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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – 3/14/2009
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting, March 14th, 2009


There were 34 attendees at this month’s Mueller Neighborhood Assn meeting despite the chilly weather.

I. Affordable Senior Development – MNA voted last month to support the planned affordable senior development at the SE corner of Manor and Berkman. MNA submitted a letter in support of the project last month, it will be posted on MC.Com today.
II. PUD Modifications. The 2008 PUD amendment has been submitted and will go to the city planning commission next month. A 3 to 4 page summary was sent out to all residents via email by Catellus. Main change was to put a whole lot more commercial and retail space in the planned town center and north of the town center. Current plan also shows a gas station near the grocery store at the corner of Berkman and 51st. Windsor Park neighborhood is in opposition to this proposed gas station. It is not a change in the PUD as the original PUD amendment did not exclude gas stations from the plan.
III. AISD Performing Arts Center – Two Mueller location possibilities were submitted for a PAC in response to the RFP from AISD – one east of Mueller Blvd across from Seton, the other next to the planned elementary school. It would be in addition to the elementary school, not in lieu of it. Motion made to write a letter in opposition to the elementary school location, seconded. Discussion included confirmation there is access to the elementary school location from 51st, Manor and Zach Scott. Vote taken, 25 in favor, no opposed, 2 abstentions. Motion passed.
IV. Community Supported Agriculture – Update from Christina that Hands of Earth farm CSA is a big success at Mueller – we will be their first neighborhood delivery with 35 families participing. Their shares are full for the summer season but opportunities for the winter season. Delivery will begin March 27th either at Ella Wooten Park or the Garden Court, tbd.
V. Contact Team – Grant Fisher suggests we as the MNA ask city council for a contact team for Mueller. He asked the city informally and it was indicated Mueller would not be eligible for 25 to 30 years. Benefit would be mandatory inclusion in any discussion on changes to the PUD for Mueller. The team would include homeowners, renters and businesses at Mueller. Motion made and seconded to write a letter and send to City Council asking that the Mueller be assigned a contact team. Vote – 25 in favor, no opposed, 1 abstention. Motion passed.
VI. Postcards – The MNA would like to print 1000 glossy two sided postcards at the cost of approx $85 with a marketing message to local business that we, residents of Mueller, would like them to locate at Mueller also. Gives some demographics for Mueller and contact info. Plan is to make them available for pickup for those interested in handing them out. Motion made to go forward with the printing, seconded. Discussion include the need to make the postcard info also available on the web so folks can download it. Vote – 24 in favor, none opposed, 1 abstention. Motion passed.
VII. Other business
a. Pool opening April 1st! Thanks to John Guest for representing us on the Pool Committee.
b. New Members – 5 new members from ‘Upper’ Camacho are at the meeting to join. Welcome!
c. Plant Fest occurring immediately after the MNA meeting today – there will be mulch for sale by the boyscouts and plants by the Maplewood students. Also a variety of talks from 11 – 1pm.
Meeting Adjourned.
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