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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 8/7/2012
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Steering Committee Meeting
4001 Mendez St.
August 7, 2012
7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Candice, Kathy, Travis, Jerry, Kevin, Don, Dennis, Reem, Betsy, Diane, & Kim Wine

2. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
a. Diane moves for approval
b. Kathy seconded
c. Motion carries – approved
d. Thank-You note sent to Ken at Frost for donation to 4th of July

3. Treasurer’s Report - Diane (5 min)
a. Checking balance as of today $4472.20
b. IRS update: cases filed in 2011 are just now being assigned. Ours was filed in 2012
c. Taxes will be filed according to previous fiscal years until non-profit status is reinstated

4. Existing Business - various (30 min)
a. AISD update (Kim Wine): MEAT (Mueller Education Action Team) group met last night. AISD has received money to create a boys' school to twin Ann Richards that would be at the Pearce campus. This would be a magnet school. They also want to group the Pearce and Garcia attendance zones and send all of the boys to one building, and all of the girls to another. This would not be a magnet. AISD is under the impression that Mueller resident children will be going to private schools. Kim suggests a letter-writing campaign in support of public schools, indicating where kids attend or plan to attend. Considering the following ways of dissemination: Front Porch Flyer, CitiCite, Facebook, Block Captains
i. Public meetings for the bond will be held in October
ii. Plans for a trustee to attend the next MEET meeting in September
b. 51st St. vision: City Council met last Thursday. Betsy attended to present that Mueller was in support of the vision of 51st St and approved for us to be included in the signature for letter supporting it.
c. Polling Location (Jerry): We share a polling location with Windsor Park. They were concerned that voting would permanently be located at the hospital due to access challenges. Dennis volunteered to work with the non-profit facilitating the polling services to solve the problem.
i. Hermanos de Texas also helps with polling woes - Kathy

5. New Business (10 min) (if any)
a. 51st St. Road diet (Berkman to Manor) (resolution?): Idea is to restructure & restripe the 4-late road into a 3-lane with bike lanes. Cycling fatalities have occurred in the areas without bike lanes. . There is a possibility that the city is waiting for funds to re-pave the road before re-striping as a diet. Tom Walk w/ Cherrywood is gathering immediate support for the road diet
i. Kathy moved that MNA support restriping 51st from Berkman to Manor via letter
ii. Dennis seconded
iii. Motion carried
b. Neighborhood Watch: Curtis LaFaitte is excited to start a neighborhood watch program and is working with Officer Antoine Tarver (neighborhood APD rep). Officer Tarver offered to come to our next General MNA meeting.
i. There are conflicting opinions about whether Mueller needs a Neighborhood Watch program
ii. May or may not be community wide. It could be block-by-block
c. Affordable Housing: Catellus has realized that the affordable housing topic is an ongoing dialogue and necessary for us to reach our percent of affordable housing in the community. There is no project in the immediate future. There will be at least one more high-density location. They discussed how the tax credits work – 9% tax credits mean developers get 9% of their expenses back every year for the foreseeable future. There are 4% tax credits available too, but it is more difficult to get deep affordability and aren’t as competitive. There is concern that the tax credits may go away entirely.

6. Action Items (5 min) (if any): NONE

7. Plan for August 18 general meeting (10 min) -
a. Rise School would like to attend the meeting and make an announcement
b. Officer Tarver offered to come speak about neighborhood watch. Betsy will confirm.
c. Candice will see if the new taco truck Me Llamo Taco will donate/cater.
d. Per some Wildflower Residents, MNA should bring their own refreshments
e. Road closure announcements

8. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. New section 6 roads are paved w/ new cycle track on one block
b. Sat, Nov 3 “Light The Night” walk 5-9pm some roads will be closed. Dennis will talk to block captains in affected areas.
i. Travis moves we approve
ii. Kathy seconds
iii. Motion carried
c. Membership (Dennis) = 276 members!! Dues will be collected by Jan 31st.

9. Adjourn
a. Betsy moved that we adjourn the meeting
b. Kathy seconded

*** Next SC meeting Sept. 4 (day after Labor Day) ***
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