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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 8/8/2013
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Meeting Minutes,

Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee

August 8, 2013

Location: HEB Community room

Present: Janeka Rector, James Nortey, Corky Hilliard, Kathy Sokolic, Sandra Parks , Dave Neider, Dennis Mick, and Ani Colt.

Absent: Kevin, Cynthia Cammack, Kat Malcom, Belinda Roberts, Grant Fisher

Review and approve minutes. Cynthia – accomplished by email in advance.
Treasurer’s report -- Sandra Parks

$6,408.08 in the account at the end of July. $155 was dues; front porch advertising was the remainder
Bought banners and spent grant for July 4 event
Frost bank award
Printing and supplies
PO box renewal and service charge
$545 for FPF printing, and one other bill will be coming
Also outstanding

i. Coffee for gen membership mtg

ii. Refreshments for Block Captain’s meeting

We are square with the IRS
Texas tax exemption pending – expect it to take 4 to six months
Business membership – suggested lifetime biz membership of $250 (James)
We’re thinking of some sort of purchase for the neighborhood from MNA. We’ll consider suggestions for the next SC meeting
Regarding support of the affordable housing issue. September general membership meeting to consider and vote???
Discussion of separation of the fiscal year from the membership year for improvement of the tax filing issues. Recommend revision to the bylaws. Sandy to create proposal and discuss with the bylaws committee from last year (Don Dozier, Diane Giereish, Dennis Mick, Kevin McGillicudy).
Discussion of the physical boundaries of the MNA geography. Bylaws defines these boundaries.

Existing Business

Subcommittee reports, discussion, etc.

i. Neighborhood enhancement – David Neider

1. Dusty Harshman is leading on town center committee

2. Website Committee: Dave is chairing, Meaghan Reiger will co-chair.

3. Local business one: Dave’s chairing

ii. Rail subcommittee -- Janeka

1. Catellus is working on a fact sheet

2. Report expected in August from Project Connect re metro rail’s eastern route

iii. POA resident member

1. Applications are due Oct 9

2. There’ll be an application form online

3. Nov. 20 annual meeting is tentative. Nominations from the floor will be accepted.

iv. 10-1: It’s time for action – James Nortey

1. Committee is meeting for boundaries. It’ll set the tone for the initial map. Charter language. There’s interest in a meeting on the 14th of August. At the millennium center at 6:30. There are conflicts but attendance is important.

2. There’ll be a separate meeting – James and Kathy have talking points. Will post on various neighborhood sites.

v. T-shirts for MNA sales -- Dave

1. We’re still looking into it as a fundraiser for MNA.

2. We’ll plan to find some.

3. Contest for program and looking for a chairperson. Some vendor and design. Try to offload the marketing and inventorying.

4. Agreed to table it.

New Business

Agenda for Aug 17 General Membership meeting.

i. Wildflower terrace meeting.

ii. Antwain Tarver for speaker

iii. December at Seton Dec 14 annual Holiday thing

iv. Kat for events at the local resident’s council

Mayor is setting up a report on the aging. Released a report

Adjournment at 8:30 pm
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