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1 RMMA Redevelopment Plan Implementation Advisory Commission
2 Purpose
3 Current Board Members
4 Meeting History

RMMA Redevelopment Plan Implementation Advisory Commission
The RMMA was established in September of 2000 by the City of Austin to assist the City in the implementation of the Plan. The meetings are currently held on the second Tuesday of each month at Waller Creek Center, 625 E. 10th Street (10th and Red River), Austin, Texas.

For additional information about the RMMA PIAC, please see one of the following City of Austin websites:

From the City of Austin:

Advise the city council on implementation of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Master Plan, the 1996 Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Process and Goals Task Force Report, and other redevelopment issues at Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, including proposed amendments to the Master Plan, land disposition strategy, traffic, urban design and zoning issues, demolition of existing facilities; and at the request of the city council, make recommendations on amendments to the Master Plan and other matters related to Robert Mueller Airport redevelopment.

Current Board Members
Member:Appointed By:
Rick Krivoniak, Chair Mayor Lee Leffingwell
Carol Drennan, Vice-ChairCouncil Member Bill Spelman
James DwyerCouncil Member Mike Martinez
Celia IsraelCouncil Member Chris Riley
Michael JonesMayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole
Jerry PerkinsCouncil Member Kathie Tovo
Jim WalkerCouncil Member Laura Morrison

Meeting History

Date Agenda Minutes Audio Recordings
October 14th, 2008 Word DOC files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_Agenda_20081014.doc Word DOC files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_Minutes_20081014.doc
November 18th, 2008 Word DOC files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_Agenda_20081118.doc Word DOC files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_Minutes_20081118.doc MP3 files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081118_32.mp3 MPEG-4 files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081118.m4a Windows Media files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081118.wma
December 9th, 2008 Word DOC files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_Agenda_20081209.doc MP3 files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081209.mp3 MPEG-4 files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081209.mp4 Windows Media files/Uploads/9/RMMAPIAC_20081209.wma
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