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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – 4/11/2009
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – 4/11/2009

I. Introduction to MNA – Grant Fisher; 26 attendees to the meeting.
II. Treasurers Financial Report – Grant Fisher. $1350 currently in MNA bank account. $1200 earmarked for newsletter expenses for rest of year.
III. Affordable Senior Development – MNA officially supported the ASD; written letter by MNA was approved and accepted.
IV. PUD Modifications for Mueller – Going to city council for a zoning hearing next month. Was fast tracked through the planning committee with no objections.
V. New Business:
a. Mosaic Apartments are now open and available for rent – 55 of the 440 units available.
b. Austin Healthy Initiative – Bill Cole, on the faculty of UT School of public Health, spoke about the Austin Healthy Initiative being done at Mueller. Objective of the study is to understand how an urban community design, like Mueller, with its amenities, promotes healthy activities for the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. Do communities such as this promote healthy activities? Will be identifying barriers to healthy activities in the community and enhancements that can be made to encourage healthy activities. Also, how has this new development impacted surrounding neighborhoods physical activity. The study will include a mailed survey and interviews with residents and original development design team. Funding is coming from the Austin Travis County Health Dept. Survey hoped to be completed by mid summer with prelim results in early fall. A grant proposal is being done to do a follow up a year from now with hopes of future follow up in years to come. There is a financial incentive to filling out the survey.
c. Postcards – the postcards marketing Mueller to local business are done and look great! 5 postcards were handed out to residents attending the meeting with more available to those interested in promoting Mueller as a good home to their favorite local businesses. Contact Dusty Harshman or Grant Fisher for pick up.
d. Pool Information – John Guest. The pool is now open! Hours are 5am to 9pm for residents only, no lifeguards, until the Memorial Day weekend when it will open from noon to 7pm to non-residents for a small fee with lifeguards in attendance. Pool is closed on Mondays. Discussions underway between Alliance and a lifeguard company to provide swim program services such as a swim team, swim lessons for kids and a masters swim program for adults. Looks like the same lifeguard company that serviced Mueller last summer will be used this year. Pool keycards can be picked up at the Alliance trailer in front of the hanger – blue trailer. It was pointed out that pool entrance seems to be locking at 8pm instead of 9pm.
e. Newsletter – Elizabeth Butman. Spring issue will be coming out late April/early May. Any submissions for articles are welcome but need to be to Elizabeth by April 15th.
f. Uglification of Mueller. John Guest. There are utility boxes in the neighborhood with no attempt to hide or beautify them that detract from the beauty of the neighborhood. Hope to influence their placement in future phases. Perhaps hide boxes with urban art or with landscaping. Also large number of street signs. Some of the signs appear to by highway sized signs that were installed in error but not replaced with normal neighborhood signs due to cost. In addition the St Pac and Meritage trailers are still in place in phase I even though the phase is just about complete. And the control tower is in decrepit condition. There is currently no timeline on when it will be stabilized and developed.
g. Traffic on Zach Scott – A lot of speeding is occurring and there was a serious accident at the corner of Zach Scott and Mattie. Poor sight lines – cars have to pull out to look past parked cars on Zach Scott. HDR did a study but the results have not been published yet. Residents can request a speed sign and more enforcement. The limit on all streets at Mueller is currently by default 30mph. Willie Torres is our district rep at APD. We should publish this information in the upcoming newsletter. There are no posted speed limits – need them at entrances to the neighborhood. Other ideas include road humps, rotate stop signs, roundabouts. Grant Fisher will talk to the city and HDR. Everyone can call Catellus to express concern.
h. Status of stop sign at Zach Scott and Airport – No update. Grant Fisher will follow up with city. Question asked if off duty officers can issue tickets? Or position cars at entrance.
i. Shade Trees too close to homes – Dusty not present at meeting but he has presented the idea to approach Catellus to swap out the shade trees that have been planted too close to homes with understory or ornamental trees more appropriate in size. Catellus needs to be informed. Please let Dusty Harshman know if you are interested.
j. Pit Bulls – are they allowed in the neighborhood? It is a rule in the covenants that they are not but it is not being enforced. Changes to the covenants are pending, including changes for parking. Covenants only affect residents, not guests at the park.
k. City Theater has offered to do a shakespeare play at the park. Contact Jessica Guerra at Catellus if interested.

Meeting adjourned.
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