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Lawn Maintenance Tips
posted by Daniel D Smith on September 1st, 2019 11:27 AM
I hate grasses in the lawn. I had talked with lawn maintenance services in Georgetown. Most people have too much lawn because they don't know what else to plant there. The green grass is more of a pain than it's worth. A nice lawn requires a lot of maintenance: watering, cutting, weeding and trimming. There are several ground coverings in multiple shades of green. Though they aren't as versatile as grass, they certainly look the part while requiring much less attention. Also try for blue sedge, creeping Jenny or creeping thyme even though they look like grass from afar, they never need any mowing. If you hate grasses in your lawn, you can try these methods.
Practical Advice: Fireworks & Pets, esp Those Gone Missing
posted by Kathleen Ensey on June 30th, 2014 10:02 PM
Neighbors, This year's annual 4th fireworks display has been relocated from downtown to Circuit of the Americas. This change will more than likely create an even greater occurrence of neighborhood fireworks, which are illegal within the city limits and harmful for your pets. The Goal? To keep beloved pets safe before the "pop-pop-pop or BOOMs begin. If not, a pet can escape, roam frantically and possibly get hurt or taken to an animal shelter, where it will take up kennel space for animals who really have no home --- recently the daily overpopulation at Austin Animal Center has risen to over 100 canines and 25+ felines. So our efforts to keep our dogs & cats safely at home, also helps our shelter and its monthly No Kill goal. What's a pet guardian to do? 1 - Learn from Missing Pet Partnership experts' advice - see links below 2 - Circulate any of attached graphics to raise awareness with family, friends & neighbors PROACTIVE MEASURES 1. Identification Microchip Remember you can get your pet microchipped for FREE at Austin Animal Center - takes 5-10 minutes max Not sure your pet is microchipped? Have vet scan and provide the chip number to you. Or if you already know the number, check here to make sure your contact details are up to date: Tags & Collar Check to make sure all tags are securely attached to the collar. Check to make sure collar fits - two fingers should fit underneath the collar Add name and contact details in permanent pen on inside of fabric collar 2. Lost Pet Kit Take photos of pet -- full body and head closeup Take photos of all of pet's tags Create draft Lost Pet flier - see MPP advice Confirm current contact details with former vet, new vet & microchip company No time to do it? Get your kids involved -- they'll love doing it -then you can check their work 3. Your Home and Property Check door latches, gates and fences for good working condition Review with family members the reason for extra caution during this time of year 4. Create Calm via Your Pet's Main Senses: Smell-Dogs Only: Austin entrepreneur, My Peaceful Paws: Fresh blend of essential oils applied to dog's pawpads, neck and/or chest. Sound-Cats & Dogs: US Entrepreneur, Through A Dog's Ear: Sight-Cats & Dogs: Leave lights on where pet will be to lessen flashes of brightness created by fireworks REACTIVE MEASURES ***NOTE*** Dogs can travel up to 100 miles on their own;however, cats remain close by -- 3 to 5 house radius. Please do yourself a favor & focus your efforts by reading this info before conducting your search: OnSite Posting/Physical: Online Posting or Searching/Electronic Yes, there are many websites but stick locally to focus your energies Neighborhood email groups, inc surrounding neighborhoods City shelter's Twitter: @austinanimals , Updated every 30 minutes with animals coming into the shelter Telephone: 1 - Pet's microchip company 2 - Pet's current vet, your former vet & if different, vet who administered rabies vaccination 3 - All five of local Emergency Vets -- you can send a photo to them Animal Emergency Hospital of Austin 512.459.4336 4106 North Lamar 78756 AM/PM Animal Hospital 512.448.2676/AMPM 2239 South Lamar 78704 Emergency Animal Hospital – north 512.331.6121 12034 Research Ste 8 78759 Emergency Animal Hospital – south 512.899.0955 4434 Frontier Trail 78745 Animal Emergency Clinic 512.671.6252 2000 N Mays Ste #112 Round Rock 7866 4 - Shelters: Austin Animal Center, 7201 Levander Loop 78702 Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter - 1855 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown, TX 78626 512.943.3322 Pflugerville Animal Shelter - 1600 Waterbrook Drive Pflugerville TX 78660 512.990.PETS/7387 4 - Rescue groups, esp ones matching your pet's breed ***NOTE*** You CANNOT file a LOST pet report with the city of Austin yet .... You CAN file a FOUND pet report via 311 Find a Panicked Loose Pet? Check out MPP's FB page and/or website for more excellent guidance: A little proactivity goes a long way - thanks for reading and caring! Dolly Ensey, Proactive Redemptor Getting them home, 4 paws at a time
Provide your input on I-35 changes that impact Mueller
posted by Mateo Barnstone on June 4th, 2014 11:35 AM
Let me challenge you a bit on that 15% figure. 1. That 15% is mostly large semis. Semis cause a lot more congestion than Tercels. 2. 15% only applies to traffic originating south of San Marcos to designations North of Georgetown and vice versa. There is a lot of "local" traffic that does not have central Austin destinations and does not need to be on I-35 through central Austin. If we can divert 15% of non-local through traffic and then find viable routes (for example, via an improved grade separated 183) say another 15% of of "local" traffic with non-central Austin destinations and do a few other things to encourage alternatives (everything from time shifting, to telecommuting, to increased use of public transpiration, etc.) pretty soon it adds up to dramatic decreases in overall trips on I-35. 3. I'm fairly certain that a 15% reduction in vehicles would have a much greater impact than a 15% reduction in congestion because a road operating within it's capacity is far more efficient than one operating at or outside it's capacity.
Urban Rail at Mueller
posted by schnauzerhouse2 on June 23rd, 2013 2:25 PM
To those interested in Urban Rail at Mueller: The urban rail discussion has been ongoing for years with close Catellus and MNA interest/involvement so there’s a long history that some of you may not be aware of. I’d like to fill you in on some details so that we’re all on the same page before next week’s Project Connect workshops. I have served on the MNA Steering Committee the past 2 ½ years and have represented Mueller at various TWG/urban rail meetings. I am no longer serving on the MNA Steering Committee, but still have a great interest in bringing urban rail to Mueller. Janeka Rector and I both attended the TWG meeting on June 7, 2013. Janeka is our representative currently serving on the MNA Steering Committee and is continuing the MNA’s outreach/efforts to bring urban rail to Mueller. Project Connect is a long-range plan for transit in Central Texas. At the TGW meeting earlier this month, the North Corridor was defined as the area north of the Colorado River (Lady Bird Lake) (southern boundary), Texas 130 (eastern boundary), Georgetown (northern boundary), and MoPac (western boundary). (Note that the North Corridor does not include transit options to ABIA, San Marcos or San Antonio). Project Connect includes multiple modes of transportation: urban rail, commuter/regional rail, rapid bus, additional express lanes on MoPac and I-35 (maybe). The only one of these modes that will have a direct effect on Mueller is urban rail. Each of these modes is in various stages of implementation, i.e. Rapid Buses have already been purchased using a federal grant and will soon be put in service along the Lamar/Guadalupe corridor. Urban rail and commuter/regional rail is awaiting voter approval (hopefully next year for urban rail), will take years to build and projections show completed urban rail coming to Mueller in the early 2020’s, and that assumes that the bond issue is approved or other funding (i.e. leasing ABIA) is obtained next year AND that Mueller is included in Phase 1. (You have probably already heard that certain Austin residents are behind a proposal to move the Guadalupe/Lamar/Pickle Lab/Domain route to Phase 1 and Mueller/Hancock to a later phase.) One of the main reasons that Mueller would likely stay in Phase I is that in late 2011 the Mueller Neighborhood Association with Catellus’ backing voted in FAVOR of having the urban rail maintenance facility located on Mueller grounds. This action was well-received by the TWG and most City Council members, including Mayor Leffingwell. Catellus is to meet with City officials later this month or early next month regarding acreage and exact site of this facility. My understanding from PIAC and Let’s Talk presentations by City officials and Dee Desjardin/Greg Weaver from Catellus was that the maintenance facility was likely to be located near the Market District (HEB) at the end of Philomena Street and that it would be between 2 and 5 acres in size, but that nothing has been finalized. Earlier this month (June 7, 2013) the TWG approved moving forward with the Project Connect plan with three alternative proposals that include all modes of transportation including urban rail, but also other modes of transit in the North Corridor. Route maps which illustrated these alternatives were flashed on the screen very quickly so I was not able to identify whether any or all of the alternatives included urban rail to Mueller. Mayor Leffingwell, chair of the TWG, said that these three alternatives would be presented to the public for review at the meetings scheduled for next week, that the alternatives would be narrowed to ONE by the end of the year (2013) based on public input, and that he hoped it would be placed on the ballot for voter approval in May or November 2014. Janeka, Kathy Sokolic and I plan to attend the Project Connect meeting at Dobie scheduled Tuesday, June 25, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Janeka and I are leaving Mueller for the meeting about 4:45 p.m. if anyone else would like to ride with us. It’s really great to be part of a community like Mueller where so many residents are actively engaged in making this an even better place to live. Thank you for your interest and involvement in urban rail and I look forward to meeting you and working with you in promoting urban rail’s coming to Mueller. If we work together, we can make this happen! Don Dozier
Support Urban Rail in Mueller
posted by doug on June 25th, 2012 2:30 PM
Here's an op-ed from Robert Spillar, COA Trans. Dept. Director where he discusses multi-modal transportation options: 22, 2012Austin Business Journal Op-Ed: ‘no single solution to traffic’The Austin Business Journal printed a guest editoral by Austin Transportation Director Robert Spillar on June 22, 2012.Urban rail will be one of many ways to fight trafficPremium content from Austin Business Journalby Rob Spillar, Contributing WriterFriday, June 22, 2012In a recent editorial, the Austin Business Journal poses the question if Urban Rail can “be a key component in Austin’s solution to traffic woes.”As the director of the Austin Transportation Department, I’m quick to point out that there is no single “solution to traffic woes.” National transportation experts agree.In Austin, that is especially true because our transportation challenges are complex. Short of tearing up neighborhoods and threatening community icons, there is no simple solution to our congested travel system.Our congested roads are an unfortunate byproduct of being an economically successful and dynamic urban area. What our city does not have, as compared to many of our peer cities competing for private sector investment, is a wide array of travel options for people to commute and move spontaneously.Our metro area added about 150 people a day between 2010 and 2011, the ABJ recently reported. And, as noted in his 2011 State of the City address, the mayor has said “Austin’s traffic problems are the direct result of our dramatic, ongoing population growth, and our dramatic, ongoing failure to invest in the systems and infrastructure we need to stay ahead of it.”What the city is doing, in concert with our regional partners, is pursuing a holistic approach to mobility — walking, biking, high-capacity transit and driving — to give our citizens reliable and affordable ways to get to where they live and work throughout the region.Urban rail is an important part of a much larger, highly networked road and transit system developing throughout the Austin region. It does this by providing multiple connections to the currently operating MetroRail line serving Austin to Leander, the emerging MetroRapid bus serving South and Northwest Austin planned for 2014, and the planned regional rail line connecting Georgetown to San Antonio.Infrastructure investments, such as urban rail, shape land use and development patterns and can ensure that Austin maintains its charm and quality of life for residents of all ages and backgrounds, even as its population continues to skyrocket. In short, it will help keep Austin like Austin.We’ve also heard from other cities that rail investment generates jobs and economic growth by providing an anchor for private sector investment. That means every Austinite benefits from the increased property and sales tax revenue generated from large transportation projects because it directly supplements the city’s general revenue fund. That fund pays for services such as Austin’s police, firefighters and parks.Robert Spillar, P.E.Director of TransportationAustin Transportation Department
Looking for a dog trainer, preferably inhouse
posted by Kathleen Ensey on January 20th, 2012 8:19 AM
Training by Tara -- Tara is a good dog trainer. She has the gift of understanding and training dogs. She specializes in canine aggression. For over 20 years, she has been helping owners understand their canine companions by teaching them how to communicate through body language & pack behaviors. Btw, she's so good that area shelters utilize her skills & talents to socialize dogs for adoptability, inc Austin Animal Center and Georgetown: and even as far away as Hillsboro. Moreover, she's one of those persons making a major contribution to the No-Kill goal in Austin by increasing the number of adoptions. Tara will come to your home or you can take classes from her. Now you'd think with such ability & success, that her training would cost alot. But her rates are reasonable because she wants to help you and your dog live happily and peacefully: You'll be amazed, thankful and happy with Tara -- and she's a nice person too! or 402-4229Dolly
Lost Dog on New Years Eve
posted by danyalekb on January 2nd, 2012 3:24 PM
Hi Jillian, I placed signs at all the convenient stores completely around our neighborhood, including the Family Dollar store. The staff is great about allowing you to post the signs, but if the managers find out, they might be taken down. Also, we put signs at Petsmart, Petco, Maplewood Elementary, the Mosaic, the Greenway Lofts, and both the parks in our neighborhood (Ella Wooten Park, Lake Park, Bartholomew Park, and the park across Airport Blvd). I'd also post info and a picture on: The Mosaic apts / condo office staff are really nice. They will send an email blast out to their residents for you to keep an eye out. Take a flyer to the Fire Station down the street and send your flyer by email to all the vets and emergency pets’ hospitals in a 5 mile radius. You will also want to regularly (at least every other day) check the Austin Animal Center, Coty of Geargetown Animal Shelter, and the Williamson County Animal Shelters (you don't want to narrow your search when looking online because they often misclassify age, color, sex of dogs; it's better to go to the shelters in person if you are able): Websites:" rel="nofollow"> Here is a site you can search different shelters and rescue groups by zip code and a specific mile radius: I hope this helps you get off to a good start. The sooner you start posting the flyers, the better chances you will have of recovery. I have also attached a flyer templete I entered your info you provided in your original post if you'd like to use you are welcome to. We made similar ones when my dog went missing. If you don't want to offer a reward just yet, you can use the alternate flyer that just says "LOST" at teh top. I've attached both. If the files didn't attach correctly, you can email me at and I will forward them to you. Let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, Danyale Bryant
TxDOT Open House re: intersection improvements along LP 360
posted by Betsy on October 22nd, 2011 5:12 PM
NOTICE OF OPEN HOUSE On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will conduct an open house to present options for proposed intersection improvements along State Loop (SL) 360 from United States (US) 183 to US 290 in Travis County, Texas and to solicit public comment. The proposed project would include the consideration of innovative intersection improvements at the majority of the existing intersections along SL 360. It is anticipated that the proposed project would not require the acquisition of new right-of-way or easements, and therefore, no residences or businesses would be displaced. However, the improvements are still in the conceptual phase. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve operational efficiency and relieve congestion and delays at the majority of the existing intersections and along the corridor. The open house will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Westlake High School, 4100 Westbank Drive, Austin, Texas. During the open house, displays, including proposed intersection improvement design options and other project information, will be available for viewing. A presentation will not be given during the open house; however, members of the project team will be available to answer questions. All interested citizens are invited to attend this open house and to provide input. Verbal and written comments may be presented at the open house or written comments may be submitted via regular postal mail. To be included in the official record of the open house, written comments not submitted at the open house must be received by Monday, November 14, 2011. Written comments should be mailed to: Environmental Coordinator, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 15426, Austin, TX 78761-5426. Displays that will be shown at the open house are available for viewing prior to the open house at the Georgetown Area Office at 2727 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown, TX 78626 and at the South Travis Area Office at 9725 S. IH 35, Austin, TX 78744. Persons who plan to attend the open house but have special communication or accommodation needs (such as language interpretation) may contact Monica Swenson by telephone at 512-832- 7181 at least two business days prior to the open house so that arrangements can be made to accommodate these needs. Nadia M. Barrera Bicycle/Pedestrian Project Coordinator Neighborhood Connectivity Division Public Works Department City of Austin 512.974.7142
Seeking Elmo Cake Tin
posted by Karen Kelley on July 17th, 2011 2:33 PM
Seeking Elmo Cake Tin
posted by Karen Kelley on July 17th, 2011 2:32 PM
[:lol:]I have made many cakes by using a 13x9 size or larger rectangle pan. Go online or use a coloring book picture of Elmo (or whomever). Freehand or cut out and gently place on top of cake. Use a toothpick or cake tester, gently draw the outer lines, the cut away parts of picture until you have the whole picture drawn on the cake. Use the star tips to completely cover the drawing, #1,2 or 3 to drawn lines, etc. I would rather doy cakes this way rather than having soo many different cake pans in my collection. Check out cakes by karen , Georgetown on Facebook for some ideas. I believe I have on of Elmo in that collection. If I can be of more assistance, feel free to contact me! Blessings!
TxDOT Awards Safe Routes to School Projects
posted by danx111 on August 20th, 2010 4:02 PM
Six infrastructure projects and ten non-infrastructure projects were recently awarded Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding by TxDOT. SRTS programs are sustained efforts by parents, schools, community leaders and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school. These programs examine conditions around schools and conduct projects and activities that work to improve safety and accessibility, and reduce traffic and air pollution in the vicinity of schools. As a result, bicycling and walking to school are made safer and more appealing transportation. Infrastructure Projects in the CAMPO Region: Elgin- County Line Road Safe Walking and Biking to Neidig Elementary and Elgin Middle School Elgin -Critical Safe Routes to School Pedestrian/Bicyclist Infrastructure for FM 1100 Smithville's Safe Routes to School Program City of Buda - Safe Routes to School Improvements City of Austin - Safe Routes to School Project Georgetown Mitchell Elementary Safe Routes to School Implementation In addition to the six capital projects building pedestrian and bicycle photo Mike Cynecki, infrastructure projects, twelve non-infrastructure projects were chosen in our region. Each of them include education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation activities to encourage active transportation to school: Austin was awarded an overarching project, and nine projects at specific schools: Bedicheck, Kealing, Blackshear Oak Springs, Odom/St. Elmo, Pickle, Wooldridge, Wooten/Andres, Zavala/Marting, and Palm/Widen. Georgetown received the award for its application at Mitchell Elementary. Smithville's program in Bastrop County was also awarded funding. The infrastructure awards will fund projects will construct pathways, crossings, and signage to complete critical links in the pedestrian and bicycle network between local schools and neighborhoods. These projects, including newly constructed sidewalks, crosswalks, school zone signs, bike/ped paths, school zone flashers and pedestrian bridges will help create safe and viable routes to schools for students promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles in children. For more information contact Alex Kone at (512) 974-2529.
Community involvement
posted by mrs aaron on September 14th, 2009 7:53 AM
Harassment & Bullying in Schools - An Open Community Forum on Safe Schools Austin, Texas (September 8, 2009) - Every student in Texas schools deserves an education free from the harmful physical and emotional effects of harassment and bullying. However, as schools across the state are reopening for the Fall term, thousands of Texas children dread going to school to face the taunts, jeers, humiliation, physical intimidation and pain inflicted through harassment and bullying. The Equality Texas Foundation is concerned that many school districts' current policies on bullying and harassment may be inadequate, or inadequately enforced. Although Texas' schools have worked to make safe schools a reality by putting in place bullying and harassment policies required by the Texas Education Code, we believe current statutes do not yet adequately address the prevention, intervention, and elimination of bullying and harassment from our schools. Although well-defined and communicated policies help deal with bullying and harassment when it happens, a comprehensive program is necessary for prevention. Programs that integrate a data-tracking system for bullying and harassment incidents, a robust district-level policy that is consistently enforced, and a research-proven program to educate both students and staff about bullying and harassment have been found to be the most effective. On Wednesday, September 16, 2009, the Equality Texas Foundation will host the first of several open community forums on safe schools. Safe Schools Forum Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. Baker School Cafeteria 3908 Avenue B, Austin, TX 78751 Panelists: Kime Mitchell Parent of a bullied child in the Georgetown ISD Megan Flowers Coordinator, No Place for Hate program of the Anti-Defamation League Dianna Groves Student Intervention Specialist, Dept. of Student Support, Austin ISD Eric Metcalf Chief Program Officer, Communities in Schools of Central Texas Moderator: Martha Oestreich Board Chair, Equality Texas Foundation & Executive Director of Development, UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Parents and students are encouraged to join us for this important open discussion on school safety. This forum is presented by Equality Texas Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Austin Human Rights Commission, the Anti-Defamation League, the Texas Civil Rights Project, and the Texas GSA Network, a project of Out Youth. Additional Community Forums on Safe Schools are scheduled for Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Equality Texas Foundation educates and engages the public about policies and their effect on Texans of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressi ons.
space shuttle/space station flyover tues 8:13pm
posted by Matthew on September 8th, 2009 8:11 PM
I heard it was cloudy at Mueller, but I happened to be north of Georgetown and I just saw them fly over. Awesome! Those things really were moving. Thanks Mrs Aaron for the tip!
great schools task force meeting
posted by canario on August 19th, 2009 5:34 AM
I prefer 6:00 pm or later since I work full-time up in Georgetown and I pick up Gabe from afterschool. No preference on location.
Lake Park in the Statesman
posted by Ms Ice Monkey on April 19th, 2009 9:58 AM
All Mueller amenities, regardless of ownership, are to be open to the public. After all, this used to be City property.And it is a truly awesome playscape.
Lake Park in the Statesman
posted by dje7 on April 18th, 2009 10:18 PM
Lake Park is not a Austin City Park, although it is within the City limits.According to information from Catellus, it is owned by the Mueller Property Owners Association. like perhaps Mueller should be charging admission. I love how AAS is advertising to everyone from San Marcos to Georgetown to come and take advantage of it.Note that the Creative Playscape in Georgetown was built by volunteer citizens for the children of Georgetown - ergo, a City Park.Likewise, the Children's Park in San Marcos is also a City Park.Sounds like Austin American Statesman might need to issue an apology. I'm all for people visiting with other Muellerites using the park, but people trekking across town? Come on. They should check with the City for other parks closer to them that offer needed amenities, and if they do not exist, take it to the City Council.- Daniel
Senior Housing Coming to Mueller
posted by bdolezal on January 7th, 2009 12:59 PM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING FOR SENIORS COMING TO MUELLER AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. 7, 2009 – Recognizing the substantial and growing need for affordable, quality rental communities for seniors in Austin, Catellus Development Group, master developer of Mueller in central Austin, announced today that it has selected the locally led team of DMA Development Company (DMA) and Carleton Residential Properties to build a multi-family housing community exclusively for seniors in Mueller’s future Tower District. The team of DMA and Carleton has selected Austin-based Hailey Group Architects to design the building. In addition to the many amenities common to senior communities, such as fitness centers, activity rooms and libraries, the Mueller senior community will also include an artist studio along with a coffee shop and art gallery. Additionally, the development will feature several live/work spaces for entrepreneurial seniors such as accountants, artists and consultants, who are not yet ready for retirement. The DMA team anticipates approximately 200 fully accessible rental units located at Berkman Drive and Tom Miller Street, just south of the former Mueller airport control tower and adjacent to the recently completed Southwest Greenway. The community is currently scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2010 with initial move in scheduled for fall 2011. “Mueller has always been envisioned as an inclusive, mixed-income community, and we’ve selected a team that can meet or exceed both Mueller’s expansive affordability goal while delivering the vision of a thoughtfully designed, multi-use community,” said Matt Whelan, senior vice president of Catellus. “Our goal is to create a welcoming and financially viable option for senior residents who are looking for a less complicated lifestyle, accessible amenities and a central location.” As part of the Mueller Affordable Homes Program, the four-story, mixed-income community will primarily serve active adults age 55 or older who earn 60 percent or below the Austin Median Family Income (MFI), which is currently defined at $34,140 annually for a two-person household. Some units will also be reserved for seniors with less income. Catellus and its development partners will continue to explore ways to facilitate more, longer-term affordability well beyond the five to 15 years other affordable multi-family projects often require. “What Catellus and the City are doing at Mueller in terms of affordability is incredibly ambitious, but their recent efforts are proving this affordability model works,” said Diana McIver, president of DMA Development Company. “We are eager to play a role in continuing the success of affordability in Central Austin, and our team will access multiple channels in order to finance the project, including federal, state and local sources. Our project design and service offering for Mueller will capture the values of our Austin senior population.” Catellus selected the DMA/Carleton team to develop the Mueller senior community following a national search of more than 200 qualified developers. Since 1980, the consulting arm of the DMA Companies (, Diana McIver & Associates, has assisted nonprofit sponsors with the development or rehabilitation of more than 13,000 affordable housing units in 43 states, with a primary emphasis on housing for seniors. Founded in 1998 in Austin, DMA Development Company has developed 17 affordable housing communities in which it has an ownership position, of which six are senior communities. These properties are managed by the firm’s affiliate, DMA Properties, LLC. Dallas-based Carleton Residential Properties ( is a full-service, fully integrated real estate firm. Since 1991, the firm has been engaged in the development, construction, and asset management of high quality multi-family residential communities throughout the Southwest United States as its core business. Carleton, serving as the general contractor for the senior community at Mueller, has completed more than 15,000 residential units in Texas and surrounding states. Hailey Group Architects ( offers design services in architecture, urban design, and interior design for a wide range of projects. Led by principal Trey Hailey, Hailey Group has designed a number of new urban Georgetown and East Austin condo projects, including Mainstreet Cottages, Saltillo Lofts, Este Lofts and Kaleidescope Village. They are also designing Mueller’s Greenway Lofts. Those interested in learning more about the senior rental housing community at Mueller can register to receive more information when it is available at About Mueller: Mueller is one of Central Texas’ most ambitious new-urbanist communities located in the heart of Austin. The 700-acre site of Austin’s former airport is being transformed into a diverse, sustainable, compatible, revitalizing and fiscally responsible master-planned community. Mueller is taking shape as a joint venture between the City of Austin and Catellus Development Group, a ProLogis company, over 10-15 years following nearly 20 years of extensive citizen input. Upon completion, Mueller will feature at least 4,600 single-family and multi-family homes, a mixed-use town center district, 3.8 million square feet of prime commercial space, 650,000 square feet of local and regional retail space, 140 acres of parks and open space, Dell Children’s Medical Center and the Austin Film Studios. For more information, visit # # #
Town Center Thoughts and Ideas
posted by vaden on September 23rd, 2008 11:32 AM
Dupont Circle is a neighborhood in Washington DC, and it's a daytime destination (movies, shops, coffee, restaurants, bars, etc) for residents from all over the city. It's centerpiece in the Circle is a park and fountain. People love the fountain and there's always something to see there (ie jugglers, singers, musicians, dancers, etc) so I thought I'd add it to the brainstorm. Note the fountain is life-sized people; it might be a good opportunity to get that Willie statue someone mentioned. Consider Scott Joplin, Jimmie Rodgers, Stephen Austin, Sam Houston, others, and call it a founders fountain. Anyway, ours could even flow into a canal to Lake Park, which would address langhugh's idea of linking the Center to Lake Park in an open plaza-style. Just a thought. You can google image search Dupont Circle, but here's a good one:" rel="nofollow">
Re: Mueller Pool Advisory Committee
posted by canario on June 13th, 2008 9:49 AM
For the Pool Advisory Committee's consideration, would it be possible to have the resident swim hours earlier - perhaps starting at 6:00 am? I ask because I commute to Georgetown and I need to be there by no later than 8:00 a.m. so 7:00 is a little late to be getting to the pool, swimming, showering, and then getting to work on time.Just a friendly suggestion from an early bird. :D Thanks,Alicia
Spray Foam Insulation
posted by vaneis on December 2nd, 2007 8:21 AM
I was reading the article on the front page of the NewHomes section in today's Statesman. It is about the "Green Builders" in Georgetown. Does anyone know if any of the Mueller builders are using the new spray foam insulation? That sure would have been nice!
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