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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/2/2014
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MNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
HEB Community Room, 1801 E 51st St, Austin, TX 78723 United States
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
7:30 PM

Present: Kevin McGillicuddy, Tim Moriarty, James Nortey, Chair; Janeka Rector, Vice-Chair; Sandy Parks, Treasurer; Karen Sharp, Secretary; Mateo Barnstone, Kathy Sokolic, Ani Colt, Helen Walker

Absent: David Neider, Lucky Berry, Corky Hilliard, Susan Egan

1. Greetings and pleasantries, Call meeting to order - James

2. Review and Approve Minutes (June 2014) - Karen (approved over e-mail)

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance on June 30th, 2014 was $7961.88. During June $ 45.00 was collected; all dues money. Checks written totaled $704.50, including $666.50 for 1075 copies of the spring edition of the Front Porch Flyer (16 pgs/ea), $33.00 for the July 4th Apple Pie Contest trophies and the monthly Frost bank fee of $5.00.
b. Paypal button ready to be set up on webpage. The readers are available at Staples and other locations for $14.99. There is an instant online rebate code to get money back for 3 devices. We will also receive a free reader when we download the Paypal app on a mobile device.

4. Old Business -
a. Annual Fourth of July Parade – Kat Malcolm
i. Everything is on schedule for the event
ii. Invitations are out to CM Riley and Tovo
iii. Recognition of sponsors and volunteers will be an important post-event activity
iv. The Steering Committee thanked Kat for her hard work and leadership

b. MNA Grant Policy – James
i. Discussed thoroughly last month. Will post proposed policy for membership comment. The comments will go directly to David Neider who will compile and present them.

c. Website Committee Transition Proposal - James
i. Steering Committee has reviewed the website and we will proceed with plan to launch on July 4
ii. Kathy brought cards announcing website to pass out at 4th July
iii. Mateo suggested we add an FAQ to the website
iv. Website yearly maintenance fee is $228. There is also a 44 cent surcharge for utilizing Paypal for membership bringing total cost to member to $5.44
v. James entertained a motion to approve up to $300 a year for website maintenance fees. Kathy made the motion seconded by Janeka and the motion was approved unanimously
2. New Business
a. Welcome Wagon – Janeka
i. Has all materials from many neighborhood businesses. Had MNA business cards printed for packets at a cost of $108.30.
ii. Will begin distribution of Welcome Packets to new phase
iii. Eventually will have a link on the website to request a Welcome Packet.
iv. Renters and apartment dwellers can request welcome packets as well.
v. Helen wondered about getting a more systematic way to identify new residents.
vi. Kathy suggested block captains network might be better way to identify new residents.
vii. Ani suggested putting an article about the Welcome Packets in the Wildflower Terrace newsletter

b. Bylaws Revision Committee – Kevin, Mateo, James
Committee met and discussed some potential changes. Will post draft revisions for comment. The bylaws revisions will eventually be voted upon by the MNA general membership. SC will discuss again before going forward

3. Agenda for July 19 MNA General Body Meeting
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723, Austin, TX 78723
c. Reports from Treasurer, PIAC, and FPF Committee Middle School Opportunities - Ivette Savina (Principal) Dr. Bertha Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy
d. Austin Community College Update on Highland Campus
e. Berkman traffic update - Luke Downs
f. New Website Demo
g. Presentation from HEB on Updates/New Features
h. Discussed the need for a slightly longer meeting
(Note from Secretary: HEB will be at August meeting instead)

4. Agenda for August 16 MNA General Body Meeting (1 min) -
a. Location – Wildflower Terrace, 3801 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX 78723, Austin, TX 78723
b. Reports from Treasurer, PIAC, and FPF Committee
c. Middle School Opportunities - Sterling McGruder (Principal) Young Men's Leadership Academy
d. Update on Mobility 35 - [Steve Miller] - requesting 45 minutes, allowing time for Q&A.
(Note from Secretary: HEB will now be on this agenda)

5. Additional Business/Open comments/Announcements – all
a. Mateo discussed progress on getting Viva Streets to Mueller this October! Viva Streets is an international movement to have temporary street closures in neighborhoods during the weekend to promote community interaction and socialization amongst neighbors.
b. Viva Street events have been held a couple times on east 6th street.
c. The route for the Viva Streets is under discussion
d. Could be a very big event. A lot of organizations would be involved.
e. Mateo asked if there was an interest in having MNA involved in being a sponsor. SC members agreed that we should have a committee work with Mateo on planning the event. Janeka and Kathy volunteered and Corky was suggested as a potential other Committee member.

6. Adjourn

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