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Mueller Neighborhood Meeting Minutes 8/9/2008
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MNA Meeting notes: 8/9/2008

Missed notes for first part of meeting as was collecting association dues.


I. Welcome and Introductions – Grant Fisher
II. Update on Neighborhood Newsletter 0 Elizabeth Butman
III. Upcoming Town Hall Meeting – Dusty Harshman
IV. Follow up to Neighborhood Watch – Grant Fisher

New resident to the neighborhood, John Nelson , a retired police officer, gave some tips for protecting yourself and your property.

Target Hardening – concept of making your home as secure as possible.
Something you can do – go look at the front of your home from the eyes of a burglar - Are your neighbors outside? Is your laptop sitting out in the open through the window or your silver serving set visible?
Think about where a burgler will look in your house for valuable items – hiding your jewelry in the master closet is not smart.
Think how a burglar would think - They want small easy things to take – guns, laptops, jewelry.
Write down serial numbers for everything and take a photo of everything.
There’s no difference between a CD in a car and a $5 bill to a criminal – make sure nothing is sitting out in your car that a burglar might be able to sell.

Personal safety. Be aware that bad things happen everywhere. Think about running and walking in groups or with a partner.

If you are interested in more tips there is lots of information available or contact Officer Salisbury and ask him to come to your home

Role of MNA is to support and communicate the interests of the community with other groups, the city, etc.
MNA is going to submit a letter to RMMA asking that community meeting space be planned for in the master plan. Catellus also needs large community meeting space. Original plan had the elementary school as community meeting space but it won’t be built out for 4/5 years at the earliest.
Motion proposed by Garreth, seconded by John Guest, to submit a formal request by MNA to RMMA PIAC to add community meeting space to the master plan. All in favor – none opposed – motion passed.

Dusty would also like Grant to present to the RMMA that MNA has made contact with RBI, Roma, and Catellus to have a discussion about current open community space. There are some things that need to be addressed and that we would like to communicate but they have not given us the venue to present our concerns. Motion passed, second, and approved to bring Dusty’s position to RMMA.

There is a landscape committee being formed – not sure what its mission is yet. Janelle Dozier is the liaison between the wildflower center, the Mueller Community and RBI the landscape design company.

Elementary School position - MNA need to take an official position on the elementary school and put it on the record with RMMA in the next couple months.
AISD did not approve a named elementary school at Mueller on the last bond package.
Instead AISD wants to change school boundaries to fill under capacity schools in the area because lots of parents have transferred their children to schools outside their neighborhoods.
What was learned in the spring is the numbers issue is used as the excuse for not putting the school at Mueller in the AISD plan. AISD is really a political entity, so with enough human pressure they will budge. We need to energize, show up and make our case well.
Per Jim Walker the master developer set aside the 10 acres for a school – it can’t be changed without City council approval.
Please contact Jessica with Catellus,, if you didn’t get the recent survey on demographics and are are a resident or contracted homeowner at Mueller.
Motion made , seconded and passed to have the MNA go on record to support an elementary school at Mueller.

V. Pool – John Guest.

Pool update by John Guest, member of Pool Advisory Committee which made suggestions to Alliance on pool operations before the pool opened.
Alliance has announced the pool will be closing very soon as AISD goes back into attendance. Last day of normal operations will be August 24th, but will be open Labor Day.
How does this affect those of us with resident cards – can we continue to swim? Still to be determined.
We need to figure out how to continue to advise and influence the pool operations. If you have a strong opinion about the pool operations – for this summer and the future you need to let Alliance know by contacting Jennifer Harvey at:
One suggestion residents would really like to see the lifeguard staffing start much earlier than the middle of June and extended to the middle of September for future summers.
Ben Kramer attended last pool committee meeting. New information – apparently our neighborhood pool is neither a community or city owned pool – it is a hybrid. Pool staffing was a negotiation between Catellus and the city. Alliance was going to take resident desires to have the pool continue to be open to the City – need to find out the city will require we continue to staff lifeguards in order to have resident swim only.
In the future when we have two pools we can look at having one pool open for longer.

Dusty suggested in the past to Catellus to open pool to surrounding neighborhoods for free for a perioed of time to build community between Mueller and surrounding neighborhoods. He suggests again we do this for the Labor Day weekend.
Dusty made a motion to have Grant make an official request to Catellus to open the pool up free of charge to non-residents the labor day weekend , John Guest seconded, and it passed.

There was vandalism at the pool this past month. We all need to be vigilant and call 911 if we see anything suspicious in the neighborhood.

VI. Open Comments & Suggestions.

Community Garden – is it still on the plan?

If you want to be included on emails please provide Dusty Harshman your email and you will be added to the MNA distribution list.
Be aware that a new website launching next week – Same place, more features. May take a little while to get used to the new site.

Jim Walker mentioned that a discussion will be coming up on charter amendment to stop the city from using economic development incentive packages for projects with a retail compoennt. This is due to some folk’s dissatisfaction with the city’s agreement with the Domain. Similar deal with Mueller – will use Mueller to drive opposition to the charter amendment. In Jim’s mind they are very different.

VII. Block Captains are meeting after the official meeting. – Bobby Gierisch

Meeting adjourned.
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