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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/3/2014
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
James Nortey’s home, 2033 Philomena
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
7:30 PM

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey, Chair; Sandy Parks, Treasurer; Janeka Rector, Vice-Chair; Karen Sharp, Secretary; Lucky Berry, Susan Egan, Mateo Barnstone, Ani Colt, Corky Hilliard, David Neider

Absent: Tim Moriarty, Kathy Sokolic, Helen Walker, and Kevin McGillicuddy

1. Greetings and pleasantries, Call meeting to order – James Nortey

2. Review and Approve Minutes (Aug SC & MNA minutes) – Karen Sharp

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Parks
a. The reconciled bank balance at August 31st, 2014 was $7345.14. During August $517.10 was collected, of which $440.00 was FPF ad income, $75.00, dues paid via Paypal, and $2.10 net Paypal fees. Checks were written totaling $727.00, including $682.00 printing costs for the FPF summer edition, $40.00 gift cards for the August MNA general meeting, and $5.00 bank fees
b. Discussed the Paypal fee, and what would be an appropriate convenience charge to add. Steering Committee settled on $5.40 instead of $5.46. Sandy will ask Meaghan to change the convenience fee on the web site from .46 to .40
c. Reconciled the Paypal Google drive information with the Paypal site information. This needs to be an ongoing reconciliation process that is still in development.

4. Old Business -

a. Bylaws Revisions – James, Review bylaws changes one more time online prior to next MNA general meeting where a vote will be held

b. MNA Grant Policy – David Neider, will send out for input

c. Viva Streets – Mateo
i. Initial planning committee meeting held.
ii. Some of the ideas for the event include pedicab hay rides, hay bales, pumpkin bowling, chalk art, pumpkin painting, pop up cafe, fruit ice truck, Mueller tours - prairie, garden, small spaces and master plan
iii. Partnering with local businesses – Capital One, Frost, Art & Soul, HEB, etc.
iv. Utilize block captains to get the word out
v. Corky moved and Janeka seconded to allocate up to $1000 for expenditures for Viva Streets. Unanimously approved.

5. New Business

a. MNA Endorsement of Proposition 1 – Will be on the September MNA meeting for vote.
i. Have a special meeting prior to meeting for public discussion directly prior to vote. Community conversation for info on pro and con perspectives on Prop 1.
ii. Allow each speaker 3 minutes to comment
iii. Take vote in MNA meeting

b. 2014 ANC Platform - James took steering committee feedback and voted on behalf of steering committee.
i. Postpone decision regarding ANC membership until December

c. October MNA District 9 Candidate Forum – will be at October 18th MNA meeting, location to be announced

d. Initiation of Mueller Contact Team / Changes to PIAC – Corky Hilliard
i. Mueller residents do not have a neighborhood contact team. Only neighborhoods with a neighborhood plan have a contact team. Mueller does not have a neighborhood plan because there is already a Master Development Agreement (MDA) in place. Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Planning and Implementation Advisory Commission (PIAC) is a city commission that overseas the implementation of the MDA. There is no requirement for members to be residents.
ii. Ask Greg Guernsey if we could have residents contact team. Without such a team there is no way for the neighborhood to have a formal conversation with the City. Mueller is only neighborhood without a contact team.
iii. In 2020 PIAC dissolves. As a transition, have more resident reps on the PIAC.
iv. Consider amending charter of PIAC to include Mayoral appointees from Mueller as a requirement
v. Also have a transition clause of the PIAC so that as PIAC moves toward dissolution, a Residents Contact Team is established for governance of the neighborhood and as a vehicle for communication with the City.
vi. Could ask the candidates to weigh in on how to enable neighbor input into planning beyond 2020.
vii. James and Corky will go forward to discuss this issue with Carol Drennan. It is important for our membership to understand this issue. Need to ensure ongoing cross-pollination of PIAC with Steering Committee.

e. Agenda for September 20 MNA General Body Meeting
i. Location – Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723
ii. Vote on Changes to Bylaws & Prop 1
iii. Update on Mobility 35 - [Steve Miller] (40 mins)

6. Open Items
a. Ani – Bus shelter needed at Berkman and Manor bus stop
i. Ani, David, Janeka and Corky took action to research issue.
b. Janeka asked about coffee at meetings - Elixer is vendor
i. Janeka will request coffee at 9 a.m. and Dave will take the coffee back after meeting.

7. Adjourn

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