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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/8/2008
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/8/2008

Present: Grant Fisher, John Guest, Jerry Perkins, Kim Wine, Dusty Harshman, Bobby Gierisch, Karen Z, Drew Harris, Elizabeth Butan, Wilson Robertson, Cliff Spinac
Not Present – Kerry Fisher, Rod Ruoff
I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Elections –Jerry and Kim
a. John Guest withdrew his nomination for vice-chair – agreed by all SC members
b. Drew Harris accepts the vice-chair position
c. By-laws show elections happen annually with first elections in June but no hard or fast rule other than that.
III. Dues – at last meeting $10 dues per household were decided and they are valid until Dec 31st 2009. Dues are per Mueller address.
a. MNA should patronize the first bank at Mueller – Wachovia; start a banking relationship with them.
b. Plan is to stay as a taxable entity rather than file as a non-profit for tax purposes. There is a form to file to incorporate as a non-profit with the state of Texas and become a legal entity. Different than filing a 501c3 and becoming tax-exempt. Much more paperwork involved to do the latter. Motion made by Drew, seconded by someone, everyone voted in favor and motion passed.
c. Drew will provide articles of incorporation if necessary for registering with the state. If necessary he will circulate a draft to the SC for review.
d. Most neighborhoods around Mueller generate most revenue from sponsorship or advertising in their newsletter rather than funding the NA through dues.
IV. Meeting Locations & Times
a. MNASC – motion made by Dusty to keep the MNASC time and location the same – at Grant’s house 2nd Wed of every month from 7 – 8pm. John seconded motion – all in favor, motion passed.
b. MNA – Grant is contacting Catellus again to ask about using the hanger. MNA will outgrow the park at some point and it will start getting cold in a few months. The Mueller Commission is in the process of reviewing the master plan – they need to be considering the fact that the community needs a meeting place within the community. Perhaps a citizen’s communication could be presented to the Mueller commission about our need for space and opportunity for using the hanger. Grant to draft a letter to Catellus requesting use of space and also take a position on updates for the master plan.
c. Agreement to keep MNA meeting at same time and date.
V. Committees
a. Welcome Committee – Bobby, Grant, Drew
i. Need to revisit list of block captains – use list for welcome committee and handing out newsletters
ii. – Kevin Ludlow created the website. We need to discuss if we pay to cover costs of the website. Currently he is thinking about selling advertising on the site. We need to have a conversation with him at the next steering committee meeting.
b. Event Planning Committee – Kim, John
c. Dues Committee – motion made to nominate Dusty and John by Wilson, Kim seconded. All in favor, motion passed.
d. Newsletter Committee – Drew, Elizabeth, Dusty
VI. Agenda items for next MNA meeting:
a. New Attendees Introductions
b. Steering Committee Introductions
c. APD Neighborhood Watch Program by APD officer
d. Dues – benefits; what you get for your money; that you don’t have to join; get to vote; support the website; newsletter
e. Neighborhoods Night Out in October – need to plan an event and sponsor it.
i. Perhaps a grill off
f. Neighborhood Block Captains – Bobby
g. Town Center
h. Future Speakers – Green building program; Austin Energy
i. Additional Business
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