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5 Interesting Gift Ideas For Teenage Boys
posted by Digital_work Digital_work on October 24th, 2021 6:11 AM
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posted by mbs mbsj on July 18th, 2021 12:58 AM
posted by uzair khatri on February 15th, 2021 5:47 AM
it is wise to choice to select Light Emitting Diode christmas lights becaue they are not fire hazard’ Proof of Concept
12/2/09 - my formal TCAD protest hearing is over and I was successful
posted by uzair khatri on February 14th, 2021 5:01 AM
it is wise to choice to select Light Emitting Diode christmas lights becaue they are not fire hazard’ Monero Mining Pool
Important info for gapsters
posted by ccosart on July 22nd, 2011 6:33 AM
I wanted to bring up something that hasn't been publicized much, primarily for the gapsters who follow these threads but don't post. In fact I didn't know about it until someone form Mueller contacted me about it. (Thanks, I appreciate it!) Some of the resale affordables are being offered to people in the 80-120% MFI range. The number of properties that come up will obviously be small so it's not going to make a huge dent in the gap, but for the families that are able to get into Mueller because of this, it's obviously a big deal.I've said something like this should happen on many occasions, so only fair that I give props to Catellus/ or whoever is responsible for this change. Here's the low key announcement. contact person:Ramon Valeriano ramon@peopletrusthome.orgMy experience was that it was a little like pulling teeth to get specifics so I have no idea what the actual pricing is like, but if you fall in the 80-120 part of the gap I suggest you contact them.Only criticism I can see is that these are coming out of the 25% affordable, NOT out of market priced homes, so I wonder how this squares with the 25% affordable committment, because now less than 25% are for incomes 80% MFI and under. To really impact the gap, they'll need to offer many more homes, and those will have to come out of the market priced ones, not the affordables.Put hopefully this will give some gapsters an opportunity to live at Mueller they wouldn't otherwise have.Chris
Moving AC Unit outside of backyard fence
posted by SleeperService on July 7th, 2011 1:12 PM
Yes we did it kind of...There are code issues and possibly HOA issues.we moved the AC close to our back fence and then enclosed it in another fence.Code Wise :you need to have an electrical cutoff within direct visual range of the AC unit - so you will have to move that or provide another one.HOA Wise :I don't know this - but they certainly might have something to say if you stick your AC out of your fence.Noise Wise :I wouldn't say it reduced the noise substantially -- it did reduce it -- but its not magically made it silent or anything... however as well as reducing the noise -- it also removed an eyesore :-)I'm happy to recommend the work of all involved - they were all even able to work the confines of another project going on at the same time.Chris Smith of IES - 512 252 0040 : did the electrical.Josh - independent - 512 569 7439 : did the fence work.Stew of City conservation: 512-467-2689 : moved the AC unit.hope all this helps -- send me a PM if you wanna come and see what we did.CheersEzra.
Meet the Ilfreys (Native Plant Evangelists)
posted by langhugh on June 19th, 2011 2:01 AM
I would like to introduce you to my friends, David and Christy Ilfrey. They are brilliant landscape designers specializing in Native Texas landscapes. I try to reserve the word 'brilliant' for the brilliant, and I think its apt for the Ilfreys. While landscaping with native Texas Plants is somewhat commonplace at Mueller and familiar in Central Texas, the Ilfreys have been preaching about the value of utilizing native Texas plants in the landscape for more than a decade. Feel free to click their link to learn a little about their philosophy. You may also peruse Mueller’s Modification Guidelines as our POA liberally use photos of the Ilfreys' work…without asking permission, I might add. :) I met them in Dallas in 2005 where they were becoming a bit of an institution as a landscape authority, but their business is mobile and they travel the state of Texas all year long. This is why I am writing my Mueller Neighbors. David and Christy will be visiting Austin for a couple of days. We would like to invite you to come over for appetizers on Tuesday the 21st at 6:30pm at 4116 Camacho to meet my friends and get a true landscape designer's perspective on landscaping our small lots to unify them with the Mueller Native Texas Landscape. While this will absolutely not be a business presentation, the Ilfreys are in the business of residential landscape design, and I'm sure they would love to talk with your about their design services if you ask. I believe our small lots really lend themselves to a unified landscape design. A design that is low/no maintenance, water-wise, and reflecting our sense of place. Look forward to seeing you Tuesday, Dusty
MNA General Membership meeting minutes 16 April 2011
posted by Betsy on April 16th, 2011 12:19 PM
16 April 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association MNA President, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting which was held at the Browning Hangar. Grant introduced Kathy Sokolic, who is leading our meeting today. About 52 members attended. - Kathy announced that there would be a drawing for prizes (credit at trailer eateries) at the conclusion of the meeting. – Kerry reported that our current balance is $4488. We anticipate another round of MNA grants can be awarded in the Fall. : - Egg Scramble next Saturday, April 23 - Mueller garden walking tour - May 14, 10:00 a.m. until noon. Contact Janelle Dozier if you want to nominate a garden. Also, Central Texas Gardener will be here filming a show on Mueller on May 12. - Solar meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the SEDL building. Come to this meeting to learn about solar installations, rebates, group purchasing power and more! Kathy has verified that row homes are eligible for the Pecan Street Project supplemental rebates. - Block captains introduced themselves. Kathy encouraged new people to get involved with the community. Upcoming events include: - Scales/Mattie block party tonight at 5:30. Starts with bike/ped parade. - Camacho block party on May 15 - Ben Edgerton & Andrew Wiseheart, owners of Contigo Austin, spoke about their restaurant across Anchor Lane from Mueller. Ben is the general manager and Andrew is the executive chef. They are working to create community, facilitated through good food, drinks, and hospitality. Training started last night. Grand opening is May 7. The menu is described as fresh, quality bar food. They’ll have a small plates section on the menu. Andrew is also interested in charcuterie (cured meats) and they’ll have a few sausages on the menu. They’ll also have a couple of salads and several vegetarian items. They get their chicken and beef from 2 farms in Fredericksburg. They’ll have 12 beers on tap with some of them being local beers. They’ll have a limited, but well-executed cocktail list. About 75% of their seating is outside. About 1/2 is covered and most is in shade due to site orientation. They are working to get a bike rack installed. Hours will be 4pm - midnight M-F, noon - 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, and noon - midnight on Sunday. Address is 2027 Anchor Lane. See for more information. Ben’s family owns/operates Contigo Ranch in South Texas. He’s bringing some of that to Austin. (Ashley Fisher) - - Dell hospital update regarding expansion. Expansion was planned from the beginning but is needed sooner than anticipated. Will expand from 178 to 250 beds. Break ground December and finish July 2013. - Mueller Foundation - have bought back 3 houses that resold. Focus is affordability and education. See minutes from last month for more discussion of the education focus. - Simmons Vedder working on new apt. complex next to Mosaic. - Subdivision of property at corner of Berkman & Antone for the Pecan Street Project demonstration house and about 7 others (shop houses & garden homes) - Wildflower Terrace already has 190 people on their interest list. They are part of Catellus Open House today from 12-3 p.m. - - MNA will be accepting nominations for Steering Committee members in May, and elections will be held in June. Please consider serving the community in this way. Several current members and officers are not eligible to run as they’ve reached their three year term limit. - Front Porch Flyer photo contest - A slice of life at Mueller... start developing a photo history of life here at Mueller. Send photos to by April 25th. Some prizes will be awarded. - Lawless neighbors are hosting open houses to meet council members (up for re-election) Chris Riley (April 18) and Randi Shade (April 25). Gathering at 7:00 p.m. both nights at 4120 Lawless St. Meeting adjourned about 10:45. Great attendance today!!
A Big Thank You from Open Arms
posted by Katherine V. on December 9th, 2010 12:04 PM
Hi Neighbors (including the very generous Ken Gates, from Frost Bank)! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your donations of your old t-shirts over the past two months to Open Arms. We "opened our doors" and sold our first product at the Austin Junior League Christmas Affair and then almost sold out!! We are now offering the best-selling scarves, all individual and unique, on our website, We also have some cute pillows on the site as well - and everything is made from the t-shirts! Remember, when you purchase one of our products, you are paying wages directly to women here in Austin who have fled their country through the United Nations refugee program and are now planting their roots here. I have the privilege of getting to know these truly beautiful (hilarious, wise, smart) women who are making the scarves, as they receive a living wage and then go home at 3:15pm to spend time with their children and families. Please let me know if you have any interest in getting involved next year with Open Arms, and you can meet them too! Happy Holidays to all! And thanks again!! Katherine
Holy Protest!
posted by misselaine on June 28th, 2010 10:36 AM
I just saw this in the news:"In the Muslim-majority nation of Maldives, a man stunned an audience during questions and answers period in a lecture given by an Islamic cleric, by stating that he had chosen freedom of conscience not to follow Islam. The man, Mohamed Nazim, was promptly attacked, taken into custody, and has been threatened with death and beheading, or other punishments for choosing his freedom of conscience. Maldives media are reporting that it is the first time in many hundreds of years that a Maldivian has publicly renounced Islam, since Sultan King Hassan IX converted to Christianity in 1552 and was deposed."This is why we should be able to comment, disparage or make-fun of other people's beliefs, otherwise, this is what is waiting for us. If you love your religion, then why would anyone's comments matter to you? Is faith that weak? They are just comments. However, I, as an atheist, will probably never get elected to any position of importance, would probably get fired for teaching at a lot of schools and would not be welcomed in many places in this country, just because I do not believe in your particular God (everyone is an atheist to an extent. By claiming you are a member of one religion, you are immediately an atheist in regards to all other competing religions, I just take it one God further). This goes much further than just being offended by other people's comments. According to polls, a Muslim has a much higher chance of getting elected in this country than an atheist, I think that speaks volumes in this post 9/11 climate.
Easter Egg Hunt
posted by bullcreek on March 5th, 2010 5:20 PM
The modern English term Easter is speculated to have developed from Old English word Ēastre or Ēostre or Eoaster, which itself developed prior to 899. The name refers to Eostur-monath, a month of the Germanic calendar attested by Bede as named after the goddess Ēostre of Anglo-Saxon paganism.[15] Bede notes that Eostur-monath was the equivalent to the month of April, and that feasts held in her honor during Ēostur-monath had died out by the time of his writing, replaced with the Christian custom of Easter.[16] Using comparative linguistic evidence from continental Germanic sources, the 19th century scholar Jacob Grimm proposed the existence of an equivalent form of Eostre among the pre-Christian beliefs of the continental Germanic peoples, whose name he reconstructed as Ostara.The implications of the goddess have resulted in scholarly theories about whether or not Eostre is an invention of Bede, theories connecting Eostre with records of Germanic folk custom (including hares and eggs), and as descendant of the Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn through the etymology of her name. Grimm's reconstructed Ostara has had some influence in modern popular culture. Modern German has Ostern, but otherwise, Germanic languages have generally borrowed the form pascha, see below.
Easter Egg Hunt
posted by sloneycho on March 4th, 2010 10:33 AM
I think the message only gets strange if the neighborhood were to sponsor the celebration of Christian holidays . Otherwise, it's just an inclusive message. I don't have to be Irish or Catholic to enjoy Saint Patrick's Day.
Skeptics' thread
posted by misselaine on August 30th, 2009 1:59 PM
Once again, I am not asking for zero street lighting, and you should know that by now. I came from Hyde Park where it was too dark, and I admit that. I don't want that here either. As for the racially divided, crime ridden Johannesburg comment, am I to understand that you are comparing one of the most dangerous cities, where armed guards are required in order to safely walk to your mail box, to a nice community in Austin? Wow. [quote]4> what dogmas actually get spoken about on this board? very few as far as I can see -- there is perhaps a small amount of church related type posts -- but really its noelfil -- a skeptic -- who seems the most politically minded -- you don't agree? [/unquote]Dogma is any established belief or doctrine held by any ideology or any kind of organization, not necessarily a religion. So, the small amount of church posts is not why I wanted to do this. My reasonings for wanting this forum have been laid out in a previous posting, but I assure you it is not to argue like this. The SBOE appointed a new head, yes, another creationist, Gail Lowe. She is currently having the social studies curriculum rewritten by a right-wing conservative, David Barton, someone who has repeatedly gotten in trouble for faking quotes from famous people and basically making stuff up to give our history a 6000 year old Christian slant. The Texas Freedom Network is having its 14th annual celebration on Oct. 22, which should be great fun, plus my husband's awesome Rolling Stones cover band will be playing that night. are the kinds of things that I wanted to talk about on this board. Maybe the title is wrong, but I didn't think that it would have instigated such a knee-jerk response. How about The Rationalists Thread? But, that would probably get the same reaction.
A question for Mueller's families...
posted by devinrey on May 8th, 2009 11:11 AM
Since I moved here I've learned that many of my coworkers live in the surrounding communities. In fact, I've run into coworkers at the parks and even during the lighting of the tower over Christmas. They bring their kids to the parks and enjoy what they see as regional amenities that serve more than just Mueller. When I told people I was moving here they seemed very interested, and often ask me about the community. I always encourage them to grab their bike and ride through the neighborhood when they get a chance so they can see how the community is developing. I can't imagine advising people otherwise. It's just not in the spirit of this New Urbanism which I wholly support.
New Housing Types
posted by langhugh on March 25th, 2009 1:31 PM
The future of Mueller will certainly bring the market to gapsters, whether by design or by market forces. Future Condominiums, Mueller Houses, Paseo Houses, Park-Under Row Houses and Row-House Garden Courts will help create a spectrum of price/value options. There is hope that the gap will be tightened* in some real way. In the short term, Chris, as you are an activist of sorts, join me in suggesting that Catellus continue to work with the builders, as in Phase II, to sell a handful of affordable program Yard Home designs at market prices. This broadens the mix even further. In the long term, Mueller's amenities should translate to property appreciation that will outpace Austin's, so hope of creating a completely seamless gap between affordable and market rate will be difficult through the decades. On the other hand, creating the broadest spectrum of housing options from 500 sqft. to 3500 sqft, attached and detached, condo and fee simple is probably the best that can be done inside Mueller. As Mueller's geographic distinction fades over time, the neighborhoods of Delwood II, Windsor Park, Pecan Springs, JJ Seabrook, Wilshire Woods and Cherrywood will absorb many of the families interested in Mueller's amenities, but not interested in the cost of admission (home prices, HOA policies, HOA dues, .25% re-sale fee, etc.) *One caveat here is if inflation starts to run amok, wages may not keep pace with real estate values as real estate is often a store of value during inflationary times. Under this scenario, closing the gap would be near impossible.
New Housing Types
posted by ccosart on March 17th, 2009 12:47 PM
I’ll have to get back to you after we’ve moved into our garden court row house. [:grin:]Seriously though, I’m not trying to be a wet blanket but we’ve heard all this before – the whole Mueller concept was sold to the Austin citizenry as for all incomes, not “everyone except middle income families”, and then phase II was going to address the gap, and then it was the Mueller houses. So as our former president once wisely said, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on… shame on… shame on… You can’t get fooled again!”So the concepts look nice, but I’ll wait until they are actually offered at Gap closing prices with family friendly layouts before I declare The Gap closed. [:grin:]And I’d like to say too that it’s not just me that’s riled up over The Gap and the broken promises. There are a lot of people who had/have the same feeling my family does of being misled and strung along. I’m just the one who, wisely or not, has chosen to discuss it in this and other forums. Some of the other disgruntled gapsters I know personally, independent of Mueller, but I’ve also gotten emails of support from people I don’t know and even occasionally upon meeting someone in person. Unfortunately, most of them have written off Mueller, and for that matter central Austin in general.Anyway, I would like to point out that I suggested garden court row houses quite some time ago: that was for free. I suspect ROMA charged a lot more. I need to find a way to get a cut of that action. [:grin:]Chris
Nails on a working alley
posted by MCCLOSKEY5 on September 18th, 2008 2:07 PM
Streetman is currently building a new house on our alley and we now have a flat tire due to a stray nail. Is there anything that requires builders to sweep for nails? I'm angry that I'm about to spend tens or even hundreds of dollars to fix/replace my tire(s). This is a working alley -- we didn't go driving into a new area under development. Should clean-up standards be a bit higher for builders when building in an otherwise complete area? Yes, I'll be getting tire insurance in the future, but that doesn't help me now, nor will it ever give me back all the time lost handling the situation. Okay, gotta go jack up the car... Chris
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 15
posted by aaron on January 9th, 2008 2:56 PM
I need escapades. Im considered a bit hyper. I get overly excited real easy and so I need escapades otherwise I would get bored and end up spending hours playing an old copy of . I define escapades as something to keep my mind occupied. It usually is something hilarious and sometimes involves quite a huge project. Sometimes, after working on a escapade, my left brain will call me a fool and then the right brain will then tell me its true and then Ill stop that shenanigan and then work on the next one. This week I was thinking of new years resolutions and thought that I could tie my current escapade to a new years resolution. My new years resolution is to have my new Mueller house paid for by the end of the year. Im going to have to come up with over $300 thousand to do this. Now, Im not going to write a big check when I get the money, because I like the fact that you can claim the interest off your taxes and I think I can invest my money and make more than the that a mortgage company will give me on a 30 year loan, but I would like to have the cash available to pay for my house because that would be good to not have to worry about money. So how do I plan on making over 300 thousand this year? That is a perplexing question. I first thought up food flavor perfumes because I never understood why women wore flowery scents to attract mates when all the men care about is food. I was going to start my olfactory line with a, but then I realized that I have no idea how to create perfume, let alone go thru all the regulatory hassle to successfully release my scent. I also thought it would be a neat idea to start up a wind power company by installing small 1 kilowatt or smaller wind turbines on distribution poles (since the poles themselves are in cleared right-o-ways and can be tied to the grid with a proper transformer), but I would need a lot of upfront money which would defeat the purpose of rapidly massing funds to reach my goal. Plus, I would have to grease a lot of local politicians to force the power companies to allow me to attach my turbines, so this idea was nixed. My ideas for local establishments in the town center for either a small bowling alley(Strike-o-Rama) or a neighborhood bar (Aarons Stumble Inn) were shelved because of, again, the upfront money and that the town center is probably a phase two release which would be ready by the end of this year, and that limits my time for making the money by the end of the year. Im thinking that once my house is paid for, I can quit my boring computer dork job and be my own boss at my future local establishment. So, Ive settled on a website idea as this meets my low upfront cost, lack of regulations, and small time investment so I can keep my current job. I am going to sell pixels on website for a dollar a piece. Each pixel will have an X and a Y coordinate so you can tell your friends about your pixel. Upon clicking the pixel or via direct link to your pixel, a user will see a bigger form listing an image (or flash swf file) and information you can supply. I hope you all buy at least one pixel to support my goal as I only need to sell a third of the pixels to reach my goal. The website is and is safe to open up at work. Since this website is still being tested out, I would appreciate any feedback you might have. You can find my dot at . Two things I have left to fix is the main pages pixel grid is giving me lossiness and not updating but once a day and the resell page is not complete (plus for some strange reason the resell limits to values under 1000). And now for the house update. The house innards have started to appear. We now have cabinets and some of the inside doors. The cabinets are some kind of wood and look very nice. We upgraded the bottom cabinets to be drawers so that I dont have to reach in to put all the heavy pots in; Ill just be able to slide them open. We also realized that our shower in the master has not one, but two shower nozzles facing each other. It was a nice surprise because now Ill be able to turn one on hot water and one on cold and then I can spin around a like Ive always wanted to. We also got a hand rail for the stairs and the trim on the insides is starting to appear. Ive heard next, they might paint the walls. I would have thought it would have been easier to paint the walls first before the cabinets showed up, but I guess thats why I do computer dork stuff and not hands on stuff. It was also nice to see the back alley houses go up because they wont be too far behind so our alley wont be full of contractor trucks and banging too long after we move in. It seems like a bunch of us are going to be moving in from mid-February to the end of March. I think we should pal up and share some u-hauls. I also heard that they will start the garden court landscaping next week and should take 60 days to finish. Well soon be able to let loose the offspring without having to worry about possible tetanus shots. We spent last Sunday afternoon hanging in the court playing with robotic flying Christmas presents. In the two hours we were there, we saw every Muskin side neighbor, but alas, not one Saldana resident showed up. Well, I wanted to do a little more light-hearted topic this time verses the HOA thing I busted out last time. Next time, Im going to delve into 10 verses 7 non-fluff piece and the outcomes that might happen.
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