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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 5/1/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
4001 Mendez St. May 1, 2012 7:00 pm

I. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
A. Committee Members Present: Kevin, Don, Travis, Jerry, Betsy, Candice, Kathy, Ashley, Corky, Dennis, Diane
B. Committee Members Absent: Shellie, Reem

II. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
A. Postponed until next meeting

III. Treasurer’s Report - Don (10 min)
A. See attached for detailed report ADDENDUM I
1. Keep in mind that there are 3 members not accounted for because we’re still looking for contact info
2. FPF budget difference due to non-payment for 3 advertisers
a) follow-up efforts are in progress
b) procedure for prevention to-be-developed and documented
3. Decrease in Dues attributed to change in billing structure (see bylaws)
4. Hanger fees (and subsequent reimbursement) will most likely no longer be applicable since meetings are held at Wildflower Terrace
5. Raffle fees may not be needed either (original purpose was to stimulate
6. Tax exemption filing appears to be less expensive than originally anticipated
B. Tax Exempt Status: SEE ADDENDUM II
1. IRS confirmed receipt of the info we sent and we would fall in one of 3 categories:
a) fine  exemption granted
b) need more info  request
c) decline  rejected
C. Treasurer resignation, effective June 5
1. Will file for franchise tax on May 15 and complete 990N, if needed.
2. Request for volunteers to fill in for remaining year (until Jan 31)
a) see bylaws or talk to Don for duties and responsibilities
(1) suggestion & discussion to delegate membership responsibilities away from treasurer (possibly to Vice Chair)
(2) maintain membership list
(3) check mail (2xs/month prior to SC & General meeting)
(4) collect & deposit assets and distribute payments
(5) balance P & L
(6) It takes appx 2 min to reconcile each new member = appx 4.5 hours for membership reconciliation
(7) File tax return
(8) Discussion on filing 501(c)(3) status took place, but committee agreed to maintain 501(c)(4) for now
(a) It is imperative that we establish a policy and communicate it to donors (Frost Bank & HEB)
3. Don will assist w/ transition
4. Don will send out current list of members
5. Candice volunteered to create a letterhead w/ name, PO Box, logo
a) Be advised your donation is not tax-deductible

IV. Existing Business - various (20 min)
A. Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) (Travis)
1. Zach Scott & Berkman were found to have speeding problems
2. Transportation dept is moving forward w/ the concept (road humps, swerves, etc) based on priority
a) Mueller streets are likely not a high priority
b) Contributing funds could help raise priority
3. Should have better status within next month
B. Market district meeting
1. Appx 300 people in attendance (appx 50% Mueller)
2. Discussion of inside the HEB and round tables
a) Less excitement about gas stations
b) Break ground this June, open June 2013
c) Wellness Center w/ nurse for routine vaccinations, etc will be located in walk-up/drive-through pharmacy
d) Healthy Life section will have nutritionist available
e) Community Room will be available for meetings, etc
3. Announcement that other Market District companies should open at the same time (June ’13)
C. Urban rail (Ashley)
1. Bond may be delayed until May 2013 (instead of expected Nov) announcement
D. 51st St. vision and other related Bond packages
1. 51st St Vision
a) Made it through the 1st round. There are more cuts coming.
b) Thursday, Morrison put through a resolution supporting the vision plan
2. $1MM is currently earmarked for Bartholomew Park)
3. $1-2MM approved on last bond for north Airport vision study. Unknown progress from there

V. New Business (20 min)
A. ANC East resolution voting
1. Formal process: resolution is presented, neighborhood rep has to take it to an executive committee to vote on whether it is approved for the agenda or not
2. Informal process: resolution presented during monthly meeting
a) $110MM Bond Package presented during monthly meeting and request for ANC support was made (Gilberto)
(1) Jerry’s attendance is technically unofficial, non-voting and he refrains from representing interests of Mueller
(2) Informal Process now dictates the formal approval
(a) Recommendation for Jerry to talk w/ official Mueller reps (Betsy & Grant) prior to meeting to gain understand of position and unofficially represent Mueller’s position
B. Criteria for commercial presentations to MNA
1. Discussion of if/when to allow non-neighborhood/non-POA companies present during General MNA meetings
2. All requests should be vetted by SC meeting, but chair can approve if time doesn’t allow
3. Guidelines for SC to consider
a) Does it support one of our 6 tenets?
b) Community-wide interest
c) Consider affect on requesting companies’ competitors
4. Establish a clear time limit ahead of time
a) last meeting agenda items w/ more time provided after adjournment
5. Imperative that we provide fair time allotment to all requests
6. Getaround approved for MNA General Meeting

VI. Action Items (5 min) (if any)

VII. Plan for May 19 general meeting (5 min)
A. Location - WF Terrace
B. Roundabouts (Gary Schatz, City of Austin)
1. Schatz supports roundabout at 51st & Berkman
2. Will be prepared to speak to existing roundabout
a) layout requested to illustrate fixes
3. Requested that he show how pedestrians and bikes navigate roundabouts
4. Provided 20 min at next meeting
C. Lt. Todd Gage (APD Patrol Lt)
1. Will introduce themselves at next meeting
D. Thanks to Catellus for moving the Community-Wide garage sale around

VIII. Additional Business/Open comments – all
A. FPF Photo Silent Auction
1. $895 was raised
2. $100 remain from HEB donation
B. Horse riders & pony-rides have been seen in the park even though they’re not allowed
C. Seton wants to be a business member
1. OK’d by committee
D. Schools
1. CIBAC made a presentation to AISD w/ preliminary report recommending committee for bond election (more details online)
IX. Adjourn

ADDENDUM I: Detailed Treasure’s Report
• Cash Flow – YTD (1/1/2012-5/19/2012)
o Inflows
 Dues $1265
 FPF Income $2490
 TOTAL $3755
o Outflows
 Bank charge $20
 Fees $135
 FPF expenses $1004.56
 Grants $620.21
 Office $32.40
 TOTAL $1812
o OVERALL TOTAL $1942.83

ADDENDUM II: Update on 501(c)(4) status and how to maintain the status:
Description of events leading to revocation of the MNA’s 501(c)4 tax-exempt status and what to do to maintain 501(c)4 status after reinstatement occurs:

The founding members of our organization requested an Employer Identification Number from the IRS as required by law. At the time of this application, an IRS agent appropriately identified the MNA as a neighborhood association with less than $50,000 annual income and properly classified it as a 501(c)4 organization. This status qualifies the MNA to accept dues, donations, and advertising income generated by the neighborhood newsletter (Front Porch Flyer) without paying taxes on these and similar amounts. This 501(c)4 tax-exempt status also requires that the MNA file an annual Form 990N (an information return in the form of an electronic postcard). The law allowed three fiscal years to file the first of these forms. This date passed on May 15, 2011. Failure to file this form within the required time period resulted in the revocation of the MNA’s tax-exempt status.

After the MNA’s tax-exempt status had been revoked, the MNA was required to formally file for 501(c)4 status by submitting Form 1024, Form 8718, and Notice 2011-43 with supporting documentation. This filing, if approved by the IRS, will provide retroactive reinstatement of the MNA’s tax-exempt status, thus no taxes will be owed on amounts previously and currently received. If the MNA had filed for 501(c)3 status at this time (which has the added advantage of allowing donors to deduct contributions on their own tax return), rather than 501(c)4 status, the MNA could not have had retroactive reinstatement and would still owe taxes on past income received.

As of 5/1/2012, the IRS had notified the MNA that its application for reinstatement of tax-exempt status had been received. The MNA’s application was included in a list of organizations awaiting assignment to an IRS agent for review. That agent could then (1) approve reinstatement of tax-exempt status, (2) deny reinstatement of tax-exempt status, resulting in back taxes, interest, penalties, and possible litigation against current and past officers, and (3) request additional information before a final decision would be made.

Once the MNA’s tax-exempt status has been reinstated, the federal filing requirement will be to annually file Form 990N electronically with the IRS on or before May 15. This form is an information return that confirms the MNA's maintenance of 501(c)4 requirements and takes about 10 minutes to complete. A different form should also be filed with the State of Texas on or before May 15 to maintain State of Texas tax-exempt status.
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