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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 8/6/2014
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MNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
HEB Community Room, 1801 E 51st St, Austin, TX 78723 United States
Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 7:30 PM

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey, Chair, Janeka Rector, Vice-Chair, Karen Sharp, Secretary, Sandra Parks, Treasurer, Ani Colt, Corky Hilliard, David Neider, Mateo Barnstone, Susan Egan, Tim Moriarty, Kevin McGillicuddy

Steering Committee Members Absent: Kathy Sokolic, Helen Walker, Lucky Berry

Guest: Dusty Harshman, Editor, Front Porch Flyer

1. Greetings and pleasantries, Call meeting to order – James

2. Review and Approve Minutes (July 2014) – Karen– approved over email

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance at July 31st, 2014 was $7555.04. During July, $ 120.52 was collected: $65.00 in dues-cash/check, $25.00 in dues paid via Paypal, $30.00 was Paypal card reader (2) reimbursements, & .52 net Paypal fees. Checks written totaled $527.36: including the purchase of MNA SC business cards, labels for welcome packets, gift cards for MNA general meeting drawings, annual MNA PO box renewal, reimbursement to Meaghan Regier for the MNA’s website intro postcards, and the annual WIX fee, July 4th celebration water and supplies, Paypal cards readers (3)(to be reimbursed by Paypal once they are activated), and the monthly Frost bank fee.
b. Check approvals include Staples-Paypal card readers (3) $48.68, Quikprint-business cards and labels, Kat Malcom-4th of July grant funds, James Nortey-4-$10.00 gift certificates-MNA general meeting drawing, USPS-annual PO box renewal, Meaghan Regier-reimbursement of MNA website site expenditures (maximum $300)
c. Two FPF ¼ page advertisers have not yet paid their annual fees-total $440.
d. Paypal button on the MNA’s new website active on July 3rd. Paypal has reimbursed $30.00 for the two card readers currently activated, and Paypal has also sent us an additional 4 free card readers for future use.
e. Originally believed the Paypal use fee would be .44 per $5.00 transaction. Paypal confirmed that all $5.00 purchases in the future would be charged a .46/transaction fee. The website was changed to reflect this.
f. Currently MNA business dues are $25/year and individual dues are $5/year. Per the bylaws’s current draft, any changes to next year’s fee structure must be approved by November 15th, 2014.

4. Old Business -
a. MNA Mailbox Renewal – Sandy. Approved over email - good for another year
b. Bylaws Revision Committee - Kevin/Mateo/James – James reviewed recommended changes and received feedback from the committee. James will send new version with discussed changes for vote of the steering committee by email. Once the Steering Committee approves the revised bylaws they will be put forward for a vote before the general membership.
c. Front Porch Flyer Political Ads Policy – Susan - The Steering Committee discussed the pros and cons of changing the policy to allow for political candidate advertising. Dusty Harshman, Editor of the Front Porch Flyer, addressed the Committee and recommended no change in policy (leaving it to NOT allow for political candidate advertising). A motion was made to continue the policy to not allow political candidate advertising in an official publication of the MNA. The motion passed with 7 for, 3 against, and 1 abstention.
d. Viva Streets – Mateo – The Viva Streets Event will be held on October 26th between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. There will be approximately two miles of street closures including McBee and Aldrich proceeding down Simond to Mattie. Also, Paggi Square to Ella Wooten Park. Viva Streets is an international trend and will be a citywide event with previous Austin Viva Streets events drawing upwards of 20,000 people. It will occur the same time as the Mueller Farmer's Market. There will be all sorts of activities. MNA will be one of many sponsors who will take responsibility for creating fun, community oriented activities. The MNA will need to pick an event and plan it. Could include a pop up café, a fall festival, a chalk art gallery, etc. Could also include a homes tour, gardens tour, prairie tour, etc. leaving on the hour. Other neighborhoods can also sponsor events/sections of the Viva Streets closure. Anyone interested in helping should contact Mateo Barnstone.

5. New Business
a. MNA Endorsement of Proposition 1 - Mateo
City Council is voting whether or not move forward with the billion dollar bond proposal including a light rail line from Grove Blvd, across Ladybird Lake, through downtown, the Capital, UT stadium, St. David's Hospital, Hancock Center to Highland Hall. Prop 1 also includes $400m in road improvements on I-35. The $400m includes a mobility study for connectivity to Mueller. If the Council approves then Prop 1 will be on general election ballot in November. Should Mueller have a position on Proposition 1? By consensus the Steering Committee agreed that there should be a vote of the General Membership to formally endorse Prop 1.
b. General Meeting Minutes – Karen – Discussed with the Steering Committee the level of detail needed in the general meeting minutes which can include lengthy presentations and all agreed that minutes should be summary and specific on any actions taken.
c. Halloween Carnival – James - Discussion regarding whether we should have a separate Halloween Carnival or merge with Viva Streets which occurs on October 26. The Steering Committee had consensus to not have a separate carnival this year and publicize Viva Streets, because there is so much going on in the same time period.

6. Agenda for August 16 MNA General Body Meeting (1 min) -
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723, Austin, TX 78723
b. Reports from Treasurer, PIAC, and FPF Committee
c. Middle School Opportunities - Sterlin McGruder (Principal) Young Men's Leadership Academy (10 mins)
d. Presentation from HEB (15 mins)
e. Discuss Viva Streets (10 minutes) - Mateo

7. Agenda for September 20 MNA General Body Meeting (1 min) -
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723
b. Update on Mobility 35 - [Steve Miller] (40 mins)
c. Potential Vote on Bylaws Revisions and Proposition 1 Endorsement

8. Adjourn at 9:30 p.m. - James

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