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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 4/3/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
4305 Scales April 3, 2012 7:00 pm

A. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Present: Corky, Kevin, Kathy, Dennis, Jerry, Candice, Diane, Travis, Ashley, Don, Shellie
b. Absent: Betsy, Reem

B. Approval of Minutes - Candice (5 min)
a. Ashely moved approval of minutes
b. Don seconded
c. Motion carried

C. Treasurer’s Report - Don (15 min)
i. Discussed Update on 501(c)(4) status and how to maintain the status
ii. Thank you to SC members who volunteered to help
iii. Suggestion that we seek 501(c)(3) status to exemplify our intent as an organization and so people could deduct
1. Kevin volunteered to look into this further
iv. Distinction: 501(c)(4) refrain from tax deduction and lobby/endorse
b. March figures:
i. Incoming: $350 incoming dues + FPF ad payments $250
ii. Expenses: $431 (fees associated w/ tax exempt status and pre-approved grants)
1. Agreed that we will verify grant recipients are current members prior to to approval

D. Existing Business (45 min)
a. Update on Hancock Golf Course – Kevin (5 mins)
i. It was determined during the March 21 meeting that the site will maintain as a golf course. (overwhelming support
in favor of golf course)
b. 4020 Airport Blvd. update – Don (10 mins)
i. Betty Tarrell (owner), Gerard Kinney (president of Cherrywood Neighborhood Association), David Boston (activist who lives within 500 ft)
ii. Current status = LO (Limited Office)
iii. Owner & partners want change in zoning from LO, Vertical to GRVP (Community Commercial Vertical Mixed-Use)
iv. Cherrywood Neighborhood Association want Vertical, Mixed-Use (similar to Mueller)
v. 500-ft Residents oppose commercial zoning or height allowances (beyond 3 stories) or heavy traffic and want to keep as-is, as deemed during covenants
vi. Opposition to commercial zoning petition has been circulated with significant support
vii. Request that MNA SC write a letter of support for Cherrywood Neighborhood Association (compromise b/w owners request & 500-ft neighbors) after April 11 voting

E. MEAT update – Ashley (10 mins)
a. Tabled for next meeting
b. Montessori school potential?? – Kathy (5 mins)
c. Sarah Kotner is interested in starting a Montessori school on the East Side (pre-K through 8th grade)
i. More info online
ii. Do we bring this to the General Meeting? No, not yet
iii. Promiseland is opening a K-6th-grade school on their site soon, according to the church

F. 51st St Vision support letter? – Kathy (5 mins)
a. MNA SC already submitted letter in support of 51st St vision plan.
b. Betsy asked Celia Israel to speak at a meeting
c. Plea for other members to send message to bond committee
i. Agreed
ii. Suggestion that we re-send original support letter
iii. PIAC submitted a letter of support to implement the vision on to the bond.
1. Catellus was originally committed to match bond amount, but figures have changed

G. New Business (10 min)
a. Ashley reported that Rick Krivoniak is looking for someone to take over his role to organize local candidacy support
b. Kathy mentioned that Wildflower Terrace, Greenway, Mosaic, and renting residents might not be aware of all online presence (specifically
c. Ashley suggested we add agenda items to meetings covering where to find more info and calendar events. Agreed.

H. Action Items (5 min) (if any) – none

I. Plan for April 21 general meeting (10 min)
a. Location - Wildflower Terrace
b. Roundabout Expert can’t make meeting as speaker
c. Suggestion that we ask someone to come talk about plans for the town center
d. Kathy volunteered to solicit speakers for this.
e. May 1 – Grand Opening for Wildflower Terrace

J. Front Porch Flyer Photo Exhibit Update/call for volunteers – Kathy (5 min)
a. Immediately following the meeting in Wildflower Terrace
b. Volunteers needed to help set-up

K. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. New Farmers Market 10am-1pm Tuesdays at East Side YMCA

L. Next SC Meeting = May 1

M. Adjourn
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