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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 3/6/2012
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee
4305 Scales St.
March 6, 2012
7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Lynn Estrobrook (Zack Scott) for 3 years
b. Dennis
c. Candice
d. Ream
e. Ashley
f. Shellie
g. Don
h. Jerry
i. Travis
j. Kevin

2. Approval of Minutes - Candice (5 min)
a. Ashley moved that we approve
b. Dennis 2nded
c. approved

3. Treasurer’s Report - Don (15 min)
a. Expenses
b. 164 members (renewed & new)
c. Balance in account now $4503
i. $270 worth of dues coming in for the past 30 days
ii. $678 expenses (includes FPF printing and $100 Egg Scramble grant) for the past 30 days
d. Update on 501(c)(3) status
i. Status has been suspended because files weren’t submitted in time.
ii. Need to file two, new, complicated forms that must be submitted ASAP
iii. Outstanding items
1. Form 1024, Part II: Complete description of cash receipts and cash records for past 4 years. Provide detailed narrative description of all activities within the organization. Each must be documented separately to include (detailed description, when activity was or will be, and where or by whom the activity will be conducted).
a. Agreed upon format to fulfill this requirement
2. Need to document what happens with our funds should we dissolve the organization
a. Need to change by-laws at next meeting to specify what happens to funds
b. Jerry moved that we dispose of the funds by donating them to the Mueller Foundation (another non-profit organization)
c. Dennis seconded
d. Motion carried
3. Proof of organizing Instrument – articles of incorporation or charter
a. Need to find proof (suggested that we check w/ Secretary of State)
4. Restricted as a 501(c)(4) status as a social organization
iv. Deadline is 60 days
v. Question about St. Martin’s Day Grant – Ashley will send Don info.

4. Existing Business (45 min)
a. Update on email system - Shellie (10 mins)
i. Tabled for next meeting
b. Update on Hancock Golf Course – Kevin (5 mins)
i. City considerations for what to do with the ‘money-pit’ existing golf course. May turn into a park or renew golf course.
ii. Next meeting is on March 24, 2-5 at the Hancock Recreation Center
c. Transportation Committee Update (roundabout) – Betsy via Kathy (5 min)
i. Discussion about roundabout at Berkman & 51st – Kathy (5 min)
1. Meeting notes are on citicite
2. Gary, the international roundabout expert, has requested MNA audience to discuss roundabout at Berkman & 51st
a. Agreed to include him in a future MNA General Meeting
3. Improvements to existing roundabout are under consideration, but focus is on a permanent solution
ii. Austin’s Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Program –Travis (10 mins)
1. Berkman & Zach Scott were found to have speeding issues
2. City will now consider what tools to implement to decrease speeding for proposal to complainants
3. Even if no action is taken right now, need to keep these areas in mind

5. MEAT update – Reem? (10 mins)
a. Very well-attended meeting (15-20 people) at Contigo
1. Greg Weaver (Catellus & sits on CAIC Capital Area Improvement Committee) talked about options for 2 schools
a. Map of Austin shows that there are 2 schools needed in Austin with an elementary needed in Mueller area
i. Must be a school, but not necessarily an AISD school
2. Dusty volunteered as Citizens Action Committee (which should be formed if a bond is determined)

6. New Business (10 min)
a. “500-ft Neighbors” meeting is coming up at the Austin Playhouse to discuss removing the existing covenants that prevent vertical, mixed-use property at 4020 Airport (strip of land)
b. NCC (New Construction Committee - architectural review committee that reviews Mueller buildings) stated that PIAC will not approve city permits without approval from NCC
i. Builders will have to show solar as an option for models during approval process

7. Action Items (5 min)
a. Refer to Item 3d

8. Plan for March 17 general meeting (10 min)
a. Location - Wildflower Terrace!
i. Appx 50 residents have moved in
ii. (confirmed for April too)
b. Format
i. Reception
1. Candice, Corky, Shelly will bring coffee
2. Candice, Travis, Corky - pastry
3. Kevin – kolaches
4. Kathy – invitations & sign
ii. Focus on recruitment opportunity
iii. Grocery store update
iv. Add MEAT update

9. Front Porch Flyer Photo Exhibit Update/call for volunteers – Kathy
(5 min)
a. Will take place at Wildflower Terrace on April 21st General Meeting
i. Volunteer via email to Kathy to help with food, ads, etc
b. Photos have been selected

10. Additional Business/Open comments – all
a. Corky attended Market District meeting (official group of Catellus) and shared discussion & updates. Among others:
i. There is an approved site plan for HEB
b. Mueller will be featured in the new Statesmen magazine called “Real” started by Michael Barnes
i. Call to Muellerites to post community pictures on website
c. Joe & Betsy are featured in Southern Living

11. Adjourn

*** Next SC meeting April 3 ***
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