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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/30/2008
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 9/30/2008

1. Introductions
2. Treasury Financial Report =

Balance as of 8/30: $485.00
New Memberships: $50.00
FPF Revenue: $50.00
FPF Expenses: ($80.00)
Balance as of 9/30: $505.00

FPF Revenue Pending: $25.00

MNA acquired an IRA Tax ID number for the MNA to maintain our bank account and will probably be required to file an electronic informational IRS return as a result.
Total membership – 45 member households
3. Prop 2
a. Motion as written is ….added ‘to become an endorsement’.
b. Distribute pros/cons – sent to Kevin, is not out on site yet. Grant to follow up to make sure links go out there. Plan to send out flyer this weekend detailing out the Prop2 information.
c. Define Substantial majority – two thirds of those eligible to vote who are present, and we have a quorum, must vote to accept or reject the motion made to have a substantial majority. Provide a card to each voting member and count them. If any motion made related to Prop 2 it must have a substantial majority to pass. John made motion, Elizabeth seconded – passed.
d. If motion passes and MNA takes a position we write a prepared statement and distribute it. Grant makes motion that we meet Sunday for couple hours to draft the position. the way the bylaws are written there are 2 voting members per household. Plan is to summarize both sides accurately as possible and present at the meeting, then present the motion for a vote.
4. Committees
a. Newsletter Committee – job well done
b. Welcome Committee – pre-empted by Prop 2 discussion for putting out flyers.
5. NNNO - encourage neighbors to plan block activities.
6. Additional Business/Open Comments:

POA Open House – Jennifer Harvey should have sent a message out tonite indicating there will be a property Owners panel Thursday night. Governance was really glossed over at the panel level.
Mueller Online now has links to the covenants but new buyers don’t have access to it.
POA’s response is that Mueller Online will be their source of communication for homeowners
POA panel is at Harris Elementary off Berkman.
Bobby G. did get an email from Jennifer saying that there would be public input at the Board meetings but that it would be tightly managed.
Mixed use board is now listed on Mueller Online.
A motion has to be a yeah/neah – Grant to look up Robert’s Rules. If it must be yeah/neah then the motion will be to vote for those is in favor of a public opposition of Proposition 2. One person will be assigned to explain the motion to all. If it doesn’t pass with two thirds then the floor is open for another motion.
Meeting adjourned.
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