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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 6/5/2012
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A. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
1. Present: Kevin, Shellie, Jerry, Diane, Don, Dennis, Betsy, Candice, Travis, Corky, Kathy, Reem

B. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
1. Shellie moved that we approve April minutes with changes
2. Kevin seconded motion
3. Updated April minutes approved
4. Travis moved that we approve May minutes with changes
5. Dennis seconded
6. Updated May minutes were approved

C. Logo & Tax-Deduction language
1. Agreed on the following language for official, financial-related communication from MNA: “Thank you for your donation to the Mueller Neighborhood Association. We appreciate your support of our community and our activities. Please be advised that your donation is not tax-deductable.”
2. Agreed on logo
3. Discussed establishing email addresses for officers for future use and official communication (ex –

D. Treasurer’s Report & transition - Don & Diane (10 min)
1. This past month we brought in $105 & spent $777.90 and current bank balance is $4484.39
2. Diane was elected as Treasurer on May 10 via electronic vote
a. Don & Diane will be sharing some of the duties
b. Dennis will be helping with membership list as well
c. Don experienced some challenges with IRS questioning his position
3. Non-profit status: has not been assigned to a case yet. ETA unknown. Extension is good until August when we can file for another extension, if needed.
4. Audit Committee
a. This committee is established in by-laws (3 total members: 2 MNA & only 1 SC member who have not previously been involved in financial books) and audits should be done every year
b. Diane suggests we pursue audit this year (within a few weeks)
c. Audit= review by 3 people to ensure everything has balanced from beginning to now
i. Kathy agreed to serve as SC member. Agreed by MNA SC.
ii. Suggestion to recruit Sandy’s involvement as well
5. Kevin mentioned he may be too busy to assist Treasurer/s and suggested others consider helping

E. Existing Business - various (30 min)
1. ANC East update - Jerry
a. Affordable Housing: There are several strains of conflict that affect discussions
b. ANC East meeting discussion that Mueller will serve as example for future affordable housing
c. ANC East discussion on claims about alleged sales discrimination from real estate professionals about Mueller and how to reform the way RE pros do business and how to make minorities feel welcome
d. Urban Rail – Kathy
i. City council and urban planning people aren’t hearing from Mueller residents enough – mainly Lamar Blvd
e. Discussion on ways to improve reputation and to how to bridge demographic gaps with east-end community and others
f. Comments were made on how to approach topic, in general (inside & outside SC meetings)
2. 4020 Airport Blvd.
a. Cherrywood Neighborhood committee’s proposal to revise the changes to the zoning were voted down by Cherrywood residents
b. Cherrywood official position is that they are opposed to the change
c. SC agreed not to support Cherrywood or other stance on proposal right now
3. Urban rail : Delayed. SC discussed ways to communicate w/ PIAC to influence adoption
a. Suggestion that Mayor Leffingwell speak at next meeting
b. Suggested letter-writing campaign to City Council and Urban Planning people in favor of urban rail
c. Suggestion to add topic to MNA General Meeting agenda
d. Mention Austinites outside community do not understand justification for Mueller included in 1st phase of U.R.
e. Mention of gain for Austin by delaying U.R.
4. 51st St. vision
a. Still in $400M bond package, but only for $1M (instead of $3M)

F. New Business (10 min) - skipped

G. Action Items (5 min) - skipped

H. Plan for June 16 general meeting

1. Suggestion to invite Mayor Leffingwell to discuss Eastside development (Kathy agreed to pursue)
2. Suggestion to invite Sheryl Cole to discuss issues in city and relation to Mueller (Corky agreed to pursue)
I. Additional Business/Open comments – all
1. Membership List - Dennis
a. Now includes all residents w/ names associated w/ addresses
b. Includes block captains
c. Still no block captains for Wildflower, Mueller houses, Threadgill/Emma Long area, but positions expect to be filled soon
d. Dennis is considering having block captains canvass the residents to join
2. Discussion on quandary on proper ways to request/approve monies from MNA (w/ Egg Scramble example)
a. Suggestion that we communicate to MNA members to request approval to solicit donation
b. Suggestion that all event host present a business plan/proposal to SC for approval
c. Suggestion that we mention it in future MNA meetings (along w/ grant program & process)
d. Mention of non-profit status review again
e. Clarification that existing 501(c)(4) status was necessary

J. Adjourn
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