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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/3/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
HEB Community Room
September 3, 2013
7:00 pm

Present: Janeka Rector, James Nortey, Kathy Sokolic, Sandra Parks, Cynthia Cammack, Dave Neider, Dennis Mick, and Ani Colt, Kat Malcom, Belinda Roberts,
Absent: Kevin McGillicudy, David Neider, Corky Hilliard, Grant Fisher

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order (7:00)
2. Review and Approve Minutes (August 2013) - Cynthia (7:00 min) – done via email
3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (7:05)
a. Balance is $5943.04
b. Took in $85 in dues
c. Spent $550.04, all but $5 for Front Porch Flyer (950 copies).
d. One outstanding grant has been approved to pay for Halloween $500 and one more edition of Front Porch Flyer.
e. Will probably end year with about $4800 - very rough estimate.
f. Good news - received letter from Comptroller granting us exempt status from franchise taxes and from sales and use taxes (effective back to July 2nd, can apply for refund for expenses since then that are applicable). Sandy will work on this with Mike at the print shop to see if we can get a refund of these taxes for Front Porch Flyer. If we have any purchases, need to take certification to vendor.
g. Discussed what action is needed to synchronize the membership year end and the MNA’s IRS tax filing fiscal year end. Sandy had received communication from Don Dozier (previous Treasurer) and had recommendations. Although members who paid dues might end up with two months less for their $5 membership fee, committee decided greater risk was potential difficulties in the future if a treasurer were not an accountant. There was a move and a second to change end of membership year so both would end November 30th. Committee voted to change bylaws and explain benefits to membership.

4. Existing Business
a. Update on Schools/Mueller Education – Kim Wine (7:15)
Kim reported that AISD is looking at school boundary changes and tightening transfer policies. The current open transfer policy leads to flight away from east side schools. Kim needs appointees to attend PTA committee meetings and track issues and needs of local schools. Goal is to be involved in schools within our boundaries. We will do a call for volunteers from the neighborhood.
b. Report from Comm Enhncement Subcommittee, Dave (7:25)
Dave was not present but sent report by email. James suggested a vote to add support to the cause by voting on resolution to support Mueller principles to support local business, with a definition of "local business" that avoids inclusion of national/international chains. Catellus has offered to provide a "Real Estate 101" to help us understand their positions.
Action Item for James: draft resolution.

c. Mueller Halloween Carnival – Kathy (7:30)
Kathy will take carnival organization over from Belinda. Scheduled for Sunday 10/27 at Ella Wooten, probably 3-5 PM, since there are no other nearby events at that time. Survey showed people who responded were amenable to that time.
d. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka (7:35)
Janeka attended city council meeting and reported on events. There will be a corridor meeting Sept. 20.
e. 10-1 James/Kathy (7:45)
James reported there was a pretty good turnout to citizens' meeting with some attendees from Mueller. Some participants wanted Mueller in grouping; others did not. Current printed maps - not official - show Mueller as not designated a part of any surrounding district.
Next meeting: Sat Sept 7
Committee discussed presentation to general membership to discover point of view.
Steering Committee resolved to take a recommendation to General Assembly that Mueller Community be placed in the Central East Austin city council district, in accordance with city charter which says districts should be contiguous.
Action item for Cynthia: send draft of this resolution to Kathy.
Vote - which district Mueller should be in
5. New Business
a. Housing and Livability for Seniors – Ani (7:55)
Ani attended the Mayor's Task force on Aging. Recommendations included working with AARP on housing modifications, availability to keep people in their homes. Many homes in Mueller have not been designated appropriate and accessible; 2-story without elevators. Ani would like help putting together a task force to look at these issues and make recommendations. Betsy will work with Ani to formulate some ideas.
b. T-Shirts for MNA sales? Dave (Table?)
6. Agenda for MNA GM 9-21-13 -
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace
b. Mobility 35 ( - Important - current TxDot proposals show many permanent east/west road closings at I35 from east side streets that currently go through, and almost no access to go south onto I35. Airport Blvd entrance would be closed. Goal is to reduce congestion on I35 for travelers going north/south.
c. Blanton Elementary Principal
d. Two votes: change to bylaws and 10-1 recommendation
7. Action Items (8:20 min, if any)
8. Additional Business/Open comments – all (8:25)
a. Thursday, September 12th - Music in the Park at 6:30, Lake Park Amphitheater, Kent Mayhew
b. Saturday, September 14th - Community-wide Garage Sale
c. Oct. 27 - Halloween Carnival
d. Achuar rainforest group - Kathy met with them to set up sister relationship with rainforest community. Rainforest Partnership/Mueller Community Intro meeting Sunday, Sept. 8, 3-5 PM. Contact Kathy for details.
e. Ani suggested that perhaps it is time for those that live at Mueller to update or add to the Vision and Goals for Mueller that were determined years before building ever started. Dennis suggested maybe next years SC could look at that, and Ani suggested perhaps it was a task better suited to a SC that had more experience than a new crew.

9. Adjourn (8:30)

Additional Information:

Redistricting Commission Sets September Public Input Sessions; Commission will host four sessions in September.
The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will host four sessions in September to get public input about what it should consider when drawing boundaries for 10 geographic single-member Austin City Council districts.
The public forum sessions will each focus on City of Austin portions of Travis County Commissioner precincts. More sessions are planned for November.
Besides agenda items, there is a portion of the meetings set aside for Citizen Communication. Austin voters will elect 10 Council Members from geographic districts as well as the Mayor from the city at-large beginning with the November 2014 election. The 14-member Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is expected to determine the districts by December 2013.

September sessions will be:

• Sept. 4 – 6:30 p.m.
Anderson High School
8403 Mesa Drive
Focus on Travis County Commissioner Precinct 2

• Sept. 7 – 10 a.m.
Goodwill Community Center
1015 Norwood Park Blvd.
Focus on Travis County Commissioner Precinct 1

• Sept. 11 – 6:30 p.m.
Concordia University
Building C, Meeting Room C238
11400 Concordia University Drive
Focus on Travis County Commissioner Precinct 3

• Sept. 18 – 6:30 p.m.
Montopolis Recreation Center
Room No. 1
1200 Montopolis Drive
Focus on Travis County Commissioner Precinct 4
• The Commission also has planned two regular meetings Sept. 14 and 21. Each is set for 10 a.m., tentatively at Austin City Hall.

For more information, go to .

Urban Rail –
• Urban Rail and maintenance facility - Announcements/meetings/public workshops should be coming up this Fall. Effort is to select which corridor is 1st priority.
• First public meetings planned for 9/25-27 and Oct 2 and a webinar on 9/27.
• Briefing Urban Transportation Commission on Sept 10. City is also available to meet with POA or MNA, or both.

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