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Mueller Flyers Lights of Love Update
posted by bpkramer on December 3rd, 2014 8:25 AM
The VIP Mueller Flyers - 75 members, $5500 raised, TWO DAYS LEFT! Let's get to 100!Calling all elves: Tonight, 5pm, 1928 Antone St. Help distribute race packets to the Flyers who enrolled before Monday. If you enrolled after Sunday night, you'll have to pick up your packets at the HQ - make sure to ask for your VIP wristband!Join us at our tent for the raffle, to find your name on an ornament, and to stow your stuff for the run/walk.
3/3, 2100 sqft, Yard Home available 10/1
posted by ineoeni on September 21st, 2014 11:33 PM
Hi neighbors! Claire, Makai and I are moving south to Antone St. (we prefer warmer temperatures). Our home on Camacho will be available for lease starting 10/1. If you know of anyone who might be interested, we'd be willing to lease for as short a period as 6 months. You can find more details here:" rel="nofollow"> Thanks! Aman
Help a Vet charity
posted by dreuxl on August 12th, 2014 12:34 PM
I'm a member of the High Road on Dawson lodge. Our lodge is holding a fundraiser August 29th for veterans. John Dee Graham is playing. One of the benefits is the DVDs for Vets program. This is a program that distributes DVDs to vets that can not leave their home. I have a box on my front porch if anyone has DVD movies they would like to donate. 1941 Antone St. Info is below. Fundraiser Event! Benefiting Veterans THE FOCUS: MILITARY VETERANS August 29TH- It’s a Pool Party! 7:00-11:00pm Live Music with the Amazing Jon Dee Graham (7p-9p) Karaoke (9p-11p) Taco Bar (7p-9p) Please bring lightly used or new DVDs to donate and a dessert to share – this event is BYOB Proceeds Benefit the “Health Care for Homeless Veterans, HCHV”, and the “DVD for Vets Program” (DVD players are also needed!) *Tickets $15 in advance $20 at the door* Advance Tickets are at the Lodge- Come down and get your ticket today! Don’t Miss this Event! We need your support to make a difference in our Community!
Camacho Celebration TODAY at 4:00PM!
posted by Kathleen Malcom on May 3rd, 2014 8:26 AM
Camacho Street will gather for its 6th annual celebration TODAY from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. A potluck dinner will be shared on the grassy area of “The Wedge” at Camacho & Antone St. Please bring lawn chairs, blankets and a dish to be shared. Friends of the Camacho St. residents are welcome as well.
6th Annual Camacho St. Celebration!
posted by Kathleen Malcom on April 9th, 2014 4:47 PM
Camacho Street will gather for its 6th annual celebration on Saturday, May 3rd from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. A potluck dinner will be shared on the grassy area at Camacho & Antone St. Please bring lawn chairs or blankets and a dish to be shared. Friends of the Camacho St. residents are welcome to join us as well.
Missing Cat- Orange tabby cat named Mitch. Please call or text 512-923-3414.
posted by Hannah Calvert on December 27th, 2013 10:52 PM
Our indoor-cat Mitch got out tonight. We're around Camacho St. /Antone St. wedge area.... He is medium sized (a bit over weight), vocal and friendly, and does NOT have a collar. He'll probably let you pick him up, and would answer to "Mitchy" as well. (see photo) Please call or text me at 512-923-3414 if you see him. Thank you! Hannah
Less-than-flattering piece on the new HEB
posted by C. Frimire on July 27th, 2013 7:56 AM
Last night I went to the HEB, but there was so much going on that I couldn't get a fair read on the place, so I set my alarm clock for 5:30 this morning, rode my bike over, and was waiting at the door by 6am along with a handful of fellow early birds ready to catch our worms.I really didn't need anything, so I wandered around with an empty basket making note of where things were. Here are my first impressions:The Bike Rack is nice. I put a little air in my tires and even tightened a couple of hex bolts. This put me in a good mood, but I'm afraid this was the high point.Walking in I was struck by how uninviting the produce section was. And though I'm not a grocer, I would think that for your Grand Opening Weekend Extravaganza you'd want to make this place a magical kingdom of green, red, and yellow stacks of fresh and beautiful fruits and vegetables. Instead there were a couple of racks of sad looking produce being rearranged by two even sadder looking pimply faced kids. I had planned to peruse this section for half an hour, but instead it took me about 2 minutes to ascertain that there was nothing there of interest. Onward past the bakery, fish and meat and then I was in the midst of frozen/refrigeration row with a shockingly large portion of space dedicated to pre-made meals like lunchables and other convenience oriented mal-nutritional delivery devices. My mood was now completely deflated. What the hell is going on here?Nothing else of interest, so I sought out the Bulk section, which was striking for its lack of offerings. My question "What the hell is going on here?" now started looping over and over in my head. I decided that I'd get a bagel and go home to make breakfast,Back to the bakery I went, where you can buy any imaginable arrangement of sugar infused crisco on a pedestal of cake, but they don't sell individual plain bagels. Instead you have to buy a bag of 5 and they only had blueberry. My internally looping question now spilled out into the verbal universe and fell unfairly on the innocent ears of the unsuspecting baker's assistant, "What the Hell is going on here?" I apologized and left the store.By now I really wanted a bagel, so I rode my bike over to Hancock, came home and just ate a delicious breakfast.I have two Theories to answer my own question:Theory 1 (the optimistic one): The store is new and it takes time for a store to air out that new cookie cutter feel and actually discover how it can serve the community. Some dude or dudette in corporate HEB Land down in San Antone, made the initial decisions regarding inventory and priority for this new store. Now we have a Store Manager on the ground and hopefully that individual will hear and respond to our requests, and discover what we are and are not buying. Theory 2 (the pessimistic one): HEB knows exactly what it's doing and has leveraged the opportunity presented by the Mueller community and its developers in order to service Greater East Austin, and according to they're calculus, the majority of East Austin residents want Lunchables and sugar infused Crisco treats, and they apparently don't give a rat's ass about fresh produce, bulk goods, or plain bagels. So HEB Executives slap on a thin veneer of luxury to satisfy the architects, and then serve up the grocery store equivalent of particle board. I hope my first Theory is right.
Solar and Travis County Property Tax Protest
posted by Jeffrey Luci on July 23rd, 2013 12:41 PM
Careful, Susan. If you start asking logical questions, you might get a blow dart in the neck for your trouble! Kidding aside, though, I think the reason is that the exemption we're granted isn't considered permanent. So if/when they decide to start taxing the value added to your home by the PV array, the process will be in place. This might also be why you have to apply for the exemption every year. I should have mentioned that in my previous post. Since the exemption might not last 25 years (and given the fact that politicians frequently go back on their word - even the good ones), I don't think anyone should ask to use the full-value method. Just point to my property (2200 Antone St.), and ask that the same method be applied to your property. I think they'll pretty much have to give it to you. Otherwise, you can say that you were subject to a different standard, which *should* be illegal . . . I think. In fact, Betsy, I see no reason you can't file a complaint now. You were clearly subjected to a different standard, and it cost you money. That's pretty awful, in my book.
Designer Women's Fashions: Open House
posted by madge on March 1st, 2013 9:50 AM
Hi Neighbors, This Sunday (March 3) we're hosting a trunk show from 2-5pm at 2109 Antone St. My sister, Rebecca, is showing the new spring fashions from CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation). Rebecca will give a brief presentation on the spring line then everyone can dive in and try things on. Come have a drink and play dress up with us. You checkout Rebecca's website:
Free Furniture
posted by Carlo Savino on October 30th, 2012 12:44 PM
I have some furniture that I don't have a use for anymore in the alley behind 1937 Antone St. 2 white resin/plastic adirondack chairs 1 black leather office chair One side/end table (good condition, pine colored) Come and take 'em!
Mueller Streets: Death Row for Trees
posted by jillians on June 15th, 2012 3:25 PM
The infested tree is on the corner of Antone & Cal Rodgers St. It's pale in spite of the supplemental iron I've given it. The leaves have a speckled appearance, some light & dark spots. If you take a sheet of clean white paper and shake a branch over it, you see tiny dark dots. Then you realize some of them are moving...I've seen them on other plants in my yard. There are tiny living specks in this web:I've been trying to keep them knocked back with regular water spray-downs (they like dust & dry conditions). I think the tree may need something stronger, but you need to be very careful with what you use. I'm not sure what my next step is... The pale green trees may also just be chlorotic and need some extra iron. Our soil quality is pretty low & I've read that it's harder for plants to absorb iron in an alkaline soil.
Mueller Streets: Death Row for Trees
posted by jillians on June 15th, 2012 3:24 PM
The infested tree is on the corner of Antone & Cal Rodgers St. It's pale in spite of the supplemental iron I've given it. The leaves have a speckled appearance, some light & dark spots. If you take a sheet of clean white paper and shake a branch over it, you see tiny dark dots. Then you realize some of them are moving...I've seen them on other plants in my yard. There are tiny living specks in this web:I've been trying to keep them knocked back with regular water spray-downs (they like dust & dry conditions). I think the tree may need something stronger, but you need to be very careful with what you use. I'm not sure what my next step is... The pale green trees may also just be chlorotic and need some extra iron. Our soil quality is pretty low & I've read that it's harder for plants to absorb iron in an alkaline soil.
Transportation Committee meeting notes 29 Feb 2012
posted by Betsy on February 29th, 2012 6:55 PM
Mueller Transportation CommitteeMeeting notes - Feb. 29, 2012 (Carl Paulson)- Berkman extension (1/2 width)--- Simond to Robert Browning by June for Section VI homes.--- Robert Browning to Philomena should be completed by December- Contract has been awarded for the infrastructure at the Market District including Berkman from Philomena to 51st. Work should be completed by October 2012.- Design work has started on the next residential phases - north of Section VI and also east of Berkman.- IH-35/51st St design - prelim design now. City doesn’t expect construction for 2-3 years. Studies underway. Roundabout being considered at 51st St. intersection with the southbound frontage road.- Striping on IH-35 northbound frontage road into Mueller retail area needs improvement.- Barbara Jordan issues near Home Depot. Medians were extended with paint but still having crashes with driveway. Next City will install candlesticks to better define the intersection space. (Should occur in next month or so.) If crashes are still problematic after 6-month review, permanent changes may be made prohibit the movement across Barbara Jordan between the shopping centers on each side. (Rick K)- Command Center (CTEC) - discussion about need to reduce speed limit on 51st. Road diet planned for 51st east of Berkman - possibly next year when the road is resurfaced. Hopefully that will result in speed reduction.- Construction planned on CTEC entrance to replace the bridgeSpeed limit on 51st at Berkman is now 40mph. City asked whether they could reduce speed to 35mph. After 51st Vision is built, speeds should slow due to the design and then it could be restudied and speeds lowered based on the 85% speeds.- 51st & Berkman - City would like to build roundabout. Catellus’ current plan has a signalized intersection but Catellus is now working with City to look at a roundabout option. That decision may not be made before the market district infrastructure is started. City recognizes that a lot of coordination would be needed to convince stakeholders that pedestrian crossings of 51st would be safe at a multilane roundabout.- Status of 51st St Vision - Jim Adams will likely present at next Transportation Committee meeting (May 30). Jessica will post link to info on Bond development task force has been briefed on the vision. (Renee Orr)- Speeding mitigation only - Cut-through mitigation may be added next year- Requestor must live on the street- Not intended for major arterials- Speed & volume counts will be taken - if speeds >3mph over speed limit, then street qualifies and will be included in ranking of requests. Ranking considers crash data, frequency of speakers, presence of sidewalks, whether street is bike route, neighborhood support for proposed solutions, etc. Will fund requests until money runs out. Old unfunded requests automatically re-considered each 6 months as new funds are allocated, until request expires after two years. - Submittals received from Mueller for Berkman, Antone and Zach Scott. Catellus thinks the other 1/2 of Berkman may be completed in 2 years.- Results of speed studies in Mueller. Speeds shown are the 85% speeds, meaning that 15% of traffic exceeds these speeds:---Berkman - NB 34.3, SB 34.9 => qualifies for further study---Zach Scott - WB 32.9, EB 33.8 => qualifies for further study---Antone - WB 31.9, SB 31 => doesn’t qualify for further study- City will develop speeding mitigation concept plan and coordinate with City services (fire, EMS, trash, etc.) Then plan goes to requestor for coordination and statement of neighbor support for proposed action.- Data will be shared with APD for their use in planning enforcement.- Urban rail update - no update and no Council action has been taken to prioritize segments and alignment is not defined. Manor Rd. and Airport Blvd alignments both being evaluated as part of the environmental impact study.- Signal at Zach Scott - City reviewing and warrants not yet met. City will get wtih signals department to see if interim improvement for bike/ped access across airport could be provided. Alan Hughes (Airport corridor PM) was suggested as a speaker at our meeting May 30.- Roundabout improvement still being design. No schedule for construction. City & Catellus resistant to interim improvements, preferring to focus efforts on the ultimate solution. Concerns should be reported to 311. - Bike/ped access on interim Berkman (1/2 width) up to Market District - a temporary trail will be provided outside the roadway so we’ll be able to ride our bikes to the grocery!- Bike Boxes or ‘2 stage turn queue’ will be used at some intersections- City working on educational materials- City looking at removing the oversaturation of No Parking signs
Seat cushion in alley
posted by henningspruth on February 26th, 2012 11:05 PM
Sometime last week (I was out of town), an orange seat cushion materialized in my driveway. I have no idea how it got there. This is behind 1929 Emma Long St., in the alley between Emma Long and Antone. If it is yours, feel free to pick it up.
Transportation Committee meeting notes - Oct. 26, 2011
posted by Betsy on October 26th, 2011 4:58 PM
Mueller Transportation CommitteeMeeting notes - Oct. 26, 2011Development update (Carl Paulson)- Section 6 - out to bid now, will start const in Dec. Deliver lots to builders in June 2012.- Infrastructure to serve market district - out to bid in Dec. - discussion of interim bike/ped access to the grocery. Catellus’ plan is to construct the ultimate cycle tracks for southbound (SB) Berkman, and put shared lane markings in the vehicle lane for northbound (NB) traffic until other side of roadway built (several years). Sharing the NB lane will be difficult for those with trailers, etc and with slight uphill grade. Carl says widening pavement is not an option, but they’ll look more at an off-site trail.- Electric substation work should be done in Nov. 2011.Cycle Tracks proposed on Mueller and on Berkman. Reviewed preliminary layouts.Cap Metro plans bus stops on Berkman at Antone, Simond & Barbara Jordan. Catellus wasn’t sure what bus route the stops will serve.51st & IH 35 update - Draft revised layout from TxDOT circulated. Bike lanes will be created on 51st St. bridge over IH 35. Still a few years out.... maybe 2013.IH 35 frontage striping south of Barbara Jordan - striping very faded and now a free-for-all. Jessica will follow up with adjacent neighborhood to see if revised striping helped and how it should be restriped (i.e. keep as is or revert to original plan with 3rd lane).U-turn for SB Airport - interest from Cherrywood in u-turn option between Manor and Delwood II. Would like to allow U-turn for SB Airport at 38 1/2 (or between 38 1/2 & Scheiffer) to come back NB. City will check on allowing at 38 1/2 light, or at crossover at Dollar General.Loading at Barbara Jordan & Lancaster - near Tino’s, etc., 18-wheelers stop on eastbound Barbara Jordan to unload supplies. They are blocking through lane. Jessica will have property manager advise tenants that this is not permitted.Roundabout update - design underway - City hopes to complete within a couple of months. City still monitoring signal timing at Airport and Aldrich.Betsy
Joseph Moreno?
posted by roxanne tovar on October 15th, 2011 12:03 AM
Yes he is at 2225 Antone St.:) message me if you need either myself (fiancé) or him to pick up letter. Thank you so much for posting it here.
Joseph Moreno?
posted by tal on October 13th, 2011 12:30 PM
I got a letter addressed to Joseph Moreno at 2055 Antone St. I'm at 2005 Antone St. Turns out there is no 2055 Antone st. Does anyone know Joseph and his correct address? Thanks, Tal
Mueller Streets: Death Row for Trees
posted by schnauzerhouse2 on August 22nd, 2011 9:27 AM
I've been told my posts about tree watering are too wimpy to get folks' attention, so here goes! If Steven King were to write "Dead Man Walking" using trees, he would only have to stroll down the streets of Mueller. What does a "dead tree rooting" look like? Walk down the 1900 and 2000 blocks of Antone, and you can find perfect examples of dying trees. Antone isn't alone. Examples of dying trees can be found on practically every block of Mueller. If you are the owner of a yard home, the Mueller covenants mandate that you are responsible for the health of your trees. If/when they die, the owner must replace the tree with the same variety and similar size to what was originally planted. This can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the dead tree, and the price of a replacement tree. Some homeowners have two to six trees, so this can run into big money fast. Not only is this a financial loss, the homeowner has also lost several years of tree growth. This means loss of highly-desirable shade, as well as beauty, carbon sequestration, air quality improvement and wildlife habitat. The fact is that there are plenty of healthy trees in Mueller, also on every blook, So, although some homeowners have been unlucky enough to have a tree disease strike their plants, many of these trees are dying...irreversibly dying....purely for lack of water. There is advice available for how to water your trees in a drought. Go to" rel="nofollow"> and click on the "trees and drought" section. It will bring up a great publication "Tree Watering for Distresed Trees." Also, there are tips for getting your Mueller home irrigation system working correctly on this blog on the "Irrigation Tips" topic. Robyn Cloughley, a Mueller resident and irrigation professional who works on Mueller irrigation systems, gave a workshop last month. She and I distilled her tips into the posting. Mueller trees that are not too far gone can be saved with the proper watering, even though Austin is moving to one-day-a-week watering restrictions. Stage 2 will be put into effect on Sept. 6. Sorry for the strong tone of this posting, but at the MNA meeting a homeowner told me that he would never bother to read a posting headed "Irrigation Tips," but he would read "Your Trees are DYING!" He said I really needed to raise the alarm. Thanks for your attention. Janelle Dozier
Orange tabby spotted heading up Antone toward Tom Miller.
posted by Lorene Wallace on May 30th, 2011 6:27 PM
Hello all, Today an orange tabby was spotted in a backyard near Camacho. These kind neighbors tried to catch him, but he was running too fast. At about ten this morning he was seen heading up Antone toward Tom Miller. We don't know if this is Byron or another orange tabby lives in that area. We're following up on every lead. So we really appreciate anything that you see or suspect might be our wayward, beloved indoor cat. He may be hiding in bushes. We will look in that area tonight.Please call 826-6579 with any information day or night. I truly appreciate it.Best,Lorene
Mueller Garage Sale, Saturday, May 21st, 8 am - noon
posted by Kathleen Malcom on May 18th, 2011 6:01 PM
The Mueller Multi Family Yard Sale is now publically advertised. It is currently running online with the Chronicle & Craigslist. There will also be a Statesman print ad coming out on Friday & Saturday. The ad states that it is Multi Family and occurring on nine plus individual streets. There is no need to take your items to Hargis. Everyone can leverage off the advertising and use their own front yard. The Yard Sale will be this Saturday from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. Currently the known streets participating are: HARGIS, ANTONE, CAMACHO, THREADGILL, McCLOSKEY, EMMA LONG, LITTLEFIELD, SCALES & TOM MILLER. Anyone can participate so feel free to jump in with goods, or visit all your neighbors sales. You can shop to and from the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) meeting that will be held Saturday at 10:00AM at Contigo. There will be a presentation by AISD on the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) in Mueller, and a speaker from the Mueller Foundation on Affordable Housing.
free curtain rods - various sizes
posted by hectoranddebbie on May 8th, 2011 3:39 PM
I have placed a bunch of curtain rods in the alley behind our house at 2009 Antone Street. They are free for the taking. They will need a little clean-up, but are in excellent condition. I do not have any of the wall-mounting hardware for them, but those are inexpensive to purchase almost anywhere. If they are not gone by Wednesday, I will place them on craigslist.
MNA General Membership meeting minutes 16 April 2011
posted by Betsy on April 16th, 2011 12:19 PM
16 April 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association MNA President, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting which was held at the Browning Hangar. Grant introduced Kathy Sokolic, who is leading our meeting today. About 52 members attended. - Kathy announced that there would be a drawing for prizes (credit at trailer eateries) at the conclusion of the meeting. – Kerry reported that our current balance is $4488. We anticipate another round of MNA grants can be awarded in the Fall. : - Egg Scramble next Saturday, April 23 - Mueller garden walking tour - May 14, 10:00 a.m. until noon. Contact Janelle Dozier if you want to nominate a garden. Also, Central Texas Gardener will be here filming a show on Mueller on May 12. - Solar meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the SEDL building. Come to this meeting to learn about solar installations, rebates, group purchasing power and more! Kathy has verified that row homes are eligible for the Pecan Street Project supplemental rebates. - Block captains introduced themselves. Kathy encouraged new people to get involved with the community. Upcoming events include: - Scales/Mattie block party tonight at 5:30. Starts with bike/ped parade. - Camacho block party on May 15 - Ben Edgerton & Andrew Wiseheart, owners of Contigo Austin, spoke about their restaurant across Anchor Lane from Mueller. Ben is the general manager and Andrew is the executive chef. They are working to create community, facilitated through good food, drinks, and hospitality. Training started last night. Grand opening is May 7. The menu is described as fresh, quality bar food. They’ll have a small plates section on the menu. Andrew is also interested in charcuterie (cured meats) and they’ll have a few sausages on the menu. They’ll also have a couple of salads and several vegetarian items. They get their chicken and beef from 2 farms in Fredericksburg. They’ll have 12 beers on tap with some of them being local beers. They’ll have a limited, but well-executed cocktail list. About 75% of their seating is outside. About 1/2 is covered and most is in shade due to site orientation. They are working to get a bike rack installed. Hours will be 4pm - midnight M-F, noon - 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, and noon - midnight on Sunday. Address is 2027 Anchor Lane. See for more information. Ben’s family owns/operates Contigo Ranch in South Texas. He’s bringing some of that to Austin. (Ashley Fisher) - - Dell hospital update regarding expansion. Expansion was planned from the beginning but is needed sooner than anticipated. Will expand from 178 to 250 beds. Break ground December and finish July 2013. - Mueller Foundation - have bought back 3 houses that resold. Focus is affordability and education. See minutes from last month for more discussion of the education focus. - Simmons Vedder working on new apt. complex next to Mosaic. - Subdivision of property at corner of Berkman & Antone for the Pecan Street Project demonstration house and about 7 others (shop houses & garden homes) - Wildflower Terrace already has 190 people on their interest list. They are part of Catellus Open House today from 12-3 p.m. - - MNA will be accepting nominations for Steering Committee members in May, and elections will be held in June. Please consider serving the community in this way. Several current members and officers are not eligible to run as they’ve reached their three year term limit. - Front Porch Flyer photo contest - A slice of life at Mueller... start developing a photo history of life here at Mueller. Send photos to by April 25th. Some prizes will be awarded. - Lawless neighbors are hosting open houses to meet council members (up for re-election) Chris Riley (April 18) and Randi Shade (April 25). Gathering at 7:00 p.m. both nights at 4120 Lawless St. Meeting adjourned about 10:45. Great attendance today!!
Our Back Yard is Finally Finished! Yeah!!
posted by Daniel Colimon on March 25th, 2011 11:58 AM
When we purchased our lot it was flat. By the time our home was completed, we had a severe slope which made our yard almost unusable. After almost 2 years of thinking about it we hired John Davis (Davis-Jane Garden Design - 512-693-0923) to turn our vision of our yard into our reality. WELL, TO SAY THAT WE LOVE IT - IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! John and his crew gave us a gorgeous low-maintenance, turn-key backyard retreat with multiple levels and seating/entertainment areas. We even have six fruit trees (optimist that we are). The drought tolerant, butterfly and bird- attracting indigenous plants and trees combined with the natural stone and crushed granite hard scape provide us with a wonderful oasis. Stop on by, peek over the fence or knock at our door if you want a closer look or more information about the yard or working with John (2049 Antone St.) I've attached a few photos. Daniel
APD Officer Tarver report
posted by danx111 on March 15th, 2011 11:17 AM
On yesterday, I conducted a traffic enforcement initiatives within the Mueller Area. As in the past, the initiatives were in response to the numerous complaints that I have received regarding speeding throughout specific locations. The areas of enforcement were at Antone St and at Berkman Rd. At both locations, the posted speed limit is 30 MPH. There are a substantial amount of joggers, walkers, cyclists, as well as youth playing within the area. The speeding issues present an obvious danger to citizens. I practiced a "Zero Tolerance" approach during enforcement efforts. The results were as follows: Antone St No traffic violations observed Berkman Rd 1 traffic citation issued for Speeding The most recent observations made on Antone St have resulted in no traffic citations being issued. Observations have been made during the afternoon, so I may complete future enforcement efforts during the "am" hours. There have been concerns mentioned about the placement of crosswalks within the area. Those concerns would need to be collectively (Mueller Neighborhood Association) brought to the attention of the City of Austin. No significant criminal activity has been reported to me lately. On another note, I conducted Auto Burglary Surveys in an area outside of the Mueller Development. The results were unacceptable to say the least. Twenty percent (20%) of the vehicles surveyed were "UNLOCKED." Ninety Four percent (94%) of the vehicles surveyed had items of value left in plain view. Items of value include money, music cd's, clothing, tools, mail, electronic items, identification cards/badges, etc. Those actions are contributing factors to crime. We must do our very best to diminish the opportunity for crime to occur. As criminals case vehicles, the previously mentioned items spark their curiosity and promote opportunity for crimes to occur. Please remember to practice the "Hide, Lock, Take" concept when exiting and departing your vehicle, regardless of what area in which you park. Nevertheless, practicing great crime prevention techniques will not erase all crime. However, it certainly helps all of us sustain safer communities. Our agency will continue to diligently address all crime concerns within our city. As always, be safe and please inform me if any other concerns arise.
Women's Fashion Open House Saturday 2-4pm on Antone
posted by madge on February 11th, 2011 6:57 PM
Hi Neighbors, My sister is in town. She a sales rep for Carol Anderson by Design, which is a women's fashion company. We're having a "Stop and Shop" open house here tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 12) from 2-4pm. Please drop in if you like to have a look at the clothes. We're at 2109 Antone St. If you want to have a sneak peak first, my sister's website is Stop if if you can, even if you just want to say hi. Yours, Madge Darlington Lisa Moore Barbara Darlington 2109 Antone
MNA General meeting notes 15 Jan 2011
posted by Betsy on January 15th, 2011 12:12 PM
15 Jan 2011 General Membership Meeting – Mueller Neighborhood Association The meeting was held at Frost Bank and led by Chair, Grant Fisher. – Our balance is $1921.26. Applications will be received through Feb. 28 for MNA Grants to support community activities. Watch for more info. Maximum grant amount is $125. - Our District Representative from the Austin Police Department, Antwain Tarver, spoke to us about crime statistics, prevention and safety. We are in the Charlie 3 sector bounded by 51st/Springdale/Ed Bluestein/MLK/IH 35. - Our contract security are off-duty APD officers so he coordinates with them - Use common sense... think like a thief and make your property less attractive to them - Email Office Tarver at"> with concerns about issues like speeding. He can (and has) run radar in targeted areas. There was a lot of discussion about speeding, largely on Zach Scott, Antone and Berkman. - Commander’s Forum - Held the 1st Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at the East Substation, 812 Springdale Rd. He encouraged us to attend. - General crime stats for Austin - Homicides and burglaries are up. – We have two vacant seats. Nominations were: - Shellie Shores on Pinckney - Keith Romel on Camacho - Travis Michel on Berkman (not present) Shellie and Keith were elected to serve the remainder of these terms (through May). - Corky is working with a group to count the homeless on Jan. 23rd from 1-7pm. 70% of homeless are women & children. Counts impact the money Austin receives for providing services to the homeless. Training will be Jan. 20th. Corky will post the info and welcomed anyone who wants to volunteer. - Ashley gave a brief update on the last meeting of the Mueller Plan Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC). --- City is moving forward with design work for improvements to the IH-35 & 51st St. interchange, with involvement from Windsor Park --- City and Catellus are working on revisions to improve operations at our roundabout. --- Two affordable homes have been sold and stayed in the affordable program. Most buyers of the affordable homes fall in the 70-80% MFI range. --- Two new tenants coming to the Mosaic - a landscape design firm, and a salon --- The next phase of housing will be on this side of Berkman and north of Simond. - The entire steering committee will be up for election in May and about 1/3 of the current members will have reached their term limit of 3 years. - Garreth mentioned the Pecan Street Project and encouraged anyone unfamiliar with it to talk to him or Kathy. - Joe has scheduled a tree workshop on Sat., Jan. 29 from 9-11 a.m. at 1909 Emma Long. This will be a hands-on workshop with arborist Marcus Smith talking about tree care and demonstrating how, and why, to prune your trees. Now is the time... come to the workshop for tips! Dan Pacatte from Austin Tree Farms will also be there. - Janelle discussed landscape activities that will be held throughout the year including nature photography. Watch for details. - Kathy Sokolic mentioned that Austin Energy is raising their rates. Those with solar are in a different rate class... contact her for info. Meeting adjourned about 11:15 a.m.
2010 Mueller Holiday Spirit Block Contest - FINALISTS
posted by Drew on December 22nd, 2010 9:50 PM
It's the final week before Christmas, and the editors of the Front Porch Flyer have picked finalists for the 2010 Mueller Holiday Spirit Block Contest. I recommend strolling down these streets while the weather is still unseasonably warm and checking out the decorations your neighbors have put up. Hopefully it will inspire even more festive decorations next year. The winning block will be posted here after Christmas, and will be featured in the next issue of the newsletter.Congrats to the finalists, who are listed here in alphabetical order:
  • Antone, Western end
  • Berkman, Southern end
  • Garden Court 1
  • Garden Court 2
  • Gochman
  • Lawless
  • McCloskey, Eastern end
  • House for Lease on Antone St.
    posted by angierose on December 14th, 2010 8:14 PM
    Available January 1st either furnished or unfurnished. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1550sf, patio, deck, and freakishly large yard (for Mueller). Call or email me directly for more details. Thanks and Happy Holidays! 512-762-3155">
    Help! Got Fahrenheit 451?
    posted by Idgy V. on November 26th, 2010 8:44 PM
    Hello neighbors, My 14-year-old daughter needs a copy of Fahrenheit 451. Does anyone have a copy they could part with for a small sum? She has to read and annotate 130 pages by Monday. Thank you, thank you! Yours truly, Idgy on Antone St.
    Ladies Rock Camp Austin
    posted by Idgy V. on November 26th, 2010 8:34 PM
    Hello neighbors!I am a band coach every summer for Girls Rock Camp and I cannot tell you how much fun it is! I so, so wish I would have been able to go to a camp like this when I was growing up-- it would have changed my life. I consider myself very lucky to be part of the volunteer all-girl army of female musicians that puts the camp together. Every year, I take a look around at all these incredible women and think, I am truly surrounded by some of the finest people ever.Also, some of the girls who receive camp scholarships are referred by social service agencies. Among these are girls who are currently in foster care and girls who live in a local group home. Ladies Rock Camp gives these girls a chance to come to camp, be in a band, and have a formative, triumphant experience to remember forever. This changes their lives, I know, because we volunteers have been changed by them.So, go to Ladies Rock Camp. You will get to be in a band. Yes, you will write a song. Yes, you will learn how to play a new instrument or get better at one you already play. Yes, you will rock out in front of a screaming audience. And yes, you will be giving a disadvantaged girl the chance to have that very same experience next summer. And... you'll probably have such a good time that you come back next year, too.Your neighbor,Idgy on Antone St.
    Transportation Committee meeting notes 9Sept2010
    posted by Betsy on September 9th, 2010 9:45 PM
    The transportation committee met today. Since the committee mostly includes representatives of surrounding neighborhoods, we're now going to deal with more global issues during these meetings, and then I'll stay for a smaller meeting with Catellus and the City to discuss issues that are internal to Mueller. Here are my notes: - It sounds like this will happen at some point. Catellus has determined that it is feasible from an engineering standpoint but the City reported that it doesn't yet meet the warrants for a signal. The City will re-evaluate whether signal warrants are met on roughly a 6-month interval. Catellus' consultant has done an operational analysis for the full buildout condition and the intersection should operate well with a signal. They were asked to provide information on anticipated queuing lengths on both ZS and Airport for the full buildout condition, and compare these to the space available between Airport and Tom Miller, and the length of the left turn bay on Airport. – Included in the November bond package. The City is looking at low-cost immediate improvements including signing, edge markings where approach vehicles enter the roundabout, and adjusting the timing of the signal at Airport and Aldrich to minimize traffic backups. They were not planning to do any striping from 2 lanes to a single lane now but were asked to reconsider that option to improve safety. – The City is re-evaluating the consistency of signing and striping for parking, as well as the need for one-way operations in the alleyways. – Windsor Park representative stressed the importance of making this crossing of 51st St. safe for bicyclists and pedestrians, since many from across 51st will want to walk to the market district. The current proposal doesn't include any pedestrian improvements on 51st for this crossing traffic. There's also a desire to extend the bike lane from the west all the way to Berkman, and install more visible crosswalk markings (ladder or continental style). Catellus was asked to provide the committee with a copy of the layout currently under consideration. – The median on 51st is non-existent due to multiple layers of asphalt on the roadway. Concern was expressed for the safety of pedestrians who use this as median refuge to wait for traffic to clear. The City plans to take a look at this area. – The connection on 53rd St. from Cameron to the northbound IH 35 frontage road is very congested. The Windsor Park representative suggested that signs could be installed for eastbound and westbound traffic on 51st routing them through the regional retail area to access the northbound frontage road. This might relieve some of the burden on 53rd. The City said they would take it under consideration. – General complaints were brought forward about the striping out of the right lane in this area. Many people drive over the stripe and they are losing their visibility. Catellus' consultant will discuss this issue with TxDOT. – Discussion about possibly eliminating the exit near 53rd St., forcing exiting traffic to use the ramp just north of Airport. It was noted that this ramp can be difficult to access from the lower level of IH 35. If that exit were closed, the entrance ramp could be moved forward north near 53rd, serving Mueller regional retail traffic better and lengthening the weave for merging/diverging traffic. The committee will look at this further to determine whether there is a recommendation we want to make to TxDOT in this regard. – Wilshire Woods and Cherrywood neighbors across Airport Blvd. Generally support keeping these features in place to avoid cut-through traffic in their neighborhoods. – Several mentioned that this issue remains a concern. Crossing at Zach Scott will be easier once a signal is installed. Bicyclists can cross as pedestrians but are legally required to dismount their bicycles and cross as pedestrians. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that there are no approved crossing signals specifically for bicyclists. The City mentioned that Washington, DC is experimenting with a bicycle signal and the City was asked to investigate whether we could do likewise. – There was discussion about TxDOT's long term plans for IH 35. There have been previous studies but funding is very limited. For information about ongoing studies and upcoming meetings, go to – The need for a stop of the #350 bus on Airport at Zach Scott was discussed. Wilshire Woods and Cherrywood would support an additional stop. Current northbound stops are at Anchor and north of the fire station. The City explained that Capital Metro has given those requesting this stop some misinformation that they are working to clarify. A sidewalk along Airport is part of the Mueller plan but due to the high speeds, absence of curb on Airport, and drainage ditch, the trail along Tom Miller was developed as an alternative sidewalk. The City and Catellus will discuss this issue further with Capital Metro, and see what sidewalk connections would be necessary to support a bus stop here. – Funding for studying improvements to better serve Windsor Park are included in the November bond package. – Catellus will plan these after meetings to discuss issues specific to Mueller residents. They are also looking at other ways to better communicate with residents on transportation issues. – In some areas, parking signs and/or stripes appear to allow parking in locations prohibited by state law, such as within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection, or 30 feet upon the approach to a stop sign. Catellus will get with the City to conduct a review and implement changes as needed. – Catellus and the City are discussing the possibility of converting the alleys to 2-way operation. This would eliminate a lot of signs and would be expected to lower operating speeds since people would anticipate meeting another vehicle. – Catellus is reviewing the operations at several driveways where sight distance is limited and/or speeding on the street is a problem. – Speeds on these long, straight streets were discussed along with potential solutions such as a 4-way stop on Zach Scott at Camacho, at the entrance to Lake Park. Catellus will seek input from the City on what solutions they might consider. Catellus will also explore the possibility of installing signs such as 'children at play' and emphasize to residents our responsibility to drive with consideration for others. Lowering the speed limit to 25 mph was also discussed as a possibility but no decisions were made. I think that's about it.... many of these things will take a lot of coordination and many more discussions to resolve. I'm happy to continue collecting input on these issues. Our next meeting will be in late October so I'll need to forward my agenda items to Catellus mid-October.Betsy
    Transportation Issues
    posted by misselaine on August 4th, 2010 3:49 PM
    No, Doug, this is not intolerance. This happens nearly every other day. It is not an occasional bicyclist. It is a real problem, especially when it requires moving two dogs, a husband and baby onto the grass, or street (and risk getting run down by Sean), to let them by. I understand that the trail bifurcates into sidewalk and trail at some points and can be confusing, specifically Tom Miller and Antone, but cyclists that remain on the concrete sidewalk need to realize that pedestrians have the right of way and not the other way around. I am just pointing this out. Sheesh, someone actually ran into me! And I had moved off onto the grass even. I hardly call that intolerance!
    Transportation Issues
    posted by Betsy on June 30th, 2010 8:46 PM
    Meeting notes by Betsy HiltonMueller Transportation Committee meeting on June 30, 2010The committee is chaired by Leo Lopez at Catellus. Representatives from several adjacent neighborhoods (Cherrywood, Windsor Park & JJ Seabrook) were in attendance, along with staff from Catellus’ consultant, HDR, and the City of Austin.Agenda Items that we had time to discuss:- Leo welcomed everyone and gave an update on upcoming major activities in Mueller - basically the same info that Greg presented at the developer update. Infrastructure construction for garden homes at Hermalinda/Antone/Tom Miller should start about July 9. - Update on traffic counts - City presented numbers to PIAC a month or two ago. No huge increases were observed but they hadn’t compared the actual numbers to the volumes predicted in the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) prepared when the development was being planned. The City seemed to think that might be a worthwhile comparison to review.- Traffic Signal at Zach Scott & Airport - Plans are complete, including the work necessary to deal with the Spring causing water issues in the ground boxes for the signal. Catellus will pay for the signal but the City will do the installation. There was some discussion about combining it with the funds transfer for the next phase of residential housing but Catellus agreed that it could be separated so as not to delay the signal installation. The City staff present were not positive the signal had met the necessary traffic warrants to be installed, so they will check. We also talked about the failure of some motorists coming from Airport (esp. left turners) to yield to pedestrians crossing on the trail near Tom Miller. The crosswalk already has high visibility markings and a pedestrian crossing warning sign so we’re not sure what else can be done. City will review whether a NO U-TURN sign is present for the difficult northbound to southbound movement.- Parking signage/striping review - In areas where parking spaces are marked, they are not always marked and signed consistent with State Law (prohibited 15’ from fire hydrant, 20’ from crosswalk, and 30’ on approach to a Stop Sign). Also discussed whether alley connections to streets are legally defined as ‘intersections’ requiring these same parking restrictions. State law [Transportation Code 541.303 appears to exclude alleys.] There was also general discussion about the many signs in the neighborhood. City philosophy may be changing and some believe many of these signs could be removed, where they are redundant with state law (which all drivers are supposed to be familiar with). [See Chapter 7, Texas Drivers Handbook, available at" rel="nofollow"> HDR and City staff will review the placement of signs/stripes and the need for such.- Roundabout improvements - City’s new Assistant Director for Traffic Engineering, Gary Schatz, has some roundabout experience and has recommended physical changes to our roundabout to narrow the two lane approaches to one-lane prior to entering the roundabout. A ‘truck apron’ would also be installed, concentric to the center island, to further clarify that this is a one-lane roundabout. These improvements should significantly improve traffic operations and safety, especially as volumes continue to increase. The City plans to include this work in an upcoming bond package, with construction likely in 2011. Traffic already backs up into the roundabout during the afternoon rush, so they are also looking at improvements at the signal, including potentially a 2 lane left turn movement onto Airport Blvd. We also discussed the possibility of installing higher visibility crosswalk markings to help encourage drivers to stop for the signal before blocking the crosswalk. The City will look into this.- Bike movements to cross Airport - Cherrywood representative Girard Kinney mentioned that bicyclists crossing Airport tend to make an illegal maneuver to cross the road (due to the Longhorn configuration) and asked whether a bike path could be marked parallel to the crosswalk. There was discussion about whether a bicyclist legally must dismount to use the crosswalk as a pedestrian, or whether it’s legal for them to use the crosswalk while riding the bicycle. The City will look into this. A similar issue is also present at all crossing of Airport Blvd, where people want to get across in the crosswalk as quickly as possible.- Dan Daniels from JJ Seabrook discussed their effort to look at issues with cut-through traffic on Tillery and safety on Pershing. He suggested that when looking at current traffic volumes, the baseline should not be what existed when the airport was still open. They also have issues with sidewalks on FM 969 being right next to the road, and issues with the Airport/MLK intersection. Speeds and volumes on FM 969 are very high. JJ Seabrook will reach out to this committee to coordinate as needed.- Windsor Park representative, Rick Krivoniak, discussed concerns about the 51st and Berkman intersection, esp. that it will be huge once rebuilt as part of the Market District (based on what he sees at the Berkman/Manor intersection). Also, the eastbound bike lane on 51st just stops before it gets to Berkman. Some additional street width is needed, or a connection to the Mueller trails/sidewalk.We were running over our allotted time so we quickly discussed the following:- Schedule another meeting before September so we can keep things moving- Invite Cap Metro to a future meeting to discuss transit service to the neighborhood- Bike lane improvements - City plans to install on Manor from Airport to 51st street when they resurface the street under the next bond program (maybe 2011). City will look at whether interim lanes could be installed on Mueller Blvd. up to 51st.- Street repairs at Threadgill & McCloskey - supposed to begin ‘1st week of July’ but we should get an update from the City via Catellus.- Pavement cracking around manholes, esp in Phase II. Phase II had a different road contractor (Rodman) than Phase I (J C Evans). Manholes are very fixed (concrete, deep, etc), whereas asphalt pavement is called ‘flexible pavement’ for a reason, and does move. Some cracking is to be expected and Catellus says the folks they’ve checked with at the City don’t anticipate large-scale problems around every manhole.We didn’t get to talk about:- Airport Blvd. makeover and bike lanes up to Lamar- Sight distance for vehicles pulling onto Zach Scott from side streets- Update on options to fix the jughandle issues (at IH 35/Cameron/51st) that impact Windsor Park neighborsEV charging stationsLet me know if you have additional or continuing concerns and I’ll do my best to bring them forward at future meetings.Thanks,Betsy
    General membership meeting minutes: 13 March 2010
    posted by Betsy on March 16th, 2010 8:13 PM
    – Grants have been paid out. We are still accepting dues ($10/year) that will be used, in part, to fund future grants. Grants funded include the Boomer Chili Cookoff, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween event, Babysitting during the meeting with Dr. Carstarphen, Kids events during Plant Fest, Fourth of July events, and the Stitch and Bitch Blanket raising. on April 10 following the MNA meeting at Ella Wooten Park. About 75 people attended last year despite miserable weather. The event includes 15-20 exhibitors, speakers, prairie tours, plant clinic, kids activities and tours of private gardens. AISD's Clifton Career Development School will be selling plants to benefit their horticulture program. met with Mark Williams, AISD School Board President to strategize regarding a Mueller school. Brainstorming ideas such as a flex school were discussed. His message was that we need to be on the same page as Catellus and surrounding neighborhoods who are active with the issues regarding East Austin schools. That coordination will be stepped up moving forward. Also, the Maplewood principal has resigned due to health reasons and AISD is looking for a replacement. A parent group has been selected to provide input on the qualities they want to see in a principal. There will be a brainstorming opportunity on March 23 and we need Mueller parents involved! Watch ( for more information. -Looks like Catellus has a builder lined up to finance and build the first Mueller Homes. -About 42 yard homes will be built on the vacant land bounded by Antone, Berkman, Tom Miller and Hermalinda. These may be configured in garden court clusters. -Hangar Use – PIAC subcommittee chaired by Corky Hilliard will host a public meeting, probably in April, to discuss options for public use of the hangar. -April 13 meeting will focus on transportation issues such as the results from current traffic studies, the jughandle, etc. The roundabout was discussed with Betsy Hilton, new member of Catellus’ Transportation Committee, reporting that the City is planning to implement some striping and signing changes to improve roundabout operation. There was discussion about the tall grasses that block the view of pedestrians and therefore, pose a safety concern. A motion passed unanimously for MNA to send a letter to Catellus and the POA recommending the removal of visual barriers such as these, and suggesting a few other related improvements. Residents were reminded to call 311 to report all safety concerns. Multiple complaints on the same issue does increase the likelihood of it being addressed more quickly. -During the transportation discussion, Dan noted that in his experience as an EMT, most crashes result from driver distraction (cell phones, etc.) and speed. Betsy will try to work with Dan on a related article for the Front Porch Flyer. – This is our resident-driven community newsletter. We have more additional space this year for content. Please email articles and/or photos to Ashley gave a summary of the effort to date to select a site for a new Austin Energy (AE) substation that will serve Mueller and some surrounding development. Since the substation is largely necessitated by the development at Mueller, the PIAC has supported locating this infrastructure on the Mueller site. However, the Morris Williams Golf Course has proposed a site on their property in exchange for some funds from AE that could be used to refurbish their clubhouse, etc. Since this seems like a win-win for everyone involved, the PIAC has not opposed this potential site. Other sites previously considered and eliminated by AE include near the film studio, near the Central Texas Emergency Communication Center, and along 51st Street but off the Mueller property. City representatives have stated in a public forum that they don’t want the substation sited at Mueller because they won’t collect any tax revenue from the property for the substation. The Pecan Springs neighborhood has some concerns with the golf course location. Their representatives were unable to attend our meeting since their association meets at the same time. They were developing their official position on this issue. Austin City Council will consider this issue and the transfer of funds to the golf course at their March 25 meeting. Jerry reported that the East Austin Sector of the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) has discussed the substation issue. They don’t oppose the siting on the golf course but want to focus on the design process to ensure neighborhood input is considered. Adam Pyrek mentioned that it’s important we have continued involvement throughout the project development process or we can lose our chance to voice concerns at important stages. The MNA unanimously passed a motion by Kim Wine, seconded by Garreth Wilcock and amended by Ashley Fisher, to take the following stand on the substation issue: -Catellus will be hosting a discussion on the Market District (Berkman at 51st) on April 6th at 7:00 p.m. Watch for more information. -Community-wide yard sale on May 15 on Simond Ave. If you want to sell items, email to register for a spot (no charge). -Applications to serve as a resident member of the Pecan Street Project Executive Committee are due Sunday, March 14 -The Landscape Committee is arranging a tree trimming workshop on March 27 at 10:00 a.m. They’ll post the event to Meet at 4001 Mendez St. for the workshop. Meeting adjourned about 11:30 a.m.
    Easter Egg Hunt
    posted by MCCLOSKEY5 on March 3rd, 2010 7:25 PM
    The Easter Egg Hunt Committee is finalizing the time, but it looks like the hunt will be sometime Saturday, April 3 at the Wedge Park on Antone and Sahm St. Here's the info from last year's hunt:Bring a dozen filled plastic Easter eggs (not real eggs) for each child. We will hide the eggs 30 minutes before the hunt begins, so be there by then. There will be 3 separate hunting grounds for different age groups: 0-2, Over 2 to 5, and Over 5 years old. Be sure to fill your eggs with age appropriate things, ie. if you have a 0-2 year old, avoid choking hazards, be creative, maybe fill the eggs with Cheerios, or some other age appropriate food. Please do not exceed $5 per dozen of eggs. Label your dozen with the age it is appropriate for. The Easter Bunny will be making special appearance, so don't forget your cameras. Bring a picnic for after the hunt if you like! We will list it in the event section and post the time by the end of the week.
    Wooten Park swim team?
    posted by Lisa Moore on February 28th, 2010 9:56 AM
    Thanks everybody. I guess i will just watch this space for announcements?@Alicia: Yes, Max is in the Steel Eels and Milo is in the Violet Bush Babies. What class is Kieran in? He must be a third grader as well. We live on Antone St. across from the
    Wooten Park swim team?
    posted by Lisa Moore on February 26th, 2010 10:33 AM
    Hello all, we just moved in on Antone Street across from the pool! Needless to say we are thrilled about summer swimming. Our two boys (Max 9 and Milo 6) have participated in City of Austin Swim Team in the past. Does the Mueller pool have a team? Is it COA or private? How can I sign them up? Glad to be here, Lisa
    Black helicopters?
    posted by dubaydavid on February 4th, 2010 9:07 AM
    Charles--If it helps my husband, who has spent time in the military around helicopters, thought they sounded like either Blackhawks or Chinooks. We couldn't see them out of our window, which looks south across Antone. They sounded like they were headed generally west to east. We figured it was either a training exercise out of Camp Mabry or some sort of transfer from Ft. Hood.
    Babysitting Co-Op Meeting
    posted by JennaMartin on January 10th, 2010 11:25 PM
    Hey y'all, It has been a while since we have seen each other. Please join me at my house, 2005 Antone on the wedge, on Sunday, February 7th at 3:00-5:30 for a meeting and play date. Open to all current, new and interested members. Don't be shy, bring your kid, your partner and a snack. Meeting agenda: -Introduction of new members -Brief introduction of the co-op -General Announcements and goings on -Baio Bucks -Meals on Heels -Website Updates Please let me know if you would like to put anything else on the agenda. I am happy to. Also, please let me know if you are on the google group list but still don't have bucks. I have some printed and ready to deliver. Finally, if you want to join, please e-mail me off list and make sure to include your street address and number of kids. We work hard to prevent spammers from infiltrating our list. Here is a little blurb about who we are and what we are about: HOW CO-OP WORKS: You request a time/place for the babysitting via e-mail or phone call (information can be found on the google document) and then pay in the co-op bucks. The co-op bucks are half hour increments. Every family starts with 10 bucks or 5 hours per child. You pay per child. We ask that you give your expected return time and be there within a 15 minute window, or another 1/2 hour will be charged. Please call if you are going to be late. In a month or two we will revisit to see how things are going. GUIDELINES: 1. GOODWILL REIGNS: Remember we are all doing this because we like to help each other out and we all want to go out. So give people the benefit of the doubt. Open, positive lines of communication are essential and foster even more goodwill. Happy co-opers goodwill makes. 2. LOCATION/TIME: The person asking for the sitter is responsible for making clear the desired location of baby sitting. The person asking for the sitter also should be clear about duration of sitting. Sitters, please give plenty of notice if you have to cancel. Please call if you are going to be late. 3. EXPECTATIONS: All members are expected to provide behavior guidelines, emergency numbers, food allergies, etc., with baby sitting parent. Marissa Miller wrote up an excellent information sheet (attached to this e-mail) for parents to provide the sitter about each child. Uh, no spanking allowed. :) 4. NO.: 'No' is always an acceptable answer to babysitting requests- no excuses ever need to be offered. Requests can be sent to the group in general via e-mail or can be by phone individually. Hope to see you in February! Jenna Mamma to Adele and Flora
    posted by AnotherPiperDown on December 25th, 2009 9:42 AM
    Thank you to Mike an Antone St.You will forever be known as the man who saved May Family Christmas 09.We love this neighborhood!That worked so well... Here is a few other things I need to complete our Christmas...2 Lobster tails4 T-Bone Steaks (USDA CHoice minimum)1 Bottle Dom Per. (45 degrees F)Snuggies and sham wows... or Snug Wows...A housekeeper / Personal assistantIf anybody has these things we can borrow that would be great... Just let me know and I'll come right over.
    New to Mueller Just in Time for Christmas
    posted by Dana Williams on December 19th, 2009 1:43 PM
    We just spent our first night at the baby poop brown Antone at 2136 McCloskey - note that we did not get to pick the color. We are thrilled to be in the new house after renting since we moved (back) to Austin in August. We are: Greg Buford, Dana Williams, and 13 year old Cole, 9 year old Nina, and 7 year old Sam. The children are especially eager to make friends in the area. Looking forward to meeting lots of interesting folks in Mueller, Dana and Greg
    MNA General Meeting - 12 Dec 2009 minutes
    posted by Betsy on December 13th, 2009 7:29 PM
    MNA General Membership Meeting Minutes 12 Dec 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the Ronald McDonald House MNA chair, Grant Fisher, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Treasurer Kerry Fisher stated that our balance is $1073. We’re in the midst of a membership drive. Only $10/year helps support your community! PM Kerry Fisher to join. MNA will give $500/year to grassroots community efforts… nominations will be due in January and again in the summer. Watch ( for more information. Kim Wine thanked everyone who helped with the fantastic appreciation lunch for Pearce teachers. AISD superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen, will be the guest of honor at a neighborhood potluck on Jan. 7th. The event will be from 5:30-7:30 at 2021 Antone Street. See the Events section of and plan to attend. It’s a potluck so bring a dish and Dusty is organizing the 2010 supper clubs… see mc. com for more information and pm Dusty to sign up. It’s a great way to meet more neighbors and enjoy delicious meals! The Front Porch Flyer editors are hosting a holiday spirit contest. Post nominations to This is a great mechanism for encouraging block activity. Get with your neighbors and talk about an idea for the block. If you don’t pull it together for this year, start thinking about next year! The January MNA meeting will be a chance to provide input into the City of Austin’s Comprehensive Plan. We’ll host their Imagine Austin ‘meeting in a box’ and our input will be provided to the City. See for more information. We’re also planning to have Brewster McCracken come visit with us about the Pecan Street Project. A resident inquired about the status of getting a traffic light at Airport and Zach Scott. Many thought it would have been installed by now. Grant will check with the City. It was mentioned that because the Tom Miller intersection is so close to the Airport intersection, a light may cause traffic to back up on Zach Scott, blocking the Tom Miller intersection. Someone suggested a bus stop for the #350 bus be located on both sides of Airport at Zach Scott. Ann Jerome thanked everyone for their help with the Lights of Love fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. They had 915 participants and raised $123.000. The Mueller Flyers were the #3 team in fundraising. Way to go! Holiday snacks were plentiful after the meeting and neighbors had a chance to get to know each other. Betsy
    Get Your FREE Pilot House Coffee Sample- Saturday and Sunday
    posted by ptrenke on July 25th, 2009 8:36 PM
    We would love to try your Guatemala light roast. We live at 1916 Antone Street. Thanks!
    Solar Neighborhood Meeting TONIGHT
    posted by langhugh on July 23rd, 2009 4:09 PM
    The Mueller Solar Summer continues. On Thursday, we'll meet with two local solar vendors who have been active in answering our questions, Solar Communities and Celestial Power. Don't worry if you haven't been to previous meetings. Come on out if you have an interest.
    Next Mueller Solar Meeting on Thursday
    posted by langhugh on July 21st, 2009 11:22 PM
    The Mueller Solar Summer continues. On Thursday, we'll meet with two local solar vendors who have been active in answering our questions, Solar Communities and Celestial Power. Don't worry if you haven't been to previous meetings. Come on out if you have an interest.
    posted by MCCLOSKEY5 on June 25th, 2009 5:11 PM
    We have the same problem. We are neither McCloskey nor 5 any longer, but we're stuck with the name. We just created a new account: Antone 4, but it would be nice if we could change the old one instead of abandoning it. Also, it would be nice to be able to undo the toddler-induced caps lock on our username, so we're not shouting our name whenever we post. Sorry about that, everyone.Jenny and Chris
    Wedge Wednesday
    posted by Zekesmom on May 6th, 2009 12:50 PM
    It's on again. Come and bring a picnic and the family to the Wedge Park on Antone & Sahm St. Fun for kids and adults!
    Block party requirements?
    posted by UrbanAchiever on April 10th, 2009 4:35 PM
    Neighbors in the blue Antone at the SW end of the street here. We have been following the thread, and count us interested. The afore-mentioned weekend sounds great, but one of us works weekend nights, so a daylight start time would be best.
    Mueller Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!
    posted by Karen_Zab on April 9th, 2009 10:51 PM
    Just wanted to highlight that there is an easter egg hunt in the neighborhood this coming Saturday for kiddos of all ages! See details below from the Event section of Mueller Easter Egg Hunt - "Come w/ the kids and hunt for Easter Eggs" Date: Saturday, April 11th, 2009 Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm Location: The Wedge Park on Antone and Sahm St. Bring a dozen filled plastic Easter eggs (not real eggs) for each child. We will hide the eggs at 11:15, so be there by then. The hunt will start at 11:30 AM. There will be 3 separate hunting grounds for different age groups: 0-2, Over 2 to 5, and Over 5 years old. Be sure to fill your eggs with age appropriate things, ie. if you have a 0-2 year old, avoid choking hazards, be creative, maybe fill the eggs with Cheerios, or some other age appropriate food. Please do not exceed $5 per dozen of eggs. Label your dozen with the age it is appropriate for. Bring a picnic for after the hunt if you like!
    Amaro Family on Antone St.
    posted by Karen_Zab on November 25th, 2008 8:29 PM
    Look forward to seeing you around the 'hood! Welcome. Karen
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