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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 4/5/2011
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for May 3rd.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes—April 5, 2011

I. Introductions-Kathy Sokolic opened the meeting shortly after 7:00 p.m. The following SC members were present: Kathy Sokolic, Dennis Mick, Kat Malcom, Drew Harris, Diane Gierisch, Don Dozier, Keith Romel, Shellie Shores, and Kerry Fisher. Mary Piette, Betsy Hilton and Mike McGovern were absent.

II. Treasurer’s report: Kerry Fisher, treasurer announced a balance of $4553.62 in the MNA checking account. MNA membership is currently 186 members including three new members from the Greenway Lofts.
Kerry announced that Frost Bank could not allow a waiver of the $5/month fee for viewing checks. Drew announced that collections from advertisers from the Front Porch Flyer totaled approximately $2500. Also, the Frost Bank was likely to become the MNA’s first business membership.

III. Existing Business:

Block Captains
Kathy Sokolic recommended using Block captains to distribute information about the Pecan Street Project by email to residents on their block. Kat pointed out that listings of residents varied greatly among streets/block captains and that some block captains would find passing on information to residents as burdensome while others would not. Some block captains are already passing on information from multiple purposes from personal to neighborhood business.
Kat Malcolm indicated that the responsibilities of block captains were already established and later submitted the following:
“The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) Block Captains facilitate networking and communication throughout the Mueller Community. Each Captain represents their street in local matters to the MNA Steering Committee. The goal is for the Captains to be a channel of communication that flows upward and downward on issues that concern the best interest/benefit of Mueller. Block Captains will also help facilitate neighborhood events for their street such as the annual Neighborhood Night Out in October and an Alley/Street party in June, as well as any impromptu events. This is a volunteer position that enhances the quality of Mueller life.”
Members discussed the possibility of using MNA funds to formally recognize block captains, or perhaps to provide identification (such as a decoration) that could be placed in front of the block captain’s home; others suggested that block captains could be recognized at each monthly meeting.
Finally Drew recommended using Convio or some other email contact manager to automate emailings.
Kat pointed out the need to clarify the parameters of the relationship between the MNA and the Pecan Street Project. Diane Gierisch presented a motion that we further discuss the role of block captains at the next MNA Steering Committee meeting. The motion passed.

Pecan Street Project:
Kathy Sokolic announced that the Pecan street project would provide an extra $ .75 rebate for both south and west facing panels (up to 6kw); she also indicated that Pecan Street energy audits would be temporarily delayed.

Front Porch Flyer (FPF):
Drew indicated that all profits from FPF go directly to MNA; he suggested that perhaps some of this cash could be funneled back to the FPF, perhaps as awards for best photo or article submissions. Kathy Sokolic suggested having a photo issue of the FPF where the best photos of the previous year could be included; Shellie Shores suggested that a calendar using the prize-winning photos would be appropriate.
Don suggested that Janelle would likely agree to write a short piece for the FPF on the outcome of the Plant Fest 2011 and volunteered that he would provide photos of the event.

For MNA General Membership meeting, April 16:
Members proposed a raffle for free coffee/food from the trailers could be used to encourage member attendance. Diane suggested an additional drawing for first-time MNA meeting attendees.

Open comments:
Kathy Sokolic suggested that new residents in the Garden Homes might receive special invitations to the next MNA meeting.
Drew suggested that block captains or others might volunteer to sponsor/work with new residents in establishing the tradition of having block parties in newly built areas.
Don Dozier volunteered to input email addresses of MNA members to create an email database.
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