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What to do with birds out on the street?
posted by SleeperService on May 14th, 2010 1:02 PM
First let me say that I'm not anti cat.. I'm a dog owner yes -- but I've had cats before and am fine with them. However I absolutely cannot abide the two previous semi throwaway comments..( although at least the last had a smiley ).Karen Zeb :"Personnaly I have more problems with the errant dog deposit than undesired cat poop"AnnaSlade :"I'll just step over the dog poop frequently in my yard to get to it :)" ( as I said I appreciate the smiley -- and thats really whats stopping me from being a little more harsh ).You can't be critical of one type of poop depositing while being completely blase towards your type of poop .. this is an equal opportunity pooping policy here. By blase I mean -- you can't let your cat out and know were that cat is all the time if you think you can you are deceiving yourself. Furthermore while offering to pick up poop is nice -- its frankly a little on the ridiculous side -- I don't even CSI grissom could work that shit out -- I think you should use a little empathy if you truly meant what you typed -- if you don't like some poop there is a significant probability that somebody don't like yours. As dog owners we do our best to be responsible and also try and make sure our neighbors are cool with how our dogs are acting.before the last several posts I was gonna make the following salient points.1> People are generally trying to get along -- assume good intent -- a knock at the door -- a pm etc is much preferred over a call to 311..2> Not everything animal related occurs in this neighborhood because of animals owned in the neighborhood...However seeing the quantity of freedom loving cat pooping posts might well alter my stance.just my 2 euros.Ezra.
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