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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 6/4/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Notes

4305 Scales (Mick Residence)

June 4, 2013

7:00 pm

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order (5 min)

2. Review and Approve Minutes (May 2013) - Cynthia (5 min) – done via email

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (5 min)

Sandy presented report and group discussed each item:


Treasurer's Report

1-Reconciled bank balance at May 31st, 2013 is $6100.05. During May, we collected $220.00 from FPF advertisers, and spent $382.71. The expenditures included $205.02 for the Egg Scramble, $143.01 for the MNA sponsored event, Mueller at Mid-Course (Maronite Church Hall rental and refreshments), and $34.68 for supplies and fees.

2-Plus I have one check to deposit: $5.00 for dues

3-Checks to write in the foreseeable future:

· Mueller Bike to Work HUB grant approved at $50.00

· 4th of July grant approved at $200.00

· Annual PO box renewal-last year was $52.00

4-We completed and submitted the “change of registered agent” form for the State of Texas. Kathy Sokolic is now the registered agent of record (taking over from Betsy Hilton).

5-We have news from the IRS! The letter was received yesterday, and was dated May 15th, 2013, from the Internal Revenue Service Office in Cincinnati. The timeline of events has been as follows:

· Notification that MNA lost federal tax exempt status on December 19, 2011

· Application for Reinstatement filed, together with a $100 fee, and mailed March 24, 2012

· Filing fee was actually $400.00

· MNA received IRS letter dated December 11, 2012 notifying us additional $300.00 fee was due

· MNA paid and mailed additional fee January 11th, 2013

· MNA received IRS letter dated February 8, 2013 indicating we should hear “something” in 90 days.

· Upon review of our application for tax exempt status, the IRS has determined that we are exempt from Federal income tax under 501 (c)(4) (organization promoting social welfare) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally they considered and approved our request for retroactive reinstatement under Notice 2011-43

· Our accounting-tax year end is November 30th.

· We are required to file a federal 990 each year

· The effective date of our exemption is April 15th, 2011

6-With the complete reinstatement of our Federal and Texas tax exempt status we can now consider:

· Accounting period change: requesting the IRS change our fiscal year end (currently November 30th) to coincide with the fiscal year end of the Association per the MNA bylaws adopted January 2012. Per the bylaws, MNA’s fiscal year end is January 31st.

· Texas application for exemption: the Texas Tax Code provides an exemption from franchise tax and sales tax to nonprofit organizations with an exemption from the Internal Revenue Service under IRC 501 (c)(4). If we qualify, MNA would be exempt from the annual filing of franchise tax reports and public information reports with the State Comptroller’s office. And if I’m understanding correctly, we may be exempt from paying sales tax on MNA purchases. Each quarter we pay about $ 40.00 sales tax on our FPF print work.

7-Our Federal 990EZ (FYE 11/30/12, ie, our 2011 tax return) has been extended to July 15th, 2013. The return will be timely filed prior to that time. All the initial prep work has been completed.

8-The Texas Franchise Tax No Tax Due Information Report, and the Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report were timely filed prior to May 15th, 2013.

9-MNA’s six months YTD net income (through May 31st, 2013) is $2107.30. However, we have $750.00 in approved grants outstanding, to be paid before fiscal year end. And, for FYE November 30, 2012, only three payments were made to Mike’s Printing for the quarterly FPF. Therefore, by FYE November 30th, 2013, we will have paid five payments to Mike’s Printing to make up the difference. Each FPF print run recently has been $519.60. Most of the FPF funds have been collected for the year. So, we are probably going to be close to break even for the year ending November 30th, 2013.

10-July 15th, 2013 is the 5th anniversary of the MNA’s bank account! I have almost finished compiling MNA’s QB financial statements from inception through May 31st, 2013. I’ve also prepared a side by side five year P&L comparison detail for posterity.

End Treasurer's Report


4. Existing Business

a. Subcommittee reports/discussion

i. Report from Community Enhancement Subcommittee, Dave (5 mins?)

Dave shared information about the Kerbey Lane Eat-In scheduled for June 10 with photo op at 7:40. He has sent invitations via Facebook. Tried to order T-shirts but site was down; contacted site owner.

ii. Other volunteers from neighborhood/membership?? (10 mins)

The group is looking for other events and activities and to recruit MNA members. Need to find out what we need to do in order to recruit at various events. Dennis has agreed to take on membership recruitment, and Kevin will help.

Kevin will host block captain event. Decided on 6/24, 6:30 - 8 PM. Committee approved a motion to provide food for this event from MNA funds, not to exceed $100.

Kevin is working on block captain issues. He will do a regular email communication to block captains, partly to communicate same info that's on Citicite and Facebook but is not accessed by all neighbors. Dennis will send email tomorrow to block captains about Kerbey Lane event, and then Kevin will follow up.

iii. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka (15 mins)

Janeka has added 8 - 9 people to the mailing list, has got some volunteers, and they are going to attend a meeting at City Hall.

5. New Business

a. CASA Superhero Run Volunteer Opportunity – Belinda (5 mins)

Belinda was not present. Group Discussed possibility of Mueller sponsoring a water table.

b. Mueller 101 Recap – Kathy (15 mins)

Kathy thanked all for participated. The event had representation from three city council offices. Kathy, Jerry, Steve, Rick, and Kevin met and discussed how to keep momentum going. Affordability and schools were big topics.

6. Agenda for June 15 (10 mins) –

a. Location – Wildflower Terrace Media Room (confirmed)

b. HEB CONFIRMED!!! HEB will present at meeting.

c. Sustainable Food Center nonprofit

d. Community Garden - From available information, all have found it difficult to understand facts of the situation. External neighborhoods are in conflict over it. Corky will invite presenters to steering committee meeting to speak.

e. Keep Austin Affordable - Keep Austin Affordable wants to present in July before bond election. (Discussed whether or not we want to put vote to general membership to endorse bond.)

7. Action Items (5 min, if any)

8. Additional Business/Open comments – all

a. Community Care - group discussed issues at Wildflower Terrace. Staff not equipped for supporting residents with special needs. Ani and Janeka met with Dee Desjardin and others to discuss concerns. Next steps include another meeting to discuss actions. Members expressed interest in preventing similar contracts in the future without some obligation to provide support. Kathy suggested master planner Jen Adams be involved in meetings. Ani will keep group apprised of events and how meetings go.

Focus of these two meetings was helping WT as a learning ground with the larger vision to empower the Mueller Modern Urban Village to be an example:

· A strong integrated inter-generational community

· A strong integrated mixed income and lifestyle community

· Developing and utilizing existing programs and services that support the above

· A great place for the Silver Tsunami’s within us to live healthy and productive lives and age in place

· Provide housing options for Silvers--currently WF is the only place specifically for seniors

Next Steps

· D Resnik to contact D Desjardin

· D Resnik to contact D McIver: CEO of DMA -- builder of WT and long term affordable housing builder. Selected builder for the “Work Force” building at Mueller

· D Desjardin to contact D McIver: CEO of DMA -- builder of WT and long term affordable housing builder. Selected builder for the “Work Force” building at Mueller

b. July 4th (Kat)

Kat distributed sample flyers for event. MNA now owns this event, which is its largest of the year. Last year, over 300 ice creams were served, which gives some sense of how large event is. This year's parade and events have been planned. At Mendez stop refreshment tent with tables will be set up, will have information for recruitment. Will need volunteers to help set up tent and staff it. James and Ani volunteered; Corky will help after march. Pool party is before lifeguard arrives so is part of resident swim time. OK to have up to 4 guests per resident at pool so that covers neighbors. Kat has distributed flyers to Wildflower, Mosaic, market. James will post on doors at Mosaic.

c. Decided to do a wood plaque for Frost Bank from MNA as a token of appreciation. Could award it on 7/15 which is 5 year anniversary of MNA.

9. Adjourn
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