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Prop 1
Well said, Dan.
posted on October 27th, 2012
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Prop 1
Mr. Denton, thanks for the thoughtful response. It is clear that you some very knowledgeable folks have given this some thought. That's good to know. I also have observed that "thistle is a host plant for several butterflies." It sho...
posted on June 8th, 2012
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Grounds
Greetings, all. Maybe it is just me -but it seems the Mueller grounds at the South side around the lakes are be neglected. The trash cans are overflowing. The trails have been washed out for over a month. The native landscaping that die...
posted on June 7th, 2012
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Grounds
Allegedly Bad Gasoline Purchased Locally
Yesterday I had the outside pump not automatically shut off at that same Shell station - completely soaked me with gas. Be very careful.
posted on September 11th, 2011
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Allegedly Bad Gasoline Purchased Locally
Meritage model home for rent?
I actually bought it from Meritage over a year ago. I intend is to live in it after my daughter goes to college next summer. I was hoping Meritage would remain as the tenant until then - but their plans must have changed. I am in the dar...
posted on December 18th, 2009
Forum: Meritage Homes
Topic: Meritage model home for rent?
Mueller Available 2010
1912 Antone St - the Meritage model home - will be available for rent starting 1/10/2010. 4 Bedroom/2.5 bath. 2345sf. $2400/month. Jeff Baker 619-7421
posted on December 17th, 2009
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Mueller Available 2010
Weird Window Cleaning
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Zen Electronics - Custom Home Theater
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Elect Kevin Ludlow for State Rep!
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