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I Heart MC, Landscapes & Gardens, Mueller Book Club, Mueller Great Schools Task Force, Mueller Megawatt Project, Mueller Mini Sport Club, Mueller Wineauxs (Wine Not?), The Fighting MacGuffins
About this User
Username: Kevin Ludlow
Hometown: Austin, TX
Location: everywhere
Political Views: middle of the road
More Detailed User Profile
i'm a pretty regular soccer player and try to ride my bike from time to time to keep in shape. i'm most often found in front of an instrument (primarily the guitar or piano) or a computer. i've even been known to write community software packages from time to time.
playing soccer, playing softball, riding my bike, playing sports in general, riding my motorcycle, writing software, doing crossword puzzles, eating sushi, playing scrabble, playing my guitar, keeping up with NASA, SCUBA diving, and flying small planes
Favorite Music:
beatles, monkees, pearl jam, led zeppelin, monte montgomery, some older van halen licks, acoustic music, mana, music that i see at the saxon pub, 90s grunge music, and even one ( 1 ) country chick-rock song.
Favorite TV Shows:
simpsons, seinfeld, discovery channel, jeopardy, king of the hill, the history channel, junkyard wars. i'm really NOT a big tv watcher any more. it's not that the tv and i didn't have good times, but i just need more now.
Favorite Movies:
hitchcock movies such as the birds, lifeboat, north by northwest, etc. the matrix and kill bill series. some older buster keaton movies from the 20s. bottle rocket, meet the parents, rushmore, snatch, city of god, el mariachi, the usual suspects, amalie, office space, dogma, i am legend. back to the future is one of my favorite movies, and shawshank probably tops them out.
Favorite Books:
anything instructional, trivia based, or historical is usually what i read.
Memorable Quotes:
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

About Me:
how much can you really say about a guy who sits and programs all day long?
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