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Mueller Restaurants
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Below you will find a list of local restaurants that surround Mueller!

Deliver: Y(es); N(o)
Cost: $$$ Expensive; $$ Moderate; $ Cheap; ??? Don't know

Pizzeria La Boca - - While they also sell empanadas at various farmer's markets around town, their pizzas have already won acclaim in the neighborhood. Their signature pizzas are great, but they're only open until 7:00pm and there is no dine-in option.
Deliver: Y
Cost: ???

Red House Pizzeria - - While I've only dined in the restaurant, I remember the pizza being very satisfying and the atmospehere is perfect for taking out-of-town guests looking for a little "Austin". Do they deliver? It looks like they do.
Deliver: Y
Cost: ???

East Side Pies - - Really premium thin-cracker-crist style with heavenly heaps of toppings. Seating is sparse and outdoors, but you can BYOB and take fellow Austinites looking for a little "Austin" in their Austin.
Deliver: Y
Cost: ???
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