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Maplewood Elementary School- Information Please :)
posted by langhugh on January 30th, 2015 8:20 AM
Hi, Laura.Welcome. I recently wrote a note to prospective Maplewood parents that I'll attach here in PDF. I'll also post the text below. If you use Facebook, please feel free join a couple groups if interested,1. The Maplewood School Community: 2. If you are a Mueller Resident, you might also enjoy the Parents of Mueller group: Here is the text of the note if it's easier to read here:
Runs for Saturday, November 3rd 2012, 6am
posted by Joshua Haley on November 2nd, 2012 11:22 AM
Loop 1 through Hyde Park, around the Triangle, and back starting at 6 am (7.2 miles): 2 through Cherrywood, UT, and West Campus starting at roughly 7:10 am (7 miles): meet at the corner of Zach Scott and Tom Miller at 6:00 and approximately 7:10 tomorrow morning.
Front Porch Flyer article
posted by arqui_barr on February 16th, 2012 10:49 PM
Though I voiced my opinion to one member of your editorial team via phone call last night, and you have issued an apology, I still feel compelled to share my perspective on this issue. The “Know Your Mueller Streets” article was not only extremely disrespectful to the honorable memory of Hermelinda Rodriguez, it was also disrespectful and insensitive to the Spanish speaking families who call Mueller home. Many families who live at Mueller have actively participated at the district and campus level to help establish the fledgling dual language programs at Ridgetop and Maplewood Elementary schools. Both of these schools have very close relationships with many children and parents in our neighborhood, and the article is insulting to the Mueller families who have put countless hours of hard work nurturing an inclusive bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural environment. On a related topic, we fight with perception issues about Mueller on a daily basis. Many of our surrounding neighborhoods doubt our commitment to the cultural heritage of East Austin. The insensitivity shown by both the author and the editorial staff only strengthens the negative perceptions of Mueller in this regard, and unfortunately casts doubts to Mueller’s own families about the inclusiveness of this neighborhood. As a resident of East Austin for over 13 years, I have read neighborhood periodicals from East Cesar Chavez, Chestnut, Cherrywood, Windsor Park, and many others, and not once have I read an article that even approached this level of insensitivity to ones cultural heritage.Extremely Disappointed, Martin Barrera
Runs for Saturday, August 6th 2011 - 6am
posted by Joshua Haley on August 5th, 2011 8:18 AM
In honor of Henning's Winning Formula, we'll run two loops. The first loop is roughly 4 miles and goes down the trail to Manor Rd., then to 51st and back down Mueller Blvd: second loop of 6.4 miles goes through Cherrywood, Manor Rd., UT, and West Campus, then back through UT and Manor Rd. to Mueller (the best water stop in Austin is at the 2.5 mile mark at Jester Dormitory):'ll start the first loop at the corner of Zach Scott and Tom Miller at 6:00 am. We should be back at the corner at roughly 6:40-6:45 to start the second loop if anyone wants to join in then.
Educational Technology Training Summer Camp for Kids!
posted by Jenji Henson on July 12th, 2011 8:14 AM
Hi, this is information from a friend of mine about a unique opportunity for elementary school kids. My friend is Melissa Tothero--she lives in Delwood, which is just a hop from Mueller, and she's quite a lady. Bright, energetic, sparkling. Kids love her! And she knows her technology. Consider sending your kids to this camp--it'll be a good one. Austin incoming 3rd, 4rth, 5th and 6th grade students are invited to join technology coach and veteran teacher, Melissa Tothero, MA for fun and educational technology training summer camp right here in the neighborhood! Space Available: July 18-22, July 25-29, and August 8-12, 2011. Please visit to sign up online! Join us for technology training camp where next year's incoming 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students gain skills that will help them to be leaders in school long after summer camp ends. Cyber Safety and Cyber Citizenship Customized Keyboarding Training Effective Online Research Strategies Powerful Presentation Skills SKYPE Video Conferencing Collaborative Web 2.0 Tools LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! Maximum number of students per class is 10. Monday- Friday 9:00am until 3:00PM June 13-17, 2011 (FULL) June 20-24, 2011 (FULL) June 27-July 1, 2011 (FULL) July 11-15, 2011 (FULL) July 18-22, 2011 (LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE) July 25-29, 2011 (LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE) August 8-12, 2011 (SPACE AVAILABLE) Visit to sign up online. $275 for the week $100 deposit will reserve your spot today. Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, and Debit Cards Accepted. ASUS Laptop Computers are provided for each student to use for the week! This is the same model computer that is currently being used in AISD elementary schools. Special thanks to AISD Department of Technology and M&A Technology for their support! -- _____________________ Melissa LeBoeuf Tothero _____________________
We need people to attend!!! very important that we make our voices heard
posted by mrs aaron on September 10th, 2010 5:03 PM
The Austin School District will host six Community Dialogue sessions Sept. 28, 29, and 30 to gather input from the public on facility options to address the immediate and future needs of the District and its students. ( I have posted the 3 with schools that we track to) WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 29; 6–8 p.m. Central East Community Dialogue Where: Eastside Memorial High School Cafeteria Schools: Allan, Allison, Blackshear, Brooke, Govalle, Metz, Oak Springs, Ortega, Zavala, Kealing, Martin, Eastside Green, Eastside Global, Alternative Learning Center Northeast Community Dialogue Where: Reagan High School Cafeteria Schools: Andrews, Blanton, Graham, Harris, Hart, Jordan, Norman, Overton, Pecan Springs, Pickle, Sims, Winn, Dobie, Garcia, Pearce, LASA, LBJ, Reagan, Clifton THURSDAY, SEPT. 30; 6–8 p.m. Central West Community Dialogue Where: Austin High School Cafeteria Schools: Barton Hills, Brentwood, Bryker Woods, Campbell, Casis, Gullett, Highland Park, Lee, Maplewood, Mathews, Oak Hill, Patton, Pease, Lucy Read Early Childhood Ctr., Reilly, Ridgetop, Sanchez, Zilker, Lamar, O. Henry, Small, Webb, Austin, Garza, McCallum, Rosedale The Community Dialogues are a critical step in the process that began in March 2010 to develop a comprehensive Facility Master Plan. The plan will enable the District to reduce operating costs by achieving greater facility efficiency while being responsive to changes in student enrollment. With budget constraints across the District, developing a plan that guides efficient and effective use of District facility resources into the future is an important part of maintaining AISD’s fiscal responsibility to its taxpayers. The final Facility Master Plan will include recommendations for new schools and additions, building replacements, renovation, consolidation, repurposing, attendance zones, and vertical alignments to be implemented over a 10-year period. Every AISD campus will be impacted by the plan, and feedback from members of the entire AISD community is critical to ensuring the recommendations that shape the plan have taken into consideration the needs of AISD students, parents, teachers, and staff. At the Community Dialogue sessions, the public will be asked to give feedback on possible options being considered for the Facility Master Plan. The options, developed by the Facility Master Plan Task Force — a 70-member group of AISD staff and teachers, parents, and community members — will include recommendations for specific elementary, middle and high school campuses and will be posted on the Facility Master Plan website the week prior to the Community Dialogue sessions. For anyone not able to attend the Community Dialogues, the questionnaire that participants will be asked to complete will be available on the Facility Master Plan website for two weeks following the sessions. The research, available this afternoon on the Facility Master Plan website, outlines Districtwide facility deficiencies as well as campus-by-campus Facility Condition Index and utilization numbers that will help the District determine what should be included in a plan to achieve educational adequacy across the District. for more info:
Maplewood Potluck Dinner @ Barrera Residence
posted by arqui_barr on August 5th, 2010 12:24 AM
Dear Maplewood Community, Martin and Veronica Barrera are hosting a potluck dinner at their house on Thursday August 12, 2010 @ 6:00 pm. They would like to extend a warm welcome to all Maplewood families, and especially extend an invitation to the past, present and future PTA and CAC board members. Principal Jacobson and Assistant Principal Scoggins will be the guests of honor. Maplewood Potluck Dinner Date: Thursday August 12, 2010 Time: 6:00 pm Location: Barrera Residence 4229 Mattie Street Austin, Texas 78723 Please RSVP at 512.740.4416 or or @ __________________________________________________________ Estimada Comunidad de Maplewood, Martín y Verónica Barrera los invitan cordialmente a una cena informal en su hogar el próximo Jueves 12 de Agosto, 2010 a las 6:00 pm. Desean extender una cálida bienvenida a todas las familias de Maplewood, especialmente extender una invitación a los directores del pasado, presente y futuro de la Asociación de Padres y Maestros y del Consejo de Asesoría del Campus. La directora Jacobson y la subdirectora Scoggins serán las invitadas de honor. Cada invitado aporta un platillo para la cena. Fecha: Jueves 12 de Agosto 2010 Hora: 6:00 pm Lugar: Hogar de la familia Barrera 4229 Mattie Street Austin, Texas 78723 Favor de indicar su asistencia al numero: 512.740.4416 o al correo electrónico: or @ Sincerely, Martin and Veronica Barrera
electronic waste drive--location UT Austin April 17
posted by Rod on March 23rd, 2010 5:53 PM
Electronic Waste Drive eWaste drive: Saturday April 17th at Lot 39 on the UT-Austin Campus from 9am to 3pm We will be accepting: Computers, DVD/VCR Players, Cables and Wires, Fax Machines, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Scanners, Printers, Copiers, and Televisions Not accepted: University property, Non-computer plastics, Hazardous materials, Ferrous materials, Paper or wood, Refrigerators, and Household appliances For more info: VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!
Dual Language schools announcement
posted by mrs aaron on January 15th, 2010 12:39 PM
Friday, January 15, 2010 Becker, Perez, Ridgetop, and Wooten Elementary Schools Chosen to Pilot Dual Language Program in 2010-2011 Austin School Superintendent Dr. Meria Carstarphen announced today that Becker, Perez, Ridgetop, and Wooten elementary schools will participate in a new Two-Way Dual Language pilot program in 2010-2011. Students in a Two-Way Dual Language program include native English speakers and native speakers of other languages. The program supports the teaching of content instruction in math, science, and social studies by optimizing the use of two languages, English and Spanish. Austin School Trustees approved implementation of Dual Language program models on December 14, 2009. “We want to develop students who are proficient in English and Spanish, and to nurture children to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural,” Superintendent Carstarphen said. “The Dual Language program that we are developing aligns directly with the Board’s goal that all students will graduate ready for college, career, and life in a globally competitive economy.” Superintendent Carstarphen said research supporting AISD’s move toward Dual Language includes: · English Language Learners (ELLs) achieve the greatest long-term academic gains through participation in Dual Language. · Dual Language is the only program for ELLs that definitively closes the achievement gap. · Students in Dual Language do as well, or better, than students learning only in English on standardized tests given in English. · Learning a language positively impacts the structure and cognitive function of the brain. · Respect of multiple cultural heritages and languages leads to friendships that cross class and language boundaries. · Dual Language increases the marketable skills of a student in a global society. The Board of Trustees and the Superintendent initiated discussions of pilot Dual Language programs in the Fall Semester of 2009, when the community expressed interest in pursuing dual language as a more rigorous learning opportunity. Nine elementary schools submitted applications to host the program — the four selected, as well as Brentwood, Blanton, Oak Hill, Odom, and Travis Heights. Those five schools will be considered for Year Two Dual Language programs, beginning in 2011-2012, along with any other campuses that choose to apply. A Dual Language Advisory Committee, comprised of community members and District staff, reviewed the different applications, and advised the Administration on recommendations of pilot sites. District officials calculate the cost of implementing the pilot Two-Way Dual Language program at the four chosen elementary schools at approximately $600,000 per year, for teacher recruitment, professional development, instructional materials, and other start-up supplies. Ridgetop’s approval as a Dual Language site is contingent on the campus recruiting students to support the program, and satisfactory responses to follow-up questions about facility adequacy and additional resources of the campus. The same contingency is in place for Becker, which must also demonstrate improved academic performance at the campus. Geographically, the four pilot Dual Language campuses are located north (Wooten), south (Perez), and in Central Austin (Becker and Ridgetop). Both Becker and Ridgetop have the capacity to accept additional elementary students who wish to transfer and take advantage of Dual Language, beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. School transfer requests will be accepted beginning February 6.
Electronic Waste Drive--City Wide for Austin
posted by Rod on March 27th, 2009 4:09 PM
(Neighbors: LBJ parking lot on UT campus not far from Mueller--Rod) CITY-WIDE ELECTRONIC WASTE DRIVE The University of Texas Student Engineering Council and Goodwill are hosting an electronics waste collection and recycling event for the WHOLE CITY OF AUSTIN! Date: Sat., March 28, 2009 Time: 9am-3pm Location: LBJ parking lot, lot 39 on campus ( Items accepted (broken or working, but NOT UT property): computers, cell phones, telephones, printers, mobile phones, fax machines, copiers, televisions, VCR/DVD players, scanners, cable wire, monitors, networking equipment, rechargeable batteries Items NOT accepted: any hazardous solid/liquid/gas, refrigerators/appliances, ferrous materials, paper, wood, non computer plastic FREE FOOD AND FREE SHIRT FOR VOLUNTEERS You can volunteer for as little as 2 hours. Please register to volunteer at More information is available by emailing: Visit us online at: Join us on Facebook (and invite all your friends): Tell your friends!!!
Mueller and schools meeting notes and commentary
posted by mrs aaron on December 10th, 2008 10:15 PM
Here I will plagerize Felicia's notes from the meeting about Mueller and the elementary school situation. Then I will give you my 2 cents on the situation. Felicia's notes: AISD attending: Paul Turner, Joe Silva, Dr. Forgione, both principals from Maplewood (Luiz Lazaro) and Blanton (Leslie Dusing) Maplewood has 25 new students enrolled this year and has only 50 more spots until at official capacity. If they get two more K students, they will have to add another class – where will they put it? Already have several portables. Maplewood may have to cease to offer 6th grade on the campus, to make room. K, 1st, and 2nd are already frozen to transfers. The majority of the spots that are available are in the upper grades. Next fall Maplewood will have to add another K class and possibly another 1st grade class as well. Not sure where they are going to put these classes. We need our school! Blanton has 150 spots until they are at capacity. Phase I and II will attend Maplewood, Kealing, McCallum. Phase III will attend Blanton, Pearce, and Reagan. The dividing line will be Berkman Drive. This is until Mueller gets an elementary school. As it stands now, at that time Mueller kids will go to the Mueller Elementary School, pulling some from outside neighborhoods as needed to fill the school. There will be an announcement made in February 2009 about the unnamed elementary school that is on the current bond. If that is named to be the MES it would be open in 2011 at the earliest. There is only one other area in Austin that currently competes for that unnamed school and that is in the SW part of town. If the MES is not named in Feb 2009, the next bond will be asking for 2 new elementary schools. Mueller will definitely be one of those. --end Felicia's notes AISD's demographer will be turning in his report to AISD so that they can make the decision on the unnamed school. It was mentioned that their numbers may differ from Cattelus' numbers, since Mueller is different from standard models used for data. Cattellus continues to work with AISD on this. It sounded like the other area considered for the unnamed school was not growing as quickly, so we may have a better case for the need. We need to support Maplewood. Our influx is shaking up their world, and I am sure some people will resent us for that, despite the fact that we would rather not have to cross Airport and that we thought we were getting a school much sooner than we are. I would surely hate to see the 6th grade not offered at Maplewood anymore. If it goes away, it is gone for good. Portables aren't a great option either, as they don't have much room for them and with the light rail line going right by campus, the room they have is less than ideal. I have taught in a portable before, and while it is ok, it is not ideal. Dr. Forgione was willing to draw the boundary line for the current situation, without the Mueller Elementary, but the discussion of boundaries once ME is built will not occur until later. This item brought up the negative effect that not being able to tell people where there children will attend school if they move to Mueller has on people making that choice, thereby causing fewer families to move here. I brought up the question of how many parents choose not to send their children to Blanton, despite that being a nice school in their neighborhood. AISD reported that 50 students in the Blanton attendance 'zone' transfer to other AISD elementary schools. Unknown is the number that attend charter or private schools. Blanton is a recognized school and a nice facility. They do lack a PTA. I have invited the principal to email me with anything the school would like to share with us, like Maplewood does. If I get notice of events or needs there, I will post it here. In my opinion, the death of the walkable neighborhood school is contributing to the problems several schools are having in Austin. No one, understandably, wants to be the parent to brave one to send their child to a school that is failing with the principle of helping fix it. But if we run away from a school with difficulties, it will most likely fail. AISD had a liberal transfer policy in order to help desegregate schools, but it seems to me it is resegregating schools now. They cannot shut down transfers completely now if they wanted to, due to No Child Left Behind. I would like for us to step up in Mueller and help our neighborhood schools before our children are headed there. Pearce and Reagan are the designated schools for Phases 3 and beyond. What can we do now to help improve them, so that we are happy to send our kids there when it is time? Each of these schools has been successful in the past, and can be again. More than likely, one or both of these schools will be repurposed by AISD to avoid being shut down by TEA (a la Johnston/Eastside). Let us make sure we provide input on the changes that will be made. (I personally hope for an all boys academy at Pearce to match the Ann Richards academy). Again, this is just my opinion. Sorry for the length, I got on a roll. [:rolleyes:] Feel free to create a dialogue...
Re: Buying bulk compost
posted by langhugh on October 3rd, 2008 10:39 AM
OK, the compost order is going out soon with the expected delivery Friday afternoon October 10th for the weekend of the 11th-12th Here are the households currently involved: Atwood, Camp, Dozier, Harshman, Levy, Ling, Freitas, Robson, Story I can currently foresee a delivery a primary delivery on Camacho, with smaller satellite deliveries on Lawless and Emma Long. To order a full truck and its associated discount, we may have room for one or two more households. so send me a private message and I'll let you know where we're at. Dusty
City Council Candidate Forum this Saturday
posted by Karen_Zab on March 13th, 2008 8:25 AM
The NorthEast Neighborhoods City Council Candidate Forum is Saturday, March 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It will be held at the University Hills Branch Library, 4721 Loyola Lane, just east of the Manor Road intersection. In working with the Central Labor Council, which is doing some candidate interviews that same morning, we have come up with the following schedule that should accommodate the needs of both groups:10:00-10:10 - Introduction of Moderators and Rules of the Forum.10:10-10:50 - Place 1 (4 candidates)10:55-11:25 - Place 3 (3 candidates)11:30-12:30 - Place 4 (6 candidates)Within the time period, the candidates will be given time for a one-minute introduction, after which written questions from the audience will be posed by a moderator. All candidates in attendance, whether confirmed or not, will be allowed to speak.Campaign materials and yard signs can be placed on a table provided outside the room. No campaign materials are to be distributed in the meeting room.The three hosting neighborhoods for this forum are the University Hills, Pecan Springs/Springdale, and Windsor Park Neighborhood Associations, though other nearby groups, such as Cherrywood, Mueller, Ridgetop and Delwood II are invited.If you have any further questions regarding this forum, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you at the forum.
posted by mrs aaron on February 22nd, 2008 4:54 PM
here's a letter i sent them wednesday night. so far i haven't been fired: As the bond process moves forward, I have been thinking about the big picture. I understand that the Mueller neighborhood was never promised a school, despite Catellus generously donating the land for it. Of course that generosity was self-serving as well, since a neighborhood elementary school makes the development more desirable to families with small children like mine. I did make the assumption that this school would be on this bond, after reading that it was in consideration for the unnamed schools on the 2004 bond package, and named on the preliminary CBAC proposal for 2008. I am reminded of that saying that when you assume Maybe you dont believe that this community will produce the numbers, and maybe the numbers wont exceed expectations when there is not an elementary school there to draw the young families in. But with 10,000 residents coming, there will be two elementary schools worth of kids. My concern now is what is going to happen in the East Central elementary schools. Looking at the AISD Elementary Schools by 2006-07 Percent of Permanent Capacity September 22, 2006 map, I can see that there are schools in the area that could hold more children. I know from researching that AISD feels that over 100 more children could attend Maplewood, and even more could attend Blanton. And Im sure that redrawing boundaries for Pecan Springs, Sims and Campbell have crossed your minds too. While I understand this theory, I still dont think it is enough capacity, and I dont think it will succeed. When parents find out that the assigned elementary is packed, they will look elsewhere for their childrens educational needs. Having the standard of capacity at 125% is irresponsible. In a business, it would be illegal. Having portables at all AISD schools is irresponsible. Last year I worked in one of the oldest portables in the district. It has been remodeled enough times to pay for a new classroom. You may be even be thinking Mueller kids will help bring up the average test scores for some of the schools, but that wont work. Parents will find the nearest school with the highest test scores, because they think that is the best indicator of quality. I have had that conversation with a few families, and actually convinced the parents to tour Maplewood and look past the numbers that they felt werent good enough. They liked what they saw and will send their kids to Maplewood. But some wont see past the unacceptable Acceptables. Thus the transfer dance or private schools. Perhaps it is easier for AISD if people do send their children to private or charter schools while paying taxes, but that is not right. I want to engage in the discussion of improving the schools in the area, so that existing residents will want to send there kids to the schools they can walk to, rather than driving them across town in dangerous Austin traffic. I have contacted the principal at Blanton, but they have no PTA. Maplewood parents are very involved, but have been blindsided by this situation. What can we do to help these schools avoid a Linder situation? As we see from the Johnston situation, once the bad school problem starts, it spirals downward quickly. Reagan isnt that far behind. How many students that should attend Reagan dont? I realize you cant cut off all transfers, due to No Child Left Behind, but this problem predates that anyway. And setting up academies and magnets only fills up the buildings. Schools like KIPP are expanding while a clump of 6 schools on the previously mentioned map are at less than 75% capacity. Why? How do we change that? I refuse to double pay for my childrens education. And I dont want to drive them across town. I am excited to walk my sons to attend Maplewood, even though the 14:1 ratio that helps make it great will be gone already. My younger son probably wont be able to attend there, due to overcrowding. I want my sons at the same school. So now I need to know, what is your plan? I need to know so that I can make my plan. Im a planner. That is part of why I was attracted to a development with 20 years of planning behind it. I understand that you are just working with the plans, or lack thereof, of your predecessors. And despite my tone, I really do appreciate your service to this community. I just want better, and I hope you do too. Sincerely, Kim Wine, parent, AISD teacher and future Mueller resident
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PromiseLand Learning Center
MOMS!! Mother's Day Out Program starts Aug 15! Register by June 30. Near Mueller. Also offering full-time care, 6 weeks-5 years.
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