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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 6/30/2009
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Reminder that the MNA steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 28th of July at 7pm, location TBD. The steering committee meets on the Tuesday that is about 1.5 weeks prior to the monthly MNA meeting, the latter being on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes - 30 June 2009
Steering Committee Attendees: Timothy Brummett, Rob Clinchard, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Betsy Hilton, Kathleen Malcom, and Kim Wine
SC members absent: Bobby Gierisch, Dusty Harshman, Ann Jerome, Mike McGovern, and Cliff Spinac (It was later discovered that two of these new members were not receiving e-mails from the listserve and therefore were not notified of the meeting.)
Other Attendees: Karen Zabreznik, Jennifer Harvey

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Financial Report
a. Treasurer Dusty Harshman was unable to attend. Grant advised that dues are currently $10/year. Due to a recent change in the bylaws, members can now vote on the same day they pay their dues. Previously there was a 30 day waiting period. The chair, vice-chair and treasurer have signature authority for the MNA bank account.

III. New Business
a. Jennifer Harvey was present and answered questions, including the following:
1. She doesn’t think they’ll be able to open the pool from 12-1 on July 4th. She may be able to waive the admission fee that day so our Delwood neighbors will be able to swim for free. She is working on ordering a clock for the pool. The swim team instructors should not be propping the gate open with a rock anymore. She’s working on adding a sign with the pool hours near the gate.
2. The POA annual meeting will be in November.
3. Park maintenance costs paid by the POA were discussed, along with POA dues.
4. Possibility of getting Neighborhood Watch signs was discussed. POA is not likely to fund these. They run about $200 per sign.
5. Jennifer reminded the SC that there are several POA work groups. Several need more volunteers. Groups include parking advisory, landscape, pool advisory, technology and resident activities.

b. Vision of the SC – discussion about what the MNA vision should be. Grant will summarize ideas to be discussed in more detail in future meetings.

c. Schools – Kim Wine updated the SC on the leadership changes at AISD and the need to redouble efforts to make the Mueller case to the new superintendent early in her tenure. In addition, Mueller residents need to work with AISD to improve the middle and high schools that our children will attend.

d. POA/Homeowners – Refer to prior discussion with Jennifer.

e. Officer Elections – Officer elections will be conducted by e-mail after the steering committee meeting.

IV. Upcoming Meetings
a. During the prior discussion on education and schools, Kim suggested a focused MNA meeting on these issues where hopefully we could have the new superintendent come listen to our concerns.
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