I look forward to meeting with everyone on Monday.>> All the best,> Michael> 512-801-8757>>> On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 2:47 AM, McGill Michael wrote:> All,> Building on the success of the recent Wooldridge Square Park Centennial events and the lessons that we have learned from having regular stakeholder group meetings focused on Brush Square and Republic Square - the Austin Parks Foundation (APF), Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA) would like to take the lead in kicking off a focus group for Wooldridge Square.>> I am proposing a first meeting:>> When: Monday, August 3rd at 5:30pm.> Where: Austin Parks Foundation offices at 816 Congress Ave., Suite 1680>> Yes - it's a little ways away because of vacations, etc... - so please do mark your calendars now. Between now andthen there are a few things to watch for:> Austin History Center Exhibit: If you missed it during the centennial weekend, try and stop by to see the photo exhibit from the past 100 years at the Austin history center:>> Preliminary Tree Work: The APF, using part of a grant from the Stillwater Foundation and also a portion of the donation from the Austin City Limits Festival, will be investing ~$20k in some general soil management, root invigoration and also cabling of one of the trees. There should be some future volunteer opportunities (tree planting/mulching) and some added investment that we can discuss (irrigation/grass). For a report on the current state of the trees in Wooldridge, please see the attached summary.>> Programming in the Park: Organized by the DAA and sponsored by DANA, the Wooldridge Centennial is more than just one or two events surrounding the 100th birthday of the park - it is an ongoing focus to bring in sustained programming that attracts new constituents and uses. It was one of the key recommendations from the 2007 UT study of the park that you can read more about here:>> The next planned event is a July 4th Free Concert at 1pm featuring the 1812 Overture performed by the Invincible Czars. It will also have the Yellow Bike Project providing free bikes for anyone who wishes to ride down the hill to see the fireworks from the waterfront after the concert. >> Lastly - a bit of housekeeping - you are being contacted because you have expressed interest in Wooldridge Square Park in the past. If you wish to be removed from this list for future communication or would like to designate someone else from your organization in your place, please let me know.>> I look forward to seeing everyone on August 3rd!>> All the best,> Michael McGill>> P.S. : Speaking of friends! Be Wooldridge Square's friend on Facebook:>>>>
Staples Announcement
posted by lkunz on January 6th, 2009 2:07 PM
STAPLES JOINS EXPANDING RETAIL OPTIONS AT MUELLER AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. 6, 2008 – Staples, the world’s largest office supply company, will soon join the ever-growing list of retailers serving the residents, employees and neighbors of Mueller. “Popular national brands like Staples provide a variety of shopping options to Mueller and the surrounding trade area, and attract customers who discover other retailers and services within the center,” said David Ross, vice president of Catellus Development Group, the master developer of Mueller. “Having a convenient place where people can run in to grab the office supplies they need quickly –– especially for the growing number of people working from home –– is important in a community like Mueller.” Staples will replace Shoe Pavilion, a national retailer that recently closed its Austin stores. Staples at Mueller, the company’s second location in Austin, will provide more than 7,000 office products, a Copy & Print Center, a UPS® Ship Center and an EasyTechSM computer service desk when it is scheduled to open by early spring 2009. Staples is pursuing a four-star energy efficiency rating in Austin Energy’s Green Building program, and will help protect the environment through the use of energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, water-saving plumbing features and low-emitting flooring and construction materials. The store will also provide customers with technology recycling and access to more than 3,000 eco-friendly products as part of Staples’ long-standing commitment to sustainability. Meanwhile, The Home Depot recently opened at Mueller, earning a four-star energy efficiency rating in Austin Energy’s nationally recognized Green Building program. Green building features include increased use of local building materials, natural light, water-efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures, low-emitting materials and green building materials available for sale. Construction crews also recycled 95 percent of the building’s construction waste, the highest rate of any construction project under Austin Energy’s program. Other retailers at Mueller include Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, The Chair King, Marshalls, Old Navy, PetSmart, Chipotle Grill, DOTS, Family Christian Store, Famous Footwear, Fashionique, Great Nails, HCS Hair Salon, Lane Bryant, rue 21, Sprint, Starbucks, Wachovia and Which Wich. “From the very beginning, Mueller has been envisioned by the City and concerned citizens as a diverse community where a variety of businesses, employees and residents come together,” said Matt Whelan, senior vice president for Catellus. “We’re pleased to bring a new store to the growing list of Mueller retail and dining options now available in Central East Austin.”
Bone Fire Event Added to Events Page
posted by Kevin Ludlow on December 16th, 2008 12:44 PM
That's funny - I actually got the exact same explanation from a fire marshal last year when I wanted to have a little fire pit going.He told me that fire issues are only addressed with complaints. That said, if no one calls you in, they'd never know to begin with and they're not driving around looking for violators (his words).Secondly that even if they do show up, you get ONE warning. If they have to come back I think it's a $500 fine.And finally, I was told that so long as you're using the fire to cook, it's perfectly legit - provided it's in some sort of contained apparatus. Sounds to me like most laws. Have a fire and you're committing a crime, have a charred hot dog over that fire and you're golden. ?Only thing I would add is that those loopholes might change slightly when there is a full burn-ban in effect, so make sure you call on the day of just to confirm.
Re: How is the current inventory/price range?
posted by ccosart on March 20th, 2008 10:22 AM
Drew,I think you are on target with the three groups, though certainly not all DINKS can do it. #2, or at least the latter part in particular I think is a bad thing for society. Too much of peoples wealth these days is tied up in basically luck as to where and when they bought. Sure you can still buy intelligently, but the difference between a lot of families who live in central Austin and families who will *never* be able to is nothing more than one family being 5 years further along in their life cycle, or some other factor that really doesnt seem like it should determine their degree of prosperity. But thats a whole other topic. (I dont think anyone is saying you should apologize for living at Mueller, BTW. Or at least Im certainly not!)Aaron,Thanks for setting Drew straight. Marsha? Sheesh! :wink: I agree the garden courts will probably not go down in price going in I thought they would be cheaper than yard houses as you dont get a yard, but I was wrong on that it seems. Unless they go with row houses, Mueller houses, or more traditional condos on some of the garden courts. There are plenty of precedents for that in Europe, but in North America too: ... lady-2.jpgI wonder if they could do a zero-lot line on one side to deal with the 10 foot rule?Chris
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PromiseLand Learning Center
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