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Transportation Committee meeting notes 8/28/13
posted by Betsy on August 28th, 2013 5:08 PM
---- 60 lot subdivision just West of HEB (last on west side of Berkman) - lots will be turned over to builders in December-- Section 6 building underway - sales are good. AVI working with City on building permits to start soon.-- Paseo construction continues next to Thinkery - Simond is now open with raised crosswalk. Paseo will open in about 1.5 months. Thinkery opening in December.-- AMLI under construction - no completion date provided-- Parking garage open in November (different levels may open in phases)-- Section 7 (next residential around Wildflower Terrace) - framed by Zach Scott & Tilley. Will be constructed in 2 phases - about 260 lots. Deconstruction of old airport infrastructure is done. Catellus will start construction next month with first lots to builders next May. The first phase is bounded by Tom Miller/Berkman/Tilley/Sorin. The 2nd phase is bounded by Berkman/Zach Scott/Tilley/Sorin and will include the 2nd pool and some multi-family sites near the Tower. The Tower remains an open block for now.-- Design of SE Greenway is underway. Section between Berkman and Tilley will be constructed with this phase, as will part of the detention pond to the east. -- AISD goal is to open Fall 2014-- Elements at Mueller (Mosaic 2) - leasing soon... opening in phases starting in about a month.-- Striping of bike lanes on 51st East of Berkman will be done in next couple of weeks-- Berkman will be completed as the full section from Philomena to 51st by end of the year.Tom Wald (Cherrywood NA rep and BikeAustin director) discussed interim conditions and safety. Problems seen - -- NB on Mueller odd at AISD property because it ends suddenly due to construction. Has been coned off now until construction is complete.-- Trucks parking in cycle tracks at construction sites. Construction debris in cycle tracks. Need better communication to builders to keep them clean. These should be treated as roadways open to traffic. Catellus and City working on education of subcontractors through builders. Catellus plans to give flyers to builders that they can provide to subcontractors. Tom will get help from City bike staff to develop flyer.-- City looking at placing some kind of channelizing device at the ends of cycle track curbs to improve visibility. These will be a temporary installation.-- Concerns about how close cars park to corner that compromises ability for cars to see cyclists. Looking at ways to better communicate parking limitations. Don’t assume parking is permitted the entire length of the cycle track curb. Parking restrictions under state law about proximity to intersections still apply.-- Concern about people walking in cycle tracks where sidewalks are available. Tom to develop materials and provide to Jessica. She will provide to reps from adjacent neighborhoods to share with their communities, and POA will share with Mueller residents.-- Catellus mentioned that a 2-way Cycle track is planned on future sections of Zach Scott, but that existing sections would remain the same.-- Speeding on Berkman - APD doing enforcement and our off-duty officers are also watching.-- Cap Metro - Made presentation at PIAC about modifying the #20 route to serve Berkman from Manor to 51st. Extensive public involvement is required so it’s a lengthy process. Encourage those who want this service to contact Cap Metro.-- 4-way Stop installed at Barbara Jordan at Mueller. City doing traffic counts and signal warrant study in next 2-3 months to see if a signal is warranted.-- Bike facilities on Barbara Jordan - Bike path planned on north side of Barbara Jordan (concrete) - from Berkman to Lancaster. Catellus may put interim decomposed granite trail in on South side.-- Numerous crashes at this location. City has tried several solutions without success. Next steps include:------ Interim proposal (by October) - City will install devices to prohibit left out from both sides (Home Depot and Wells Fargo) and straight through travel between the parking lots will be prohibited. ------ Long term - signal (privately funded) that will re-instate all movements. Funding uncertain - maybe retail developer and Catellus shared cost. -- No changes proposed in immediate future.-- Section 7 folks will likely enter/exit Mueller via Manor Road-- Pershing will be reduced to one lane in each direction.-- City will do more counts on Pershing to see the impact of Berkman opening and HEB opening.-- Signal at Zach Scott will be installed next 2-3 months-- Signal at Mueller/51st, Barbara Jordan/Mueller and Berkman/Barbara Jordan - traffic signal warrant studies in next 3 months-- Urban Rail - Announcements/meetings/public workshops should be coming up this Fall. Effort is to select which corridor is 1st priority. First public meetings planned for 9/25-27 and Oct 2 and a webinar on 9/27. Briefing Urban Transportation Commission on Sept 10. City is also available to meet with POA or MNA, or both.-- Aldrich roundabout - Catellus meeting with City tomorrow to review design drawings. No markings proposed in central circle. Granite curb in middle not being touched (nor is tree). Project is funded but not sure when construction will begin.-- Curve warning signs on Airport behind Mosaic (at Aldrich) - City looking at whether signs are needed. Some northbound vehicles running over the curb periodically, especially if road is wet.-- Signal at 51st/Old Manor will remain (was going to be temporary).-- Status of NO PARKING sign removal - Dipti will check with Peter Marsh-- Parking near mailboxes - Dipti will check with Peter Marsh about whether City can paintcurb red in front of mailbox clusters.Next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 26th. (may be moved to week prior due to Thanksgiving)
Transportation Committee meeting notes 29 Feb 2012
posted by Betsy on February 29th, 2012 6:55 PM
Mueller Transportation CommitteeMeeting notes - Feb. 29, 2012 (Carl Paulson)- Berkman extension (1/2 width)--- Simond to Robert Browning by June for Section VI homes.--- Robert Browning to Philomena should be completed by December- Contract has been awarded for the infrastructure at the Market District including Berkman from Philomena to 51st. Work should be completed by October 2012.- Design work has started on the next residential phases - north of Section VI and also east of Berkman.- IH-35/51st St design - prelim design now. City doesn’t expect construction for 2-3 years. Studies underway. Roundabout being considered at 51st St. intersection with the southbound frontage road.- Striping on IH-35 northbound frontage road into Mueller retail area needs improvement.- Barbara Jordan issues near Home Depot. Medians were extended with paint but still having crashes with driveway. Next City will install candlesticks to better define the intersection space. (Should occur in next month or so.) If crashes are still problematic after 6-month review, permanent changes may be made prohibit the movement across Barbara Jordan between the shopping centers on each side. (Rick K)- Command Center (CTEC) - discussion about need to reduce speed limit on 51st. Road diet planned for 51st east of Berkman - possibly next year when the road is resurfaced. Hopefully that will result in speed reduction.- Construction planned on CTEC entrance to replace the bridgeSpeed limit on 51st at Berkman is now 40mph. City asked whether they could reduce speed to 35mph. After 51st Vision is built, speeds should slow due to the design and then it could be restudied and speeds lowered based on the 85% speeds.- 51st & Berkman - City would like to build roundabout. Catellus’ current plan has a signalized intersection but Catellus is now working with City to look at a roundabout option. That decision may not be made before the market district infrastructure is started. City recognizes that a lot of coordination would be needed to convince stakeholders that pedestrian crossings of 51st would be safe at a multilane roundabout.- Status of 51st St Vision - Jim Adams will likely present at next Transportation Committee meeting (May 30). Jessica will post link to info on Bond development task force has been briefed on the vision. (Renee Orr)- Speeding mitigation only - Cut-through mitigation may be added next year- Requestor must live on the street- Not intended for major arterials- Speed & volume counts will be taken - if speeds >3mph over speed limit, then street qualifies and will be included in ranking of requests. Ranking considers crash data, frequency of speakers, presence of sidewalks, whether street is bike route, neighborhood support for proposed solutions, etc. Will fund requests until money runs out. Old unfunded requests automatically re-considered each 6 months as new funds are allocated, until request expires after two years. - Submittals received from Mueller for Berkman, Antone and Zach Scott. Catellus thinks the other 1/2 of Berkman may be completed in 2 years.- Results of speed studies in Mueller. Speeds shown are the 85% speeds, meaning that 15% of traffic exceeds these speeds:---Berkman - NB 34.3, SB 34.9 => qualifies for further study---Zach Scott - WB 32.9, EB 33.8 => qualifies for further study---Antone - WB 31.9, SB 31 => doesn’t qualify for further study- City will develop speeding mitigation concept plan and coordinate with City services (fire, EMS, trash, etc.) Then plan goes to requestor for coordination and statement of neighbor support for proposed action.- Data will be shared with APD for their use in planning enforcement.- Urban rail update - no update and no Council action has been taken to prioritize segments and alignment is not defined. Manor Rd. and Airport Blvd alignments both being evaluated as part of the environmental impact study.- Signal at Zach Scott - City reviewing and warrants not yet met. City will get wtih signals department to see if interim improvement for bike/ped access across airport could be provided. Alan Hughes (Airport corridor PM) was suggested as a speaker at our meeting May 30.- Roundabout improvement still being design. No schedule for construction. City & Catellus resistant to interim improvements, preferring to focus efforts on the ultimate solution. Concerns should be reported to 311. - Bike/ped access on interim Berkman (1/2 width) up to Market District - a temporary trail will be provided outside the roadway so we’ll be able to ride our bikes to the grocery!- Bike Boxes or ‘2 stage turn queue’ will be used at some intersections- City working on educational materials- City looking at removing the oversaturation of No Parking signs
Transportation Committee meeting notes - Oct. 26, 2011
posted by Betsy on October 26th, 2011 4:58 PM
Mueller Transportation CommitteeMeeting notes - Oct. 26, 2011Development update (Carl Paulson)- Section 6 - out to bid now, will start const in Dec. Deliver lots to builders in June 2012.- Infrastructure to serve market district - out to bid in Dec. - discussion of interim bike/ped access to the grocery. Catellus’ plan is to construct the ultimate cycle tracks for southbound (SB) Berkman, and put shared lane markings in the vehicle lane for northbound (NB) traffic until other side of roadway built (several years). Sharing the NB lane will be difficult for those with trailers, etc and with slight uphill grade. Carl says widening pavement is not an option, but they’ll look more at an off-site trail.- Electric substation work should be done in Nov. 2011.Cycle Tracks proposed on Mueller and on Berkman. Reviewed preliminary layouts.Cap Metro plans bus stops on Berkman at Antone, Simond & Barbara Jordan. Catellus wasn’t sure what bus route the stops will serve.51st & IH 35 update - Draft revised layout from TxDOT circulated. Bike lanes will be created on 51st St. bridge over IH 35. Still a few years out.... maybe 2013.IH 35 frontage striping south of Barbara Jordan - striping very faded and now a free-for-all. Jessica will follow up with adjacent neighborhood to see if revised striping helped and how it should be restriped (i.e. keep as is or revert to original plan with 3rd lane).U-turn for SB Airport - interest from Cherrywood in u-turn option between Manor and Delwood II. Would like to allow U-turn for SB Airport at 38 1/2 (or between 38 1/2 & Scheiffer) to come back NB. City will check on allowing at 38 1/2 light, or at crossover at Dollar General.Loading at Barbara Jordan & Lancaster - near Tino’s, etc., 18-wheelers stop on eastbound Barbara Jordan to unload supplies. They are blocking through lane. Jessica will have property manager advise tenants that this is not permitted.Roundabout update - design underway - City hopes to complete within a couple of months. City still monitoring signal timing at Airport and Aldrich.Betsy
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