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Aaron Moved to Mueller, pt 5.
posted by aaron on July 7th, 2008 3:22 PM
Now thatís more like it.Yep, everyoneís favorite balding, dorky, internet blogger about east central Austin living has made yet another public media appearance. This time, KVUE needed their 6 oíclock (are all clocks Scottish?) July 4th news spectacular to be, well, more spectacular and did a fluff piece about hunky Mueller residents hanging out by the pool. Please notice the size of the collar on that styling terry-cloth pool attire. . Ah yes, the Mueller pool cleared the gamut of lawyer lawsuit ideas and finally got the permit and the bylaws to open. You may not bring/drink alcohol, use water guns/ super soakers/ or projectile water missiles, run, dive, bring dogs or have impromptu games of dodge ball with unwilling lifeguards. However, the pool is fantastic. I have developed a nice bronzing due to all the outdoor swimming (well, lounging) I have done since the pool opened in mid-June. The best parts of the pool I think are the big umbrellas that separate the kiddie pool from the adult side. Itís almost like a Vegas or Caribbean pool bar without the bartender. The sloped grass sides of the pool and the rather mature trees complete the oasis. Genetic Carrier #1 has taken to the pool like a fish and sometimes forgets to breathe like a human. G.C. #2 warms the kiddie area with his smile and splashing. In fact, for some reason, the kiddie pool in the morning is colder than the adult side, but at some point in the afternoon, the kiddie pool becomes quite warm. It must be from all the agitation the water receives from excessive splashing. Now, if you are a resident of Mueller, the pool is open from 7am to 10pm, every day except for Monday. I have no idea why they picked Monday as a day to close. Itís not like the water needs any rest time or a server reboot. Further still is the fact that lifeguards are not needed during resident only swim times. I would like to see the pool open every day during summer, thereís plenty of to go around. For non-residents of Mueller, you can come visit our fine pool for a few dollars per person, but only during lifeguard times (Tues Ė Sun 1pm to 7pm). As a Muelleropian, I understand it might seem exclusionary to charge non-residents, but the pool is not a city of Austin pool, nor does it use city of Austin tax dollars to run and maintain. It uses Mueller residential Property Owners Association (POA) dues. Apparently, pools are expensive to maintain, so anyone wanting to use it needs to pitch in a few dollars. The lifeguard hours only for non-residents are dictated by for a class-C pool. Donít hate the player, hate the rules, but do come by during lifeguard hours or even better yet, plunk down the money for a little slab of earthen happiness and move to our urbanistic dream. Phase two is now starting.I heard that the last builder (Meritage) still dealing with their pioneer lottery list made it through and opened up to the general public. They even had people camping out to get dibs on the phase two lots. Iíd wish I would have known about that as I would have brought over some of my beer of choice (Mueller High Life). After all, the Champaign of beers is needed during happy occasions like this. The only bummer about phase two going up is that I will now have to find another off-leash dog area for my nightly walks with the hounds. Phase two is offering a couple of new plans. I think Meritage has a new one and Streetman has offerings of smaller 45í lots. I know that the garden court still has a few available for sale. If anyone wants to check out what a garden court house looks like since there are no garden court model homes, please feel free to contact me and set up a showing/porch session. Iím trying to break out of my introverted self and force myself to be friendlier. Seriously, even though the price of the garden court homes went up with phase two, I think the garden court homes are one of the most fantastic land deals in town. I call it the pearl of Mueller. A neat thing prospered a few weeks ago in the GC. One of the neighbors had a house warming party and rented a big screen and projector and showed a movie at dark. Lawn chairs and blankets made way and the first official garden court movie went down with much fanfare. This has to happen again, if not several times this summer. In fact, I will appoint myself as project manager of the newly formed, but not yet ratified commission of Movies in the Court. Maybe Iíll even dedicate a movie to my favorite community TV show of yesteryear. Lastly, I want to briefly mention the power of our tiny, but blossoming community. July 4th was fast approaching and none of the powers that be had scheduled any events to celebrate the bi-centennial, tri-decadal, dual (232nd) anniversary of our forefathers sticking the bird to King George the third. It was decided one day in advance to pull off a 4th of July parade and about 50 people, jugglers, dogs, and musicians showed up decked out in red, white and blue and had a really fun parade around the hood, which of course ended up at the pool. Next year, weíll have double the occupancy and more planning for an even larger parade/festivities event. Iím so going to dress up like Uncle Sam on stilts. Thatís all we were missing.Next time, Iíll discuss, surprise, Mueller things. Iím sure the other local news will want exclusive interviews to catch up with KVUE and their proactive stance to positive ratings.
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