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Expert Panels for Product Development and Improvement
posted by Digital Zone on March 5th, 2021 11:20 AM
Marketers and engineers usually have the necessity for comments from customers that goes deeper and into greater detail than the conventional satisfaction survey or new service concept tests among a random number of product users. What's needed is the kind of expert feedback, from an "early adopter" number of product category users, that could help the marketer and engineer to see beyond just the next incremental change and to a whole new version of something that provides it a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, such an early adopter expert panel group may also help to generate entire new service categories. Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm, is just a classic book on marketing high technology products. Inside he defines "early adopters," or "visionaries," as "that rare breed of those who have the insight to complement an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity, the temperament to translate that insight into a high-visibility, high-risk project, and the charisma to have the others of the organization to purchase into that project." Oftentimes these people are the mavens, or salespeople, or combination thereof, described in The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. Most of us know these people. The are the people who, back school, or at our work, seem to also have the most recent cool gadget and who're on the surface of the latest technology, and who, importantly, know very well what its potential is. acheter des abonnés They understand the bigger picture of what technology can perform to produce our lives easier and/or more fun. They're intellectually curious, love using new technology, and specifically, like to work things out and making something are better and be more useful. Inside our work we see these people in pretty much every high-tech focus group we conduct, and they're wonderful. They care greatly about technology, they're passionate about it, and they provide lots of thought about how technology could be improved to produce it more helpful for people. These early adopters, or visionaries, then, are exactly the kinds of individuals who provides marketers and product developers a wealth of outstanding information with which to greatly help them develop products. Expert panels are a great tool for keeping your products current and ahead of the competition. Expert panels are a group of those who have decided to be "on call" for the client company to offer expert feedback and opinions on current products, new service prototypes, strategic product direction (i.e., new markets for current products) and big picture "pie in the sky" brainstorming on new service concepts. Using these outside experts, a business will help assure so it keeps pushing its technology forward and stays ahead of the competition. It used to be that these expert panels could be brought together in-person, in an emphasis group type setting. This is often and often remains done, but with the web and social media tools, expert panels may now be recruited and brought together much easier and frequently, online. The idea of "purposed online communities" (POC's), a new trend in the mixing of social media and marketing research, is a wonderful tool for developing and using expert panels. POC's are online panels recruited by the business, with the objective of periodically initiating a conversation about specific topics the business needs to have feedback on. While POC's can't be employed for various types of research because of the nature of the participants (typically they are only made up of current customers) and the fact that you can't implement a targeted traditional survey, it can work nicely being an expert panel tool, as you can draw in a sizable quantity of experts quickly and cheaply, and generate a lot of interaction and brainstorming-type discussions about specific topics. Essentially, these act as loose focus groups, being fully a bit less guided than a focus group session, but nevertheless with some general guidance from the web moderator. Thus, as in an emphasis group, the info gathered is directional (vs. definitive, as in a survey), yet can yield a wealth of informational gems. The exact same could be the case if you should be conducting a professional panel in person. Given the newest ability via the web of companies to quickly and inexpensively develop expert panels, which can help them gain and keep a competitive edge, it has become clear that this can be a research tool that all companies, large and small, cannot afford never to be employing.
Muskin yard homes built yet?
posted by MuellerRealtor on November 19th, 2014 9:11 PM
Hi Lou, I am listing Muskin's homes at Mueller. We are about to start construction on the yard homes in Section 7, close to the control tower, with anticipated completion dates summer 2015. The homes are designed by Moore Tate Architects" rel="nofollow"> We have yard home options ranging from 2400 - 3200 sf, both with and without garage apartments. In addition, we have just started construction on the Tilley Row Homes, designed by Architect Michael's Hsu's office, with an anticipated completion date of Spring 2015. Each home will have 3 beds/2.5 baths at 1800 sf. Feel free to contact me for more information. Best, Hilary
Stanadard Pacific Paint Manufacturer?
posted by mary Bowen on August 12th, 2013 8:33 AM
Just a word about painting the first time over the builder grade (mostly clay) is not easy! I really made the job more difficult by using the Behr Paint from HD. Coat after coat it wore me out. By accident I changed to Benjiman Moore, and wow, what a difference. I recently used Sherwin Williams on a job and it was really nice too. I think the Behr is not so bad if it is going over an established surface, but using a better grade paint will make your job a lot easier.
Tornados, Disasters and Emergency Preparedness
posted by Kevin McGillicuddy on May 22nd, 2013 9:24 AM
Good points Joe. Thanks for posting. Re: off-site financial records, I was listening to a news report on Moore, OK yesterday and believe I heard them to say that even people with a driver's license showing their address in the devastated neighborhoods were not permitted in (for the most part) to check on their homes. The authorities wanted something more current, such as a utility bill (who carries those with them?). Seems to me that's going overboard, but it points out the wisdom in storing some sample identifying and other records off-site.
Yugioh-playing kid on Antone Street looking for other players
posted by Lisa Moore on December 24th, 2012 2:23 PM
Hello, my name is Milo Darlington. I am almost nine years old and I love to play Yugioh. I am looking for other kids in the neighborhood to play the game with. Please call or e-mail my mom, Lisa Moore, if you are interested. 512-627-4548,"> Thank you.
Rezoning 4020 Airport
posted by Janelle Dozier on March 7th, 2012 5:55 PM
March 12 at Austin Playhouse tent at Mueller, 7 p.m. If you would like to know more about or are concerned about the rezoning of the empty lot at 4020 Airport (across from Mueller Southwest Greenway), you will want to attend this meeting. The property owner wishes to remove all the existing restrictions and change the zoning to commercial. This meeting will include our neighbors from Cherrywood. For more information contact: Brian Graham-Moore, Ph.D. 512-585-5180 or"> David Boston 512-796-8600 or
Clifton Plant Sale and Pancake Fundraiser, Saturday, March 10
posted by kim wine on February 27th, 2012 3:38 PM
Clifton Career Development School will hold it annual spring plant sale on Saturday, March 10, 2012. The greenhouse will open at 8am and close at 1pm. This is a tax free sale that benefits our Horticulture program. While you are there, you should also attend our annual Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction, 8-noon. Proceeds benefit the Hospitality program's field trip fund. Tickets are $7 at the door. Clifton is just north of Reagan High on Berkman at 1519 Coronado Hills Drive. There will be over 7000 plants available. Vegetables Lettuce ($3 per 6.5" pot) Tomatoes ($3 per six pack) Peppers ($3 per six pack) Herbs Thyme ($3 per 4.5" pot) Basil ($2 per 4" pot) Lavender ($3 per 4.5" pot) Rosemary ($3 per 4.5" pot) Hanging baskets Geraniums ($12) Ferns ($5 to $20) Natives Lantana ($2.50 per 4.5" pot) Bulbine ($4 per 6.5" pot) Pride of Barbados ($12 per gallon pot) Aloe ($3 to $40) Yellow Bell (esparanza) ($7 per gallon pot) Annuals: Dianthus ($3 per six pack) Impatients ($3 per six pack) Venca ($3 per six pack) Ornamental Peppers ($3.00 per 4.5" pot) Hybiscus (Luna) ($3 per 4" pot) Geraniums ($5 per 6.5" pot) Blue bonnets ($2.50 per 4.5" pot) Petunias ($3 per six pack) Marigolds ($3 per six pack) Begonias ($3 per six pack) Succulents $1 to $40 Roses Antique ($8) Knockout ($15) Ralph Moore ($20)
Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Newsletter and Alert
posted by Mary Arnett on January 9th, 2012 2:23 PM
Mueller Neighbors, Here is a link to our latest ALERT with some timely information: CLASP is holding a meeting NEXT SATURDAY January 14th Windsor Park Library (very close to YOU!!) from 2-4pm Doors open at 1:30p for networking Close at 4:30 with more networking opportunities at the end. Here's a link to our newsletter alert If you were intrigued by the Statesman article last month about John Luther's patrols in Barton Hills, he will be presenting to the group. We also have a new matching grant program if your neighborhood would like to buy magnetic patrol signs. And Adrian Moore of the Council on At Risk Youth will be presenting information about his program of prevention in the AISD schools to increase our awareness and support. Most important of all . . . .come and meet other neighborhood leaders and volunteers who work on crime and safety issues in their own neighborhoods across the city. Best Regards, Mary Arnett President CLASP Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership 512-803-1540
Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Newsletter
posted by Mary Arnett on December 13th, 2011 10:15 PM
Hey Mueller Neighbors: Here's a link to our latest newsletter which highlights some Neighborhood Watch/ Patrol safety heroes. If you were interested in securing crime watch signs for free - read on. Saturday, January 14th, CLASP will host a meeting at the Windsor Park Library featuring John Luther from Barton Hills Patrols and Adrian Moore will speak about the Council on At Risk Youth. Enjoy! Best Regards, Mary Arnett Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership Friends of North Shoal Creek
Pool Committee meeting notes – Feb 10, 2011
posted by Lisa Moore on February 19th, 2011 8:04 PM
Hello,I am interested in getting involved in the decision about whom to hire for swim team coaches this year. Who is the best person for me to talk to? Thanks so much.Lisa">
Pool Committee meeting notes – Feb 10, 2011
posted by Lisa Moore on February 19th, 2011 8:03 PM
Hello,I am interested in getting involved in the decision about whom to hire for swim team coaches this year. Who is the best person for me to talk to? Thanks so much.Lisa">
FREE: Ikea Rug and Benjamin Moore Paint
posted by JennaMartin on February 14th, 2011 3:53 PM
Chocolate brown rug, 64 inches by 97 inches from Ikea. The only issue is that it sheds underneath (i.e. when you pick it up it has a powder underneath). Benjamin Moore Toxic-Free (i.e NO SMELL!) Eggshell- a really cool peacock/turquoise color. About 1/3 of gallon left for small bathroom or art project. More free stuff coming soon as I spring clean! PM, I am home almost all day every day!
Women's Fashion Open House Saturday 2-4pm on Antone
posted by madge on February 11th, 2011 6:57 PM
Hi Neighbors, My sister is in town. She a sales rep for Carol Anderson by Design, which is a women's fashion company. We're having a "Stop and Shop" open house here tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 12) from 2-4pm. Please drop in if you like to have a look at the clothes. We're at 2109 Antone St. If you want to have a sneak peak first, my sister's website is Stop if if you can, even if you just want to say hi. Yours, Madge Darlington Lisa Moore Barbara Darlington 2109 Antone
Austin Snowstorm Feb 2011 - Photo by Stanford E. Moore
posted by danx111 on February 7th, 2011 11:29 AM
no, though the Statesman said it was a composite
Austin Snowstorm Feb 2011 - Photo by Stanford E. Moore
posted by commuter on February 7th, 2011 11:23 AM
any ideas where this was taken from and from what height or floor?
Austin Snowstorm Feb 2011 - Photo by Stanford E. Moore
posted by smittyhoo on February 4th, 2011 4:52 PM
Sweet pic!
Austin Snowstorm Feb 2011 - Photo by Stanford E. Moore
posted by danx111 on February 4th, 2011 3:57 PM
Austin Snowstorm Feb 2011 - Photo by Stanford E. Moore
Contractor needed....
posted by Laurie Mann on January 3rd, 2011 8:08 AM
Hey there!I live just north of Mueller in Windsor Park, and with a 50 year old house, I've had my fair share of contractors. By far, my favorite contractor is our neighbor, Josh Moore. He's taken our hail damaged shingle roof off and installed a metal roof, built a cabinet that matches our 50's cabinets in the kitchen, done our cedar fence, changed out posts on the porch, hung interior doors, etc. for us. He's a family man, his wife is a nurse at the children's hospital in Mueller.He's not the cheapest contractor, but he'll fix things until they are correct, always has solid ideas about good fixes vs. bandaid fixes, and is willing to try creative ideas.Call him at 569-7439.Email austinweatherproofing@yahoo.comTell him Laurie Mann sent you!
Patterson Park Community Garden proposal, request for survey input
posted by danx111 on December 10th, 2010 2:44 PM
This is an update on the Patterson Park Community Garden proposal, and a request for survey input from those who might be interested in obtaining a plot at the proposed garden. We have formed an initial steering committee comprised of Robin Graham-Moore, Patty Swiderski, Trudie Redding, Brit Schlinke, and myself. Members of our steering committee have attended the Sustainable Food Center 's leadership training for community gardens, and we have made contact with PARD and Austin Parks Foundation about our intent. By our current timeline we are planning to have approvals, funding, and infrastructure in place to break ground for our first planting by January 2012. Our preliminary site proposal for the garden in Patterson Park is attached (exact location and dimensions subject to change). The garden will be modeled after the best practices of other organic community gardens in the area, with potential for wheelchair accessible raised beds, community-sponsored art focal points, and beds set aside for appropriate community service interests. If you are interested in obtaining a garden plot at the Patterson Park Community Garden (PPCG), please complete the attached survey at this link: by end of next week, Saturday, December 18, so that we will have a better idea of how many plots to plan for and what the shared initial costs and ongoing fees might be. Even if you have no interest in obtaining a plot at the proposed PPCG, please provide us with any concerns, comments, or recommendations for fund-raising or organizations which might be willing to make donations of material/money for this initiative. Thank you. Mark Smolen
posted by Laurie Mann on November 19th, 2010 9:46 AM
Hey there--I live in Windsor Park, just north of Mueller.Since my house was built in the 50's, we have needed extensive handyman work! We've used Josh Moore, a neighbor of ours who redid his house from top to bottom for most of our projects. He's put on our metal roof, built our custom cedar fence, hung doors, built a new cabinet section to match our 50's cabinets that looks original, installed hardibacker (drywall), changed out posts in our carport, and done extensive work on my vintage camper too! He's reliable, trustworthy, and doesn't do a job unless it is going to last for a long time (he won't do a bandaid fix). He does tend to work slower than I wish, but it is worth it, because I can leave him in my house alone without concern. He's a real family man, you can't get him to stop talking about his kids, too.Josh">
What are upcoming Retail and Residential Planned Developments
posted by Caraly Foreman on June 16th, 2010 9:52 AM
Goodness, like we could take something else. Here's what I sent Cities of Austin and Bastrop and Counties of Travis and Bastrop leadership, staff, the media, and some of our members, this a.m.: Wed, June 16, 2010 9:46:26 AMALERT/FOR YOUR ATTENTION/ACTION: Bastrop commissioners approve incentives for airport From: Caraly Foreman View Contact To:;;;;">;;; Jon White ; more Future Bastrop Airport.jpg (52KB) View Image -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We certainly understand the need for an ABIA reliever airport with Formula 1 coming in, but I mean 'really', our newer 'master planned' communities/neighborhood(s), businesses, and working farms/landowners are becoming blatently clear that there is absolutely NO 'master planning' going on here, whatsoever, not only among leadership and staff, but especially among inter-agency planning entities. Simultaneously, the Cities of Austin and Bastrop and the Counties of Travis and Bastrop are proposing/planning: Proposed gravel pit in a newer master planned residential community/new school- <50-500 ft from our residences and homes, air, water, noise, human and natural env/quality of life; then Talk of 're-visiting' material handling siting just S of ABIA and landfill siting just east of us towards Webberville (<5 min away); and Now, a proposed ABIA Reliever Airport (?) that would put overload vehicle traffic / capacity (by the way, and would propose sharing it with what already is on the table/proposed as also adding, simultaneously, 250-750 large sand and gravel trucks a day to an already extremely dangerous, limited access, congested FM 969 and HAZMAT route where existing residents, businesses, and future Formula 1 et al tourists daily and would special event intense travel (where it would be located, just east of us) as well as add significant access and public safety impacts to our already extremely limited access County roads off of FM 969 (and remember, our homes/property- located just 2-3 mi east of SH 130/FM 969, are all land-landlocked by the CO River and SH 130 on this same route/area). It would now also subject our master planned communities and neighborhoods/homes and area sensitive pecan/tree farms right in the direct flight path (and very low altitude) to this proposed new airport. As impacted residents, businesses and stakeholders, I would like to request that a public meeting / town hall be held in our area re all of this planning/mis-planning efforts via coordination with our local HOAs as well as with the Del Valle Coalition (in which our neighborhoods/businesses fall within this area). Thank you. Article on the proposed airport (and conceptual location map)- both from the Statesman article, yesterday, follow and is attached. Bastrop commissioners approve incentives for airport 75 percent of county property taxes would be refunded over 30 years By Suzannah Gonzales AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Updated: 1:09 a.m. Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Published: 9:32 p.m. Monday, June 14, 2010 Bastrop County commissioners unanimously approved incentives Monday for a proposed $150 million private airport and business complex in the western part of the county. The county would refund 75 percent of county property taxes for the proposed airport over 30 years as part of an agreement with the project's developer. The airport is far from a done deal — parts of the project still must be approved by the county and federal regulators — but the commissioners' incentive offer is a significant step. "This was done with the taxpayers' concerns in front of it," said Lee Dildy, commissioner of Precinct 4, where the proposed site of the airport is located. "Both sides acted in good faith. I feel very comfortable with this agreement." Dildy said public money will not be used to build the airport and related improvements. Jim Carpenter, managing partner of Central Texas Airport LLC, the would-be developer of the airport, said, "The Central Texas Airport completes the missing infrastructure asset that was needed for Central Texas." Carpenter began discussions with the county on the project at least a year ago. He said the airport would help fill a need when an annual Formula One race comes to Austin, scheduled to begin in 2012. "Formula One will bring a tremendous demand for aviation," he said. The proposed airport now includes plans for a 7,200-foot runway on about 1,100 acres, and will be for private chartered aircraft and business jets. According to the agreement, the airport cannot be a general commercial airport. Some people who live near the proposed site are concerned about airport noise, flight patterns, declining property values and how the airport will be used. "We are not happy about the proposed airport. We are not happy about the approval of this agreement," said Catherine Roberts, who lives south of the site and is president of the homeowners association for the River Crossing subdivision. "We just really hope this won't come to fruition." The agreement pertains only to the first phase of the project, which county documents show includes the runway, 250,000 square feet of hangar space, a fuel farm, fire-and-rescue facilities and commercial development. Under the agreement, construction of the first phase of the airport project would begin no later than June 30, 2012, and be finished no later than June 30, 2014. Currently, the county receives about $4,000 in property taxes per year from the property, which is now agricultural land, proposed for the airport, county staff said. The value of one-quarter of the property — the amount taxed under the agreement — would be significantly higher, according to county staff. The county still must approve construction plans and the Federal Emergency Management Agency must approve changes to a flood plain on the property, which would need to be moved for the project. Carpenter said he was waiting for the incentive agreement before proceeding with buying the property, but said Monday that he would go forward. He said his company hopes to start construction before the end of the year and complete work by the end of 2011 or early 2012. Aircraft maintenance services and green businesses are part of the overall airport plans, Carpenter said.; 445-3616 Future Bastrop Airport.jpg (52KB)
Planning and Zoning
posted by Bryan Hodge on April 29th, 2010 10:07 PM
Angela, I meant to get back with you earlier in the week.We have had some interesting developments in the Stoney Ridge Subdivision.Property that was zoned (SFR) on Moores Crossing Road is now being considered for Retail/Commercial Development.Myself and Bryan found out about this after our neighbors received letters from the City of Austin informing them that the development was going up on Moores Crossing Road,which their yards back up to.As these residents are City of Austin utility customers they had to be informed about the developers request for commercial development as they are within the 500 ft radius of the proposed development.There will be a public hearing on this zoning change and myself and other neighbors plan to attend.I believe it is to be held next month,but as I get additional information, i will pass this along.Some good news though, Commissioner Gomez's office has been especially attentive to are concerns when we brought them to her attention.As Bryan and i have canvassed neighborhoods neighbors have brought issues to our attention and Commissioner Gomez's staff have responded in an expedient manner.Note also,that at the Austin City Council Meeting on 03/10/10 Mike Martinez sponsored resolution #20100311-033 which speaks to the issue of Austin working with Travis County in the ETJ areas.Specifically as it relates to the environmental impact on residential areas.You and others can pull up this resolution which is Item #33 on the 03/10/10 agenda at the Austin City Council site.I will continue to do some more research prior to the next Coalition meeting.Maureen
Child Safety
posted by manijeh Huereca on April 28th, 2010 9:19 PM
Child Safety Program The CHILD SAFETY PROGRAM assists elementary school children across major intersections and streets within the City limits on their way to and from school. This program is responsible for hiring and supervising more than 204 crossing guards near or in front of 88 schools. The City of Austin has placed student safety as a top priority and in 1992 developed the Don't Kid With Safety training. This training was formed to offer pedestrian/traffic safety lessons at no cost to local schools. The training is available in English and Spanish to City of Austin students in grades Pre-K-5. Staff contact information Chris Moore Child Safety Program Coordinator Phone: (512) 974-7273 Send Email Rhonda Bolick Child Safety Training Phone: (512) 974-5633
Access to Healthy Fresh Food
posted by Tamara Trager on April 20th, 2010 10:42 AM
The Sustainable food Center also is starting a program to help farmers to convert to farming at a local scale and creating markets for their food. It seems there had been some attempt to adapt to new farming challenges in Creedmoore by creating a coop but it was so confusing, they dropped it in disgust and confusion. I'm hoping they will connect soon and get this going. When farming locally is established, generally the next step is for day cares, and restaurants to start buying locally.Farmers markets don't necessarily need to be too expensive. It can generate income with local crafts and local family garden produce and make it a Del Valle weekly community place to meet.
Need for Reasonable Posted Speed Limits
posted by Roy Woody on April 13th, 2010 11:02 AM
Example Creedmoore Elem. Schools Speed Limit is 55MPH.
Egg Scramble - thank you!!
posted by MCCLOSKEY5 on April 4th, 2010 10:18 AM
Thank you so much to all the neighbors who volunteered and donated and sacrificed their porches, yards, and electricity! Even some people without kids donated eggs and drinks! It felt like everyone pitched in a little for set up, egg hiding, technical assistance, and break down. What an awesome community effort! I love this neighborhood!!! Special thanks goes out to:Belinda for scoring the amazing Walter T.Meghan and Ezra for doing. . . everythingMeg Moore for providing all the kid drinksUncle Mike for you know what (possibly the biggest sacrifice of all in that heat)Mustache Sweater ManWalter T. Rebecca Harshman for the awesome signsBelle, our fabulous face painting artist. . . and sooo many more!!! Yeah Mueller!!!!!
Dog Owners - Off leash trail project
posted by danx111 on February 16th, 2010 6:10 PM
Off Leash Nature Trail Construction Please click on the link to register for this Event. Yes, I want to volunteer for this Event Host: Claire S. Location: South 1st Street Entrance 907 South 1st Street Mary Moore Searight Park, 78748 When: 03/06/2010 9:00 AM-1:00 PM CST
University Park news (old Concordia U site)
posted by Murmur on December 18th, 2009 7:14 AM
We'll soon be getting upscale theaters near Mueller! Not sure how/if this would affect a decision by the Drafthouse to move into Mueller Town Center. Nonetheless, rising tide, all ships, etc. A movie theater, apartment building, medical office building and a boutique hotel are expected to break ground next year at University Park, the $750 million project at the former Concordia University site and one of the few Austin-area projects forging ahead during the economic downturn. Premiere Cinema Corp., a Big Springs-based chain with 18 cinemas in Texas, has signed a lease for a theater with six or seven screens and more than 850 seats, said Andy Sarwal, lead developer of the 23-acre University Park at Interstate 35 and East Avenue. The theater would be in a 450,000-square-foot building that also would have 340 apartments to be developed by Sarwal's company, Alexandrina Management . Sarwal said he expects to select a company soon to manage the building and handle leasing. Construction should start in the second quarter, with the theater finished a year later and the apartments completed in about 15 months. Just west of the apartments, Austin-based Onair Development is planning to start construction in the first quarter of 2010 on a 120,000-square-foot medical office building. The first office building at the project houses Texas Monthly magazine, which moved into its new space in August. A second tenant, an Aveda Institute salon training school, is expected to open by mid-2010. Sarwal said he is finalizing leases that will bring the building to 90 percent leased. Construction on an Andaz hotel, a boutique concept from Hyatt Hotels Corp., is expected to start in the third quarter of 2010, said Farley Kern, vice president of corporate communications for Hyatt. Sarwal and his financial backers are planning 2.5 million square feet of space at University Park, including retail and office space, 1,000 residential units and 22 townhomes. Sarwal said financing has been arranged for the theater/apartment building and the Andaz, but he said he could not disclose the identity of the investors. While financing has virtually dried up for real estate projects across the country, causing some local projects to be delayed indefinitely or canceled, University Park has plowed ahead. Charles Heimsath, a local real estate consultant, said University Park is among several projects in the downtown area that have "done very well in a very tough environment." Michele Gary, a vice president in Austin with the Weitzman Group retail brokerage firm, said that because the project is in "a densely populated, built-out area that offers very limited opportunities for new development," it should continue to attract interest from tenants such as Premiere Cinemas. Premiere's president, Gary Moore, said the company conducted extensive research before signing the deal at University Park. "The bar is extremely high right now for any new construction project," Moore said . Premiere settled on the site, he said, because of its location and demographics, including proximity to the University of Texas and surrounding neighborhoods, which he said will provide "a crucial customer base." But not everything planned at Sarwal's project is moving forward as scheduled. AMLI Residential planned to break ground on a 315-unit apartment complex there last year. However, given the economy, the project is on hold indefinitely, said Marcy Phillips, AMLI's vice president of development in Austin. AMLI has not ruled out the site. When the economy improves, "absolutely, we'd take a look at it," Phillips said. "It's a great site." The Andaz hotel also is behind schedule, having originally targeted a 2010 opening. "No one foresaw the collapse of the capital markets, which has had a tailspin effect on the rest of the economy and investor confidence," Sarwal said. Still, Hyatt "never lost confidence in University Park as a site or project, which is ultimately the most important thing and why the project will proceed," Sarwal said. In addition, he said, the hotel was redesigned, adding "a few unforeseen months." Sarwal said that initial financing from Lehman Brothers for the project fell through, but he and the investors quickly secured $39 million to finance the first office building. "The only reason we've been able to move forward is because of the underlying strength of the project," Sarwal said. "The existing demographics — both population and income — are second to none and will only improve as University Park continues to come to fruition."; 445-3856
Zabreznik Solar System Up & Running
posted by ianvarley on December 6th, 2009 11:22 AM
Joe - that's awesome! Congrats on being up and running. I was just noticing your panels on my dog-walk yesterday, and wondered if you were yet producing. Got your blog RSS'ed, will look forward to seeing how things go! We're hoping to do solar as well someday (we're also in a Moore Hill, over on Mattie) so you'll provide excellent information for us!
Dog off leash area
posted by danx111 on November 4th, 2009 9:26 AM
Help Build a New Off-Leash Trail in South Austin Saturday, November 14, 9:00AM to 12:00PM at Mary Moore Searight Park, volunteers will be hard at work improving trail and habitat. The trail for the new off-leash area at Mary Moore Searight Park has been cleared (but is not open to the public yet). Goals for monthly volunteer events include remove trash, install kiosk, place trail markers, plant native trees and spread wildflower and grass seed. Learn more and register here.
Getting rid of pigeons
posted by ianvarley on October 31st, 2009 7:06 PM
We're in an SP Moore Hill model (one story) on Mattie st., and we've developed a pigeon problem on the front porch - there's a little area above the front door that's just the right size for a nest. I don't mind the cooing, but the poop on our front stoop has got to stop. I haven't looked into anything, and felt a little bad about ousting the bird if it'd mean losing her eggs. I'd like to do it at a time when there aren't any babies or eggs there, so as not to harm anything (I don't want them dead, just not roosting in my roof). I don't have any ideas, but if you come up with a solution, I'd love to hear it.
Moore Hill or Whitis Court living room set up?
posted by ianvarley on January 22nd, 2009 12:42 PM
Karen - you guys are welcome over here anytime to take a look. We're backwards from you but it might give you an idea. I like how ours is working out so far. PM me for contact details, etc.
Moore Hill or Whitis Court living room set up?
posted by Karen_Zab on January 13th, 2009 11:01 AM
We keep waffling on how we want the furniture configuration in our Moore Hill front living room to be....we'd love to see what others have done. Anyone willing to let us take a 5 minute peek at your living room set up in the one story Standard Pacific? Thanks, Karen
US Green Building Council Video
posted by langhugh on October 16th, 2008 9:36 AM
From Michelle Moore, SVP with U.S. Green Building Council
Re: Meritage paint quality?
posted by Murmur on June 20th, 2008 11:29 AM
Popular Mechanics did a comparison test of low-VOC paints:The Fresh Aire mentioned above was a dog. Benjamin Moore won handily, but cost $55/gallon. :shock:
posted by austinel on October 22nd, 2007 11:26 AM
You're right. Catellus shouldn't have promised something like that. Period. There is no "fair" or "not fair" in the market. It is not orchestrated by one or even one hundred people. You're suggesting that people take less for the land/homes than they could get, because they don't reasonably need to get so much for their original investment -- that may be true, but it's not human nature. It's not reality. Heck, there are people participating in the affordable homes program who are upset that they will lose 25% of the PROFIT (to the foundation who got them in their homes in the first place! So it will help other families get into homes!) they might gain on their home, when sold (I know, it's the "in perpetuity" part that rankles the most, and I sort of agree there should be a cap, but the future cost of the foundation helping another family will go up over time, too, at the same rate as market appreciation ...). I know it seems that 80-90% of the population can't afford to live in central Austin. Yet there are people to buy there -- in spades. There is no glut of inventory, waiting for buyers. The reason the prices are as they are, is because there are buyers willing to pay the prices. I am saying, I know the feeling, because I really really REALLY want to live in my home state. I will NEVER be able to do that. It feels unfair. But I don't think that anyone can fix the situation. I don't know, maybe the government should cap gains on homestead real estate at 100% (I'm serious). If someone paid $200K for a home in Palo Alto, CA in 1986, maybe they should not be allowed to profit more than $200K for it. I was just watching a show where two guys bought a two-bedroom house somewhere in CA for less than $300K nine years ago, and it is now worth $1.8M. It's absurd. Yes, there seem to be lots of buyers for those homes (from where?! Mars? What do these people DO for a living?!?), but it's over the top. I think that law (using adjustments for a homeowner's financial input on a home -- I'm only talking about the appreciation that comes only from time) would be perfectly fair, because I think that real estate profit is pure windfall, not earned, not deserved, and it irritates me that people think they are "owed" a huge profit on homestead real estate, these days. But you know and I know it's never going to happen. See: human nature, above. Along those lines yes, I do worry that people are treating homes like investments. I think that kind of thinking is driving the market ever upward. And it sucks. Supposedly, because homes across the nation have "stalled out" at only 3.9% price growth per year, recently, we are in a massive decline. (Why *should* home appreciation be higher than the rate of inflation?). In an effort to keep from being bogged down with millions of dollars worth of unpurchased homes and land, many new builders across the country are slashing home prices in their new developments. Radically -- like, from $350K to $270K. And it's working -- the homes are selling at an even rate again. Only it totally screws the people in the initial phases of those developments, who bought at "full price". Do you have any idea how long it will take for them to see a twenty-three percent gain -- enough to break even? Oh, add in another six percent and whatever else they spent on maintenance and improvement. Those people can't sell, they can't get equity loans. If something happens and they HAVE to sell, they're downright fugged. Does that sound "fair"? But it would be a good idea for Mueller to monkey with the market and offer homes at below market, effectively marooning people in surrounding neighborhoods, and quite possibly a lot of people within Mueller, maybe driving them to financial ruin? You think I'm being overdramatic. I'm really not. If Buyer X purchases a Standard Pacific, Moore-Hill home for $350K right now (oh wait -- add the obligatory $10K+ for upgrades), and then Stan Pac starts offering them at $300 (for a "market" home) because people are crying that they can't afford to live in Central Austin and Catellus owes them this opportunity, Buyer X is SCREWED. And while maybe a little part of you thinks that's great, since after all Buyer X is evil for being able to afford a $350K house, it seems pretty damn crappy to Buyer X. Analysts are saying that policies like purposely underpricing will be helpful to stabilizing the market long-term, because it will drive prices down (instead of the market merely leveling off, as it is already doing naturally). But to people who have purchased in the last three to five years, it could be really devastating. Re Crestview: It wasn't meant as an insult in any way. I love Crestview. But our family -- many families -- desire three bedrooms, a living room with room for a dining table (if not a separate dining room), and an office. And, finding they can't afford that south of Metric, that's why they move further afield, so they can pay 25-50% less than the price for a Crestview home, and have 1800+ square feet to live in.
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