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What to do with birds out on the street?
posted by AnnaSlade on May 14th, 2010 12:06 PM
I've been lurking till now, but I thoroughly agree with Karen_Zab. I've had cats for over 30 years and all of them were indoor/outdoor. My cat Lucy lived to the ripe old age of 22. My current cat, Aggie, a refugee from the Town Lake Shelter, is micro-chipped, wears a collar with a bell, is up to date on all vaccines, receives monthly heart-worm/flea meds, and LOVES the outdoors, where she ventures a few times a day. She comes when called 99% of the time, which means she's obviously within the sound of my voice. She rolls over to her belly for pets from friends, family and strangers, and follows me down to the mailbox and back, which my neighbors (in GC-I) think is funny. She is the most sociable, friendly and dog-like cat I've owned. I love her dearly.At the rate she uses her litter-box, I doubt there's much left to deposit outdoors, but like Karen said, I'd be happy to pick up anything Aggie leaves if informed and if it can be identified as hers (I don't want to be the Mueller Cat Poop lady). Since all cats I've seen bury their poop, it might be difficult. I'll just step over the dog poop frequently in my yard to get to it :). I've asked the majority of my neighbors in GC-1 more than once if Aggie bothers them, and they've all said No. Like others have said, I'd welcome a knock on the door or a PM if there's a problem versus a call to 311. I think City resources are better used for real strays than for traumatizing a much-loved pet.Thanks for letting me have my say.Anna
Babysitter available some days and most evenings
posted by Karen_Zab on February 19th, 2010 11:08 AM
Anna, Hi. We already have a regular babysitter but I'd love to meet you and have a backup babysitter in case she gets sick or can't babysit for us. If interested maybe we could meet at the neighborhood park one weekend on a nice day and chat and have Zoey meet you. Thanks, Karen Zabreznik 4024 Pinckney 680-7808
Pearce lunch---THANK YOU!
posted by sandyfivecoat on December 5th, 2009 10:59 AM
I can only DITTO what Kim has said. This was a big leap of faith -- a simple plan, a few emails and Mueller community postings, a good cause -- and BOOM -- the Mueller Magic comes through. What a personal treat to show up at Pearce yesterday am to good friends, tons of great food, and grateful teachers. HOPEFULLY I don't forget anyone here -- but special thanks to ALL, including Lesley Keel, Barbara Guest (OK, WHO can make so many salads, cookies, and personalized notes -- only Barbara), Betsy Hilton, Jenny Robson (AH the Cake Masterpiece), Diane Gierisch, Karen Zabreznik, Hilary Herrin, Kim Wine, Ellen Hansen, Sylvia Haley, Darka Darla Holtzclaw, Jenna Martin, Felicia Adams, Bill Fivecoat, Spencer Fivecoat, Dusty Harshman. --- Hope I got everyone here! (My apologies if I left out anyone). And the special topping? Our friends from Catellus -- DEE is just EVERYWHERE, isn't she? -- who had lots of door prizes for smiling teachers. Let this be a lesson to us all -- There is nothing we cannot accomplish together when the Muller Community pulls together. Thanks to all for the gift of giving to teachers who give so much to kids every day.
Steering Committee meeting minutes - June 30, 2009
posted by ret1ree00 on July 11th, 2009 11:38 AM
Reminder that the MNA steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 28th of July at 7pm, location TBD. The steering committee meets on the Tuesday that is about 1.5 weeks prior to the monthly MNA meeting, the latter being on the 2nd Saturday of the month. MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes - 30 June 2009 Steering Committee Attendees: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kathleen Malcom, and Kim Wine SC members absent: Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac (It was later discovered that two of these new members were not receiving e-mails from the listserve and therefore were not notified of the meeting.) Other Attendees: Karen Zabreznik, Jennifer Harvey Agenda: I. Welcome & Introductions II. Financial Report a. Treasurer Dusty Harshman was unable to attend. Grant advised that dues are currently $10/year. Due to a recent change in the bylaws, members can now vote on the same day they pay their dues. Previously there was a 30 day waiting period. The chair, vice-chair and treasurer have signature authority for the MNA bank account. III. New Business a. Jennifer Harvey was present and answered questions, including the following: 1. She doesn’t think they’ll be able to open the pool from 12-1 on July 4th. She may be able to waive the admission fee that day so our Delwood neighbors will be able to swim for free. She is working on ordering a clock for the pool. The swim team instructors should not be propping the gate open with a rock anymore. She’s working on adding a sign with the pool hours near the gate. 2. The POA annual meeting will be in November. 3. Park maintenance costs paid by the POA were discussed, along with POA dues. 4. Possibility of getting Neighborhood Watch signs was discussed. POA is not likely to fund these. They run about $200 per sign. 5. Jennifer reminded the SC that there are several POA work groups. Several need more volunteers. Groups include parking advisory, landscape, pool advisory, technology and resident activities. b. Vision of the SC – discussion about what the MNA vision should be. Grant will summarize ideas to be discussed in more detail in future meetings. c. Schools – Kim Wine updated the SC on the leadership changes at AISD and the need to redouble efforts to make the Mueller case to the new superintendent early in her tenure. In addition, Mueller residents need to work with AISD to improve the middle and high schools that our children will attend. d. POA/Homeowners – Refer to prior discussion with Jennifer. e. Officer Elections – Officer elections will be conducted by e-mail after the steering committee meeting. IV. Upcoming Meetings a. During the prior discussion on education and schools, Kim suggested a focused MNA meeting on these issues where hopefully we could have the new superintendent come listen to our concerns.
Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Results
posted by GP on June 14th, 2009 11:02 PM
I would like to announce the results of the 2009 MNA SC elections. The following individuals have been elected to serve on the 2009-2010 MNA SC: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Bobby Gierisch, Drew Harris, Dusty Harshman, Betsy Hilton, Ann Jerome, Kathleen Malcom, Mike McGovern, Cliff Spinac, and Kim Wine. I would like to thank Jerry Perkins for organizing and successfully running the MNA SC elections. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the parting members of the steering committee: John Guest, Elizabeth Butman, Karen Zabreznik, Jerry Perkins, Wilson Robertson and Rod Ruhoff. Thank you all very much for the time and insights you have provided the Steering Committee this past year. Thanks, Grant
MNA Steering Committee Minutes
posted by Karen_Zab on August 8th, 2008 7:27 AM
Reminder that the MNA steering committee is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 27th of August at 7pm, location TBD.MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes 8/6/2006Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Dusty Harshman, Karen Zabreznik, Drew Harris, Kim Wine, John Guest, Jerry Perkins, Elizabeth ButmanOther Attendees: Garreth WilcockAgenda:I. Welcome & IntroductionsII. Moniesa. Accounts created Dusty set up a new business account at Wachovia for the MNA and has ordered business checks. Right now the address on the business and checks will be Dustys personal address.b. Amount Collected Dusty has collected $150 from families for MNA membership at $10 per family. He also deposited some pre-paid advertising $$ from his own business to round up the initial deposit to $200. c. Current Budget account currently has a balance of $220. $25 was spent to register the MNA.d. Other - Drew, Grants and Dustys names on file for signature on checks. MNA has an ATM card as well.III. Steering Committee Meeting times: Currently it is always the preceding Wednesday to a monthly MNA meeting. Sometimes this falls on the 2nd Tuesday, sometimes the 1st as in this month. Suggestion to send an Outlook invite for those who use Outlook so monthly reminders will pop up. Agreed we should communicate times/dates of steering committee meetings via the calendar on when it launches to all MNA meetings since they are open to all. IV. Town Hall Meetinga. MNA Involvement/Participation Garreth Wilcock had sent note out suggesting the MNA distribute flyers encouraging neighborhood participation in the upcoming Town Center Town Hall meeting. b. Flyers Motion made and seconded (didnt get names) to create and distribute a flyer publicizing the upcoming Town Hall meeting and also to publicize the MNA meeting coming up this Saturday. Kim Wine agreed to drive the effort.V. RMMA PIAC Will have 5 15 minutes to address the board in the monthly meeting. RMMA is looking at their master plan again. Would behoove us to address the lack of community meeting space at Mueller in this forum. Discussed putting a vote to the MNA membership on what should be communicated to the RMMA PIAC.VI. Committeesa. Welcome Committee It is difficult for the core welcome committee to know when new folks move into Mueller. Do we make block captains responsible for welcoming new folks on the block? Need to identify new folks on new blocks when people start moving in Bobby G. is handling this task right now.b. Newletter No meeting has taken place yet. First need to figure out budget, 2nd need content. Will ask at the next MNA meeting for folks who would be interested in contributing content to a quarterly newsletter. Garreth has experience with publishing a neighborhood newsletter so he has been added to the newsletter committee.c. Block Captains We need to keep them involved more than we have to date. Perhaps invite them to our steering committee meetings or a separate meeting. Plan is to have a quick block captain meeting after this Saturdays MNA meeting.VII. Agenda for MNA Meeting on Saturday:i. Newsletterii. Report on Transportation meeting with Roma (Grant attending)iii. Discussion on upcoming Town Center meetingiv. Follow up to Neighborhood Watch discussionv. Block Captain after meetingVIII. Additional Business/Open commentsa. Try having the next steering committee meeting two week from now. Have the meeting 15 days after the commission meeting, so 4th Wed of each month allow more time to take action on items that come up from the various meetings.b. Pool can we keep it open longer?c. Kind of hard to hear at last meeting need to project voice more and repeat back questions from the attendees.Notes missing from last of the discussion because I had to step out of the meeting.
Summary: July MNA meeting, Saturday the 12th
posted by mrs aaron on July 13th, 2008 9:07 PM
1. Introduction of residents who have not attended previously2. Introduction of Steering Committee and Officers1. Grant Fisher- Chairman2. Drew Harris- Vice Chair3. Dusty Harshman- Treasurer4. Karen Zabreznik- Secretary (not in attendance)5. John Guest6. Jerry Perkins7. Elizabeth Butmann8. Kim Wine9. Kerry Fisher10. Wilson Robertson (not in attendance)11. Bobby Gierisch12. Rod Ruoff (not in attendance)13. Cliff Spinac (not in attendance)3. Officer Salsbury APD- Neighborhood Watch information? Break-ins and thefts have occurred in the neighborhood. Crime has skyrocketed in surrounding neighborhoods. With construction contractors around, it is difficult to tell who should be in the area. ? If you see something occurring, call 911. To report a crime you did not see, call 311. Contact Alliance for things like overgrown lawns, abandoned cars, etc.? Use your alarms, lock doors and gates, but most importantly, keep an eye open for suspicious activity. APD and Catellus patrol the area, but arent enough.? To form Neighborhood Watch, think small groups of 6-9 homes that have good visibility of each other. Exchange home and work phone #s, basic schedules and communicate about vacations or visitors. Look for information to be posted on Dues $10 dues may be paid to Dusty Harshman. Dues money finances the newsletter, events, and Those who pay dues will be able to vote at MNA meetings. The $10 dues paid now will last through the end of 2009. We anticipate that in the future, advertising in the newsletter may offset the amount of dues. A mock-up of a newsletter was available for an example. In the beginning it will be quarterly, but is anticipated to be a bimonthly in the future. is currently a volunteer effort, but with many new functions to come we need to make it worth the while of the webmaster. An example of an upcoming event is a Neighbors Night Out Barbeque Cook-Off, possibly in the Garden Court, on October 7. See for more information on the national event. 5. Neighborhood Block CaptainsConcern was expressed that the Steering Committee elections were held without enough prior publicity. Notice was given via and the Yahoo list serve. Block Captains are a no-tech way of keeping neighbors informed of what is going on. They should be letting you know about meetings. Some people dont know who their BC is. Bobby G created the map and signed up more volunteers. If you dont know your representative, ask Bobby or a neighbor. Other neighbors mentioned signage at the entrance of the neighborhood to advertise as well. is really the best way to get information, if you have access to a computer. Residents who have yet to move in can learn from the experience of those who already live here.6. CommitteesThere are several committees forming that need volunteers. Please sign up and be a part of the Events or Welcome Committees. Also, feel free to submit ideas, stories or photos for the Newsletter. Elizabeth B. and Drew H. and Dusty H. are the newsletter committee.7. The Steering Committee wants to know what the MNA can do for you. Ideas submitted at the meeting were: Find out about the replacement or repair of items damaged by construction or storms, such as street lights, street name signs, and curbs. Catellus will be contacted regarding these issues. To be a link between Catellus and the residents To create an online neighborhood directory To plan eventsWe are looking into alternative meeting locales.
Re: Neighborhood Watch Program?
posted by John Guest on June 11th, 2008 9:41 AM
I think a Neighborhood Watch Program is a good idea and would welcome it being discussed at the Neighborhood Association meeting on Saturday. I'll bet Karen Zab can make that happen. I'd also like to suggest that we all get Dusty (Langhugh) life-sized cutouts to put in our back yards. I've got a strong feeling that that guy Dusty saw in his backyard won't be back. :wink:
Steering Committee Nominees
posted by GP on June 11th, 2008 8:10 AM
For the thirteen steering committee seats on the MNA, we have thirteen nominees! That is great news! As such, at the next meeting (this weekend), we will have a simple paper ballot with all thirteen nominees. As a reference, the nominees are listed below with a (self-provided) description.Thanks,GrantElizabeth ButmanDuring the early stages of the Mueller redevelopment, while Catellus retains majority control of the Property Owners' Association, our Mueller Neighborhood Association is especially crucial to ensure that residents have a forum for discussion and the ability to make our voices heard. As an architectural historian on staff at the TexasHistorical Commission, I am excited by the opportunity to help shape the history of our new development, and I hope that you will consider me for a position on the Steering Committee.Grant FisherMy wife (Ashley) and I moved to Lawless Street about 3 months ago, and have both been active in the neighborhood association since the initial meetings at Genuine Joes. As an active participant in the MNA, I would enjoy serving on the steering committee, representing not only my current neighbors, but also neighbors who have yet to move in.Kerry FisherI'm a UT grad who's lived in Austin for nine years, and I work at UT. I'll be moving to Scales Street in September from my current house in Cherrywood and I'm very excited. I've enjoyed getting involved in the neighborhood by going to the RMMA PIAC meetings for the past year and now the neighborhood meetings, too.Bobby GierischI am a Mueller resident since December, and I have attended the 'neighborhood association' meetings since they were held at Genuine Joe's -- also most of the 'neighborhoods coalition' and Mueller Commission meetings downtown. I am eager to see Mueller develop into a real community, and I am particularly interested in doing all we can to make the POA leadership responsive to the needs and wishes of the resident community.John GuestI am a former health system CEO who now is an association CEO representing (i.e. lobbying for) major teaching hospitals in Texas. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 38 years and have two grown sons, two grandchildren, and a dog named "Jetta". I have served for many years on and for volunteer boards and would like to contribute to the Mueller neighborhood and my Mueller neighbors.Drew HarrisHello, I'm your friendly neighborly lawyer on Lawless Street. I made a career of resolving disputes and coming up with creative solutions to problems, and I hope to be able to use these skills as a member of the Steering Committee.Dusty HarshmanI look forward to ensuring that the Mueller neighborhood is equal to the sum of its parts. Our well-conceived design, our diverse and intelligent residents, our dedicated stakeholders, and our out-of-this-world amenities should equate to a landmark neighborhood. While I believe we'll become a landmark neighborhood, I also hope that there will come a time that Mueller will just be another place in Austin to hang out in all four seasons: Winter, Spri-Summer, Summer, and Fa-Summer. Did I mention how hot its been?Jerry PerkinsI have a lifetime of community service through teaching, research, administration and various other activities, including election to two terms on a POA board (representing 3500 property owners). I would honored to help on the steering committee or in any capacity in which the MNA membership thinks I would useful.Wilson RobertsonI am a husband and father of two small girls, and we will be moving into one of David Weekley's rowhouses as a part of the Affordable Housing Program before November this year. I am a designer and project manager for a local architecture firm and card-carrying New Urbanist. As a member of the MNA Steering Committee, I intend to be a voice for those within the Affordable Housing Program, a voice for those within medium-density dwelling units, and a voice to represent Mueller's role as a participant within the greater Austin area.Rod RuoffI would like to serve on the MNA and play the role of advocate for helping to educate Mueller about "green" issues. There are exciting developments in renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, and related topics, which Mueller could benefit from. A parallel interest is in self-sufficiency, such as related to community-supported agriculture. Cliff SpinacAs a 12 year resident of Austin, after living in New York and Florida, I have come to an understanding about home living in Austin. I would like to be proactive in helping guide the future of our neighborhood to become something we can all be proud of.Kim WineI am Kim Wine, garden court resident, teacher, mom of 2 young boys, wife of Aaron. I helped present Mueller's need for an elementary school to AISD, and plan to continue to keep them informed on the situation. I am admittedly not good at legal mumbo-jumbo, but I feel I have common sense and the ability to see the big picture. My main concerns are making Mueller an open, friendly, safe and family-oriented place to live.Karen ZabreznikAlthough not a Mueller homeowner yet our home is well on its way to being complete in September. I have participated in the Mueller Neighborhood Assn and other Mueller related meetings since the Pioneer process began and we all started signing contracts on homes at Mueller. I am interested in continuing to participate the evolution of our community into a unique and special place to live and our interaction as a community with the surrounding neighborhoods, the POA, city government and other groups with an interest in Mueller.
Re: Lawless Street Block Party Sunday, June 1
posted by langhugh on June 3rd, 2008 10:28 AM
I'll second that. just send me a private message (PM) to be added to our residential e-mail distribution list. This is a list for current and future Mueller residents, and we have recently sent out reminders for Mueller Neighborhood Association meetings and more social events. If you have not received these e-mail messages from myself or Karen Zabreznik and would like to, let me know your name, e-mail address, and current or future Mueller address. We promise not to waste your time with e-mail dialogue that could otherwise be discussed here.BTW, Thank you sincerely to the Lawless street residences for throwing a terrific party on Sunday, and to Henning for taking more excellent pictures.Dusty
as requested, Sunday Dec 9 MNA meeting summary
posted by mrs aaron on December 10th, 2007 9:44 PM
Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Dec. 9, 2007 This is a summary, not minutes. And I had to leave early. Started off with about 5 neighbors present, grew to maybe 20. MNA- Dusty Harshman- Catellus had already registered a group as the MNA with their own contacts. After discussion, Karen Zabreznik convinced them to withdraw and let us register our group. Thanks Karen! Dusty does not foresee a second set of dues for the MNA, well try to get funds from the POA. Rick Krivoniak said sometime next summer the Windsor Park NA will give up to our association some of the non-Mueller (non-City) land they currently claim (the water tower land, Troublemaker Studios). They grabbed those previously in order to be informed whenever zoning and other decisions were made. Online Survey and Open House results- Dusty 150 responses to Online Survey Highlights: 80% respondents were homeowners 10% on waiting list 6% on Pioneer list, but not buying right now 4% community stakeholders 60% of respondents have never lived with a HOA type structure before, overall a mixed-leaning to positive attitude toward this community association, high interest in community governance Top 10 key concerns in order: 1. parking and traffic (70 respondents) 2. landscaping/fencing (40) 3. modifications- freedom 4. pets (28) 5. amenities 6. enforcement 7. green additions 8. reverting to City of Austin ordinances 9. security 10. level of fees POA- Dusty and Rick provided information regarding the soon to be released Rules and Regulations and FAQ from Catellus. Currently in draft form. Basically represent the covanents, in laymans terms and with a few additions. Highlights (or maybe Lowlights?) Parking and Traffic o 30 minute on street for residents o 72 hours for guests Unless emergency or written permission enforceable? realistic? Landscaping, Fencing, and Modifications o Any exterior modification must go through review committee Catellus asks us to trust them that 80% of modifications will be approved Christmas lights? a chair on the porch? Pets o 3 pet limit (only 2 can be dogs) o no Pit Bulls, dangerous or exotic animals, must be customary, domesticated o no outdoor pets without a leash (cats) Water Tower report- Rick Bids opened about a week and a half ago. All bids were higher than expected. Steel frame (cool design) $15 million Concrete base design $6 million Both significantly more $ than standard design. Catellus has interest in better design. Rick will have to explain possible funding for the better designs. Sorry Rick. Elementary School at Mueller- Kim Wine Not much chance at getting one of two remaining new schools on the 2004 AISD Bond Package. Three other areas deemed needing more immediate relief. Currently Maplewood is at 346 with a capacity of 400, has 5 portables in use already. Phase 1 and 2 kids will attend Maplewood. We need to speak up at the two public hearings- January 10 and 15. Meeting times and locations TBA. Wendy Morgan (Maplewood parent) has been contacted regarding getting the Maplewood community involved also. Contact AISD with questions and concerns at: ... pt=contact Closing concerns Community Assessment fee- of 1% This fee funds the social goals of Mueller, mainly the Mueller Foundation for the Affordable Housing. Not the flat $150 fee to POA. Problem is some buyers paying it, some builders paying it, and some have no idea who is paying it. Meritage- they pay it D Weekly- buyer pays Others-??? Why is this not a standard across the board? Is this a charitable deduction? At this point I had to leave to go eat potato latkes. I hope I did a respectable job. Kim Wine
How did you find out about this site.
posted by MCCLOSKEY5 on October 24th, 2007 3:34 PM
Karen Zabreznik sent a link to this site on an email she sent out to all the people who filled out the neighborhood directory list at the POA open house on Saturday.
posted by ccosart on September 17th, 2007 1:49 PM
That's an excellent point, and certainly it would affect affordability. Already I wonder how many families with kids will be able to take advantage of the program, especially if day care costs are involved. It would be interesting to see the data when all is said and done. I suspect there will be a lot of singles and DINKS and that the income points will cluster pretty close to 80% MFI.
posted by tal on September 8th, 2007 10:58 PM
I'm also interested in Karen_Zab's question. austinel, you've convinced us to put in Level I carpet and then tear it up before we move in (what a shame!). But, what are you doing in the places where SP is putting in tile? Are you content with their tile choices? I imagine that there is a similar price/quality issue with their hardwood flooring options. Does anyone know? We want wood flooring in the kitchen, living and dining areas, but I'm not sure that their costs are worth it. On the other hand paying someone to rip up the tile and put it in hardwoods might be just as expensive. Finally, does anyone here know about the difference between engineered and plank hardwood floors? All the options that SP has are engineered. Tal
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