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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/2/2013
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MNA Steering Committee Meeting Notes

July 2, 2013 - 6:30 pm - 4305 Scales (Mick Residence)

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order
Present: Kathy Sokolic, Grant Fisher, Sandy Parks, Corky Hilliard, Kat Malcolm, Kevin McGillicuddy, David Neider, Belinda Roberts

Absent: Cynthia Cammack, Ani Colt, Dennis Mick, James Nortey, Janeka Rector

Also Present: Betsy Hilton, Dusty Harshman

2. Review and Approve Minutes (June 2013) - approved via email

3. Treasurer’s Report - At the end of June 2013 our bank balance was $6,331.48. We had also just received $285.00 yet to be deposited. We spent $43.57 in June. All money collected in June was for dues. The Summer 2013 issue of the Front Porch Flyer will cost at least $525.00. The only other grant that is pending is in the amount of $500.00, for Halloween.

We recently received a debit card from Frost Bank in the name of the MNA and Don Dozier. We have had those before do not use them. Sandy advised that she would destroy the card and will advise Frost that we do not need debit cards. (following the Steering Committee meeting, Sandy advised the steering committee members that she had spoken to Frost Bank about the debit card and was advised that the debit card is needed so that we can have on-line access to our account information, which is useful for balancing the account, etc., so we will retain but not otherwise use the card).

We also received mailings from the IRS. One was a notice reminding us to file a 990-N form. We filed an extension in April 2013 for the 990-EZ form because that was required with our status at the time. The next time we will file the “990-N” form. We also received a June 22, 2013 letter from the Washington D.C. office of the IRS, asking us to complete a survey having to do with our experiences with the Cincinnati office. Don Dozier is the one who worked with the Cincinnati office, so we will let him decide whether to complete the survey. We have also filed a State of Texas tax exemption application form. We should hear back on that within 10 days.

4. Existing Business
a. Subcommittee reports / discussion
i. Front Porch Flyer Update – Dusty Harshman. Dusty handed out a summary of the FPA operations, publication details and schedule, finances and the anticipated future of the FPF. There are a handful of people involved with the Flyer. Dusty recently took over the editorship. Elizabeth Brummett is still doing the layout. Woody Lauland is in charge of distribution. They could use another layout editor to help. Dan McAtee is no longer doing the ads. Frosty Walker is handling those. Discussion ensued regarding how best to deliver the FPF in the future, considering the increase in multi-family residences such as Mosaic and Wildflower Terrace. We currently leave about 100 copies at the Mosaic. Could we deliver any leftover copies to be distributed at the new HEB? The possibility of electronic delivery was discussed but is not going to be done in the near future.
ii. Community Enhancement Committee – David Neider – There are three subcommittees:
(a) Town Center – Dusty leading.
(b) Local Business meeting tonight - Dave leading. Strategy is to reach out to surrounding neighborhoods. Will be sending out an email about how plan to follow up with Kerbey Lane. Maybe they won’t be able to end up at Mueller, but maybe in the area. Catellus is said to have a sliding scale for local businesses and HUBs. We don’t know whether that’s so. Discussion about how to engage with City Council / Mayor / PIAC regarding recruitment of local businesses; (currently, Catellus just has to make “best efforts” to recruit local businesses). We may want to engage in some citizen communication, and perhaps an agenda item at PIAC might get the ball rolling to get clarification about local business recruitment. Asked David to bounce ideas off of committee;
(c) Website committee – Kathy leading - Are mocking up potential website and will have others review it once it is worked up. Would like our own website that represents our community.
iii. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka leading – Janeka absent. The Mayor put together a committee and we will put a letter together on behalf of the MNA. We may also reach out to persons on the committee who we know personally. A project connect corridor meeting has also been held.
iv. Block Captain gathering recap /update – Kevin leading. A meeting of block captains was held recently at Kevin’s house. An open discussion was held regarding the block captain role as well as the preferences for frequency and methods of communications.
v. July 4th Festivities – Kat leading – There are a lot of moving parts, but lots of volunteers are involved. We are well covered on planning. The MNA is the host of the parade and after-parade gathering. Frost Bank should be prepared for > 300 people. MNA banners should be ready tomorrow.
5. New Business
a. POA resident member – discussed whether anyone interested in being on a committee to help develop rules for running for the POA. Need to review the rules for how and when neighborhood delegates are elected and how a slate for election is put together in November. We will look for someone willing to participate.
b. CASA Superhero Run Volunteer Opportunity – Belinda – last year MNA didn’t do a water table. Discussed whether MNA is interested in doing one this year. Everything provided. We would just hand out cups. This will be on September 21, 2013. Kathy will send out messages asking for volunteers. If we get enough we’ll do it.
c. 10-1 and PIAC - Corky - Time for action? Council members appoint their own PIAC members. We could end up with just one. We have had a majority from Mueller in the past. Council and mayoral elections are in November 2014. Corky has asked 3 council members about possibly appointing a neighborhood contact team. There are only two council members who can be re-elected (Tovo and Riley). Can we present them with a plan regarding a percentage of Mueller residents to be on the PIAC? Maybe it would be best if we were proactive in getting issue in front of them. Can a council member propose a change in the PIAC charter? Belinda will forward a copy of the PIAC charter. We will want to address to council directly.
d. T-Shirts for MNA – Discussed whether to contract with someone, perhaps to obtain a percent of sales.

6. Agenda for July 20 General meeting –
a. Location needed
b. Frost Bank plaque / presentation – invited Ken Gates et al.
c. 10-1 update? – Steven Aleman will present
d. Keep Austin Affordable? (July) – bond election in November for affordable housing; will invite Frank Fernandez to speak; Mueller Resident; probably could get Foundation Communities

7. Action Items – None

8. Additional Business/Open comments – Dave – Asked whether MNA is still interested in custom signs, showed potential sign for MNA. Recommended a wood sign rather than a roll-up sign. Would be about $400 - $500 vs. $50 for printed sign. No action taken

Kat showed a diagram of J.J. Seabrook development. City proposal for affordable housing.

9. Adjourn – 8:00 p.m.
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