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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 4/1/2014
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes
April 1st, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
HEB Community Room, 1801 E. 51st Street, Austin, TX 78723

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey (Chair), Janeka Rector (Vice-Chair), Ani Colt, Lucky Berry, Susan Egan, Sandy Parks (Treasurer), Dave Neider, Mateo Barnstone, Kathy Sokolic, Tim Moriarty, Helen Walker, Karen Sharp (Secretary)

Steering Committee Members Absent: Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy,

1. Meeting called to order at 7:31 p.m. by James Nortey

2. March Steering Committee and General MNA Minutes Approved via email

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Parks
a. The reconciled bank balance at March 31, 2014 is $ 8309. An additional $20 dues was deposited since last meeting.
b. Approved expenses for labels bought by Ani $18

4. Egg Scramble – James
a. Historically takes place in Ella Wooten Park would be our 5th year on Easter weekend. Geared towards youngsters.
b. James to chair Egg Scramble
c. There will be expenses
d. Tentative ~4/19, 8:30AM

5. TxDOT Mobility 35 Update – Mateo Barnstone
a. Met with TxDOT ~2 weeks ago
b. Participants from TxDOT, HNTB, COA and Mateo, Luke, Dave from Mueller
c. Detailed minutes of the meeting were published to the MNA SC by Mateo
d. NCINC2 the North Central I35 Neighborhood Coalition had its second meeting on Saturday. The coalition of 12-13 central Austin neighborhoods was organized to address concerns related to the TxDOT Mobility35 implementation plans. The Purpose and Initial Goals for the group set. Mateo is chairing this group. Mateo was formally selected represent the MNA SC.
e. TxDOT has published a survey there are concerns about the design of the survey, a formal complaint will be lodged.
f. Mateo to send out list of concerns about the survey to the MNA SC. Feedback and additions need to be returned within 24hrs.

6. District 9 neighborhood leadership summit - James
a. James and Corky organized with support from Leadership Austin Essentials Class
b. In attendance were 2 mayoral candidates, 2 city council members and broad representation from neighborhoods throughout district 9.
c. Steering Committee identified top three broad issues for our district:
i. Affordability
ii. Transportation
iii. Education

7. Discussion of Web site committee proposal – All/ Meaghan Regier
a. Refresh on the proposal: 1. Creating centralized web cite for MNA 2. Use Nextdoor as (a replacement to citicite) as our neighborhood forum
b. Open Questions/Comments:
i. Who hosts the web sites?
ii. What to do with citicite archive?
iii. Continue to refine transition plan
iv. Have a transition plan within 30 days to be brought to SC
c. Motion to approve website committee proposal was approved, with an amendment for committee to provide documented transition plan within 30 days

8. Discussion of Goals/Subcommittees – James/All
a. Engage candidates for Steering Committee who were not selected – thank them for stepping up (Dave, Helen)
- Communicate our goals, ask how they might be interested in participating James to talk with Helen further on this.
b. James will email SC members regarding subcommittee leadership

9. MNA General Meeting: Sat April 19th at 10:00AM @ Wildflower Terrace Auditorium
a. SC is asked to show up 15 mins early to help setup 9:45
b. Agenda items:
1. Reminder of Mueller design goal and SC goals
2. Project Connect Update
3. PIAC Update
4. Transportation Update
5. Treasurer’s Report

8. Welcome Wagon committee discussion – Janeka Rector and Kathy Sokolic
a. Janeka to email list to SC of items Welcome Wagon wishes to procure
b. Looking to possibly launch Welcome Wagon initiative in conjunction with July 4 parade and block parties

9. Ad hoc grant working group will meet Tuesday April 8th from 7:30-9:00PM – Dave Neider
a. Dave to send reminder email

10. New Steering Committee members will have dinner with James and Janeka to discuss SC experience to date

11. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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