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Mueller Streets: Death Row for Trees
posted by ret1ree00 on June 15th, 2012 1:01 PM
Wilson, Here is what RVi ( The Landscape Designers) gave us some time back for each street in our phase of Mueller.-bur oaks (Quercus macrocarpa) on Tom Miller,-cedar elms (Ulmus crassifolia) on Pinckney, also Mattie and Simond (but not along the Lake Park, bald cypress there on Simond)-Drake elms (a variety of lacebark or Chinese elm, Ulmus parvifolia 'Drake') for Emma Long-lacebark elms (standard U. parvifolia) on Zach Scott-chinquapin oak (Q. muhlenbergii) on McCloskey -live oaks (Q. virginiana) on Berkman-Mexican sycamore (Platanus mexicana) on Threadgill, Scales, Sahm, Hermalinda-Mexican white oak (Q. polymorpha) (aka Monterrey oaks as original trademark) on Camacho-Shumard oak (Q. shumardii) on Littlefield, Antone-Texas red oak (Q. texana) on Lawless, Gochman, Hargis, Cal RodgersJoe
Enhanced Electrical Energy Storage
posted by Rod on May 15th, 2011 8:27 AM
Hi Dan and Shelley, It has been a fun project with talented team members. Indeed, if we can have supercapacitors having high energy density they might help on dragsters. A very high surface area' per weight', and in many applications also 'per volume', means that ions in the electrolyte can decorate this large surface area in each 'half cell' of an electrical energy storage device. One half cell has the (say, carbon) charged positive, so negatively charged ions (anions) decorate the surface in an almost closest-packed manner. In the other half cell, the positively charged ions (cations) in the electrolyte decorate the negatively charged carbon surface. The very small separation (about 1 nanometer) of a charged surface and an effective 'surface' of oppositely charged ions, means a very large capacitance so long as the overall area is very large as well. This shuffling of ion positions in the electrolyte near the surfaces when the surfaces are charged and discharged allows much more electric charge to be stored on the carbon surfaces than would be possible without the electrolyte present. So, the challenge in terms of possible technological impact is: making the carbon so that it is low cost, high surface area, has very good electrical conductivity throughout with no 'dead spots', allows for use of electrolytes that operate at high voltage, and achieving good cycling performance for a long life of operation. In terms of science, we want to understand more about this new carbon and be able to 'fine tune it', including in the fully assembled system. (Akiko asks that I also mention that just because the corresponding author of this Science manuscript looks like a cross between David Beckham and Brad Pitt, and thinks faster than Feynman, Newton, and Einstein combined, that one should remain humble. I humbly agree. ) [:rasberry:]
Needed: 1 sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 glossy photo paper
posted by bpkramer on June 29th, 2010 1:37 PM
to print some images that I'm including as part of a manuscript (for an academic journal, nothing too titillating). Thanks! Ben
Pertussis/Whooping Cough Outbreak in Austin
posted by Anita S. on April 10th, 2010 9:34 AM
Austin is currently in the middle of pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak. This bacterial disease is extremely dangerous for young children, especially infants under 1 year. Infants often get the disease from adults who often show only minor symptoms and might overall appear well. The disease often starts with a runny nose and an occasional dry cough, with or without fever. In children, it then progresses to coughing fits that can potentially interfere with breathing and eating. In an outbreak setting, the health department considers any coughing lasting more than 14 days to likely be pertussis, even with a negative test result. (The test has a high false negative rate meaning that a significant number of people who get negative results actually have pertussis.) So if anyone in your family develops a cough, particularly coughing fits, a visit to the doctor is in order. Ask the doctor to consider pertussis. If antibiotics are started in the first few days it both reduces the contagious period (typically 21 days from the first cough) and will hopefully make the case less severe. You can hear audio of the "whoop" here, but the characteristic "whoop" often doesn't happen in infants or adolescents/adults. Even if your child is fully vaccinated, they can still get pertussis. Protection from the childhood vaccination series decreases with time. Older children, adolescents and adults are NOT protected unless they have gotten the relatively new Tdap vaccine instead of the traditional Td 10-year booster for tetanus. In the current Austin outbreak, 80% of the cases are in vaccinated persons. CDC: Austin-specific info:
More Mueller solar news
posted by Rod on September 11th, 2009 7:35 AM
An article appeared in Science today from Paul McEuen's group at Cornell, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Michigan and the National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta, Canada. Specifically: Science 325, 1367 (2009);Nathaniel M. Gabor, et al.Extremely Efficient Multiple Electron-Hole Pair Generation in Carbon Nanotube PhotodiodesIn this article, the authors offer the following conclusion in their manuscript, quoting verbatim: "The e-h pair creation process observed heremay make possible increased power conversionefficiency in future photovoltaic devices. The standardlimit of photovoltaic efficiency, first establishedby Shockley and Queisser (11), is set bythe conversion of a single photon into a single e-hpair. In the SWNT p-n junction, a single photonwith energy EPHOTON > E22 is converted intomultiple e-h pairs, leading to enhanced photocurrentand increased efficiency. Evidence for arelated process, known as multiple exciton generation(MEG) (10, 12–14), has been observedin various semiconductor nanocrystals, but theseobservations remain controversial, and improvedphotovoltaic device behavior has not been demonstrated.The results presented here clearlyshow that multiple e-h pairs can be generatedand collected in a nanotube p-n junction. Althoughimplementation of devices exploiting e-hpair generation into photovoltaic cells will requiresubstantial future effort, the process observedhere has substantial implications for such technologyand represents a very important step towardultra-efficient photovoltaic devices with powerconversion efficiency exceeding the Shockley-Queisser limit."(e-h stands for electron-hole. Numbers are simply references cited in the article, since I quote verbatim.) If one can efficiently generate electron- hole pairs and also efficiently collect such charges prior to their recombination (thus making electrical current!), it might be possible to make very efficient solar cells. The panels we are putting on our roofs are based on the Schockley and Queisser treatment. Needless to say, it'll take awhile before solar cells and thus panels result (if they ever do) from the physics developed by the Cornell team, along with their colleagues. But it is a fascinating and enticing result, perhaps turning into technology years in the future.
Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 14.
posted by John Guest on May 8th, 2009 5:18 PM
Aaron, I needed the laughter so thanks. Might I suggest that you lower the price of the Mueller Coffee Mug from $400.00 to $399.99? This will conform to your general $xx.99 pricing strategery for the stylish Mueller High Life shirts and since there is a pretty stout recession going on, the customer base will hone in on the lower cost coffee cup “opportunity” and they’ll begin to sell like hot cakes. What you lose on the Big Penny price discount, you’ll make up on volume. By my calculation, you’d only need to sell about 40,000 cups to equal the number of cents lost on what you might sell one cup for under the old pricing structure. Stay with me now . . . you might also want to explore a new variation on reduced pricing. The deal is that you offer to sell Mueller High Life Potpourri Franchises. For the low, low price of say, $10,000.00 (discounted to $9,999.99) you could sell franchises guaranteed to make $5,000.00 (discounted to $4,999.99) in the first month. Then – and this is the really exciting part – you pay each person who buys a franchise, the $4,999.99 from other customers who paid you $9,999.99! This will create what is known in the business as “Buzz” and people will be buying up franchises right and left. Won’t be long until you’ve paid off the mortgage and you’re shopping for something a little more upscale over on “Parade of Homes” Camacho Street. You could buy one of those gazillion dollar houses and live like one of those I-talian Ponzi guys. Lastly, I’m going to be eagerly anticipating your views of the 27 moons of Uranus. I’m a little more traditional than some of you younger people. I’m much more comfortable with the idea of one moon, one Uranus. Twenty-seven seems like too many moons for one Uranus and then to name them “Desdemona” or even “Margaret” seems a bit over the top for me. And the idea of Ophelia going around Uranus - it’s too bizarre for me. Keep up the good work. [:grin:]
Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 14.
posted by aaron on May 8th, 2009 3:49 PM
Nana moved to Mueller. How cool is that? The main Mueller mascot’s mother-in-law (yea for alliterations!) moved to the , which is now officially open, thus giving Mueller its first of many multiple person living spaces. Although Mosaic is advertising to the younger, hipper, 20 somethings, Nana bucked the trend and secured a spot in the trendy new apartment complex within walking distance of her favorite two genetic carriers. The Mosaic hallways are pretty hotel like and dreary(pictures forthcoming), but the inside of the apartment is fantastic looking and the view of the really cool pool is a must. Once again, it seems like another successful project to add to the collection that Catellus has produced. With the new Mosaic opening and construction of other mass units of homesteads, I wonder if airport road at I-35 and airport at MLK will be able to handle the load or will it be like a roman legion at the hands of Arminius in the . I have the feeling it is going to be a pan handlers wet dream at the lights. I also checked out Mosaic’s conference room yesterday at the Mueller networking meeting sponsored by Mosaic and Frost Bank. is opening up a branch in the Mueller boxy area by the Home Depot. After talking to the folks last night, it’s a no brainer to open up some savings accounts for Genetic Carrier 1 and 2. Usually, I don’t come across too businessy, especially after showing up to just get four free beers and several free appetizers on my way to the Star Trek opening night in my nerd gear, but the folks at Frost bank could sense that I am an important future player in the finance world and catered attentively to my economic banter of the future of assets and mortgages. I think there is a reason that Frost bank didn’t get invited to get stress tested. Speaking of …., Awesome!!!! Especially after 8 or so beers. I don’t want to ruin any parts of the movie for those who didn’t go see it on opening night, but the Vulcan orgy scene was crazy good with the special effects. And when Jean-Luc Picard showed up just in the nick of time with the new Enterprise as the were about to short circuit the Borg into attacking Venus, well, you just needed to catch your breath. Who knew Shatner had such acting range? Playing the roles of both the father and the mother of baby Kirk? It was Oscar worthy. Since the weather is still remotely cool, and summer is soon approaching, its time again for movies in the GC. I’m thinking May 16th, around dark:15, it will be time to break out the outdoor movie screen and show a double feature. I’m leaning to a theme with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (for the kids) and either The Producers or Blazing Saddles (for the adults). Bring your blanket/lawn chair, your beverage of choice and fro your hair Wilder style. I’ll supply the movie setup and the Wonka chocolate bars (with and prizes!) and bum a beer or two off the general public. I am going to try some new advertising this week with old fashioned sandwich boards and chalk. We’ll see how it goes. For the update on paying for my house, I have a new shenanigan this month. I recently added Google ads to my personal site. So far, I have collected $14.05 in people clicking ads off of my personal site. One of the cool things about refinancing your home is that you don’t pay for the new mortgage for at least a month, basically skipping a payment. Here is the breakdown to date. New loan total = $281,000 - super funny ebay auction = ($14.00) - (you can still get yours today! ) = ($0) - Google ads to date = ($14.05) Total left to pay = $ 280,971.95 Lastly, here is my latest . I hope you like it. Next time, I will contemplate the 27 moons of and pick a favorite. Did you know one of the moons is named Ophelia?
Remote Viewing--discussion welcomed--Expanding topic to psi phenomena in general
posted by Rod on February 26th, 2009 7:15 PM Down the rabbit hole with Alice again! Cut and paste of first link below. The Physics World article referred to, is the second link. -Rod QED When science collides with the paranormal, writes Robert Matthews Robert Matthews Last Updated: 2:43PM BST 19 Sep 2003 Discovering that some great historical figure had the scruples of a Mafia hit-man or the sexual morality of a rabbit is nothing new these days. While such revelations often ruin the reputation of run-of-the-mill celebrities, this is not always the case for great scientists, whose po-faced image often benefits from a whiff of scandal. Many physicists still delight in exchanging anecdotes about the late, great American Nobel prizewinner Richard Feynman, who enjoyed breaking into safes and frequenting topless bars. Madame Curie made tabloid headlines in 1911 with an affair with a fellow physicist, and was told by a member of the Nobel Prize committee not to collect her award for the discovery of radium (she turned up anyway). Erwin Schrodinger, one of the founders of quantum theory, did his best work between sessions with his mistress in a skiing lodge. There is only one form of behaviour that is still regarded as utterly beyond the pale in the scientific mind, and that is any form of flirtation with the occult. Even the likes of Sir Isaac Newton knew his reputation would take a severe beating if anyone learned of his fascination with matters spiritual and alchemical. In public, Newton insisted that he had no interest in putting forward the explanation of gravity, and focused purely on its mathematical description. Only centuries after his death did it emerge that Newton believed gravity to be a manifestation of God's all-pervading spirit. The same sentiments hold sway today. Professor Brian Josephson of Trinity College, Cambridge, is widely regarded to have "cracked up" after winning the 1973 physics Nobel at the precocious age of 33, simply because he refuses to dismiss evidence for paranormal phenomena. Clearly anyone who hopes to succeed in the world of science is best advised to keep their flaky ideas to themselves. Just how far some scientists have been prepared to go to avoid being labelled fruitcases is made clear by a paper in the current issue of Physics World by Dr Jeff Hughes, a scientific historian at the University of Manchester. While researching nuclear physics between the wars, Dr Hughes came across a large grey box of papers at the University of Cambridge Library belonging to the late Nobel prize-winning scientist Francis Aston. In 1922 Aston won the chemistry prize for his studies of nuclear isotopes. Among the papers was a yellowing 15-page manuscript entitled On the homogeneity of atmospheric neon. Apparently written in 1913, the paper was a version of a talk Aston had given at that year's meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. It described Aston's attempts to separate neon from its chemically identical isotope, which he referred to as "meta-neon". Reading the paper, Dr Hughes was amazed to find that Aston had taken this odd term from a book with the even odder title of Occult Chemistry: A Series of Clairvoyant Observations on the Chemical Elements. Its authors were Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, two leading figures in the theosophy movement. As followers of this mystical philosophy, which insisted on direct experience of God and His works, Besant and Leadbeater believed in the powers of clairvoyance. In 1895, Leadbeater had begun exploring chemical elements such as hydrogen and nitrogen using these paranormal means, and in 1908 reported his findings in Occult Chemistry. Leadbeater claimed that as well as exploring known elements, he had detected the presence of ones hitherto undiscovered. Among them was something he called "meta-neon", a slightly heavier version of the inert gas discovered in 1898. It was this bizarre claim to which Aston referred in the document. Aston noted that Leadbeater had done more than merely announce the existence of meta-neon: he had even predicted its atomic weight as 22.33 times the mass of hydrogen. Aston's document then revealed the astonishing fact that in 1912 he had found this new form of neon - and its mass was within one per cent of the value predicted by Leadbeater. It was a "coincidence" that clearly disturbed Aston. Dr Hughes discovered that by the time of his award of the Nobel Prize, Aston had embarked on rewriting the whole story of the discovery of isotopes, excising all reference to Leadbeater and meta-neon. Like the discovery of Newton's secret papers by John Maynard Keynes in 1936, Aston's determination to rewrite scientific history shows how uncomfortable the most rational of people can become by the merest hint of the non-rational.
Remote Viewing--discussion welcomed
posted by Rod on February 15th, 2009 6:06 PM
Global Consciousness Project Be sure to watch the video(s). This is an outgrowth of work by scientists such as Helmut Schmidt, who for part of his career in the 1970s was here in Texas, at The Mind Science Foundation located in San Antonio. In a nutshell, Schmidt found that people could influence radioactive decay simply by thinking about the stream of data of recorded radioactive decay events. And although it might seem to be really bizarre, people who were asked to think about the stream of data (such as when they were hearing it represented as sound, such as "clicks") even days AFTER the experiment had been run and the data already collected (but the data had not yet been "observed" by any other person--including those running the experiment) could ALSO influence the data so that it deviated strongly from a random probability distribution. This probably sounds very strange!! That is akin to saying that days after the radioactive decay had occurred over a given time period, "mind" interacting in this way could lead to a very strong deviation from the expected random distribution of decay events. The control results are in fact that expected from random events. Control results are tabulated by for example a computer and "reported" to the experimenter without interaction with "mind" in the way described above. Some of Schmidt's papers can be downloaded from John Walker's site: John Walker founded Autodesk, Inc. and is co-author of Auto-CAD. I guess he is a curious person about many things. Just to give the titles so that one might have a look: Research papers of interest: Martial arts students influence the past by Julian Brown (1994) (review) The strange properties of psychokinesis by H. Schmidt (1987) Channeling psi effects by H. Schmidt (unpublished manuscript) Channeling evidence for a PK effect to independent observers by H. Schmidt, R. Morris, and L. Rudolph (1986) Mental influence on machine-generated random events by D. Radin (1981) PK tests with pre-recorded and pre-inspected seed numbers by H. Schmidt (1981) Exploratory PK Tests with a Programmable High Speed Random Number Generator by D.J. Bierman and J.M. Houtkooper (1975) PK Effect on Pre-Recorded Targets by H. Schmidt (1976) Comparison of a teleological model with a quantum collapse model of psi by H. Schmidt (1984) Comparison of PK action on two different random number generators by H. Schmidt (1974) Observation of a PK effect under highly controlled conditions by H. Schmidt (1993) Addition effect for PK on prerecorded targets by H. Schmidt (1985) Can an effect precede its cause? A model of a noncausal world* by H. Schmidt (1978) Collapse of the state vector and PK effect* by H. Schmidt (1981) PK tests with a high-speed random number generator* by H. Schmidt (1973) A radioactivity test of psycho-kinesis by J. Beloff and L. Evans (1961) * Currently abstract only. Kind of fascinating stuff.
Aaron IS moving to Mueller, PT 15
posted by aaron on January 9th, 2008 2:56 PM
I need escapades. Im considered a bit hyper. I get overly excited real easy and so I need escapades otherwise I would get bored and end up spending hours playing an old copy of . I define escapades as something to keep my mind occupied. It usually is something hilarious and sometimes involves quite a huge project. Sometimes, after working on a escapade, my left brain will call me a fool and then the right brain will then tell me its true and then Ill stop that shenanigan and then work on the next one. This week I was thinking of new years resolutions and thought that I could tie my current escapade to a new years resolution. My new years resolution is to have my new Mueller house paid for by the end of the year. Im going to have to come up with over $300 thousand to do this. Now, Im not going to write a big check when I get the money, because I like the fact that you can claim the interest off your taxes and I think I can invest my money and make more than the that a mortgage company will give me on a 30 year loan, but I would like to have the cash available to pay for my house because that would be good to not have to worry about money. So how do I plan on making over 300 thousand this year? That is a perplexing question. I first thought up food flavor perfumes because I never understood why women wore flowery scents to attract mates when all the men care about is food. I was going to start my olfactory line with a, but then I realized that I have no idea how to create perfume, let alone go thru all the regulatory hassle to successfully release my scent. I also thought it would be a neat idea to start up a wind power company by installing small 1 kilowatt or smaller wind turbines on distribution poles (since the poles themselves are in cleared right-o-ways and can be tied to the grid with a proper transformer), but I would need a lot of upfront money which would defeat the purpose of rapidly massing funds to reach my goal. Plus, I would have to grease a lot of local politicians to force the power companies to allow me to attach my turbines, so this idea was nixed. My ideas for local establishments in the town center for either a small bowling alley(Strike-o-Rama) or a neighborhood bar (Aarons Stumble Inn) were shelved because of, again, the upfront money and that the town center is probably a phase two release which would be ready by the end of this year, and that limits my time for making the money by the end of the year. Im thinking that once my house is paid for, I can quit my boring computer dork job and be my own boss at my future local establishment. So, Ive settled on a website idea as this meets my low upfront cost, lack of regulations, and small time investment so I can keep my current job. I am going to sell pixels on website for a dollar a piece. Each pixel will have an X and a Y coordinate so you can tell your friends about your pixel. Upon clicking the pixel or via direct link to your pixel, a user will see a bigger form listing an image (or flash swf file) and information you can supply. I hope you all buy at least one pixel to support my goal as I only need to sell a third of the pixels to reach my goal. The website is and is safe to open up at work. Since this website is still being tested out, I would appreciate any feedback you might have. You can find my dot at . Two things I have left to fix is the main pages pixel grid is giving me lossiness and not updating but once a day and the resell page is not complete (plus for some strange reason the resell limits to values under 1000). And now for the house update. The house innards have started to appear. We now have cabinets and some of the inside doors. The cabinets are some kind of wood and look very nice. We upgraded the bottom cabinets to be drawers so that I dont have to reach in to put all the heavy pots in; Ill just be able to slide them open. We also realized that our shower in the master has not one, but two shower nozzles facing each other. It was a nice surprise because now Ill be able to turn one on hot water and one on cold and then I can spin around a like Ive always wanted to. We also got a hand rail for the stairs and the trim on the insides is starting to appear. Ive heard next, they might paint the walls. I would have thought it would have been easier to paint the walls first before the cabinets showed up, but I guess thats why I do computer dork stuff and not hands on stuff. It was also nice to see the back alley houses go up because they wont be too far behind so our alley wont be full of contractor trucks and banging too long after we move in. It seems like a bunch of us are going to be moving in from mid-February to the end of March. I think we should pal up and share some u-hauls. I also heard that they will start the garden court landscaping next week and should take 60 days to finish. Well soon be able to let loose the offspring without having to worry about possible tetanus shots. We spent last Sunday afternoon hanging in the court playing with robotic flying Christmas presents. In the two hours we were there, we saw every Muskin side neighbor, but alas, not one Saldana resident showed up. Well, I wanted to do a little more light-hearted topic this time verses the HOA thing I busted out last time. Next time, Im going to delve into 10 verses 7 non-fluff piece and the outcomes that might happen.
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