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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/2014
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Minutes
May 7, 2014
Wildflower Terrace Library

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey, Chair; Janeka Rector, Vice-Chair; Sandy Parks, Treasurer; Karen Sharp, Secretary; Ani Colt, Mateo Barnstone, Dave Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, Kathy Sokolic, Susan Egan, Tim Moriarty, Helen Walker

Steering Committee Members Absent: Corky Hilliard, Lucky Berry

1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m. by James Nortey, Chair

2. April Steering Committee Minutes – Approved previously over email

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy
a. The reconciled bank balance at April 30th, 2014 is $ 8718.37. An additional $160.00 was deposited May 5th. During April and through May 5th, 2014, we collected $ 1280.00; $820.00 for FPF ad revenue, $450.00 Frost Bank corporate contribution for the 2014 Egg Scramble, and $10.00 in 2014 dues money. The bulk of the 2014 FPF ad revenue funds have now been collected.
b. During this same period, we spent $711.36; MNA Neighborhood meeting coffee ($40.00), labels and supplies ($18.98), Egg Scramble expenses ($647.38), and fees ($5.00). MNA checking account balance today is $ 8878.37.
c. Additional checks to write: $25.00 for the EW park reservation fee for the Egg Scramble, and $150.00 grant for the McBee, Ruiz, etal block party.
d. Year to date (December 1st, 2013-May 7, 2014) we have collected MNA dues revenue of $925.00. This compares with dues revenues collected this same time last fiscal year of $1315.00, a $390.00 decrease, or a 78 member decrease. In FY 2013 our total dues collection was $1904.00
e. The MNA’s 2012 990N (fiscal year ending November 30th, 2013) was filed and accepted by the IRS April 10, 2014.
f. If you will be purchasing goods for the MNA, please email me ( for a sales tax exemption certificate. We are not required to pay sales tax on our purchases, but we will be charged sales tax unless you present the exemption certificate. 8.25% savings!

4. Special Guest Dusty Harshman – Editor-In-Chief, Front Porch Flyer
a. Advertising market for FPF is active and MNA Account balance is primarily as a result of the FPF revenues from advertising
b. 20 issues of FPF to date
c. Slant of stories strives for balance, not pro or anti developer
d. Seeking codified relationship between Steering Committee and FPF Board
i. Specifically would like three members of MNA SC to serve on Board
1. Currently Kathy and Helen are on board. Ani is also attending meetings.
ii. Seeking change in By-Laws to solidify relationship and governance to ensure sustainability of FPF
e. Are issues available on-line (Janeka)
i. Yes, Citicite Wiki (Dusty)
ii. Is it searchable? (Janeka)
1. Not currently (Dusty)
iii. How many issues are printed? (Janeka)
1. Approximately 1,000 (Dusty)
2. For multifamily buildings we provide 50 in the lobby. Plan is to give 100 of the next issue for Wildflower Terrace and see if they are all taken.
a. Could possibly have door to door access at WT in future
3. Last edition was 1,000 copies at 16 pages (Sandy)
f. Can there be a standing agenda item at MNA meetings for FPF? (Helen)
i. Quarterly updates would be fine (Dusty)

5. Old business
a. Egg Scramble, April 19 – James
i. Fantastic turn out, 250 individuals attended, 3000 eggs. Great success!
ii. Committee thanked James for stepping up and leading the Scramble

b. Transportation Update – Mateo
i. Work session held with TXDOT for all neighborhoods between MLK and 51st
1. Not much new information
2. TxDOT confirmed superstreets off the table, however they have failed to provide details about how those intersections will operate
3. Exits and entrances on the lower decks must betaken out. In addition to Airport Blvd, TxDOT has floated eliminating connections to MLK
4. Eliminating exits and entrances on the north and south ends of the upper/lower deck split will create a longer than 2 mile swath of freeway with no access on or off of the main lanes and forcetraffic onto frontage roads
5. Creates the problems at the intersections that were trying to be resolved by superstreets
6. Ball is in TXDOT’s court and they will respond sometime this summer.
7. Frontage roads are designed for less than 3 mile commutes – (Ani)
a. TXDOT would like to use them as main lanes

c. Project Connect recently made final recommendation to the CCAG including East Channel alignment for rail system. Project Connect will also re-evaluate an at grade crossing as well as a flyover as an alternative to crossing the red line . (Dave)
i. Cost is $230 million for Channel. Whole project is $1.4 billion.
ii. Not a done deal at all.
iii. The Project Consultant makes recommendations to the CCAG and will make their own recommendation to Council
iv. Council makes final decision

d. District 9 Formation
i. James, Corky and Kathy.
1. Talking with surrounding neighborhood – has been informal.
2. Map matrix will be on website where you can hover over neighborhood and see their top issues and can see the contact for the neighborhood.
3. In the future hope that events, forums, candidates, get people engaged and voting

e. MNA Grant Policy – Dave and Sandy
i. Initial meeting held but policy not yet drafted
ii. Central question is what role does MNA play in creating community?
iii. Policy can influence how community builds.
iv. Will have report at next month’s SC meeting
v. Should use Block Parties to recruit new members (Ani)

f. Website Committee Proposal - James
i. Discussed proposal from previous meeting
ii. Steering Committee discussed pros and cons of moving forward now versus more development/maturation of site prior to launch
iii. Steering Committee voted 10-1 approval of Website Committee Proposal for roll out now
iv. Set up website governance structure to manage content and site.
v. Steering Committee should provide their comments regarding site to Website Committee
vi. Any steering committee member may request that changes be made to the website prior to launch. The steering committee will then vote to determine if these changes are a pre-requisite to launch.
vii. Sometime after initial launch of site, money from MNA could possibly be used with website refresh

6. New Business
a. July 4th Parade is signature event for Mueller
i. Kat Malcom will be head chair person to make bigger and better than ever
ii. Starts at Paggi Square at 9 a.m.,
iii. MNA booth, ice cream
iv. Will borrow pop up tent and table and will have membership applications available
v. Kat will be at June Steering Committee meeting to discuss plans
vi. Maybe we can have snap pops or bubble wrap on basketball court to simulate fireworks for kids (Kevin)
vii. Will encourage block parties that day (Janeka)
viii. Another option is to encourage watching fireworks together later than day along Tom Miller at Lake Park (Helen)

b. Committee Structure – Align with goals for the year
i. Two standing committees – Audit and Nominations Committee
ii. We need audit committee – it is in by-laws
1. Call for three to be on Audit Committee
iii. Budget Committee is needed – Sandy
1. Budget for operations as well as grants and special projects
2. Look back at patterns of expeditures and plan for future
3. Annually reassess dues structure (Helen)
4. Reassessment of dues done previously – online payments would help a lot – (Kathy)
5. Janeka and Helen volunteered to serve on committee
iv. Proposed four groupings of committee around themes – Sandy
1. External Relations – Transportation, Rail, Education, District 9 initiatives,
2. Community Soul – FPF, Town Center, Website, Local Business, Events
a. Dave suggested this grouping be called Neighborhood Enhancements.
3. Membership – Welcome Wagon, Block Captains, Membership
4. Governance – Audit, Budget, By-Laws, Nominations
5. Steering Committee voted unanimously to adopt structure as proposed by Sandy
6. Should be codified in By-Laws

c. By-Laws Committee needed (James)
i. Mateo and Kevin volunteered
ii. Also thought Drew Harris would be good addition

d. MNA General Meeting is May 17th at Wildflower Terrace, Agenda:
i. Volunteer Coordination for Brackenridge
ii. Invite Project Connect
iii. PIAC Update – Carol Drennan
iv. Invite TXDOT
v. Announce Rewrite of By-Laws
vi. Share Steering Committee Letter on Rail/Channel

7. Ani announced that she was sending a concept statement about a Healthy Lifestyle Community Center and Café to Steering Committee members.

8. Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
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