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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4020 Pinckney St.
May 7, 2013

7:00 pm

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order (5 min)

Present: Kathy Sokolic, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Kathleen ‘kat’ Malcom, Belinda Roberts, Ani Colt, David Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, James Nortey, Cynthia Cammack, Betsy Hilton

Absent: Dennis Mick, Corky Hilliard, Grant Fisher

2. Review and Approve Minutes (April 2013) - Cynthia (5 min)

a. Clarified that we can approve by email if seven members send approval

b. Both sets of minutes for previous meetings approved (3/5 and 4/2)

3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (5 min)

a. The reports due May 15th are the Texas Franchise Tax Information Report and the Texas Franchise Tax PI Report.

b. No news from the IRS

c. Can do a pencil draft of Tx Franchise Report and PI report. Betsy is still registered agent.
Pencil draft was completed at the time of the SC meeting.

d. Received request from Ronald McDonald charities asking for contribution. In discussion noted that we have always contributed to use of space there. Decided to wait for another fundraising effort to donate, such as upcoming race.

e. Sandy reported that Dan McAtee asked me to research the MNA deposits, because one FPF advertiser thought they had paid, and we were sending dunning notices. During research Sandy discovered MNA has only 260 members and other money in account was attributed to Front Porch money over 1 year old.

f. The MNA reconciled checking account balance at May 7, 2013 is $6262.76. During the month of May we received $370.00 in income, primarily from FPF income, and we paid out $557.64 in expenses. $519.60 of these expenses were attributable to the printing costs of the spring edition of the FPF.

4. Existing Business

a. Subcommittee reports/discussion

i. Report from Community Enhancement Subcommittee, Dave (5 mins?)

Dave read goals and subsets and will send these out in an email for input. One of these goals is to improve website, and the group wants others to share ideas for this.

ii. Report from External Subcommittee (below, Mueller 101)

iii. Other volunteers from neighborhood/membership?? (10 mins)

Dennis has a list of members. It's time to have a block captain event. It was also suggested to have a booth at the Sunday Farmers Market or near it. Also discussed inviting people to join, maybe with block captains going door-to-door; this approach has disadvantages if people are busy at home in the evenings and disturbances are difficult. Discussed using a combination of distributing invitation forms and offering to collect them at Farmers Market. Decided we need a sign with logo to display at this event and to advertise general meetings. Kathy will contact company that makes signs and share logo.

iv. Recap on Scramble! (any other RAC events?) Belinda (10 mins)

Belinda described that the event was a success. She noted that they had to give up on power sources at pool, as it still doesn't have one that works. Delivered bill for $205.02 with gratuity.

b. AISD final bond package and Actions planned (5 mins)

i. Vote Party May 11th, 2 PM, GC1

Saturday is vote day. The party at Garden Court 1 BYOB is open to all who vote.

c. Rail Subcommittee update – Janeka (15 mins)

Janeka attended a public meeting and noted there's a pause in activity because the mayor has suggested leasing the airport to fund rail. There is a suggestion to discuss the size and location of the maintenance facility (2.5 acres at this point) - can discuss this with neighborhood.

d. Mueller 101 Event (Corky) – (15 mins)

The Mueller 101 event is set to go for 5/20 from 6 - 8 PM, and volunteers are needed to work the event. It will be at Our Lady of the Marionite. Organizers are hoping ANC will co-sponsor. The plan is to do three separate stations: history of Mueller, parks and pools, schools, affordable housing. Groups will be divided at table discussions, and each table will have an expert. FAQs. Will send info to block captains. Organizers will give personal invitations to City Council and some others and provide notices to surrounding neighborhoods and Mueller neighborhood. They will start setting up at 5:15; the room holds 90.

e. Signs at Lake Park (5 mins)

Jennifer has said a sign will be added at Lake Park restroom.

5. Agenda for May 18 (10 mins)

a. Location – Seton; Greg Hartman is confirmed and will discuss medical school

b. Any other topics? Decided on a debrief of Mueller 101

c. Bring re-usable coffee cups!

d. Kathy asked if there was any interest in the City of Austin Budget in a Box? Budget game to involve residents, they would come talk with us.

6. June Meeting – Location?? Maybe a 10-1 Presentation? Other topics?

a. The group discussed ideas for the meeting. TxDOT and City of Austin comprise Mobility Austin and could come discuss changes to I-35.

b. Maybe Steve Aleman could discuss 10/1 council changes.

c. Need location.

7. Action Items (5 min, if any)

8. Additional Business/Open comments – all

a. Kat reminded all that Thursday night is ANC's commemoration of 40 years since inception. The proclamation will be at Austin City Hall at 5 PM.

b. Ani talked about needs at Wildflower Terrace and the diversity of residents and situations. It was noted that DMA had no plans for social services, and that had not been part of the design, yet many residents had need of access to or information about those. Catellus has approved DMA for the next affordable housing project. The group discussed whether or not there was some way to address or acknowledge needs of these neighbors. This led to some discussion about what type of affordable housing developments current residents would want to encourage in Mueller. It is problematic that the neighborhood infrastructure isn't yet fully built, and so scoring for affordable housing development is lower than it would be.

c. Adjourn
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