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Mueller Pool Advisory Committee
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1 Start of the Committee
2 First Proposal of Rules
3 Reactions to Initial Rules

Start of the Committee
On April 30th of 2008, it was announced via the Mueller Community website that a pool advisory committee had been formed. The announcement and details surrounding the new committee were made public by JETTASPAW.

The purpose of the new committee was to advise the Board of the POA on rules to govern the new community pool at Mueller. The volunteers of the committee all had experiences as lifeguards and/or pool managers and we're seeking input from the local community on how to structure the Mueller pool rules and regulations.

First Proposal of Rules
In addition to a few smaller rules, the main points boiled down to:

1) Lifeguards will be available for some if not most of the hours of operation
2) There will be limited pool hours
3) There may be certain hours for adult unguarded swimming
4) There will likely be a certain number of Mueller guests allowed into the pools for free
5) Children under 10 will need to accompanied by an adult
6) Non-Mueller Residents would pay a fee to use the facility

Furthermore, the initial proposal suggested that the pool would open in late May.

Reactions to Initial Rules
Although most reactions to the original proposal were basic questions (minimum age, no glassware in the pool area, require people to have proper bathing suit attire, etc), the notion of charging fees for outside use turned into a rather contentious issue. The issue was not so much if fees should be charged, but rather how much the fees should be.

One of the first issues to arise out of the debate was whether or not the community would be able to facilitate daily fee collections or if the only option would be in the form of a season pass. Both were flawed in their own way. On the one hand, it would be difficult to collect fees from people coming and going into the pool area. Additionally, who would collect these fees? On the other hand, charging people for a season pass seemed unfair because it would have to be expensive and people would likely not use it enough to make it worth the money. Even still, there were a number of voices hoping to secure a combination of season passes as well as daily fees.

On May 7th, 2008, JETTASPAW came back with the following response from the advisory board:

The pool has been categorized as a Class C pool which makes it similar in nature to a country club pool. It limits its use to those meeting its membership requirements - like owning Mueller property. Because of previous agreements, the Board is committed to allowing some use by non-Mueller residents. The initial approach is to limit this use to a season pass membership for non-Mueller residents to assure that users are "committed" to supporting and improving the pool environment. There is appropriate debate about expanding or restricting access based on values like inclusiveness and neighborliness and consideration of crowding and cost of maintenance. While there is probably no perfect solution, I think we will try to find a reasonable compromise for balancing these different concerns.
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