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Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
posted by C. Frimire on June 16th, 2013 7:08 PM
Gosh misselaine, your last post seems a little harsh. Do you treat all people that contradict you in such a draconian manner?Even in the real world?Back to the subject at hand. I can tell many of you are passionate about this oh so thorny, sucky, sucky issue, but I guess I'm just unclear on what action you are suggesting be done. Are you proposing to leave postit notes on the foliage that touches us? Surely no one is suggesting vigilante pruning? Or is a steady beating of the drum on this forum the solution of choice? Each of these possibilities seems ineffective, inappropriate, or inefficient (in that order).How about introducing yourself to your neighbors and telling them how their foliage effects you? It would probably be a more efficient method of solving the problem, create a greater sense community spirit, and reduce the (dare I say it) indignation evident in this thread. As an added bonus, I will leave my plants unpruned next year, in hopes if meeting each of you face to face. Perhaps, misselaine, the experience will incline you to be less reductive and exclusive in future conversations.
Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
posted by misselaine on June 16th, 2013 12:38 PM
Let's not let C.frimire hijack this thread as he normally does so well. Ignoring it is best. A lot of overgrowth is not even from the trees, as the original poster put. It is that lantana (dang that lantana! grows all over the sidewalk!), rose bushes, grasses (great for tripping people up with the long reeds), and bougainvillea (wow, so many thorns). Whether it is good for the tree or not, if a branch is really in a dangerous positions, I still think it should come down (if possible). Also, the little suckers should be removed (the leaves growing out of the trunk), no matter what time of year.
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
posted by C. Frimire on May 22nd, 2013 11:24 PM
Angie,Reasonable? Neighborliness? Blessing?Reread the original post. Two vague reasons, followed by an awkwardly delivered third reason which is basically: that the brown dude driving this truck listens to a Spanish language radio station (and apparently he likes it enough to put two of their promotional stickers on his bumper).That's xenophobic. We all know it is, and even Brent hems and hahs and feigns embarrassment that this is what truly motivated his low speed pursuit of and the eventual posting of this picture of an unsuspecting, yet "suspicious" brown man driving in the alley. Personally, I think the expression on his face is one of uncertainty. Perhaps he his saying to himself "¿Por qué este hombre toma una foto? ¿No debería estar pasando a trabajar como el resto de nosotros?" Charles "the two buck Chuck" Frimire
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
posted by C. Frimire on May 22nd, 2013 7:45 AM
Ron,1. While the picture of you in the La Ley 103.5 shirt is cool, you must understand that you could not possibly arouse the same kind of suspicion as the Ford F-150 truck driver because you wearing Camo pants, which everyone knows automatically neutralize any T-shirt slogan no matter how subversive or vaguely ethnic.AND2. I agree, Brent should apologize to everyone for using this forum to peddle his unwarranted fear of:
a. Hispanics, b. alley drivers who are proud of their functioning turn signals, and c. anyone that eventually parks at a construction site and goes to work (including the architects, engineers, developers, and investors).
And so while you may hope that "we are done with this thread", personally I am still waiting for my apology. Brent, How about it?Charles "the Chuck" Frimire
Horseback riding in Mueller park??
posted by misselaine on December 26th, 2012 2:44 PM
Yes, a joke. C. Frimire has such a great sense of humor--(insert eye roll here).
*%#^& Egg Hunt
posted by C. Frimire on March 9th, 2010 5:53 PM
Very sorry that I hold the belief that people who get worked up about religion merit criticism. I guess my main problem is that they're almost always hypocritical. UncleMike's last post could not have illustrated my point better if I'd written it myself. That said, it's clear that this is spiraling out of control. Probably best to leave the last word to someone else. I guess I'll just have to swallow whatever misdirected, critical, name-calling replies may follow this post. Who would have predicted that in the end I would be the one choosing to take the high road? Charles
*%#^& Egg Hunt
posted by UncleMike on March 9th, 2010 5:22 PM
Ahem...If I may add my 2 cents as the actual, real-live Easter Bunny (who prays to no God, BTW):There have been many good points made here. We all agree that no one wants to exclude or offend anyone. Let's all play nice. After all, we all know where we all live. That said, as the official, real-live Easter Bunny, I formally invite C. Frimire to be my personal guest to hunt for the eggs that I shall hide for ALL the little children of Mueller. But only if he stops being a royal douche.
*%#^& Egg Hunt
posted by C. Frimire on March 8th, 2010 8:14 AM
FADE IN: Mr. Frimire is cutting in the pasting the link sent in Rod's post, grumbling about people who don't embed the links.(btw, It's not hard: for example, Allison Krause TreacleThe code is: < a href="" > Allison Krause Treacle </a>)Mr. Frimire wonders alound.CHARLES: "I wonder what this is going to be? An interview with Ms. Krause about Easter Egg hunts?"MUSIC CUE: The Traditional hymn "Down to the River to Pray" starts in with Ms. Krause singing plaintivelyCUT TO: Mr. Frimire puking in his mouth. After returning from the sink, he urgently starts writing a scathing reply to Mr. Rod, but in the end, Mr. Frimire chooses to delete the belittling post. Everyone is entitled to their opinions after all.FADE OUT and END SCENECharlesP.S. Can someone help me locate a pocket sized copy of the Vedas?
Not everyone agrees on home-made grappa
posted by Zekesmom on February 13th, 2010 4:07 PM
Maybe Charles was kidding, but his paranoid delusions about gypsies further a centuries old stereotype about an ethnic group that exists in more than just folklore. They are the single most ostracized ethnic group in Europe and have suffered innumerable counts of violence against them.I lived with a Romani family in Serbia (gypsy is a derrogatory term, BTW), never had any problems. Gypsy Kings are actually Roma. And they're awesome. Their language is a highly complicated mixture of Indic and Greek, Slavic, and Latin influences, and I can hardly believe I'm dignifying Charles Frimire's post with an intelligent response, but there it is. As for food trailers, bring em on. Meghan Ackley
Not everyone agrees on trailers
posted by Brady on February 10th, 2010 9:54 AM
I think the trailers on South Congress are charming, eclectic, and colorful. I didn't move into this neighborhood for color coordination. Anyway, I don't have a problem with them. Maybe we don't want 20, but a reasonable number seems cool. Mr Frimire, I'm not sure what you're on about... BTW, The Gypsy Kings are a great, great band and I'd love it if they set up a trailer near my house, for music or food :)You should check them out. Brady
Not everyone agrees on trailers
posted by C. Frimire on February 10th, 2010 7:04 AM
It's obvious to me that many of you have never dealt with gypsies. If you had, not a one of you would even think to suggest that we invite gypsies onto our land. With their evil eyes and their long yellow teeth. They'll put curses on your children and take whatever valuables you haven't nailed down. They'll con you with their three card monte and trickster games. They'll keep you awake at night with their confounded guitars and banjos and eerie violins and tambourines. And they'll burn huge bonfires, chattering loudly in strange dialects while they consume copious amounts of their homemade grappa.Besides, word on the street is that food trailers are already passe. They are very 2009.Getting a food trailer park now would be a sign of weakness and pathos, a denial of what we are as a neighborhood...akin to a 58 year old widower chasing after twenty-something women who are hard to make conversation with for more than a few hours, and who don't really take me seriously anyway. And then to compensate for that frustrating reality, the lonely widower might buy a Mercedes SLS AMG and a lot of expensive shoes and clothes that he can't really justify the expense of and will end up having to sell at a loss. In short, it would be a terrible mistake for our community to start chasing after people and things that have already passed. Better to let go of what's been done and look forward to new, uncharted ambitions. Better to say, "This is who I am!" and stop trying to be someone else.Better to embrace the community that we are, and let the trailer gypsies have their own separate reality.Sincerely,Charles Frimire
Disappointing parking ticket - too close to hydrant...
posted by C. Frimire on February 1st, 2010 9:24 AM
I agree with you, Belinda, for once. But don't get used to it.Sincerely,Charles Frimire - Living on Antone, Parking on the street and my garage, driving at least once every 3 days to make it legal (or should i saw hoable).P.S. I already have a tape measure, and while I suspect you were being facetious, I believe it to be an indispensable part of my driving toolkit. In addition to measuring allowable distances to hydrants and curbs, by measuring the space between two parked cars, one can easily calculate the required turning points for successful parallel parking.
Disappointing parking ticket - too close to hydrant...
posted by roberts_bj on February 1st, 2010 7:33 AM
For once I agree with C. Frimire. Potential new neighbors are going to think we are CRAZY around here bickering about parking. No wonder the neighborhoods in big cities I lived in on the east coast didn't have "neighborhood forums." Yikes!Lesson to all, please use a tape measure when parking on the street. Perhaps we can have official Mueller ones made and distribute them to everyone. Well, just the folks who park on the street. Okay, and the ones who park in their garage but don't really care if others park on the street. But definitely not to the ones who park in their garage and think those parking on the street are breaking the law. (There is a difference between violating a HOA rule and THE LAW, by the way.) Wait, I think those who park in their garage and think those parking on the street are breaking the law need it the most so they can help enforce "the law."Now doesn't this sound silly. Can we just agree to disagree about parking and stop bickering and being mean spirited? I don't mean to down play the importance of providing enough clearance around a fire hydrant but only the discussions that followed.
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