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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 4/2/2013
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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
4120 Lawless St.
April 2, 2013
7:00 pm

1. Greetings and pleasantries, call meeting to order (5 min)
Cynthia Cammack
Ani Colt
Grant Fisher
Corky Hilliard
Dennis Mick
David Neider
James Nortey
Sandy Parks
Kathy Sokolic
Kathleen ‘kat’ Malcom
Kevin McGillicuddy
Janeka Rector
Belinda Roberts

2. Review and Approve Minutes (March 2013) - Cynthia (10 min)
Minutes approved.
3. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy (5 min)
No additional IRS information or response received; Sandy will file extension.
Checking account balance at March 5, 2013: 6431.25
Dues: 10.00
FPF income: 40.00
Total Revenue: 50.00
Kat Malcom-Chili Cookoff Trophies: 30.85
Total expenditures: -30.85
Balance at April 2, 2013: 6450.40
a. Outstanding grants vote (Bike to Work Day)
For Bike to Work Day - moved to approve $50 amount requested by Betsy Hilton. (See Attachment 1 - copy of request at end of document.)
4. Existing Business
a. Subcommittee reports/discussion
i. Report from Sub-Committees – Soul and External
The Soul subcommittee (will be changing its name) met a couple of times to work on mission statements and goals and read draft of mission and goals at the meeting. (See Attachment 2 at end of minutes). The group plans to stay focused on goals, based goals on the MNA's six tenets. The group is working on actions to accomplish goals.
The External subcommittee is laying groundwork with some neighbors. Have met with Hermanos de East Austin headed by Jose Velasquez. This group works in the area to get voters registered, march in support of issues; they are interested in retaining traditional East Austin culture. Initial meetings indicate they are open to working with our organization.
External subcommittee members have also met with Wilhemina Delco, Jim Walker, and Steve Aleman of ANC. There is interest in a "Mueller 101" educational project to foster understanding of the new Mueller neighborhood and how it fits into East Austin. This would take the form of discussions; topics suggested during subcommittee meetings include use of pools, position on schools, affordable housing. The next planning meeting is Sunday night 7:30 at Hoovers. May 20 is the date scheduled for the first event.
ii. Other volunteers from neighborhood/membership??
We have heard from volunteers and want to hear more about how to motivate more involvement.
iii. Recap on Scramble!
The event was successful. The MNA appreciates involvement of members (thanks, Belinda) and contribution made to create this event. The event needs more volunteers for next year.
b. AISD final bond package and Action?
We have received some response to request for volunteers. We still need to find someone to chair this effort. Kathy shared the document from ( ) . Kathy will get an informational presentation for the April 13 general meeting presentation at AFS.
c. Rail update/discussion – We still need volunteers.
d. Aldrich Street Branding
The group discussed opposition to the name but decided to table the issue for now, especially since most believe the name won't be used except in formal references.
e. 10-1.
Discussed the new 10-1 city council process and what steps the group might need to be prepared for how the structure will potentially affect Mueller and other east side neighborhoods. Discussed methods to get input from neighborhood. Decided to invite Steve Aleman to present 10-1 process to neighborhood at June general meeting.
f. Lake Park - undesirable activity after closing
In response to request for assistance from police officer assigned to the neighborhood, group decided to support putting up signs at Lake Park to assist officers with enforcement of hours of activity there and discouraging unwanted activity.
5. Agenda for 4/13 (10 mins)
a. Location – AFS, presentation and tour by AFS
b. AISD presentation on bond facts
6. May Meeting –
Decided to accept Seton request to host May meeting. They will offer refreshments and discuss hospital, which will impact Mueller. This hospital is designed to replace Brackenridge.
a. The researcher conducting the wellness study wants more help. She was referred to Jennifer Harvey.
7. Action Items (5 min, if any)
No action items.
8. Additional Business/Open comments – all
No announcements or comments
9. Adjourn

Attachment 1: Copy of request for grant for Bike to Work Day:
-- Original Message --------
Subject: Grant support for Mueller Bike to Work breakfast stop (May 17)
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 11:51:42 -0500
From: Elizabeth Hilton
To: MNA Steering Committee
CC: Michael Smith , Adams Felicia & Michael

Good morning MNA Steering Committee!

May is National Bike Month and May 17 is national Bike to Work Day. Once again, Mueller will host a breakfast stop from 7:00 - 9:30 a.m. for people who are riding their bikes to work. I believe Michael Adams organized the first one of these, several years ago. He, Michael Smith and I are organizing it this year. We set up in front of the Mosaic last year and had a great turnout - about 50-60 people! It was fun to hear about everyone's commute and a great way for Mueller to reach out to those who don't live here, but bike through Mueller. And, some Mueller residents who don't bike to work regularly gave it a try and stopped by for snacks.

We're gearing up again to host another great station. This year, due to our past success, the Austin Cycling Association has asked Mueller to be one of about 4 HUB breakfast stations, along with City Hall, Bouldin Creek Cafe, and one other site. Other satellite sites will be available all around town. It should be phenomenal!

We're planning to move the stop diagonally across the roundabout so we'll have more space. So far, we've lined up the following donations:
• Frost Bank - tacos and water
• Catellus/POA - Coffee, OJ
• Mosaic - granola bars
• Catellus/Short Bus (tentative) - Jennifer Harvey is talking to them about moving the bus to the bike stop and preparing breakfast sandwiches
• Windmill Bicycles (on Manor Rd) will have a mechanic on site
• Austin Cycling Association will provide some souvenir bags and hopefully some signage

MNA didn't sponsor this last year, partly because I didn't think it appropriate to ask while I was the Chair. But, this year, I wanted to see if we could get a $50 grant to purchase additional items, if needed. I'd like to have some fruit (apples, bananas) and maybe some donuts, in addition to the above items. I'd appreciate your consideration. Let me know if you need more information. I'm attaching a photo from last year, and of course will take some photos this year!


Attachment 2:
Mission and Goals for the subcommittee formerly known as Soul
We envision Mueller as a uniquely Austin place and a model for new urban development; our mission is to enhance the character and inclusive sense of community in our neighborhood by influencing the physical development while promoting unusually strong engagement of its residents.
Goal 1: Work to increase the % of local business in Mueller both in current and future development
Goal 2: Ensure that town center is developed in a way that is consistent with the desired uniquely Austin character of the neighborhood
Goal 3: Find innovative and effective ways to get our neighbors to be active participants in our community
Goal 4: Find ways to ensure that parks in and around Mueller continue to serve both Mueller residents and the community at large

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