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Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 19
posted by aaron on March 7th, 2008 2:15 PM
I completely have writers block. Itís been three weeks since my last post. Iíve been trying to come up with the first rate writings that you all have come to expect, but alas, none have met my mental muster ( I havenít come up with a good analogy between my Mueller experience and the four stages of ; Stoner Bud in high school, Nerd in college, Navy for pre-medical school and then after faking his death, ER doctor). Therefore, I think I should just post on whatís going on with the house and in the garden court. Letís start with whatís happened to the house since three weeks ago. We got a very nice wooden front door with a nice big window to view out of (or in) and a little shelf. I donít think we can put things on the shelf since the front door will be in motion, but Iím sure there will be a spider or wasp that would think it would make a nice home one day. The toilets have been installed and ďbroken inĒ since the water now works in the house. In fact, they turned on the power so I can now visit the house at night without having to use my cell phone as a flashlight. The sinks and shower nozzles are installed as well. Aaronland is now finished out, but the light that I want to use in there is so old that it doesnít meet code since it doesnít have a ground wire, so Iíll have to install it myself. No problem there. I now have my first house project. The gutters were installed and they work. I donít know how Iím going to get the leaves out in 20 years when my tree grows tall enough. Maybe by then, someone will invent a gutter roomba or something. I also saw the touch sensitive thermostat, that Iím told will be programmable via the internet, which will be fantastic when Iím at work so I can pop the heat on when Mrs. Aaron is at home during the summer school break. <Computer Geeks Only>Actually, I think I might be able to program a routine that will hit a weather web service and then automatically set the thermostat based on parameters that I set. </Computer Geeks Only> really, the only things missing right now are the cork floor upstairs, the landscaping and the punch list. They havenít done the flooring since they are waiting for the painters to come back and touch up all the places that some worker put a ladder through or where the night time elves left cobbler marks. The first Muskin home sells next week and then every four or five days another one will sell. Weíll be the fourth one sold. Weíre still scheduled to close the morning of the 21st. I have no idea when the Saldana side starts to move in, but Iím sure they are very close as well. In my rush to get out of the small rental house, Iíve scheduled my movers for the afternoon of the 21st. I fully plan on sleeping in my new house that night. I figure, Iíve waited over 2 years to get into my house and have spent most of my savings, that by golly, Iím going to sleep in till 7am that morning and then make some pancakes and eat them in my robe on the front porch. I hope my plan works out. Neighbors, please shield your eyes. Since the actual garden court is starting to take shape, I think Iíll share my thought on initial likes and dislikes. Iím largely unimpressed with the work so far. I think the garden court designer had a wonderful template to work with, but has screwed it up so far. Let me start out with that I had seen the original plans of the garden court which were a crushed granite composite trail in an oval that ran about 5 feet from each houses entrance with an entrance to each end of the garden court to the main sidewalk. The switch to concrete sidewalks really didnít faze me too much as it will be nice to have sidewalk chalk drawings, the ability to ride bikes, and remote control car races even though the composite trail looks a lot better, but they laid out the sidewalk deep in the center of the garden court in a meandering way. The end result is that the garden court has largely been cut in half by this intersecting sidewalk. Add in the metal grates for the drains instead of using French drains and the openness that we signed up for now isnít so open. I really hope my first fears about the side stone walls are nullified at some point, but the side stone walls look like they are about a foot high. Iím still trying to find out whoís in charge of the project, but Catellus says the builder and the builder says Catellus. Another thing about the garden court is the address assignments. My next door neighbor has a completely different street even though we are three feet apart and neither of us has the street that dead ends into the garden court (Littlefield, which would be perfect for a small garden court area)In two weeks time, Iíll be moved in. We grabbed some recycled moving boxes the other day and will spend next week packing plates and what not. Iím sure the bubble wrap will be a big hit with the offspring and I need to remember to not pack the fish, but I think it should go pretty smooth. Then Iíll be an official Muellerican, or a Muellerite, or even maybe a Muelleropiliousian. Well, not my best blog work, but they all canít be great. Next time, I break my writerís block and come up with some beyond fantastic.
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